Culture-Enrichers Brawl “Like Monkeys” on an Augsburg Bus

Before you all accuse me of being a racist Deplorable for using the phrase “like monkeys” when describing the actions of Syrian migrants: the simile is taken directly from an article about the incident published in the German MSM.

A brawl broke out among culture-enrichers on a bus in Augsburg on the evening of Christmas Day. As it happens, it was the same day that thousands of people were evacuated so that a recently discovered bomb left over from World War Two could be defused. The high-spirited behavior of the “refugees” was unconnected with events earlier in the day, however.

Below are excerpts from two articles about the incident. The first one was translated by Egri Nök and is from the Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung:

Refugees brawl brutally on bus — 18-month-old child injured

December 27, 2016

On the evening after the [WW2] bomb was disarmed, there was a brutal brawl on a nighttime bus. It appears the trigger for the fight among the Syrians was a pram.

By Michael Hörmann

It happened on the evening of the successful disarming of the bomb, when people just wanted to return home at the late hour. Violence escalated on a night bus of the regular line 1, heading for Lechhausen, on Sunday. Brutal scenes took place in the bus.

18-month-old child injured

According to the initial conclusions of the police, the whole thing had nothing to do with the evacuation. The point of issue may have been a pram in the bus. Investigations are difficult, because the parties involved are Syrians.

Police are thus far certain that during a controversy among several people there were insults and massive fisticuffs, in the course of which several people were involved and an 18-month-old was injured. The child received first aid from rescue workers, the police announced.

According to a passenger, around 9pm about twenty men entered the bus from the rear at Town Hall Square. Subsequently, an argument evolved among the Syrians and, in the course of events, completely got out of control. One person jumped into a pram, with the sole of his shoe in front. Later, the bus driver opened the doors. Outside, the conflict continued with unabated severity. Only when police arrived did the situation calm down. The passenger speaks of four ambulances and twelve police cars, which were necessary that night to get the situation under control.

Police are looking for witnesses

The police are calling upon witnesses to come forward. The particulars and consistencies of the conflict are currently under investigation, says spokesperson Manfred Gottschalk. Witnesses or victims are asked to contact the Augsburg Police at the telephone number 08 21/323 21 10.

Relevant excerpts from an article in the Augsburger Stadtzeitung were translated by Nash Montana:

Apparently the fight started and escalated in the back of the bus. “One of the perpetrators jumped feet first into a child’s pram in which a baby was asleep, and stomped with his foot full in the face of the baby,” one witness says. According to the police, the 18-month-old baby and its mother were traveling with the group of Syrians, and apparently the child’s pram was the trigger for the fight.

“Four perpetrators climbed from grab pole to grab pole like apes (monkeys) in order to kick and jump at people,” says one witness. The police had confirmed the statement.

There was great fear on the bus: “Other passengers, mothers and fathers with strollers, children as well as senior citizens, were in panic and trapped on the bus,” a witness described the scene. When the bus driver opened the door, the perps kept on raging outside at the bus stop.

“My wife was injured from being beaten with a belt on her shoulder and neck.” They also attacked the ambulance workers to the extent that “they were hiding behind their ambulance” until the police showed up.

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  1. Not strictly relevant, but at least the Germans have a bus (and train) service on Christmas Day, unlike we poor benighted Brits!

    • We might be in a bit of trouble here, or a lot, but our public transport is still running 😉

  2. Since this is part of the new normal, maybe Germans should start investing in American Football helmets and pads, so they can be protected the next time the monkeys start swinging from the grab poles on the bus.

  3. WWAD (What Would Assad Do)?

    I suspect these cretins wouldn’t be treated so tolerantly by his police forces if they were to pull the same stunt in downtown Damascus.

  4. Germany needs more liberal gun and self defence laws.

    Just imagine what beasts they are, kicking one of their own children in the face. A sleeping eighteen months old, no less!

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