How to Achieve Marital Harmony the Turkish Way

A new brochure on marriage has appeared in Turkey that promotes a Koran-centered approach to achieving connubial bliss.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   A marriage brochure has caused a stir in Turkey.
0:03   In the brochure the city of Kütahya advertises
0:06   for a strict conservative marriage life,
0:09   as The Turkish newspaper ‘Cumhuriyet’ reports.
0:12   For instance, one appeal to the wife is this:
0:15   “If you talk during sex your child will stutter.”
0:18   Men are advised to
0:21   “marry prolific, amiable women
0:24   who should be virgins.”
0:27   Even polygamy is useful, for example when one wife is petulant,
0:30   the second wife can bring her back to her senses.
0:33   Additionally it says that for the wives,
0:36   “one or two beatings can be very useful for the wife.”
0:39   This will act as medicine in case the wife isn’t
0:42   taking proper care of herself, or if she is disobedient.
0:45   Furthermore the brochure recommends that the wife
0:48   should stay home and not go to work.
0:51   The writer of the brochure is a former employee
0:54   of the office for religious matters.
0:57   For quite a while the office has been known to advocate
1:00   for a conservative interpretation of Islam.

14 thoughts on “How to Achieve Marital Harmony the Turkish Way

    • What will that solve? Constantinople was destroyed by “Christians” in the Fourth Crusade. What happened in 1453 was a afterthought.

      The real problems come from Riyadh and Mecca . . . and their outpost on the Potomac.

      • Context and referent are always appropriate when considering what someone says, including my own response.

        The brochure and its depiction specifically concern Turkey. As for the Fourth Crusade, it certainly was a complex historical event:

        However, Santa Sophia was certainly neither destroyed by the Crusaders nor altered from being a Christian temple. Moreover, given their era, those Crusaders likely were at least as good or perhaps better Christians than you or I might claim to be.

        However, in no way was 1453 “a [sic] afterthought.”

        Best regards.

        • These historical facts are written by West authors and not by Greeks.
          If all these had not happened we would not speak now about the catastrophy of 1453.

          Now with the influx of Islam in Europe you will understand what we had to suffer for nearly 4 centuries.

          “Eastern Christendom has never forgotten those three appalling days of pillage… What shocked the Greeks more than anything was the wanton and systematic sacrilege of the Crusaders. How could men who had specially dedicated themselves to God’s service treat the things of God in such a way? As the Byzantines watched the Crusaders tear to pieces the altar and icon screen in the Church of the Holy Wisdom, and set prostitutes on the Patriarch’s throne, they must have felt that those who did such things were not Christians in the same sense as themselves…
          Can we wonder if the Greeks after 1204 also looked on the Latins as profani? Christians in the west still do not realize how deep is the disgust and how lasting the horror with which Orthodox regard actions such as the sack of Constantinople by the Crusaders.”

          {Ware, The Orthodox Church, NY: Penguin Books, revised 1980 edition, p. 69}
          One would be hard-pressed to find a Catholic historian (or any Catholic who learns the details) who would defend what took place in this abominable, reprehensible catastrophe. Warren Carroll, one of the best orthodox Catholic historians of our time, candidly admits in his major series of volumes, A History of Christendom:

          “The sack that followed was one of the worst in all of history. . . No man, woman or child was safe from the ravagers. Robbery and rape were almost universal, mindless destruction widespread. Westerners . . . killed indiscriminately, without mercy or restraint . . . For this to have been done by crusaders – men actually wearing the Cross of Christ – was an ineffaceable disgrace . . . The Greeks never forgot the sack of Constantinople in 1204; its memory, more than anything else, has prevented the healing of the Greek schism from that day to this, despite several major efforts at reunion.”

          • Warren Carroll, although very venerated by many, often relied on secondary sources to make his synopses.

            Those familiar with scholars who have examined primary sources who accept the reservations required in weighing such, are not content to make such generalizations as those offered by Carroll.

            By the way, the Eastern Church, the “Greeks,” hardly have an impeccable history.

          • @ Leon Berton

            The history of every nation is not impeccable BUT my nation’s history is a little bit better.

            Lets read a letter from Fourmont to Maurepas.
            Michele Fourmont (1690-1746), envoy of King Luis XV of France.

            Fourmont confesses in a letter sent to Count Maurepas that he copied 1,500 ancient inscriptions (300 in Sparta) and brags about destroying them in order to avoid access to the information by any future travellers. In his letter Fourmont writes:

            “For more than 30 days, 40 to 60 workers are, destroying the city of Sparta. I am still left with four towers to destroy. At the moment I am engaged with the destruction of the last ancient monuments of Sparta. You understand how happy I am. Mantinia, Stimfalia, Tegea, Nemea and Olympia are also worth annihilating. I have travelled extensively looking for ancient cities of this country and I have destroyed some of them. Amomg them are Trizina, Ermioni, Tiryns: half of the acropolis of Argos, Fliasia and Fenesia. For six weeks I have been busy with the total destruction of Sparta: destroying walls, temples and not leaving one stone on its place making the site unrecognisable in the future so that I can make it famous again.In this way I will give glory to my expeditions. Is that not something?”

            In another part of his letter he writes about Sparta:

            “‘Sparta is the fifth city I have destroyed. I am now working on the demolition of the deeper foundation of the temple of Apollo. I would destroy more temples if I was allowed to do so. The tower, I completely demolished.”

            About the ancient city of Trizina:

            “I have destroyed all that was left from the fortress and the temples”

            He then demonstrates true barbarism by stating:

            “I do not know of any travellers before me that dared to destroy towers and other large buildings”

            Fourmont is responsible for the anhillition of ancient Sparta, Trizina and Ermioni. According to information provided by Fourmont, he paid 1,200 days of labour for the destruction of monuments. If Fourmont had not been called back to France he would have also destroyed ancient Olympia as planned.

            Fourmont did something different from what ISIS did to Palmyra?

            Another “civilized” European

            FRANCESCO MOROSINIDuring the last quarter of the 17th c. a “western” alliance of the Venetian Republic, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was pitted against the Ottoman Empire. Venice and the Ottomans had long competed for hegemony in the eastern Aegean Sea, and Venice sought to gain territory.
            On 21 September, the Venetians landed at the port Piraeus. The Turkish garrison withdrew to the Acropolis of Athens, where it then improved the walls and installed guns. The Venetian forces under the command of Francesco Morosini advanced into Athens uncontested. Venetian indirect fire assets occupied Mouseion Hill, the Pnyx, and the Areiopagos; shelling began 23 September.
            On a day like today, 26 September 1687, a mortar round penetrated the marble roof of the 2,000 year old Parthenon and ignited a store of gunpowder that the defending Ottomans had placed there. The resulting explosion killed about 300 people and destroyed a building that was in succession a temple of goddess Athena, a Christian church, an Islamic mosque and, ultimately, an enduring symbol of the splendor and longevity of Athenian history and classical Greek civilization. The mortars in the Venetian expedition were from the battery of the Duchy of Braunschweig and Lüneburg, supporting the “intentional” interpretation of the event.
            By March 1688, the Venetians had evacuated Athens, but not before Morosini had collected some antiquities as victory trophies, including the Lion that stood at Piraeus harbor.
            The “coup de grâce” to the Parthenon was given by another illustrious son of the civilized West, Lord Elgin.
            _________________________________ And we come now to Elgin.

            We all know what this vandal did in order to ….save(as he said,by destroying them) the Parthenon marbles,which are called by the English as “Elgin marbles” as if Feidias and all the others had nothing to do with the construction of Parthenon.

            It is said that these works of art belong to the world,we say that they belong only to us,because all that my gran father left belongs to me.

            The trouble with us is that we have selscted governments.

            Here when the time comes we have (S)elections and no Elections.


            I do not know if the Eastern church did what the Catholic church did during the German occupation in the city of Patras,where the children died oh hunger and the catholic priest said to them that if they wanted food they should become catholics.

    • One problem, there is absolutely no sign of it ever happening.
      (But I do so agree with you!)

    • I am neither Roman Catholic, nor am I Greek. Beyond tourism, I have no ties to Venice. My interest is purely historical. What unfolded is truly tragic, but it also teaches us about the hazards of infighting in the face of another, even greater threat that waits to pounce on weakness.

      Have you noticed how Western governments clamp down on the “existential” threat of an Islamophobic backlash in the wake of each Islamist atrocity?

  1. The video should be a mandatory inclusion in any Womyn’s Studies courses on Western campuses.

    • Brains are slow on campuses. Even if you show them the video they’ll end up finding any kind of excuse for it. They’ll most likely claim that you have to respect other people’s beliefs or something like that.
      But the fact that someday they could themselves be submitted to that crap in their very own country just totally passes them by.

  2. “Men are advised to “marry prolific, amiable women who should be virgins.”” Oh, that’s so middle ages! Men should marry bitchy careerist women in their late 30s just coming off the carousel, that is so much healthier.

    I have no love for Islam, but this advice is more likely to work than the modern dispensation, because it recognizes and is premised on the fact that men and women are different. Witness how many European women convert to marry.

  3. Even polygamy is useful, for example when one wife is petulant.

    Yes that’ll work with my wife. Petulant!! She would go ballistic and I would be lucky to recover my senses.

  4. Perhaps western men should consider or throw out the idea that maybe there is some element of Islam that can be integrated into the culture like wife beating. I am not advocating that but I am advocating people publicly throwing it out as something to think about and some of the other less desirable features of cultural enrichment. In fact if the population won’t stand up directly they could get the women to rebel by supporting certain things.

    • But the “official” women will not stand up to an outrageous proposal like sanctioned wife-beating . . . unless it is done by white, heterosexual men. Their silence has been – and will continue to be – thunderous. They will, instead, throw themselves at the feet of their new oppressors and beaters with wild abandon; all in the name of diversity and progress. No bang . . . only a whimper.

      Anyway, professing wife-beating is “hate” speech . . . illegal. Until we reassert our right to hate, we will not be free.

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