The Looming Crisis in Europe

Georg Spöttle is a German-Hungarian security analyst with special expertise in Central European affairs. The following Hungarian-language interview was published recently in CrossWare, who translated the interview, includes this brief bio of Georg Spöttle (based on another interview): Soul of a commando 2002

Georg Spöttle was born of a German mother and a Hungarian father (he uses his mother’s name). He lived in both in Germany and Hungary. He joined the German army (Bundeswehr) at age 20, specializing in experimental weaponry. Following his personal interest in the Middle East, he learned Arabic and visited many countries in the region. Recruited by the German military intelligence service for his extensive knowledge (he also speaks four different languages), he spent ten years in service. After that he joined the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalalamt, equivalent of the NSA and MI5). He spent another ten years in the service, visited many Middle Eastern countries (Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, …) as an operations officer. Since he retired from active service and now living in Hungary he has worked as a security/anti-terrorist expert with very good connections to the office of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He also has extensive knowledge of the German military and great connections to the European intelligence community. (his blog [Hungarian])

The translated interview:

Europe on the brink of civil war

Published August 27, 2016

In France they have restored the National Guard. It looks like Germany is preparing for a near-war, or a natural disaster, storing fuels and emergency supplies, while the larger part of the population is visibly upset about the handling of the migration crisis. To learn about the reason of the panicky preparation in the two largest country in the EU, we asked the security-political expert Georg Spöttle.

As if they’re preparing for the attack of an invisible enemy in Western Europe. In France, after a long time they’ve reactivated the National Guard, increasing the number of reservists, strengthening the civilian defenses and increasing the number of armed people. Germany is even stranger: they are increasing their oil and gasoline reserves in more than hundred locations, checking firefighting materials and chemical defense materials as they would in a war. Now with a change in the law, the Bundeswehr (German army) can be used inside the country. What are they preparing for?

In Germany they try to prepare for attacks against critical infrastructure. A serious attack most likely would happen against these soft targets. Now even the police are sure that the Islamic State is preparing for an attack in Germany, so they prepare, and are not just being overly cautious there. Not long ago even the leader of the police union wrote a book in which he warns about the catastrophic results that could happen if immigration is not drastically limited, and no checks are implemented on those arriving in the country. He even discusses how the chaos could lead to civil disobedience. One thing for sure, as a result of unlimited and unchecked immigration, the Islamic State now has a beachhead in Europe. A good portion of the earlier terror actions are connected to the organization, even though the media presented this cases as isolated and mentally unstable people’s individual actions. In France they reacted fairly quickly to the erosion of the security situation. Even as President Hollande tried to prepare the population for more burials after Nice, they made some good decisions which may help the situation. The National Guard is a good idea, as the American example showed. After 9/11 they did a lot to avoid chaos and lynching. This type of organization is greatly needed in Germany too.

We don’t hear much in the media, but in Germany dissatisfaction has reached the level where many migrant centers have been burned down. How will this end?

Already there have been more than 700 occasions where migrant centers were burned down. The German media try to keep a lid on these events, and they keep quiet about how much the volume of crime has increased since the arrival of migrants. After the propaganda of “Wilkommenskultur”, now they hurrah over the ”Integration”. everything else has taken a back seat compared to this goal. They try anything to hide the facts: there are serious problems in Germany! I have an acquaintance there who was fired from his job because he wrote on Facebook about how migrants beat up his son and robbed him. His boss told him his services were no longer required because he “instigated” and “shared his Nazi opinions”. Another acquaintance, a Latvian lady living in Berlin, decided to move home to here parents for a couple of weeks because she had had enough of being molested every by migrants. The government cancelled a contract with a company because in the employees’ internal email conversations they made some offensive comments about the migrants. We could continue this ad nauseam because the interior ministry systematically hunts down those who post something negative about the migrants or question Merkel’s official migrant policies. For now this has successfully blocked the sharing of negative experiences, such as those of molested women, could not expect any help, and many man were even afraid to help when they witnessed an attack, fearing they will be charged with acting arbitrarily, so they would rather wait for a police response. Other countries are different. For example, in Russia a bunch of Afghanis ended up in hospital because the attacked persons were helped by passersby.

So emotions are running high — what is needed for an explosion? Is there a golden middle ground for Germans between the “Wilkommenskultur” and arson?

European citizens’ patience still holds More precisely: they are afraid to take steps, because they have sill a lot to lose — job, house, lifestyle — which keeps them in line for now. This might keep them back temporarily. Despite what has happened so far, there are still a lot of people who trust in the political leadership. They believe they can overcome these temporary problems and they still believe the integration of migrants is possible. If Merkel says so, it must be all right, no reason to panic. Of course, if the situation deteriorates even further, for example if they introduce new taxes to finance the migrants, public safety will get worse and terrorist acts by the Islamic state will continue, then the people’s dissatisfaction will find new outlets. Terror actions are very possible, the decrease in the standard of living is clearly shown in the raising of the retirement age from 65 to 67, and after 2019 it will be 70 years. There is widespread gossip about a “Solidarity Tax” to support the migration. In the meantime the people can see the freshly arrived migrants not working; they do not know the language, no skills, not even for unskilled labor. They are practically living on state welfare. Moreover, public safety is getting increasingly worse. Based on statistics, last year every 50th German had a conflict with the police, every 11th foreigner living in Germany committed a crime, from the freshly arrived migrants every second! For now, with the tight control of Facebook, the suppression of opinions and critical voices, they can block organizing by citizens, but as soon as there is a larger terrorist attack, they will no longer be able to mingle-mangle the event, make it look like it was lone attack, and it is clear that migrants were the perpetrators following the Islamic State, then suddenly people who want change will come forward. Radical groups will openly attack migrants with the connivance of the population, and even people’s self defense organization could arise as well. If that process starts, and the suppressed anger erupts, somebody sooner or later will pull the trigger. In that case it is very possible they will use all armed organizations to protect migrants from the population, as the average citizens’ anger will mostly point against them.

If the Bundeswehr is sent into action, will the solders open fire on their own countrymen? What if the migrants start to fight, at least the ones who are the soldiers of the Islamic State?

The Bundeswehr could be in serious trouble. The Minister of Defense, Ursula von der Leyen, suggested not long ago that they should integrate large numbers of migrants into the army, despite the fact that more than sixty percent (60%) of fighting soldiers are already Muslim, which means around 60,000 soldiers wearing the German military uniform are the children of migrant parents from Muslim countries, mostly from Turkey! It is a serious risk to add freshly arrived migrants to the army without proper checks. Even if they give them accelerated citizenship or, following the American example, after five year of service. They give them weapons training, teaching them military tactics, but these skills and knowledge can be turned against them. They can desert after training to join the Islamic State, as examples have shown in both Germany and France. It raises serious concerns about any Bundeswehr action in the future, both in Germany, perhaps after a riot started by migrants, or in a foreign location in the Middle East, where it is easy to question the loyalty of migrant soldiers. Just think about what could happen in a military action in Syria using soldiers of Syrian ancestry.

Is there any chance that in the near future any improvement can be expected? Where is the line that even Merkel can cross without punishment? After all, a civil war could sweep away the European elite too…

For improvement we would at least need a miracle, day by day the news comes about attacks being planned, captured terrorists and how radical Islam is gaining territory. As for using armies, however the legal requirements are provided, the politicians are still afraid because if soldiers and armored vehicles show up in public places and streets, it will demonstrate very visibly how public safety has eroded, and it would be a clear indication about the failure of their politics, so they will wait until the last minute. Presently in Germany they are trying to train the police to handle terrorist acts and defense. How the police forces of small cities and villages will be able to step up in special situations like that, and will it be enough, well, that is anybody’s guess. If there is a need for use of live weapons inside the borders of Europe, and somewhere the army were to open fire on its own citizens because of the escalation of tensions, that will end many political careers.

What will be the effect in the long term on the European Union? Will that bring the member states closer, or it will cause even more breaks between the Western and Central European states?

The internal problems will burst the Union further apart, instead of keeping it together. If the present direction does not change very soon, this will provide serious ammunition for Euro-skeptic parties, and other countries could follow the British example and leave the EU.

In the meantime, in the East, from us (Hungary), for other reasons but also if a civil war happens, even if it is not as much in our focus, we will be surrounded with chaos. What kind of effect this will have on our own safety?

Western events right now do not endanger us, because Hungary does not have large number of migrants, specially not in cities. The events in Ukraine do not have a significant effect on us. The largest danger could only come from the south. If Erdogan for some political reason decides to let out all the migrants accumulated in the camps there, they could arrive on our borders in such great numbers that, despite our fence and border defenses, it would be dangerous. Most likely a large number of Turks would come with those migrants, who as a result of the unsuccessful coup would apply for asylum in the EU, successfully claiming persecution for their political views.

Interview by Daniel Kovacs
Demokrata, 2016/34. issue, August 24.

78 thoughts on “The Looming Crisis in Europe

  1. When I translated this article I was stunned and frightened by the data from the expert stating how the majority of soldiers are Muslims in the German army (child of migrant parents from Muslim countries mostly Turkey). Knowing the retention rate of Islam in families and across generations (almost 100%) this is a frightening information. No wonder Viktor Orban and the V4 are concerned about a German military intervention and because of that, they try to tiptoe around Merkel. What do you think would happen if the German army sent for a “peacekeeping mission” to the southern border of Hungary? What would happen if violent events are escalated and the Hungarians try to use live ammo? Which side the “German” (Muslim) army would join the fight? I think the Germans majorly screwed by the way! When the people will take the streets in Germany, they will be facing a fully armed and trained Muslim army helping out their brothers executing their religious duty: Jihad.

    • I agree. This is the most scary news I heard for a long time. I had not known about this. I’m surprised it hasn’t been common counterjihad knowledge. This is a big deal. A huge deal. A game-changer…..

    • And that raises the question which I had previously wondered about. How much of the government is Muslim or how much of the policy making portion of government is Muslim?

    • Stunning and frightening indeed that a majority of the Bundeswehr is muslim. How is this possible? Just thinking of the implications is hair raising. I wonder what this percentage is in other countries.

      I did find this article from 2012

      According to this article, 15 percent of the French military and 3.5 percent of Austrian military is muslim. Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland all have issues with muslim soldiers. Now coupled with the 60 percent from Germany and perhaps the idea of a common European Army (as recently suggested by Hungary and Czechia) might need a bit of a rethink.

      • Oh, the EU desperately wants a common European Army.

        Just look at all the new recruits they’ve imported!

        Seriously though, based on my 3.5 years working with the Algerian military, the average soldier here is an empty uniform. Their muzzle discipline with their rifles is laughable.

        There are no professional NCOs here, a sergeant is simply a private that’s been in fatigues for 5 years.

    • Remember this headline: Italy police seize nearly 800 guns heading for Belgium

      The Police captured ONE Transport. If you now do the mathematics about how many transports in the drug business reach their destination versus those that do not and assume the same for weapons I am very very afraid.

      I just need to look at

      I still remember my oath I swore when I did my time in the german army so if they conscript me in a bad situation I hope I find the courage that Count Stauffenberg had.

      • 60%? Sounds like utter nonsense to me; probably more like 6%–and that’s 6% too much!

        • p.s. 60%, just imagine all those backsides in the air 5 times a day! And where? The German army would need mosques everywhere! No, it has to be nonsense.

          • According to latest data (from 2016) about 26 % of the “soldiers” (keep in mind, that not everyone is part of a fighting unit in the military) in the Bundeswehr have a migrant background.
            Officially they want to take more migrants in.

            I belive migrant background means that they have not been born in Germany.
            So there must be a lot more lets say ethnic Turcs, Kurds, Albanians, Bosnians or Arabs in the Bundeswehr, but they are counted as born Germans.

      • 60,000 looks like a huge and unbelievably amateurish overestimate for an ex-commando. According to Die Welt, around 1,000 Bundeswehr soldiers were Muslims and 200 Jewish in 2010 (Etwa 1000 Bundeswehrsoldaten sind Muslime, rund 200 Juden.) According to Stuttgarter Zeitung, “24% of soldiers in Landeskommando Baden-Württemberg are Muslim”. That is 2016. Both papers are mainstream. And Morgenpost, 2016: “There are more than 1,000 Muslim soldiers working in the Bundeswehr (arbeiten bei der Bundeswehr).” But incredibly, nobody seems to know the overall figure. There is an official pdf paper out there titled “Deutsche Staatsbürger muslimischen Glaubens in der Bundeswehr” (German citizens of Muslim faith in the Bundeswehr) and it in its 52 pages, which include directions on prayer posture and pages of other guff on accommodating Islam in a Teutonic army, there is not one mention of how many Muslim soldiers there are. (I may have missed it, so if anybody has time to wade through this rather startling document closely, and update us, it would appreciated.)

        • Obviously I only translated the article but I think it is believable the number he given for the percent and number of Muslims in the German army. Obviously there are no clear stats available on the Internet from a PC government which even suppresses Facebook entries So why I think his argument is valid? Circumstantial evidence…
          First here is an article and study about who is joining the US army:
          In the study they found that the Army concentrates on minorities and poor people because in a normal economy people with good skills and education can find civilian positions to work in and the tendency to join the army is more for the minorities (maybe to get citizenship, or lack of opportunities) and poor people (lack of education).
          In Germany the Turkish guest worker program started in the 70’s. We know from other studies that integration level was really low (less than 5% for full integration, mixed marriage etc). So most Turkish children had limited options for work… There can so much used car sales man or have a kebab business. Going to the army is a good option in this case. Obviously most of them are not devout Muslims because they were living in a secular society and the Turks immigrated in the 70’s and 80’s came from a more secular Turkey so they were not so radical in their beliefs. So let’s see about the numbers of 60,000 vs 1500 as some articles mentioned the number of Muslims in the army. I think the 1500 could be the devout Muslims who demanding five time prayer time and mosque in the base etc… this kind of stuff. Most other descendant of Muslim parents are probably behaving in a normal secular manner. This probably worked well in the past but we are opening a new chapter in Europe. I really question even for a secular person, a son of some Turkish parents would fire on some Turkish or Arabic immigrant or a blue eyed blond native? Which one is more likely to happen in a live situation? I am not sure but they say “Blood is thicker than water” and I think this case the same ancestry will prevail rather than a citizenship oath (we know Muslims despise man made laws).

          • Crossware, first let me thank you and all the other translators for the work you do here, which makes GoV an almost unique source of really good information that readily available almost nowhere else in English.
            I also googled around with the 60,000 Muslims number on German sites. There is nothing. If the figure were true, it would be a huge issue on the bad-thinking German sites and there would be dozens of articles. But nix. I am pretty sure it’s a mistake.

    • It’s old hat really. They are now going for the Yugoslavia model. Christians and Muslims in the same barracks with Muslims going off on a regular basic. The EU retardation got them suckered in. Even more retarded now. It’s not difficult to imagine Turkey invading. It’s not difficult to imagine anything really as long it’s a truly stupid scenario. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

      • ” It’s not difficult to imagine anything really as long it’s a truly stupid scenario.”

        is one of the most insightful one-liners I’ve seen in quite a while, funny as it may sound.

    • I’m sure the 60% is a misplaced decimal point. However, I would even doubt that 6% is close to being the right proportion.

  2. I’ve heard of numerous cases where German citizens who used physical force to stop attacks from migrants were themselved charged with criminal acts. Just yesterday a 25 year old migrant was allowed to file assault charges against two women (!) who repeatedly punched him when they caught him kissing and fondling their six, eight, and twelve year old children at a public swimming pool.

    Germans are molested, robbed, and beaten by migrants every day. There are also hundreds of cases every month of fraud, short-changing, and trick burglaries directed against the helpless elderly.

    Even in clear-cut events of assault and robbery, the police often return the offenders to the streets immediately. If the police arrested and charged every migrant criminal they caught, the jails would be full and the entire justice system would collapse in a few months. It is already severely burdened processing the limited number of cases that it does now.

    A handful of people at the top have decided to force this invasion on the German people. They are fully aware of the havoc they have caused, but they don’t care. They have decided that the German people will simply have to accept this nightmare and keep their mouths shut. Merkel has even recently stated that ending the migrant invasion would mean, quote, “the destruction of Europe.” She is clearly unstable.

    I imagine that only a fraction of migrant crimes are reported and recorded, so the real problem is much worse than it looks.

    The situation in Germany will get much worse before it gets better.

    • Germans will have to return to the samazdat. Just because the internet is patrolled doesn’t mean they can’t communicate. Every home has a printer so it’s now very easy to print off a hard copy newsletter. It could be distributed discretely by hand to trusted friends or even left in public places at night. In other words, Germans will have to return to pre-internet age tactics.

    • They have to be living in fear of their own government and the immigrants. Maybe the population should take a look at how los Zetas deal with their government. You can deal with a few or deal with millions. Somebody may want to make a list of those who have done this so like after ww2 the Nazis don’t get to go on like nothing happened – In case there is a civil war. The immigrants are what they are. Somebody brought them there. If I have crossed the line here please moderate away.

    • stubb-

      Your first example illustrates how the Ummah are at the very top of the Soros/NWO/liberal protected class totem pole.

      No doubt there will be some young, brainwashed prosecutor who will throw the book at the mothers who were defending their children.

    • Stubb: it won’t get better only worse when Germany, France and other EU countries are declared Islamic enabled by their EU leaders. A German lady (now a citizen married to a military man) told me she was concerned about relatives and friends in Hanau and would agree with this article.
      The apathy and not caring what happens is ongoing When the Jihad is ordered, many will be killed and women, girls taken into slavery as history shows when Muslims take over a city or country. I doubt if anyone will fight back or form any patriot resistance (things have gone too far), and now being conquered, will let things slide down hill and go along with whoever takes over and rules. It appears now that Muslims rule by proxy.

    • What is insane is to cower to take it on the chin.The pain has to be brought to the enablers.

      • I foresee that America could have big problems too. We must elect Trump in November although I know a few people who are Hilary Clinton supporters including one woman who is against abortion! Talk about insanity! It is clear that Trump sees there is a problem (I don’t believe for one minute that “we need to figure this out” – he knows what the problem is but this is his way of being polite.) At the DNC convention it was like the 1990s all over again – not a word about the threat of Islam.

    • I was in the US Army there in the 60’s and was amazed at the sheer ignorance of their gymnasium and university students. I married a German woman and went back every summer for 10 years after that. By 1980 I had had enough. This has been brewing for a very long time.

      It was easy to see they would get rolled, but I thought it was going to be Communism/Socialism that did it. Islam was only just starting to get a foothold with the Gastarbeiter (guest worker program – mostly Turks).

      Of course those two ideologies are now in alliance so maybe I was 50%right.

      • John Galt: Hubby was over there (near Hanau) and another time near Stuttgart in the 60’s. Turks were coming in then, like you mentioned. Many think this full speed invasion agenda is planned genocide when order is given, then a Muslim state declared for globalists control. Communism/socialism/Muslim rule blend together for globalist agendas. The U.S. just took in ten thousand Syrians ( Most Americans are apathetic types from my experience over time, minds mostly on the trivia/social life of the day. I can see it happening in the U.S. over time.

    • Should Angela Merkel find herself cowering in a bunker in the near future (with or without the requisite Alsatian) she knows what the decent thing is to do!

      • Angela Merkel will throw the burqua over her body, say the shahada (or however the conversion to muslim takes place) and hopes that the invaders will allow her to continue as ruler of the infidels.

        That is how far her loyalty towards Germany goes (according to my observations)

  3. Whole situation incredibly inflammable. One match duly tossed into the tinder…..The “Elite” are guilty as the Nazis they seek to denigrate when in fact they are worse by pretending to “kill us through kindness”. Frankly I don’t see much hope. Europe is ruined by these (***** *****!!!). They are criminals and gangsters.

    • Hitler won WWII. Same methods, same goals. Muslims and Germany police are the new SS… trading Gestapo for another.

      Speech is on life support
      Jews to be exterminated once numbers allow
      Gays to be exterminated once numbers allow
      Christians cower before Secret Police who threaten their livelihood and freedom should they speak up.

      So who won WWII? Hitler… 71 years later.

  4. Whoa!

    Do you think that Germans have been governing Germany? It is an occupied country that is not even permitted to hold referendums.

  5. Is the 60,000 figure correct? I found this article from 2011 stating that there were only 1,200 Muslims in the Bundeswehr at that time.

    And they’ve recruited 58,800 in 5 years? There are very major problems in Germany but I’m not sure that this is one of them. There are only 480 Muslims in the British Army for example, out of a total Army of 88,000. More Muslims living in Britain have gone to fight for ISIS than for Queen & Country.

    The 60,000 figure is actually larger than the entire Deutsches Heer (Army), which has 59,000 personnel. The total for the Bundeswehr (Heer, Luftwaffe, Marine & two support services) is 178,000 active duty and 40,000 reservists. I think there has been a mistranslation somewhere.

    • Note the 60k number based on “child of migrant parents from mostly Muslim countries”. They small number could be government doctoring the stats or a small number of really devout Muslim demanding while the other are keep quiet (either practicing taqiyya or really secular – which is unlikely).
      I would assume most of this Muslims are in the infantry… Not many pilots engineers or other positions require high tech skills.

  6. This is eerily reminiscent of the head of French Intelligence telling the parliamentary committee that France was on the brink of civil war and all it would take would be another major atrocity or sexual outrage. Shortly after the truck attack in Nice occurred and it was straight back to candles and teddy bears.

    It seems to me that we are headed for civil war or subjugation with little hope for an orderly de-Islamisation in Europe but I wouldn’t bet against submission given our craven acceptance of the unacceptable so far. The most shocking thing here is the information that 60% of the German fighting force are Muslim anyway so even if there were a civil war indigenous Germans might well actually lose.

    And then there is the spectre of possible actions from abroad. Turkey, possibly Russia, and even unhelpful intervention from the US if Clinton is president.

    • These numbers will have to be checked. My money right now is that it is a mistake that 60% of the Bundeswehr is Muslim.

      I suspect that it is a mistake because it is such huge news that we would surely have heard of it already.

      • I do not think this would make big news. It is big news now for you NOW because of the migration and invasion of Europe, but a couple of years ago nobody would have cared. Let’s not forget we talking about the most PC state in Europe where the economy sucks all skilled worker into the civilian industry and there is a baby boom of children from Muslim parents. (Low IQ, with lack of education) The guest worker program is on since the 70’s and Germany do not need millions of kebab dealers. Just like minorities and poor people tend to join the US army for education, good pay and benefits, I can see a large amount of Muslims (most could be secular) joined the Germany army. The question is how many retained their Muslim heritage or what they will do if street fighting starts between their brethren (migrants) and the blond, blue eyed locals. Which side they will join?

        • Your analysis does not give credit to the fact that the counterjihad writers have been way ahead of the mainstream for years also. I certainly would have been concerned about this ‘a couple of years ago’ and so would many others. I would be surprised if such a thing escaped their attention if it were true. I still doubt that if it were true that *I* would not have heard it.

  7. I want to communicate an insanity I heard on BBC World Service at 1.00 am. On Monday 6,000 – yes, 6,000 – migrants were rescued off the coast of Libya (yes, not Europe, Libya) and transported across the Med to Italy, presumably by an EU navy.

    They were all from Somalia and Eritrea.

    I screamed at my radio.

    • Yet additional evidence that the Treason Class policy is to take every action to import Muslims and Africans. Like a diode in electronic circuits, current can only flow in one direction.

      Humiliation to be visited on the Italian Navy is an added bonus. The Mediterranean Uber service.

      How is Soros not giving aid and comfort to the enemies of every European nation?

      My hat is off to the propaganda geniuses who sold all of the West on the idea that inviting in your enemies – multiculturalism – is the most important political goal of all.

    • WHY? Who is behind all this? Could it be Saudi Money bailing out Bundesbank and Deutschbank?

      this is no less than a murder suicide pact between Brussels and Islam.

      And Hitler has won WWII… 71 years later. New Gestapo, same methods and goals.

      speech? gone
      Jews.. to be exterminated
      Gays.. to be exterminated
      Christians silenced with threat to life and livelihood.

      The New Fuhrer wants an Islamic majority to kill the same victims.

      But Jews and Gays are still voting LEFT and open borders? This is nothing short of a murder suicide pact.

    • Yes – by NGO organisation vessels which promptly dump this human flotsam on either Italy or Greece’s doorsteps.

      How about governments stating to these NGO bleeding heart liberals “well done but you do not have permission to land here, try elsewhere, you fished them out THEY ARE NOW YOUR responsibility!”

      Please also spare me from horse faced women on the BBC
      (British caliphate News) informing the world, in hushed and reverential tones, how desperate these so called refugees are!

      STOP rescuing them and the flow will cease, cruel in the short term perhaps, but many MORE lives will be spared from drowning in the long run.

  8. The Soviets had the right idea keeping Germany divided. United, the German state is nothing but trouble for the rest of Europe, terminally so.

    • The spineless, clueless German citizens cannot be trusted to defend and keep the freedoms entrusted to them. They have too authoritarian a mindset to stand up to statist demagogues, and before long they find themselves as the servants of tyrants . . . assembling a powder keg in the heart of Europe. Shame on them! (My German ancestors all left there in the first half of the 19th century – probably because they had too much rebellion in their blood to remain German.)

      • Explain how Rotherham was caused by the Germans.
        How could Tony Blair do for a decade uncontested what Merkel will definitely cost her office after less than one year?

        You guys have some serious anti-German grudges.

    • Do not forget the expert based on his number (or got this number) as the child of a migrant parent from Muslim country. The 1500 number could be doctored by the German government or just means only a small number willing to tell that they are devout Muslims. The rest could be lying (taqiyya) or really secular (unlikely). But even if one assume that despite having Muslim parents most of this people are secular, still questionable which side they will join the blonde blue eyed natives or the people look like them?

  9. It certainly makes for very disturbing reading. The description of a fascist in the dictionary is autocratic, dictatorial, totalitarian, authoritarian, absolute, anti-democratic, the exact traits that Merkel is exhibiting. Even more disturbing is that Angela Merkel was caught on an open mic asking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg if he would help suppress “anti-immigration” postings to which he replied that “he was already working on it “.
    It has become more than apparent that no matter what Country the migrants go to or are born in, their allegiance is always with Islam. So yes, we should be very concerned.

  10. Gross.. the political/elite class is willing to go to war to protect the immivaders instead of deporting them. They are no different than the Nazis or ISIS

  11. I find it almost impossible to believe that “more than 60 per cent of fighting soldiers are already muslim”.

    If this would really be true, then that’s CATASTROPHIC.

    • Matt Bracken – when reading articles like this one I am often reminded of your excellent “Tet, Take Two”. In this case it came to mind right at the start with Spottel’s, “In Germany they try to prepare for attacks against critical infrastructure.”

      I do not look forward to nor condone what I write next. I cannot foresee any other future except one of massive civil violence and blood shed. Definitely for Europe, and not as far behind as we might like to think, also for us here in the United States. This, even if the democratic party’s nominee is defeated in the coming election.

      I am not a sailor. Do you have room on your boat?

  12. German leaders should face capital punishment for their attempted genocide. Justice must be seen to be done. Or we will have war….

    • They have traded on Gestapo for another.. same goals.

      Same suppression of dissent and speech. Same Nazi tactics.

      And the same exterminations of the SAME VICTIMS – once the numbers will allow it.

      Germany is a strange brew. I thought they had repented their sins.. instead they just changed armies. New SS will be [Muslims] pulling Jews and Gays from their homes. Burning them in the streets.

  13. I cannot believe the part about 60% migrant origin in the military, especially given the low rate of Muslim participation in other Crusader militaries. Can you offer me a link?

  14. Imagine every TV station (television that is) across western Europe blanking out at say 6:pm (evening pc propaganda broads casting) to make one last message, “Muslims – the games up….und man did you beg for it.” It will probably be anyway without any warning at all.

  15. more than sixty percent (60%) of fighting soldiers are already Muslim

    The Bundeswehr says that approximately 1,600 of its soldiers are Muslim: rund 1600 haben muslimische Wurzeln.

    • I think they saying this is the soldiers who make noise about being Muslim: demanding 5 time prayer time and mosque in the military base. The number in the article was based on “children of migrant parents from mostly Muslim countries”. If they are secular and not devout Muslim they could be still there. There is no official stats about parental lineage related to religion. But we know that Muslims tend to remain faithful to their beliefs over multiple generations.

      • And later generations, even if they were raised in a secular household, tend to rediscover their Islamic roots, attend the mosque, read the Koran, and become “radicalized”.

        The only way parents could prevent this would be to renounce their religion and become apostates, and then move far away from any mosques or Muslim enclaves. And preferably also convert to Christianity, so that their children grow up within the norms of a non-Satanic religion. A child of former Muslims who became atheists may be more vulnerable to a return to his ancestral faith than one who is raised in an actual Christian household.

  16. The 60 % figure is definitely rubbish and casts some big doubts on the expertise of this “expert” – unless it was some error in translation.
    Still, I wonder how many here will take it at face value and run with it to make a point about these “pathologically crazy Germans” again.

    • I think the number is not impossible. I replied to many others and my points there in the comments. I think it is a moot point, I have the feeling we will find out very soon how the German army is behaving once the “s..t hits the fan in September??”

    • 60% of “fighting soldiers” i.e. infantry, etc. versus support units. In the US Army isn’t that about 10% of the total number of soldiers? So 60% of 10% in the German army who are actual combat units might be a more likely number.

  17. If, as he says, 60% of the German Army is already muslim (‘mostly from Turkey’) then the native Germany citizens’ main concerns shouldn’t be some of them running off to join ISIS in Syria, nor the hypothetical “end of many political careers” – but survival!

  18. Forget the proximate cause of tyranny over ethnic Europeans: that cause being the multitude of invited warriors to Europe — jihadi warriors — whose presence merely demonstrates the lengths to which George Soros and company will go to destroy the West.
    Pain and suffering aplenty he and his henchmen will order up to achieve their sick aims.
    And the conflagration they’re igniting?
    No matter.
    They will burn up and be cast into the pit of hell for their efforts.
    We may burn up, too. But be resurrected to life everlasting —
    The world’s people are so blinded to the lies of Satan; wake up or be cast into the eternal fire along with Soros.
    This is no venue for a theological debate, much less a treatise.
    But the warning — as was once the norm in Pershing Square — must never be silenced for the sake of political correctness and the hollow, deceptive, world views which govern our public discourse – in these abysmally sad days when truth is treated as bigotry.

  19. The figure is absolutely laugable. But as predicted people here used it as a launch pad for all sorts of anti-German ranting.

    Counterjihad doesn’t care about actual Europeans.

  20. I contacted Georg Spöttle via Facebook and politely asked him about his source for the 60% number. (I hope he responds). In the meantime I found some interesting (however long) study about the Islam in different EU armies (including German). Here:
    I also caught a fresh video where Georg gives an interview to Hungarian state television and he repeated the 60% there too! (Translation under way).

    • CrossWare – the “fresh video” is now (2 Sep) on the VT blog with sub titles. At the 1:10 mark Spottle says – “But what is very worrisome (is) that a couple of investigative journalists brought up the fact that 60% of the fighting units are not native German and have migrant roots.” That’s the only time he specifically mentions the 60% figure.

      You have to listen to the whole interview. After doing so I remain uncertain as to the exact meaning of the 60% figure. I’m trying not to jump to an incorrect conclusion. Translations can be imperfect in the “whole”.

      Either way, Germany and nations like it (Sweden and France come to mind) are headed for civil strife, in my opinion and to put it gently.

  21. ” After 9/11 they did a lot to avoid chaos and lynching.”

    Lynching? When it comes to the United States, that man is living in a leftist fantasy view of the U.S.A.

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