Free Ahmed!

As we reported in September of 2015, an immigrant with a megaphone incited the mob and orchestrated the violence at the Serbian-Hungarian border just after the Hungarian government closed the crossings and started building the fence. The Hungarian police issued an announcement asking for citizens’ help finding the ringleaders of the mob, and especially the man with the megaphone.

The poor misguided culture-enricher was eventually located and arrested. His name is Ahmed H., and he was recently tried and sentenced to ten years in prison.

The open-borders crowd is very unhappy with the sentence, and they’re agitating to have it overturned. Many thanks to CrossWare for translating the following article from Napi Migráns (Daily Migrants):

Freedom for Ahmed! — Advertises the sign around the West Train Station overpass

Yes, and this is not in Saudi Arabia (just try it there), but in our little Hungary.

Index [“” is a proven Soros funded media outlet — translator] happily presented the great news about the “Freedom for Ahmed H” sign hanging on the West Overpass on Wednesday night. Ahmed H. is the invader who was sentenced on Wednesday to ten years in prison by the court of first instance in Szeged. is very sorry for the poor, innocent Syrian refugee…

With the sign, as shown above, Kata Janecskó (author of the article) has deployed all the elements of “MSM fake news”. Let’s look at the article and make a judgment based on that:

“We like Hungary,” he said at Röszke, and the Syrian man with the megaphone got sentenced to ten years in prison!

On their main page the following was included, with this title:

We love this country, said a Syrian man, and received ten years in prison

Does it not break your heart, dear reader? He loves this country, and this garbage court sentenced him to ten years, but he LOVES it. Do you not understand?

He expressed his love by trying to illegally break into the country, attacking the border guards, and inciting his accomplices to do the same, and then he gave an ultimatum to police and threw rocks at them.

And what do we find out from this little title from Well, that he was a Syrian, and he had a megaphone, and that was his only sin, while he loves this country… and was yet convicted. An example of those exclusionary xenophobic Hungarians.

By the way: those who put up the sign are also organizing a demonstration on Saturday against the “brutal punishment”. These people of course never protested against the brutal [immigrant] siege.

Amnesty International does not rest, either (naturally also broadcasted by “He is a father, so the judgment must be destroyed!”

“The decision shows the misapplication of the Terrorist Act, and reveals two very disturbing trends, which also reflect the misuse of law and the horrific treatment of refugees and migrants in Hungary,” said Gauri van Gulik, the European director of Amnesty International, who also attended today’s hearing with our colleagues.

“A father was sentenced today to ten years in prison, whose only purpose was to accompany his elderly parents and his family safely to Europe. The rock-throwing and his attempt at crossing the border illegally are not equal to committing a terrorist act, and cannot justify this strict draconian decision. The judgment against Ahmed H. must be overturned at the second level, and he must be set free.”

Based on news*

*   Yes, I know that describes itself as “to the right of Jobbik.” I don’t take issue with that assertion, but the relevant questions are: (1) Is the article itself appropriate? and (2) Is there any indication that it is not true?

16 thoughts on “Free Ahmed!

  1. (1) Is the article itself appropriate?
    YES, it is the truth and got published in several publications, but was the first

    (2) Is there any indication that it is not true?
    NO, the article was precise and correct, quoting liberal sources as it was written.

    • On the face of it, it seems kind of draconian. Is there something the reports did not mention? Now, it was incitement to violence, and violence as well. (And the story spin is pathetic.) Was anyone hurt as a result of the incitement, for example? Also, is this man in the employ of, or worked at the behest of, western inciters who gave him the megaphone?

      • Yes there was multiple injured police officer as a result of rocks thrown. Attacking police officers is a serious crime in Hungary.

        • OH! I know what… do to him what his protestor rock tossers did to the police.

          Then the villain needs to be deported, WITHOUT medical attention. Dropped out of a plane OVER Syria in the ISIS zone… with parachute. One that works, MAYBE.

          I am angry over attacks on the police ANYWHERE .

      • Well you try to go in any countries border control point, start throwing rocks at the guards then try forcibly break into the country. You do not even need to have a bullhorn and scream in Arabic to incite others… IF you did not get shot then come back and we continue the discussion about legal ramifications! 🙂

  2. Ten years for incitement? At least there’s one European country that still hands out meaningful sentences. Here in the UK an enricher who raped a little boy & then threatened the child that he would be cut into bits it he told, has escaped prison.

    Said enricher is alleged to be ‘only’ 15 – yet the ‘liberals’ here believe that 16 year olds should have the vote. As usual, they want it all ways, in other words, any tactic which will further deconstruct all that civilised societies consider just & true.

    • That is exactly the problem with Liberals! They erode the system, try to desensitize to heinous crimes so 10 years from now when you hear somebody raped killed a bunch of people just shrug your shoulder saying oh it was under 15 people that is just a 100 dollar fine!

  3. Soros will never rest until Western civilization is utterly in ruins. The Deconstruction by the Left will never end if we, who wish to save the Western heritage, give in for one second.

    I hope any demonstration for the cultural enricher will be countered one hundred fold by an implacable refusal to give in on the part of the Hungarian government.

    • Soros has some kind of derangement illness of the BRAIN.
      He is trying to re-live his hay days as a NAZI helper. THOSE were his GLORY DAYS. He wants to enjoy them again and laugh at us while we suffer under his revived Nazi destruction of modern society.

      He inventoried the belonging of Jews of Budapest , to whom he had given their instructions on how to get to the trains. He knew they would die. He supported the FINAL SOLUTION for Jews whom he hated anyway . He was so proud not to look like those cowardly, dirty Jews… as his NAZI idol , Adolph Hitler called them.

      WHAT POWER FOR A TEENAGER!! His Godfather, his Lutheran Mother’s best friend, was his instructor. He learned a lot from that Nazi.

      Imagine the mental illness this has caused him. I am sure he thinks he is sane. LIKE most homicidal monsters, he believes we are crazy and he is our better in this world. Who dies? Whoever he wants to die.

      His whole life has been about gaining enough MONEY and POWER to be able again to send people to their PAINFUL deaths .

      So he loves this destruction of lives and fortunes in Europe . HE HAS COME FULL CIRCLE IN HIS LIFE. HIS DESTRUCTIVE POWERS HAVE RETURNED FULLY TO HIM.

      We, the people are dirt under his jack boots.

    • Indeed, I’d happily see him set free now–in Syria (then we’ll see if that’s where he really comes from).

      • Good! At least the Hungarian courts are applying fair sentences… in Western Europe, his punishment would probably be a lifetime on benefits – and in Germany, maybe even a course on how to chat up women!

  4. Should have ‘loved’ his own country from whence he fled better. Pathetic. Go Hungary! Mucho respect from Russia.

    • Most demos etc have signs in English, with an eye on the international media (CNN, BBC, Sky). Indonesia, Cairo, Belgrade, Budapest, Copenhagen, Helsinki — at least some of the signs at mass demos are almost always in English.

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