Of Wildings, Muslim and Otherwise

A post (slightly edited for clarity, with editorial commentary supplied by GoV) from Nicolai Sennels’ site in Denmark.

Dr. Sennels wrote this a few days before Christmas, but it’s even more germane now:

Dear 10News readers,

The above photos say everything: Countries with virtually no Muslim immigration can celebrate Christmas in peace, while West Europe needs to deploy heavily armed police to protect Christmas.

Selling homes in Poland and other East European countries — especially to Swedes, Germans and Fr[ench] — will become big business very soon.

And if you haven’t noticed: It is no longer a shame to say publicly — at lunch at work, at Christmas dinners with family or friends, at Facebook — that “I think that Islam is a danger to our freedom and safety”… “I think we should stop Muslim immigration” or “We have more than enough mosques”.

[Note: On Facebook?? Perhaps for Danes it’s okay to say those things on FaceAche, but it’s dangerous if you’re German. Zuckerberg has become infamous for an increasingly repressive mind-set, but the biggest ‘tell’ on his soviet tendencies came when he sat next to Merkel at the UN and promised Angela he’d turn any German Facebook miscreants over to her.

For Germans in particular, Zuckerberg’s fiefdom is definitely not a SafeSpace when you hold views that diverge from Merkel’s narrative.

In fact, it was this deal with the devil that prompted our decision at Gates of Vienna to exit the Facebook swamp forthwith. It remains troubling that so many people continue to use FB’s “curated” news as their main source of information. As if the MSM weren’t bad enough. — D]

DK10 News continues:

Everybody knows, and the few who don’t are becoming a small and ridiculous minority that should be ignored.

By the way: We will make a demonstration in front of the German embassy in Denmark very soon. With Europe’s open borders, Merkel’s immigration policy is putting everybody inside the Schengen in danger. We have to act.

Read and share.

10News Team

Done and done, Dr. Sennels.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., we don’t need no stinkin’ imports: we raise our own homegrown dhimmi Yutes. Here’s one summary report:

“Fights break out at malls across United States”

Massive brawls and food-court fights played out at more than a dozen malls across the country in what proved to be a chaotic day after Christmas.

[Note: This surely must be the American version of Boxing Day. A kind of epigenetic cultural memory which remained in vestigial form until awakened through the magic of technology. Way cool.]

Some of the mayhem was captured on social media. The chaos prevented some shoppers from grabbing clothes off clearance racks and returning gifts.

The mall incidents, which ranged from minor melees to mass evacuations, occurred from Colorado to Tennessee and Texas to New Jersey. Here’s what happened at nine of those malls…

The run-down is here, although a final tabulation remains to be done after all the precincts report in. We’ll have to wait to find out if these Yutes be reds or blues.

You’ll notice that the news stories reporting on this phenomenon, #BrawlAtTheMall, claim the wilding was spread via “social media”.

One may assume they’re referring to a particular social “medium”, i.e., friendly Facebook since the numbers of Yutes on Twitter are far smaller than those who populate FB’s pages. Same goes for Instagram. Thus their circumlocution, “social media”, allows the MSM to avoid reporting on one of our uglier ‘social’ realities, the phenomenon of wilding via FB postings. The fact of Zuckerberg’s far deeper pockets means that he could sue the pants off anyone who dared to even hint about the maybe-perhaps-could-be central role Facebook plays in the synchronization of any number of social meltdowns in the past several years. But everyone knows the truth anyway, whether or not Zuckerberg’s soviet forbids its utterance.

An intriguing parallel for your consideration, dear reader: Merkel and Zuckerberg inhabit the same universe of moral midgets. Cultural analysts will have a field day comparing and contrasting…oops; walk that back. They would have established a niche market of writers/publishers were it not for Z’s infamously thin skin. The true ‘narrative’ will have to wait until Zuck shuffles off this mortal coil and the copyrights owned by his heirs run out. In other words, don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile, Z is no doubt bargaining to extend his stay through the wonders of technology. “Death, where is thy sting?” has been shanghaied from Paul’s Epistles for other employment. It is a song Zuckerberg sings in the shower.

32 thoughts on “Of Wildings, Muslim and Otherwise

    • Yes. With an Dublin born-and-bred mother (and aunts & uncles) I grew up knowing it as St. Stephen’s Day, where he was ‘celebrated’ as the first martyr. IIRC, Paul (then Saul), supervised his stoning.

      Later, in my mis-spent adult years reading British police procedurals, I got to know Dec 26th as Boxing Day. For the purposes of this meme, which is group violence, Boxing Day seemed to fit better, since a stoning has only one object –ain’t nothin’ religious or spiritual about those young men (and girls) itching to rumble with a bunch of strangers.

      • Wouldn’t that be London now?..Ha! Michael Collins would agree..More now than ever..Thanks for the laugh Dymphna..

  1. First
    female muslim prime minister in Romania?
    – Not yet, says Romania’s President

    “President Iohannis did not explain the reason for his decision, simply stating that he had ‘carefully weighed the arguments for and against’ the nomination.

    However, it has been suggested that Shhaideh’s husband’s links with Syria may have been a factor.”

    • After the new parliamentary elections, the winners try to pass a cabinet. The president, a Bruxelles slave, has been put in front of a radical decision, namely accepting a muslim (born and grown in Romania during communism, so it is not a real religious woman…but…married with a sirian). It was clear that there is no chance for Iohanis to accept this, even it is known as a Bruxelles [posterior osculator]. Now the new elected party will come with the real candidate, and Iohanis must accept it. So it is just political stupidity. But, for the muslim woman surprises started now…Romanian Information Service came out with some findings…she has a little to big income after she met the sirian guy, the sirian guy has some businesses in Middle East. So, I am sure she was a test for Iohanis…but she didn’t see this. She and her husband is now under informational verification, such as, from where extra money came, what type of relations / businesses do they have in Middle East. To be honest, even I was aware about the trap, I was scared by the fact that stupid Iohanis can say “yes”…

      • Lovely, Stefan. I bet the German authorities wouldn’t like that to be screened on German TV. Might induce nostalgia for times before the muslim invasion.

  2. Thanks for this excellent entry. I am from Sweden and I know a man here who rents a house in North Poland for his ex wife and daughter who live there while he stays here, works and send money to them in Poland and visits them every month, he told me that Malmö has become a nightmare under the (still) unofficial muslim rule, he told me how his daugher was bullied and humilliated at school by african and middle eastern children, they once put glue on her hair because it was “too blond” the poor girl had to get her hair cut very short and didn’t want to go out for months, I’ve heard hundred stories like this before, muslim little (and not so little) girls hold a serious grudge against blond hair.

    This man told me that his wife is working in Poland and their daughter goes to a school there, they have been living there for 9 months and he is very eager to move there for good. I have lived in Malmö all of my life and I’ve seen it becoming a third world hell before my very eyes but I don’t know if I will be able to leave. My heart is here, my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren always encourage me to move to their still safe little town in South Sweden but I don’t know…

    • That may be a difficult decision to make
      – Leave, to save oneself
      – Stay, to be part of the resistance

    • I don’t think possible this kind of behaviour in any East European country. Not this year.

    • Stefan is right. I just spent Christmas at home in Hungary. People are angry about what happened in Berlin (even if it seems the Germans do not mind it – which is I believe just propaganda).

    • they do this all the time in France and Germany.
      It is a show off of Neanderthals who express by noise like primates and endebt themselves by renting high class cars for the few minutes of ” glory” they will ever have in their miserable lowlifes.Side effect is “d’ épater le kouffar”, of course. Come on Donald, send in the B52 ‘s.

  3. Learn about the true intentions of Islam and the invasion in the working to spread its violence, intolerance, and submission… AMAZON: Babylon’s Covert War

    The Strategy of Islam to Infiltrate and Dominate a Host Population

    – They seek out nations that have basic social freedoms or areas that our depressed or void of law
    – They immigrate to these areas using the laws of freedom or take advantage of those in depressed areas by offering the basic essentials of life
    – Once they have merged in the host country, Islam demands respect for its customs by the host population
    – They immediately begin to import their own laws into the host population
    – They use the “minority” radicals to spread fear among the host population and enforce Islam’s code
    – They begin to populate large numbers of Muslims through immigration and birth in the host nation
    – They do a show of force through large gatherings when outnumbered by the host population and center themselves in urban areas
    – When outnumbered, they will appear as the victim. When they obtain the majority, they become the aggressor
    – Once they gain the majority, they strike down the host population or drive them out by use of the “minority” radicals and seize what were the host population properties
    – Once Muslims move into an area, they spread into the social fabric through the establishment of mosques, by the economic through stores in every part of the city to bring Muslims into areas once dominated by only the host population, the use the political sphere to get Muslims elected into local, then state, then federal offices by sheer numbers in order to take over the entire social, economic, and political host through the protection of what is defined as a religion.

    It more commonly fits the definition of a virus: a small infectious agent that can replicate only inside the living cells of organisms. Most viruses are too small to be seen directly with a light microscope. Viruses infect all types of organisms…

    • Yes, comparing Islam to virus or cancer, ironically not an insult but an objective precise description.

    • Once termites have invaded the structure, it takes aggressive action to dislodge them. Denying the threat only makes the impending calamity worse, and eventually the original inhabitants will have to relocate.

    • I am afraid of the future. I don’t think west Europe can be saved from interior based only on own resources. My country do have today a government far to open to Bruxelles. But, they are not so stupid to bring muslims en-mass in the country. Romania has today, if I know it right, about 1200 refugees, because they didn’t know that Romania and Hungary have common border. They wanted to cross in Hungary, but calculated wrong. According to Romanian law, illegal crossing over the border is a criminal act, and so, they are now in a “prisoners” situation. They can’t go free on streets, they can’t demand special treatment. And there is no sign that this will change. In my opinion, if they will be set free to go on streets, they are in danger. Romanians are kind people, as long your behaviour is not understood as direct aggression. Greeks, bulgarians, hungarians, italians, and other, did find help in Romania during the years. But yet, there is a general understanding about islam…and this is as the people put it on a romanian saying: “a good ottoman is a dead ottoman”. So, I suggest to send muslims in east countries only if the west want to destroy them. At first misbehaviour, they can be food for pigs…

  4. I’ve been watching videos of the “Brawls at the Malls” south of the border…

    Must have got it wrong somewhere, I thought blacks only made up about 12-14% of the American population?

  5. One of the mall brawls was very close to where I live. Wish I’d been there. Based on social media video, it appeared to be all blacks. Imagine that.

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