Welcome to Munich, the Groping Capital of Europe

The city of Munich has accumulated more new migrants per square meter than any other city in Germany. Recently the municipal government invited all the city’s 18-year-olds to come to city hall for a little party, and guess what happened?

The authorities were shocked — shocked! — to discover that young male culture-enrichers can’t keep their hands to themselves.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from the Bavarian daily Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Line crossed at annual city hall party

Every year 18-year-old citizens of Munich are invited to the city’s town hall for a party where normally politicians and administrators work.

This time refugees harassed young women on two occasions.

The city wants to take precautions against it so it won’t happen again.

The evening started well. Cool DJs, live bands, multiple dance floors, says Constanze (name changed by the editors). Constanze and her two girlfriends felt like they were at the right party at the right time. Despite the fact that the party took place at the city hall, at the invitation of Dieter Reiter, the current mayor of Munich, who invited all 18-year-old Munich citizens to the party.

But then it all started in the upper levels in a full disco room. Repeatedly the three girls were aggressively surrounded and “mob danced” [angetanzt]. They couldn’t turn away; a clear “NO” was useless. They looked around, and realized they weren’t the only ones. The three gave up and went downstairs, passing a room that was made into a cinema room.

Five young men were loitering in front of that room, and started to chat the girls up, saying that they should go with them into the empty room. The clearly spoken “No” again went nowhere, when suddenly one of the men grabbed Constanze, and another man grabbed her friend, in order to pull them violently into the empty cinema room. Three security men immediately realized what was happening, intervened, and threw the young men out of the building.

Situation resolved, a great mood in the basement, nothing too severe had happened, it could have been worse. Constanze knows that, too. And there was another guest who had a decidedly worse experience. An 18-year-old girl was attacked by an 18-year-old Syrian. He brutally groped her and very forcibly tried to tongue-kiss her. The young woman defended herself vigorously. The police arrested the 18-year-old Syrian. He was reported for sexual coercion and later was released again.

These are both incidents that could’ve happened in any club. And as for Constanze — who received help early on — something grave nonetheless had happened. Because on that night of October 29th, she didn’t leave any club or disco, she left the Munich City hall. The band and the DJ’s were entertaining 1,360 visitors in halls, offices and rooms in which normally politicians and employees concern themselves with the safety and lives of Munich’s citizens. So that they can live well, live peacefully, and live safely.

At first Constanze thought it was a great idea to invite all the 18-year-olds right here to city hall, that the idea was well-realized, especially because Mayor Reiter (SPD) had obviously invited a lot of refugees. On her Facebook profile, she “liked” the “Munich is Colorful” tolerance-alliance. The 18-year-old student is therefore even more distressed because the aggressive groping, chatting-up and advances were made by exactly those young men that she knew were from the refugee group. She thought long and hard about going public about this, because she didn’t want to feed into bias and prejudice against refugees. But she also didn’t just want to take it based on misunderstood political correctness and she didn’t want to normalize being hit on and harassed in Munich’s city hall. “Things on the dance floor really progressed abnormally intensely,” she says.

The host, Mayor Dieter Reiter, also doesn’t just want to accept and tolerate this behavior. “I feel zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. Thankfully the security men reacted fast and well, but in the future we will do everything in order to squelch such attacks and harassment before they even start.” In addition the city wants to establish a dynamic where “specially trained women can be deployed as contact persons during such parties, women who are trained to spot such critical situations, ideally at the moment they start,” says Reiter.

He has no patience for misunderstood tolerance. “The fact that young men with migration background were obviously involved cannot just be argued away. It has to be called out. There is a reason that ‘integration’ stands at the top of our agenda. We expect mutual respect and the following of rules.”

Beyond these two cases there were no other transgressions known, the city’s press office announced. A total of ten young migrant men were kicked out of the city hall. “Apart from a few incidents with inebriated 18-year-olds or older ones, stuff we can find everywhere, it was a peaceful and normal evening,” says Monika Primas, the boss of the security firm that was employed by the city for the party.

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  1. Three females were shot in finland. It was a ‘random’ act by a ‘suspect’ who aimed to heads and torsos. He is in castody but no details.
    Very random indeed

    • ” “There is no indication of a political motive. It seems the gunman and victims didn’t know each other,” Tielinen said. “All indications are that he chose his victims randomly.” The suspect arrived outside the restaurant in his car and shot the three women as they stepped out of the restaurant during a busy Christmas party evening. ”

      ‘Chose his victims randomly’? So any Christmas party would do?

      • I’m not sure that anyone knows the meaning of “random”.

        It is understood when asked to create an algorithm that generates a random number, repeatedly.

  2. Islam has always had an image problem, yet there are still many, especially females, who choose to go with their hearts and not their heads or gut feelings when it comes to the young men from Islam. The tables are slowly turning and those young Muslim men inhabiting Western lands had better start looking over their shoulders because retribution is coming!

  3. I still remember Munich from when it was “white” – a mere 15 years ago!

    Such a nice city, with conservative, traditional Bavarian folk, and situated right next to the Alps… a real shame what’s happening there.

    • Munich back then prided itself in their “zero tolerance policy” towards even petty crime.

      • Come to think of it, I haven’t been there for 20 years–how it must’ve changed since then.

    • I will be passing through that area in a couple weeks on the way to some Alpine skiing.

      I will try to observe as much as possible and report back.

      • Thanks. The only reports I’ve heard are on Polish newspaper forums, where Poles in Munich say that last year it “turned into a 3rd-world city overnight”… which is not much of an advertisement.

  4. The only good aspect to this very bad news is that Munich was the residence of Hitler until 1934. I hope he is writhing in hell at what has happened to his lovely Nazi city!

    • Doubt it. I’ve read a citation from Albert Speer’s diary about how Hitler wished that Germany would be Muslim… looks like now, that dream actually has a chance of coming true!

      • As a Catholic that is highly unlikely. I suspect you’ve misquoted your source. I know the moslems were regarded with some respect for their fanaticism, but there was no push to introduce islam into Europe during that time. Paganism was more important than islam to the ideologues of the day.

        • Hitler was not a “good Catholic.” He detested Christianity, even going so far as to call a “sick disease of the Jews” to more than one person – including Rommel. And, yes, he did at one point declare that he lamented that Islam hadn’t conquered Europe. He thought that if Islam had been wedded to the superior Aryan race, they would have already conquered the world.

          • Hitler would have been proven wrong.

            The Ummah’s anti-science, anti-innovation traditions would have prevented Germany from achieving any of the technological wonders she developed before and during WW2.

            That means no Bf-109s, no Me-262s, no Bismarck, no Panzers, no Panthers, no Tigers, no MG42s, no V-1s, no V-2s, no credible atomic bomb project, etc.

            Get the picture?

          • @raspailwasright – even if an Islamified Germany couldn’t have produced Me-262s and the like by itself, could Hitler not have got well-paid non-German dhimmis to design them for him – rather like the mercenaries bombarding and invading Constantinople on behalf of the Ottomans – or indeed the Western architects and engineers building all the modern wonders of Dubai?

        • Crossware is right.
          “The most important mosques are Mecca, Jerusalem, Istanbul and a mosque in Munich. Why Munich? What mosque? Since the Third Reich and the Cold War, the Islamic Center of Munich has been forged by Nazis, intelligence officers, stranded Muslims, Islamic fanatics, actors from all sides, as a bulwark against the Soviet Union.”
          Die vierte Moschee: Nazis, CIA und der islamische Fundamentalismus, Februar 2011, ISBN-10: 3608946225
          by Ian Johnson

          “Stefan Meining reveals how the first germ cell of political Islam in the West arose out of old gun brotherships between anti-Soviet Muslims and Nazis after the Second World War in Munich. To this day, the threads of Western Islamism are merging in a Munich mosque”
          Eine Moschee in Deutschland, 2011, ISBN-10: 3406614116
          by Stefan Meining

      • Nonsense! Why would Hitler want the Aryan race diluted?
        People do not bother to do any research and use the Hitler / Nazi card everywhere on every occasion.

  5. It could be ended, quick as a wink.
    First offense, deportation.
    End of shenanigans.
    Men whose believe women and children are all potential sex partners are dangerous savages and ought not be among civilized people.
    It is exactly like loosing lions among gazelles and saying you are determined the lions ought not chase their prey and devour them.
    You aren’t going to change the behavior of the lions, and you’re going to lose an awful lot of gazelles in your folly.
    When the lions reproduce to the point that the gazelles are outnumbered, it’s over.

    This should be common sense to anybody.
    How long will the people of Europe put up with this?

    • It’s not just their predilection for sexual adventures that marks the young Muslim male as dangerous, it is their complete lack of personal hygiene standards, apart from their morning ablutions as dictated by Islam, that is having an unseen affect on many within the West.

      • Sorry but the morning ablutions are also unhygienic since the Ummah feels it has no need to use soap.

    • They should be summarily executed instead of deported. And when the economy crashes and burns, they will be. Cheaper to the taxpayer and no chance of them sneaking back into Europe.

      • Executions without trial, for non-capital offences, in Munich? Hitler would have liked that.

    • Useful point: there is a reason why
      “Men who believe women and children are all potential sex partners”.

      It is what they are INSTRUCTED:
      “\Their women are yours to take, legitimately. Allah made them yours.”
      Sheikh Saad al Beraik

    • Please don’t enable others by being careless with the meaning of words. The woman who is sexually attacked by young Islamists in public is not a “partner”, but doubly a victim. She is the victim of the sexual intrusion and the young Islamist committed the assault because Islam uses sexual intrusion as a way of intimidating and subjugating the unbeliever to the idea that Islam is the successful invading culture and religion.

      Even if her attacker is deported, the Islamist mindset remains.

  6. “Repeatedly the three girls were aggressively surrounded and “mob danced” [angetanzt]. They couldn’t turn away; a clear “NO” was useless.”

    This is where a vise-grips-like hand clamp upon (or just a vigorous upward knee-thrust to) the testicles is required. A follow-through (and very liberal) facial application of pepper spray plus an energetic thumb-in-the-eye might tend to produce several other very-much-desired results. Personally speaking, were I to transgress upon a woman in such an ill-mannered way, I’d expect nothing less.

    No, “Please don’t do that!” No, “Don’t touch me there!” No, “Get away from me!”

    Just an energetic patella-scrotum collision accompanied by an agonizing capsicum-laced digital eyeball massage and nothing else. Should the attacker collapse to the ground, several well-placed kicks would not be out of the question either.

    Any questions?

    • Too soon to tell. If Beppe Grillo and 5Star get in, it seems likely, because they want to bring back the lire.

  7. “We expect mutual respect and the following of rules.”

    Remember, though, the kuffar are “filth”:
    “If you are a practicing muslim you are above the law of the land”,
    Mustafa Carroll, CAIR Dallas

  8. Look at the party support by gender. Molestation, murder, rape, robbery will not change the minds of these people.

    Why did Hofer lose in Austria? Look at the votes by gender. Why will the Sweden Democrats lose at the next election? Look at the votes by gender.

    • You’d think that women would care about not getting raped more than men would care about women not getting raped, but the facts on the ground indicate that the reverse may be the case.

      • There’s a reason why the gods of compassion are usually goddesses. Compassion with the desire to help and understand are extremely compelling.

        Just as Muslims take advantage of our liberal democracy, they take advantage of compassion and the desire to help others.

        Compassion plus ignorance is a dangerous mix.

      • I realize the evidence is more anecdotal than scientific, but your point does lend credence to the concept of, ‘war brides.”

    • Yes, good point. Ridiculously, it seems to point to European women having sexual fantasies about being raped by the savages.
      Difficult to come to any other conclusion.

      As some Swedish girls asked another, soon to be a bride; “you’re not going to marry a SWEDE are you?!”

      • That wasn’t my point, if you were referring to my point. When in the grip of deranged altruism, rape is not on their minds. They “know” that they can help and educate these poor people. They have no doubt that most of the migrants will turn into more exotic versions of Swedes.

        • I misspoke: They have no doubt that all or almost all of the migrants will turn into exotic versions of a Swede.

  9. A fact…”not an opinion” ; In the state of Arizona it is legally permissible to use DEADLY FORCE against anyone who physically abuses a child or rapes a woman. This simple , and very natural activity is born of the fact that human life is precious…and the lives of the helpless demand the intercession of able bodied citizens. Unfortunately…in Germany today ; parents are not even allowed to tutor their own children { kids have become the exclusive property of the state } and to even utter aloud an absolute truth about the fourteen hundred year scourge of humanity ” Islam ” can subject a person to legal consequences. In Slovakia…the government is finally recognizing that Islam is a wolf in sheeps clothing and refuses to recognize it as a legitimate religion. Wake up Germans….Send you Barren , soft voiced leader away. She has no offspring and therefore has no skin in the game.

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