Culture-Enriching Litigation in the Practice of German Medicine

A woman refuses to shake hands with her (male) doctor. The doctor responds by refusing to treat her. The woman’s husband then sues the doctor for damages.

Such is the practice of medicine in Modern Multicultural Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this op-ed from Die Welt:

The doctor who didn’t want to treat the Muslima

A physician is standing in front of a judge because he refused to treat a Muslima after she refused to shake his hand. It’s incredible the kinds of cases judges nowadays have to deal with.

This could have happened anywhere in Germany. But this particular case comes out of a medical practice in Bergisch Gladbach, a small city near Cologne. There, a few months ago, a Muslim couple entered the practice of a doctor that the woman chose to treat her. Everything went normally: first the initial registration at the reception desk, then the waiting in the designated area, and then admittance into the treatment room.

It’s there that the doctor extended his hand to the future patient, to greet her. She rebuffed his gesture. After the doctor’s inquiry, she maintained that this was an Islamic requirement. Her husband now interjected himself (why was he in the room in the first place?), and a debate ensued.

During this debate the doctor indicated that the Quran does not forbid such a handshake. In the end, the exasperated physician refused to administer treatment, since for him the basis for mutual trust had been permanently damaged.

To be treated only in case of emergency

The husband, on the other hand, lawyered up. And the lawyer now asserts to the court that the refused treatment is in violation of the principle of equality, and must therefore be punished with a €2,000 fine. The judge did not agree, but could not move the husband of the patient to withdraw his lawsuit. Therefore the process will continue on July 8th.

One can only hope that the judge will persist with her clear position in favor of the physician, since the establishment of mutual trust between patient and treating physician in our hemisphere forms the foundation of a successful treatment. And apart from that, any doctor in Germany is free to refuse treatment in a where the basis of mutual trust is absent — except when there is an emergency. Which is not the case here.

It is unreasonable to demand of a German physician that he deal with such cases in his own practice. It is an even bigger imposition for a German lawyer accedes to such a request and is willing to hang this procedure around a doctor’s neck.

How many real court cases are being blocked due to such idiocy? Our judiciary has better things to do. And who will pay for the legal costs in the end?

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  1. Well, around here in Kansas, I’ve never been invited to shake hands with my doctor, but I would if he stuck out his hand. It’s not our custom here but in Germany it probably is.

    Why was he in the room? Because he is a Muslim husband and has to have total control of his wife’s healthcare, as well as everything else. I’m starting to wonder if the Muslim wife even gets to go to the bathroom by herself. I hope so.

    When Angela Merkel reaches the gates of Heaven, she will have a lot to answer for, of that I am convinced.

    I hope the doctor wins his case. One of the things I have noticed throughout this invasion (sp?) is that it doesn’t take the muslims long to find the nearest welfare line and then it doesn’t take them long to use the host countrry’s laws against the host country to their benefit. Let’s see. There is a name for that. . . thinking. . . bloodsuckers? Looters? Crooks and thieves? Rapists? This is the Gates of Vienna (original one) all over again, except that Jan Sobieski and the population just weren’t there to defend themselves. They will be very sorry. I do worry about Europa’s future if this keeps up, but the news is so depressing these days and one knows there is nothing to be done.

    Other than to keep our powder dry! They may have walked all over western Europe but eastern Europe will be a harder nut to crack and America (once the election is over) will even harder (or so I hope).

    • I would say most jihad carried out is done via litigation. Litigation jihad has been very effective in England since the early 1960s when the first Race Relations Act was introduced. This is why we have Muslim mayors, muslim doctors and so on. It is going to to take a mass action to reverse it.

    • “When Angela Merkel reaches the gates of Heaven, she will have a lot to answer for, of that I am convinced.”

      It’ll be the elevator downstairs for her.

      (Do you think she’ll be one of the 72 virgins awarded to some jihadist down there? Imagine having to have sex with that for eternity. Hell for both parties.)

    • Always, there are lawyers who will take the case (side) of the moslems. Always.

      There’s a lot of truth in the old adage that lawyers would sell their own mothers for $100.

      BTW, several doctors in Norway have been murdered by moslem husbands–they want the treatment, but will kill the doctor if he ‘sees’ their wives! A no win situation–for the doctors, anyway.

    • He might have been checking that she was ok with a basic requirement many treatments have: being touched by the Dr. Crazy to expect a Dr. to treat her without that!

    • Two thoughts.
      First I shake hands with my doctor every time I visit him. He’s been my doctor for about twenty years.

      Second, Angel Merkel will never reach the gates of Heaven.

  2. Given that handshaking is about the most unhygienic greeting known to man, why do German doctors even do it?

    • Ever wondered about your toilet habits? I find it (now) extremely dirty, filthy and disgusting to wipe my rear with paper… 😉

      • Yeah I know you all find it disgusting to wipe your backsides with paper, that;s why you use your naked left hand

      • Western civilisation invented a thing called soap as opposed to wiping your [nether parts] with your left hand and wiping it on the wall.

    • In Algeria, I believe the lack of hygiene is exactly why they love shaking hands so much to start and end the day. They revel in filth.

    • It’s more hygienic than a deep kiss, and I don’t like my doctor that way.

      A doctor generally washes his hands between each patient encounter, at least mine does.

    • I never became ill from shaking hands with a doctor (or anyone else). On the opposite. With two exceptions, one being a cat bite, and the other a sinusitis, just shaking my doctor’s hand, sitting down at his desk and telling him what was wrong, cured me instantly, without any medication or stitches needed at all.

  3. This is the start of litigation jihad in Germany. We’ve had it for decades. Litigation jihad has already resulted in the indigenous being forced from jobs, the professions and so on. Its clever and done a lot of damage here already in England. No doubt this was planned.

    Time for Indigenous Peoples Acts to stop this and invoke the UN Declaration of Rights For Indigenous Peoples.

  4. No shame, a total sense of self entitlement instead, with most probably never having paid a euro into the welfare system in the first place.
    If you insist on following customs more suited to the dark ages perhaps you would be happier consulting a witch doctor or shaman instead, preferably female of course.

  5. One can only hope that the judge will persist with her clear position in favor of the physician, since the establishment of mutual trust between patient and treating physician in our hemisphere forms the foundation of a successful treatment.

    At the point the female rejected the physician’s touch, the trust was broken by her. How can a doctor examine her without physical contact such as palpation of vital areas, checking blood pressure, injection for drawing blood, etc. for diagnosis? She already refused him the process of making a professional judgement.

    • And as for the annual breast check and papilloma check every woman needs to have…

      • Wait. They’re changing that. Turns out the exams are potentially harmful unless it’s thermography. Medical clinics and radiologists have way too much money invested in the machinery to let you go easily, though.

        As someone who has had breast cancer, I don’t recommend mammograms at all. Thermography doesn’t hurt and it’s more accurate. Harder to find, though.

  6. Some of the most routine medical examinations require a doctor to touch a patient.

    The patient’s refusal to shake hands quite rightly set the doctor’s inner alarm bells ringing: this patient was going to be nothing more than a minefield of ongoing risks and problems.

    If you refuse to be touched by a male doctor then why choose a male doctor?

    The authorities need to come down on this behaviour like a ton of bricks before it really gets out of hand. (No pun intended.)

    • Get with the Cultural Jihad. Why do a Lesbian couple walk past a dozen photography shops to demand that a faithful Christian record their weird rites, and then run to court to sue him out of business when he demurs? They don’t care about getting their pictures taken; they want the law to force other people to work for them involuntarily. Mohammedans, I believe, still refer to this, correctly, as slavery, and they think it’s just great.

      • The LBGT are part of the cultural and litigation jihad movement whether they know it or not.

        • Why is the liberal establishment so beholden and supportive of such a backward and primitive society? If the Mohammedan’s do get their wish and manage to finish their conquest of the west, the liberal elite, thinkers and LGBT’s will be one of the first to be sacrificed on the throne of multiculturalism…

  7. “During this debate the doctor indicated that the Quran does not forbid such a handshake. ”

    That’s the funniest part of this Kafkaesque incident: yet another Westerner who thinks he knows what Islam is (and invariably such Westerners think Islam is somehow better, or nicer, than it really is). Apparently the doctor [gratuitous insult redacted] thinks Islam is summed up by the Koran; when actually, the Koran is only one part of Islam — the hadiths, the tafsirs, and the jungle of jurisprudence that has evolved to form the Sunna are also crucial.

    • The koran has a solution for that. What an infidel thinks about the koran doesn’t matter. Because he himself is less than dust under the feet of a camel.

      Observable fact, contradicting the koran. Who is right?
      a) a Westerner spots it, and cites the verse it conflicts with
      b) a muslim disagrees. He cites a (wrong) verse to proof it.

      The muslim, of course.

    • Yes, very true. The unlucky doctor got it wrong. Male-Female handshake is disallowed if carried out outside water as Mohammed himself shook hands with females in a tub full of water. Presumably a clinical examination should also be carried out inside a pool, but who knows what the Islamic Acrobats will pull out this jungle of ridiculous jurisprudence on every occasion.

      I am afraid that legislative assembly will force medical centres into buying tubs for such occasions if they know the “correct” way of hand shaking. Better not submit to that kind of rubbish, better not play their game at any cost.

  8. Smells like a set up to trumpet muslim “rights”. If she was not willing to touch the doctor’s hand, why was she registering as his patient? Would it not mean at some point he would need to touch her in an examination? Presumably there are female doctors available. Seems like the way they rushed off to legal action, that this was the plan all along.

  9. As an RN I have to chime in. Like it or not as a healthcare professional you need to be aware of and sensitive to different cultural mores and values. I have worked in large academic medical centers here in the U.S.for over 20 years that attract people from all around the world because of the expert medical treatment.
    While it is nice to look down our noses and we know that judeo christian culture/western civilization is a superior (or was) culture, you do need to respect others. I have cared for muslims including Saudi Royals. You don’t shake hands with men as a woman, ever. And vice versa. This is cultural sensitivity and respect and quite frankly building trust with your client. You are not going to make demands that people adopt your customs or values. It betrays basic respect and building of trust with the patient.
    I fully get that the lawsuit is being propelled by behind the scenes operators (CAIR type organization most likely) but in my estimation the MD acted like an a s s and made a big deal over nothing. Germans are known for their arrogance and this is a good example.

    • ME customs as applied to westciv culture. Arrogance indeed. Muslim arrogance. There is no culture currently which asserts and imposes its customs upon dissimilar cultures, notably infidel cultures, more than those cultures operating under sharia law. These kinds of behavior are frontal attacks on multiplicity of core services where the values of the host country are denigrated and minimized surely as a result, directly or indirectly, of Islamic political jihad. We are giving too much leeway to people who wish to subdue us into second class citizenship. If we act like dhimmi at the margin now,can you not see full fledged dhimmitude as a cultural norm once the practice of sharia law incrementally subsumes us. We have to stand and fight bearing in mind the consequences if we think appeasement is the way to avoid cultural bullying. Living with the threat of terrorism and its reality is part of the price we pay for our liberty as men and women of conscience. It is uncomfortable to think this through, isn’t it.

      Going forward, I hope to be able to have a greater grasp of the details of the Islamic Movement. My hope is my countrymen will see and rise to the challenge of knowing our enemy for without knowing him we cannot defeat him.

    • Hey, they came here, they should follow our customs. Nobody is forcing them to come here.

      A friend whose husband is being treated for cancer at New York City’s preeminent cancer hospital says the hospital has several floors set aside for Arabs—men-only and women-only, with sex-segregated staffing. Whereas the hospital used to be open to all, now it’s quite exclusive and hard for natives to get into.

      • That has been going on for some time, I have worked on VIP unit in a well known hospital that caters to the rich, including Arabs. Money talks!

    • So only the values of others matter?
      They came to YOUR country for treatment, and you’re saying Americans must bow to their values, but they needn’t give a damn for yours!

      And I’m sure you know very well moslems will happily take advantage of this absurd situation–and boy, do they!
      In effect, this is exactly the same as the situation faced by western forces, who must fight according to the Geneva Convention (i.e. with hands tied behind their backs) while moslem forces are not bound by any rules.
      e.g. one of the latest means of Islamic executions–throwing men into a tank of acid; just imagine if ANY westerners resorted to such an atrocity–the entire world have hysterics!
      But we have become inured to such unbelievable atrocity by moslems.

    • That’s rich! I too work in a major medical facility in the Midwest that did exactly the same as you are describing. What I have seen is that same organization bend over backwards to accommodate patients from the M.E. because they pay top dollar. What we have now is an entire downtown owned lock stock and barrel by the Saudis, a Saudi funded mosque downtown, thousands of Somali’s on welfare eating up local social services, and now the importation of “refugees” from Syria (god knows how many and to what effect). When I go for a walk on my local path, half of the people I see are Syrians. To quote Alexander Pope (Essay of Man):

      “Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,
      As to be hated needs but to be seen;
      Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
      We first endure, then pity, then embrace. ”

      Keep accommodating, and you will end up embracing islam.

    • “Sensitivity and respect” must be reciprocal. The Germans are arrogant? Nonsense. There is plenty of arrogance in this situation, and it is not coming from the Germans.

      • Germans are well known for this trait lol!! But I am not out defending the muslims. I get the big picture. I am a nurse who has experienced dealing with these foreign cultures.

    • I think we would need a German reader to comment on the effect on trust that a refusal to shake hands would create.
      But note it was not the doctor who pursued legal remedy, but the patient, so equally arrogance of muslim residents of non-muslim countries is at play here.

    • If Saudi royals want American medical treatment they should accept American customs . Otherwise let them stay in KSA and settle for whatever medical treatment their infinite resources can aquire for them there. Similarly when Muslims emigrate to European countries they get to benefit from health systems far superior to those in the countries they have come from. Well part of the price for that is being ready to integrate. If you are going to let a doctor touch you in order to examine you then frankly it is ridiculous to refuse to shake hands. Integration means to some extent being prepared to put reason above blind obedience to the cultural norms of where you have come from. I never shook hands with my doctor when living in the UK. I would not dream of not shaking hands with my doctor now that I live in France. When in Rome……

      • I don’t think I really want to shake hands with them acrually!!!
        Thanks for your thoughts.
        P.S. I was just in Rome and didn’t see hardly any muslims except some well dressed tourists. I was so happy as I was concerned with the migrant invasion.

    • “Like it or not as a healthcare professional you need to be aware of and sensitive to different cultural mores and values”


      My ex-wife was a nursing professor in a prestigious university, so I’m well aware of the focus on “cultural sensitivity”. A lot of the awareness of different cultures focuses on the treatment itself. For example, Mexicans have a particular diet, including lard and lots of cheese. You can’t just jot down a prescription for vegies and whole wheat bread when dealing with a Mexican coronary patient. Similarly, some cultures consider it impolite to express disagreement, so the doctor or nurse may explain a treatment plan, and ask if the patient understands. They should be aware of the possibility that the patient will say “yes” when the real answer is actually “no”.

      But, cultural sensitivity to benefit the treatment itself is far different from simply adopting the alien customs wholesale. If the Muslims are going to totally reject the customs of the country, it’s best they don’t come at all. Shaking hands with the doctor is not going to affect the treatment one way or another. I myself am not thrilled to shake hands with the doctor when they use hand sanitizer right after the examination, but as a patient, I have a responsibility also for smoothing the exam and not letting small things hang it up.

      The real cultural sensitivity in treating a Muslima is knowing that whatever the medical requirements, the husband is not going to modify his demands on his wife for any medical reason. I don’t know how you get around that, but it bears keeping in mind that women are just not that valuable to a Muslim man.

      As far as the paying Saudis, it’s a way to make money for the hospital, and the customer is always right. It’s a far cry from a run-of-the-mill refugee or welfare case or user of the socialized medical system of Britain. There is no reason to not demand a certain amount of compliance from normal users.

      The judge in the case should never have allowed it to proceed to a trial. He should have dismissed it with prejudice (I don’t know if they have an equivalent in Britain), and let the Muslims go to the expense of an appeal. When a case is totally without merit, it is a form of legal coercion to allow the side with a free lawyer to harass their victim.

      • I agree wholeheartedly and appreciate your input. I work at Georgetown University Hospital in D. C. and I am watching the transformation going on in the hospital and the college because of Saudi money.

    • VERY well observed!
      Pretty sure that´s the real reason these Musls actually showed up at the good doctor.
      But for now the judiciary bias here is still mostly in favor of the more respected doctors.

      I´ll reserve my comments on german arrogance(aka. competence) by nurse smarty. :p
      Just one thing that boggles my mind, the dude may be putting his finger up your pooper next and you don´t even shake his hand in the US?
      Wierdos. 😉

  10. How does a doctor treat someone without touching them? This is the basic question that should be answered.

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