America IS Great Again!

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends his take on last month’s presidential election in the USA.

America IS great again!

by MC

As the great Semi of State thundered down the switchback of communism, the emergency brakes applied, and you the people stopped the behemoth in its tracks. Hopefully without jack-knifing.

Now one has got to get the thing turned around, and started on the long grind in low gear back up the Hill of Difficulty, avoiding the by-passes of Danger and Destruction, going straight on towards the Palace Beautiful.

As with the Brexit bus, the vehicle stopped its cataclysmic descent in time, but it is not enough yet. Turning it around is a tricky exercise, and much of the damage is already done. Much of the skill needed to affect a repair is ageing fast or is already offshore.

It is time to look at assets and liabilities, and especially people assets and people liabilities.

What does one do with those who won’t play? What does one do with those who don’t or won’t fit?

Those who are pretending to be one thing in order to get power, and who then turn out to have an alternate agenda — the communists and the Islamists — these people have just nearly succeeded in toppling the whole shebang. Don’t get me wrong, this was an attempted revolution, and it is not yet finished. Revolutionaries may fail many times over, but they only need to succeed once, and then the blood starts to flow.

The first job is to repair the justice system, starting with the Constitution and the Supreme Court. This SCOTUS has proven to be the Achilles heel of the nation. It has shown that it does not support the Constitution; rather it wants ‘modernise’ it.

The Constitution is designed to be modernized, but through a process that is well-defined and produces Amendments. To change the Constitution by twisting it through the semi-legal contortions of ‘modern’ interpretation is not acceptable, and those Supreme Court judges who are tempted to pervert the constitution this way need to be named and shamed. The Constitution belongs to you the people, not to ‘them’ the legal beagles.

Having fixed the Supreme Court, then justice needs to be applied, back-applied if necessary, to those who have obviously not just broken the law but shattered it to fragments and gloated over the crippling consequences. To those who thought that they were above the law: gaol. To those who exploited children: gaol, too. To those who committed treason: incarceration. And to those who committed or commissioned murder: the death penalty.

Never again must a section of the community believe that they have financial or political immunity. You, the people, must see justice done for the sake of all our children and grandchildren.

Those who believe that the ends justify the means are always going to end up as a perverted and vicious bunch of criminals, whether their intent is political or religious. The stated aims of religious communism: ‘power to the people’ and such like, should read ‘power to the elites’. All religion, both political and deity-centred has a severe problem with elitism. The elitism of the political religions is destructive and very easily becomes a mincing machine, where human life become valueless.

The idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — see the poster at the top of this essay — is perhaps the singularly most important political concept ever. It embodies the idea that each person has a set of enshrined values which must be protected from all or any elitism.

Sixty-four years later, those same forces of fascisto-communism were a just whisker away from taking power. But the incredible stopping power of the people spoke out in the ballot boxes, and the brakes are now on.

Civilisation, as defined by life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is a very delicate thing that pivots around the idea that these things are God-given with the implication that no man can take them away. But if God is taken out of the equation, then the results become unpredictable. A godless SCOTUS can trample and twist. The result being that life may be aborted, liberty impounded and happiness scotched at the convenience of a man-centred elite.

The ‘endowed by their Creator’ bit is what makes this work, and in this instance, it was in particular the Judeo-Christian God. The point here is that whatever God this refers to, it does not mean a man-god. The theory of Evolution came later. It means that men are not to meddle with the fundamentals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Roe vs Wade (1973) was the top of a very slippery slope, where the whole concept of ‘life’ was challenged. Life was taken out of the hands of God and placed in the hands of ‘evolved’ men. I suspect that if I went to the vet to have my pet cat’s pregnancy aborted I would be accused of animal cruelty, and I find it difficult to see the difference between that and the role of Planned Parenthood, which — with its roots in ‘liberal’ eugenics — probably made it so that the most dangerous place for an African American to be is in his mother’s womb.

The Declaration of Independence, with its life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness under God, is not so much an endorsement of a creator God, an attempt put the fundamentals out of the reach of the elite. It almost failed when a man-is-god minded Supreme Court turned it on its head and decided that foeti were effectively already dead (not sentient and therefore not imbued with ‘life’ within the context of the Declaration of Independence) at the whim of the mother, and the Semi started its plunge to the depths. Civilization itself wobbled.

This essay is not about the rights and wrongs of abortion. Abortion just happened to be at the vanguard of the elite-driven attack on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

To get the truck turned around, hanging over the abyss as it is, will take guts and determination, especially on the part of the driver. The sniping has intensified. He must now get out of the relative safety of the cab and unload the baggage from the trailer to reduce the deadweight. But some of the baggage is toxic.

So whom can the new President trust? Or, perhaps more pertinently, whom can he get past a hostile congress who want their own bought-and-paid-for people in there?

We are halfway down the mountain teetering on the brink, but it is not so much what the driver does as much as what we, ourselves do next that matters. The opposition are already out there on the streets unchallenged by Obama and his cronies. “The government is with us — kill the Jews Trumpers” they appear to cry; just as in the in lethal anti-Jewish pogroms of Mandate Palestine. We to can either be the ‘same old, same old’ sitting in our armchairs in critical inertia, or we can join a “citizens for life, liberty and happiness” movement and help steer the truck back up the hill.

There is an awful lot of hostile money paying for the busses to bring in the snipers. The elites are, by definition, rich and powerful, and whilst the people, when united, are more powerful, that word ‘united’ is elusive. The elite took its buck-bespeckled eye off the ball, and those united in ex-middle-class misery and poverty hit back. The difference between this being a flash in the pan or a permanent way back to the American dream is about climbing back up the mountain, it is therefore all about us, about US turning TRUMP into TRiUMPhant.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

23 thoughts on “America IS Great Again!

  1. I think Trump will make some mistakes as time rolls on but, Trump being the winner that he is will learn fast from those mistakes just as he did during his past life as a business man.

    And that is a huge difference to what now passes for government today in just about any country that one many care to mention because it is the mistakes we all make in life that that those who can admit to them will learn the most from.

    This article is yet another perspective to the Trump influence that is now shaking the world. Well done MC.

  2. An excellent essay as usual MC! Somehow I am having a hard time to believe (I think with you), that the elite who murdered millions in their century long quest to power will give it up, specially when it feels that their indoctrination process at least partly took root and they have a sizable sheeple crowd following them blindly. They will try to take power, I believe with violence, maybe they will using their newfound allies the muslims, after all they have all the necessary experience in that. (not like their safe space loving liberals/feminists)
    The elite WANTS to build the Hunger Games where they are on the top, liberal SJW Marxists wimps are the “citizens of capital city”, the “police” is the muslims while everybody else is living in destitute in the districts.

  3. I read with tremendous amusement the hand wringing and pants wetting of the establishment about Trump taking a short call from the president of Taiwan.
    OMG! He has violated almost 40 years of protocol, the “One China” policy that JIMMY CARTER put in place back in the 70’s!!!
    The guy that draws the Dilbert cartoons has become quite the political pundit. He predicted months ago that Trump would win and laid out a rather unconventional thesis. Anywho, he chimed in on the phone call and pointed out that “CEO, Negotiator” Trump has immediately taken something away from the Chicoms, even before becoming POTUS! He pointed out that the Chicoms blamed it on Taiwan, not the US… That’s a sign of weakness.
    Trump might give it back during negotiations with the Chicoms but then again he might not. This puts everyone, the world over, on notice that things will not go on as usual. To that I say bravo!
    I have a different thought on the Carrier “success.” The state of Indiana is giving Carrier 7 million dollars in tax cuts to leave 1,100 jobs in the state. This has been seen as a great success. Don’t check me on my math but, that is roughly $630,000 per employee retained in lost revenue to the state taxpayers. I’m not sure that is such a great deal for the taxpayers of Indiana. If you take into account that these workers, had they been laid off, would need food stamps and unemployment ins., their homes foreclosed on, etc. maybe it’s a wash.
    But the Dilbert guy wrote an interesting piece where he went into the theory of “new CEO.” He posits that a new CEO at a company that is suffering malaise, as the US is at this time, needs an immediate success to change the psychology of the work force. To that end Trump has achieved that goal.
    The problem is that as soon as that deal was announced other industries lined up demanding a place at the trough.
    Not sure, but so far things seem to be turning up.

    • The Indiana deal appears to cost around 6,300 dollars per employee but that pre-supposes that it’s 7 million per year.

      Something tells me that welfare costs per unemployed person is somewhat higher than that as you allude to.

      That’s before anyone factors in the increased health burden due to unemployment and then we are into the far less auditable territory of psychological distress and family trauma/break-up secondary to being made worthless. This then possibly leading to intergenerational pathology. It goes on and on.

      To add just an extra little layer to that the unemployed also have greater involvement with the criminal-justice system….

      So all in all it sounds like an awfully cheap deal to my mind.

    • My opinion (FWIW) regarding the Carrier deal is that it is a quick morale boost, the eqivilent of the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo. Didn’t cause any real damage, and resulted in the loss of valuable aircraft and aircrews while diverting desperately needed resources, but it served notice upon the Japanese warlords that they were not invincible, and signaled to the home front that we could and would carry the fight to the enemy, and strike them in their own capital.

      Trump has signaled to the American worker that help is on the way, even if at this early point it is purchased with a shady tax break. He has also signaled to boardrooms across the country that he is serious about keeping production in America, and the subtle threat has been delivered as to what may happen to them if they also decide to offshore production. Later, once he is inaugurated, he can compel CEOs to play ball through legislation and executive orders real or threatened. What matters is that he caused a company which shamelessly had chosen to move production outside the company and lay off real American workers, rethink their decision and do so publically. Perceptions matter, and my opinion is that Trump won this round.

      • The US government still the largest customer for many industries. If Trump start his program of rebuilding infrastructure, that means huge orders for everyone. Do they want to miss this boom? Only liberal CEO’s who tweeting their assassination ideas like the morons they are…

    • I have no problem with the Taiwanese government. They run a decent outfit, generally respectful of individuals, and don’t mix into what’s not their business.

      I can’t say the same for the Chicoms. So why not talk to the Taiwanese?

      But then again, if I had been the British, I would have had the attitude that Hong Kong needed to be returned to China in 1998… China as represented by Taiwan :-). Now, it might not have been practical, as the Mainlanders might have invaded, but still, it would have been a fun discussion to have…

      • The British only ‘owned’ the Island of Honkers, the New Territories were on 99 years lease which was expiring. The vulnerability of Honkers is that the island itself has no fresh water, this is why it was surrendered to the Japs in WW2.

        Taiwan would have been faced with the same problem, but only now is desalinization technology reaching the point where the island could have survived Chinese aggro.

  4. Wow … inspiring in many ways and certainly very well written. Which brings us again to the roots of this extraordinary nation: perhaps it is America only, the sole fresh fruit of the Enlightenment, standing as a last bastion of the freedoms the forefathers so cherished and enshrined in our Constitution.

    Let’s hope the second assault of Marxism on us is on its way to defeat.

  5. As with the carrot and the stick, you as an employer can ‘stick around home and get your ration of carrots, or you can take your employment dollars elsewhere and get the ‘stick’ to the tune of 35% taxation. This is what Ford and Carter should have done to GE when they off-shored the Ontario, California Flat Iron Plant that they stole from Edison Electric.
    As for the climb uphill MC, you forgot to mention how the road will be mined by those who regard it as their religious duty to see to the failure of America. I will agree that we have been given a breathing space courtesy of God’s mercy and grace as the result of intensive prayer and fasting (that’s documented folks). HOWEVER, tain’t time to crawl back on the couch yet, as to quote Jerry Garcia, “the first days are the hardest days, but don’t you worry anymore…” We may have won the first engagement by a razor-thin margin, but we haven’t won the war, not by a long shot.
    Let’s get back in there and make this be the first victory of many, we have our children and grandchildren depending upon us to give them the world that we enjoyed when we were growing up, absent the prejudice and segregation and selfishness of course.

      • at least I remembered the lyrics. 🙂
        So when life is looking like Easy Street there is danger at your door. Think this through with me, let me know your mind, All that I want to know is, are you kind….
        BTW, one of my faves, along with Truckin’ (was there the night of the Nawleans police riot) and Ripple.

  6. I’ve dunned a little more maths…

    If, as is said, the dollar amount wasted on the Middle East in the last 10 years is 6 TRILLION dollars then if one assumes a population of 300 million people in the US that comes to 60 thousand dollars for every man, woman and child over ten years.

    So a mere snip at only 6 thousand dollars per year for every man, woman and child in America. With nothing to show for it…….A form of madness for sure…

    By the terms of the Indiana deal not a single individual would be unemployed if that cash had been used similarly.

    Mind you, I wouldn’t expect a newborn to be working down the mines of course….

    I’m just trying to lay out the waste in a way that can be grasped given the scale of it.

    • The monetary loss is difficult to grasp indeed. Now the question: why the hell the people in power did it!? What they expected to gain from that hellhole? What is the rationale behind this insanity?

      There’s got to be something having driven their as actions …

    • If we were more ruthless, it would have been far cheaper and more effective for the US to simply takeover and colonize the major oilfields, then auctioning off the rights to Western oil majors.

  7. About 6 months ago driving home from my weekly forage for sustenance at the grocery, I heard an extended interview on the Larry Kudlow show with Donald Trump. At that time Mr. Trump was advocating for a drastic decrease in corporate taxes to one of the lowest in the industrial world. It was agreed by Mr. Kudlow and Mr. Trump that this would drive investment and jobs back to the US. I thought this sounded very good.
    A carrot approach rather than the stick that Mrs. Clinton was advocating.
    It seems to me that there has been a complete change around by Trump. Aside from his crony tax relief for Carrier to gain quick political points, the stick is now out.

    “There will be consequences for those that move companies overseas”

    WTH? This is not in the best interest of American workers. What is in the best interest of America is to make us the most competitive nation on earth by cutting tax rates and regulations in order to ATTRACT investment to our shores.
    I don’t understand why Mr. Trump has abandoned his previous rhetoric for his latest stick/crony approach but, I don’t like it.

    BTW, the “Dilbert Guy” is Scott Adams. Google him. His essays are interesting.

    • I think he intends to use both the carrot and the stick. Consequences are not necessarily unearned either. If it earns stockholders big dividend checks and bonuses for the boardroom members when they close a factory and ship the jobs to southeast asia in order to cut labor costs, I have no issue with slapping tarriffs and taxes onto those products when they ship them back into the USA. Especially because offshoring factories also imposes a burden on the rest of the country, which is forced to pick up the tab for those made unemployed and redundant, and for the various social pathologies that follow in the wake of widespread joblessness and poverty.

      Cutting corporate taxes is a start, and removing impediments to creating and doing business here in America are good carrots; but there also has to be a credible stick to motivate good corporate behavior and responsibility to one’s country.

  8. Hey losers, can’t write about the loss of ignorant populist racist hater and cavemen’s party in Austria?
    No public voice about it?
    ; )

    • Win a few, lose one – not too worried. One of the Austrian readers will write about it I am sure, you might find out something about your own prejudices……

    • Austrian general election in 2018 will be different….President is just a figurehead role. No biggie

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