4 thoughts on “Pat Condell on Brexit: “They’ve Sold Out Our Sovereignty — This is a Long-Con Political Coup”

  1. Much is made in the British media of the allegation that there is no exit plan. Richard North of the EUreferendum.com blog made it his most important work for several years, and subjected it to much stringent peer review.

    The long version can be found at:

    A summary version is at:

    To order a print copy go to:

    and to see a video presentation have a look at:
    which is otherwise shortened to:

    The homework has been done. It is just the media and the Europhile luvvies who try to hide it.

  2. The UK will do just fine not belonging to the EU. In fact it will be the start of a trend.

  3. If Britain does not leave the EU the country is dead meat. To be picked over by the vultures and jackals of the open borders policies masquerading as the EU and the UN and the NAU (North American Union). And I’m sure the Saudis will have a munch
    as well! Let them be warned. Patrick Condell has got it right – as per usual.

  4. Granted that I haven’t seen many of Mr. Condell’s messages over the years, but I’ve never heard him so angry, or so close to breaking down in tears. I’ve had profound, exasperating disagreement with him from time to time, but as the past several years have shown the changes in European society progressing and having observed intermittently his reactions to them, this is probably the most terrifying video I’ve ever seen on the subject.

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