Berlin Truck Jihadi’s Pledge of Fealty to the Islamic State

Below is a video recording of Anis Amri, the now-deceased mujahid who massacred twelve people and injured dozens more by running a truck into a crowded Berlin Christmas market last week. In it you’ll hear the murderer pledge allegiance to the Islamic State and Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The subtitles in this video were translated from the German text in previously-existing subtitles. Both sets of titles are obviously much shorter than Mr. Amri’s actual words, so either the original is in flowery Arabic that can be condensed to a few simple sentences, or some of his message has been left out — I don’t know which.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:03   All praise to allah and blessings and peace unto the prophet Mohammed.
0:10   I am here, blessed, to obey the caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi,
0:13   whatever he commands me to do,
0:16   even if I am reluctant,
0:19   and to continue to do unless I am ordered to do something
0:22   that I know for sure is forbidden in Islam.
0:35   I pledge also to work for Islam and to rule,
0:38   to judge, and to be judged according to Islam,
0:41   and to work hard until the Islamic state
0:44   is well founded and established.
0:47   Ultimately I promise to actively participate in jihad
0:50   against the enemies of allah as much as I can.
0:53   And to those unbelievers who every day bomb Muslims,
0:56   I pledge that we will hunt them like the pigs they are.
0:59   We will kill them for what they do to Muslims.
1:06   Did you think that what you do to them will go unpunished?
1:14   There are masses of Muslims in the entire world
1:17   who are ready to take revenge on behalf of those Muslims
1:20   who are killed every day.
1:23   And they will be avenged because we are strong,
1:26   and we are determined to pay the price
1:29   for the actions against our Muslim brothers and sisters.
1:32   And I summon my Muslim brothers and sisters
1:35   in the whole wide world to participate in this jihad as well,
1:40   and to fight for the dominance of our religion
1:43   as much as each of you can.
1:50   And if you cannot join your brothers on the front line
1:53   then fight for Islam in your country.
2:02   and if they live in Europe
2:05   then fight against these pigs there,
2:08   each according to his own abilities.
2:11   May allah grant us success in this fight.
2:15   I commit myself to allah and I pledge
2:18   to shed as much blood as is needed
2:21   for Islam.
2:24   I pray to allah to smooth the path,
2:27   to kill those unbelievers
2:30   who fight Islam and Muslims.

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  1. “We will kill them for what they do to Muslims”.

    Islam commands muslims to kill non-muslims, simply for being non-muslims.

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