Ha, Nafri, Schmafri! Says Rainer Wendt

Below is the second in a series of translations by Nash Montana of articles concerning the aftermath of New Year’s Eve in Germany, especially the controversy over “racial profiling” by the police, and the use of the abbreviation “Nafri” for “North African”.

The article refers to the satirist Jan Böhmermann, who, as you may remember, got himself into hot water last spring for writing and performing on television a satirical poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The little ditty referred to Mr. Erdogan’s alleged tastes in intimate companionship — specifically, his… ahem… capriphilia. The Turkish government complained vehemently, so Berlin ordered a police investigation into Mr. Böhmermann’s performance, in view of a possible prosecution (see, for example, these reports here and here).

Since Silvesternacht Mr. Böhmermann has taken aim at the police for their “racism”. There’s no telling whether he’s motivated by revenge for what was done to him last spring, or by simple political correctness.

The translated article from FOCUS Online:

Accusations of racism against Cologne police: Union spokesperson attacks satirist

Exactly one year after the sexual attacks during Silvester Night of 2015, the Cologne police are again the focus of criticism. This time they are accused of racism. And the satirist Jan Böhmermann has also expressed criticism on Twitter towards the police. Now, Rainer Wendt, the leader and spokesperson for the Police Union, fires back.

Is the term “Nafri” racist or not? Ever since the Cologne police tweeted that they call North African men “Nafris”, fierce discussions have taken place.

The moderator Jan Böhmermann, a satirist, apparently has a clear opinion about this. On Twitter he formulated his critique as a question: “What exactly is the difference between Nafri and Negro?”

Conflict surrounding “Racial Profiling”

Because the Cologne police controlled and targeted hundreds of North African men, and men they perceived as having a North African background last Silvester night, they are now accused of using “Racial Profiling” by the Green Party and the Left.

Rainer Wendt, the spokesman for the German Police Union (DPoIG), now defends these actions in an interview with the NDR: “The police didn’t just pick out these people because of their skin color; there were other contributing factors.” For example the police controlled people because of the way they were acting or because of the things they carried. “The 60-year-old grandma out there wouldn’t have been stopped and controlled because she would give absolutely no reason to suspect her,” said Wendt.

Jan Böhmermann hasn’t got a clue about police work

Concerning Jan Böhmermann’s tweet about the “Nafri” discussion, Wendt shot back directly at the satirist. “Jan Böhmermann hasn’t got a clue about police work. Otherwise he wouldn’t ask such a dumb question,” he said to “Business Insider”.

Furthermore, Wendt defended “Nafri” as a workplace abbreviation among the police that is not meant in a judgmental way.

Böhmermann’s critique

It is questionable whether this was the last word spoken between Böhmermann and Wendt. In the past Böhmermann had on various occasions taken a shot at Wendt and criticized him, for example that he wasn’t the spokesman for “the” German police union, but for “a” German police union [there are several police unions, at both the federal and state level, in Germany].

15 thoughts on “Ha, Nafri, Schmafri! Says Rainer Wendt

  1. Nafri is no more racist than Brit but we get called Brits all the time. The difference is we don’t have an inferiority complex and get all offended at the drop of a hat. We need to elect right wing governments across Europe to counter this ‘offence culture’ and sweep away so called ‘Political Correctness’. Only a strong Europe that protects it’s cultures and peoples can begin to help put right the Middle East and Africa. We won’t help them by letting them flood Europe, all we do is destroy ourselves as well.

  2. I understand that “Nafris” stands for


    Thus a “Nafri” makes no sense as the adjective “Intensiver” is left without the following noun that it qualifies.

    Also therefore “Nafris” is not the plural of “Nafri”.

    If I understand correctly, a Nafris is someone whose offending is aggressive and possibly also violent, and whose activity in this area is intense, and that is how they come to the attention of the police.

    But that wouldn’t suit the agenda of those for whom truth is the new hate speech.

    • “Nafris” makes perfect sense. When you hear “Nafris” everyone including the Nafris know exactly who and what you mean. Especially when calling in Crusader attack wolf hounds and their Christian masters.

      • I think that ‘Nafri’ began by meaning NOrd AFRIkaner, but then other commentators used the plural ‘Nafris’ to mean NOrd AFRikaner Intensiver Straftäter. Nafri by itself is, then, no worse than ‘Ami’ (the German word for an American)–except, of course, that it just happens to refer to peoples who are of darker hue than the average German (because North Africans just are), and is therefore in the eyes of the PC crowd, racist.

    • Intensiv Straftäter is nothigh more than a serial offender. That’s the german way of calling someone a repeat offender.

  3. If you can turn every report from realsville into racism you can blot out reality itself until hell is imposed on the racists. Why put scare quotes around racism and racists? After all, if you’re a true believer in turning the world upside down then the world right-side up is racist.

  4. “Neger” is not in the least racist, at least not a few years ago. It is nothing like the ‘n’ word one can’t use in English, though it sounds so similar. It simply meant ‘black person’, so no different from the correct term ‘black’ in English.

    Perhaps the PC crowd has twisted ‘Neger’ to now be deemed racist, but that’s pretty unfair on people who don’t mean it that way in the least.

    • That’s the way “negro” and “colored” used to be here in the USA, when I was a kid. They were not at all pejorative — they were simply polite descriptions. But when the Race Grievance industry was born in the late 1960s, everything changed.

    • Mr. Böhmermann, the difference between Nafri and Neger is somewhat the same as the one between an Idiot and a Comedian, or between Faeces and Chocolate.

      Glad that I could help.
      But please, don`t ask me now what is what… stay a Comedian sweet like Chocolate.

  5. If the police pick out all those looking like “Nafris” – then yes, it seems like “racial profiling”, of the exact same type that would get lefties in Britain and the US all hot and bothered…. Nonetheless, in Merkel’s Brave New Germany, if they want to keep the streets (relatively) calm, and keep up the impression that all is wonderful there, they’d better get used to more such ” profiling”. Unless of course the Germans would like to waste expensive resources cracking down on German grannies…

    Btw, I’m still wondering if Nafri is an accurate term describing the source of the problem – or whether it’s simply been invented to keep up the pretence that all is wonderful with Merkel’s beloved Syrians… how much do Syrians and Nafris differ, culturally-speaking?!

    • On the sideline – It was reported that the young, male Nafris where mostly identified as such by tanslators who worked for the police on New Years Eve.
      Their colloquial Arabic differs from the one that is spoken else where.
      Any native Arab speaker will recognize it immediately

      When their identities were checked later on it turned out most of them were Syrians, Iraqis etc.
      Of course their official identities are based mostly on their self-declaration and forged documents.

      • The Jihadi-[epithet] who drove in the Christmas market in Berlin had 14 fake identities!!!
        And there are Germans who discuss the legitimacy of the abbrevation “Nafri”.

        No one can make such things up.
        It`s just unbelievable.

  6. Böhmermann is a rabid leftist. I was outraged at Erdogan’s transgression against freedom in Germany, but I privately felt that he couldn’t have picked a better target.

    Böhmermann for Knast. (Prison)

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