Confrontation or Subjugation?

Many thanks to JLH for translating this essay from “The Daily Franz”, the conservative political blog of Marcus Franz, a concerned Austrian citizen and a Catholic.

Note: This piece was written several weeks before the truck jihad at the Christmas Market in Berlin:

Where There is Culture, There Will Be Conflict

November 30, 2016

The culture question is the central theme and logical destination in any serious thinking about mass immigration. The question is simple and clear: In the context of a longstanding folk migration, who will assume the cultural and social leadership? The inevitable answer will be an either/or, for there can only be one dominant culture. Cultural fusions are, of course, possible, but that is not a matter of quickly conducted courses on integration, intellectually dishonest and sanctimonious debates or bleeding-heart political statements; it is a matter of centuries.

What is significant in the intensification of the culture question is not so much the sheer number of immigrants, but rather the cultural strength or weakness of the infiltrated society, and, naturally, of the intruders. The more decentralized the society in question is, the easier is it for the philosophically homogeneous new arrivals to establish their own culture. A society like that of continental Europe, which persistently confuses liberal with random or arbitrary, constantly diversifies itself and devolves more and more into its individual parts, is an ideal target for any consistent, external culture supported by a spirit of conquest.

While it is no longer necessary to establish that it exists, for form’s sake we should introduce the subject: The multi-culti philosophy which regards itself as enlightened, and the Europeans who for a long time now have felt secretly superior because they are so tolerant, have both shattered on the reality of the no-go-areas and the ever-louder but intrinsically logical demands of the foreigners. To be sure, the responsible politicians position themselves and yammer about human rights, the obligation to help, and cooperative solutions which can only be achieved through efforts at integration, but really they all know the score: Without a clear and uncompromising message and visible and effective actions, a European state in the truest sense is no longer possible.

The clash of cultures is fully underway. Samuel Huntington’s prophecy of more than 20 years ago is being fulfilled — and right now. Another prophecy, namely that of Francis Fukuyama, who declared the end of history and the victory of capitalism after the fall of the Iron Curtain, has unfortunately faded away. As pathetic as it may sound, we are at a turning point. We have the choice of confrontation or subjugation.

Saying “culture” implies evaluation. And anyone who values his own culture must stick with it and say: It is mine, it is the best, and I will defend it. In the gigantic error of political correctness and the drunken rush of uncontrolled tolerance, we have forgotten ourselves, thinking too long of the patronizing, guilt-ridden European who has so much to make up for. And it has developed recently that good intentions are always the opposite of just plain good. In other words, a falsely understood, pseudo-moralistic burden of “goodness” has led us to this misery.

Now the much-despised “white European man” is faced with having to make decisions and answer questions that he had thought were long disposed of. He must say yes or no, and act accordingly. But he is beset by anxious questions. Is he still able to fight? May he do that as a cultivated European? Or is his cultivation really just degeneration? Is this white man a patriot and a warrior for his culture? And is he able to be?

Or is he just a post-democratic, estrogenized pipsqueak, who has to let others dictate his future? Will he have the courage to decide in the name of his culture what is right and what is not? And the most anxiety-drenched question of all, hanging over all others: Will he even be able to win this really nasty game?

I think he can, but only if he thinks about his traditions and the Western values formed in the name of Enlightenment and Christianity, and from that basis builds his old arguments anew and uncompromisingly.

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  1. I could not agree more with the author’s diagnosis of a very sick patient. His diagnostic analysis also leads to the inevitable conclusion or prognosis of two possibilities for the patient with which to survive the situation – confrontation with the agent causing the problem or subjugation by allowing the agent to riddle the body with its own virus.

    I know which course I will choose, but what about those who are still pretending that there is no real problem with how things are now panning out?

    How many of them will willingly fall in with the viral agent and allow themselves to be consumed by its complete stultification of the human spirit?

  2. Europeans can win, but the will is not yet there. True victory will not be achieved until every last muslim is removed from Europe; voluntarily or by force. And it is not enough to just remove them; Europeans have to reassert their cuture and the superiority of it over the dysfunctional muslim and african cultures. I fear that by the time the will to fight and defend their culture and heritage finally arrives, it will be almost, if not too late to succeed. In some locations, the amount of violence necessary to expel the invaders will lead to phyrric victories, with the population decimated and the infrastructure destroyed.

    Such a shame really; the european psyche goes overboard to compensate for the excesses of the last destructive war, and creates the conditions leading to the next one…

    • Well said!
      Though I think that extreme violence will be necessary in most if not all large concentrations of Muslims. Such is their mentality unfortunately.
      Indeed a shame.

  3. Too late. Europe is lost. Merkel saw to that. I came here 50 years ago to escape the prison of Islam. Now it is in my own adopted backyard. The “youth” of Europe and the more mature have simply old their inheritance for a mess of pottage. Anything for a quiet life. My wife is French and we are leaving.

    • I believe you’re correct. It’s not just Merkel’s fault. The Muslims are able to give a religious account of why their culture is better than ours and ought to be imposed on us by all necessary means.

      Europeans no longer believe in anything. They do not have any conception that, if you die a Muslim, then you will go before Jesus Christ who will judge you and send you to eternal punishment. What they will do in numbers is convert to Islam in order to save their lives.

      If they don’t believe in death, judgement, heaven and hell, they can at least pretend that they do.

  4. It is no accident that the world is currently dominated by white western culture and beliefs. That came through blood and excessive violence. The current threats to our societies are like the pinpricks of the Lilliputlians upon the tied down and restrained body of Gulliver. For when the giant awakes, and he will awake, he will cast off the shackles and will kill. There will always be conflict between the races on this planet, thankfully most are settled peacefully, but this constant goading by those opposed to our beliefs, culture and civilisation cannot end well for either side. Within the Anglo-Saxon there is a capacity and a taste for extreme violence. We have established the most fearsome weapons of war and I do not look forward to the day when they are unleashed. There are dark days ahead but we will live, thrive and survive.

    • I’ve heard this type of rhetoric before. The Islamic problem in Europe is deeper than something that can be confronted in this way. Firstly,there is no territorial delineation, Islam is distributed in varying degrees through numerous major cities and towns and crucially it is infesting the existing legal structures and politics. Essentially no party could March on the other. What is more likely is that the invaders will continue to escalate guerrilla tactics,beatings,rapes,bombings,beheading etc… until Europeans start converting in large numbers.

      Once Europe becomes a completely unhinged basket case and a threat to the international community then the super powers of Russia,China and the US will have no option but to sort it out.

      There may then be an insurgency of Europeans fighting alongside the super power allies but it certainly won’t be pretty and to be a European will,rightly,carry a shameful stigma.

      The way forward is to sort it politically,now.

  5. I am trying to lie myself. But the logic wakes me up. West mentality has been directed in that stage where only thinking to protect yourself makes you feel guilty. Many germans, and not only germans, feel that why. It is illegal to defend, it is illegal to say no, it is illegal to think. Gangs are at the opposite way of thinking. They also have guns. If you give a gun to a honest german, only touching it he will feel guilty. Using it ? It will be impossible to comprehend. In order to see people of Europe acting against, you must first see every european in his knee, biting his lips, covering the body of daughters, raped and killed, with dirt, hiding there’s wives in forests and caves, poisoning food and water from areas controlled by ideologically opposite gangs. Only then they will be ready to understand that in front of danger, you must act or accept to die doing nothing. If you act, you still have a chance. This is why I don’t think west is able to help himself and get out from this. They forgot to hate the ones hating them. They do not accept to kill the ones killing their children. In order to learn all this, they need pain, much pain. Something that easterners did had until not so long ago. Even the east, the new generations, start forgetting what their parents endured. If all this brainwashing will continue for 20 years from now, also the east will have almost the same handicap.

    • Wow, Stephan. Amazing comment.

      The only change I might make is to make it clear that you, yourself, should not give way to hatred. Do was is needed to protect your own, but do not descend of the level of those who wish to destroy Western Civilization.

  6. I teach a lot of nominally Muslim students at a couple of 5th-rate colleges in a Northeastern-US city. They don’t seem to care about Islam any more than the Italian kids care about Catholicism or the Black kids about Protestant Christianity. Yes, there’s the big danger of a kid’s becoming religious. I’m just thinking that maybe the religious context that permits this can be eliminated without having to go through the huge bloody effort of people-removal. Get rid of the mosques and imams and Muslim organizations and what you’ll have is just another big sub-population of lazy annoying people.

    • At this age, they are considered also in their families kids. So, until a point, they are kids. When they grow little more, they start joining the manhood activities. From 14-15 years old, they learn how to hate, inside their families. And because in their society manhood is very important, they are doing their best to demonstrate their manhood. Drug dealers never talk with their kids about drug dealing. Kids tend to talk about what they hear and see. This is a potential danger to the family, the gang. But there is a moment when they start to be introduced in this activity. It is a progressive “education”.
      Now, about eliminating the mosques and imams….well…I can bet that the force of mosques is not those 5th grade kids. If you try to touch all this network, mosques, imams, islamic rules and religion, they will bring hell in all areas where they breathe. And there must be also political decision. Europe has today, let’s say according to official sources, 60 mil. muslims. If only 10 % of them are ready to take a stand against us, there is no way the police, military and all European gangs to fight against. But, according to official sources, there are about 60% of them supporting sharia in Europe. How do you think it will be possible to fight against them ? With what ?

      • I’m talking about 18-22 year old kids in this particular extremely large Northeastern US city, though, Stefan. They just seem pretty spaced out and dopey, same as kids from any other fairly dopey-on-average group. Congregate in larger groups than the Sicilian kids, not as noisy as the Blacks or Hispanics. A bit more aggressive about their grades, but not in a threatening way. Their dads are usually storekeepers, that sort of thing. Of course I’m a little worried about the odd freak taking his religion too seriously.

        • My bad, read your text in a hurry and thought it is about 5th grade kids. Then you are right, they are probably good kids. But remember, many of the terrorists are well educated. In the west. And nobody noticed a potential danger.

        • I do remember a documentary in universities from different countries. Try engage discussions about Koran, about superiority of Islam or the right to exist of Jews and Christians. You will notice that there is something unseen.

    • The mosques are the key. They are enemy bases in our territory. They are also key nodes in the parallel society being established among us. Just look at how the Berlin truck attacker shuffled around more than one dozen of these places!

      • Yes, but there is no political will. Actually, it is the opposite. If you want to take the law in your hands, you have no logistic support, no military support. How ? And think, many millions supporting them, are the useful stupid among us. You are fighting the institutions, the useful idiot and the mosque. How ?

  7. Europe is lost if it continues the way it is now. Only by returning to her roots, her values and culture can it win this battle. When you invite people into Europe that have such a strong religious identity, but as a continent you are completely confused on what your identity is, you can and will never win a battle, simply because you don’t know what you are fighting for. Europe needs to sort out what her identity is. Personally i think that only by returning to the true faith (=catholicism) Europe will be able to win this war.

  8. And anyone who values his own culture must stick with it and say: It is mine, it is the best, and I will defend it.

    I disagree. I value my own (Western) culture. Even though I see deficiencies in it, I would do what I could to defend it. However, I don’t know that it is necessarily “better” than some other cultures (although I do think it is manifestly better than some, particularly those defined by a prophet). But is it “the best”? Maybe- but it still can learn from other traditions.

    The writer presents a false sense of the respect that is required to value and defend ones own culture and unnecessarily demands that those who seek to preserve it regard it as “the best”.

    • Well, it’s the least bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic, racist etc culture on the planet now, and possibly ever. That’s enough to be going on with!

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