May Day!

Spring Fundraiser 2016, Day One

“But Baron,” I hear you say, “how can it have been three months since your last fundraiser? That’s simply not possible!”

Yes, I know. I feel the same way. But time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Last time it was all ice and snow; now the irises and the rhododendrons are blooming. Mind you, it’s been cold and rainy here for a while. But still, it’s definitely spring.

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The theme of this week’s fundraiser is “May Day” combined with “May Day!” (more on that distinction in a minute). Even though it’s no longer May 1st, the week began on May Day, and I started writing this post while it was still May Day. That’s close enough for government work.

Especially Soviet government work. The header images for the week will be drawn from Soviet iconography surrounding May Day, which was one of the most important celebrations in the Socialist calendar. Possibly because the traditional holiday had almost no Christian connotations, but remained resolutely pagan, and was thus easier to appropriate for the cause of advancing World Revolution. And May Day is a prominent holiday for socialists in general, a chance for proletarians all over the world to march down the street carrying red banners in solidarity with all their brothers in the struggle against capitalist oppression.

Throw the exclamation point on the end, however, and you have a cry for help. It’s traditionally called out by airplane pilots over the radio when their craft is in distress. So it makes an appropriate theme for the week’s bleg — even though Dymphna and I are not strictly speaking in distress. Thanks to the generosity of our readers, we have made it through OK up until now.

The distress call “May Day!” is said to derive from a French imperative, “m’aidez”; that is, “Help me”. But that’s never made sense to me, because we were taught in school that French people cry out for help by shouting “Au secours!” So who says “m’aidez”? Is it maybe a Québécois idiom?

In any case, “May Day!” is our fundraising cry for the week. Illustrated by selected socialist art.

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The style of art used in Soviet propaganda was known as Socialist Realism. When it reached full flower in the 1930s and 1940s it was lavish in its elaboration and stylized forms. As an artist looking at it from a technical perspective, I find it fascinating. If you put aside the ideology that went with it — hard to do, I know — the work of the best Socialist Realist artists is quite accomplished.

The style is not to be confused with Social Realism, its contemporary cousin in the West. There were some similarities between the two styles — both were fond of sturdy figures in agricultural or factory settings, often bare-chested well-muscled men operating farm equipment or machinery. It was the 1930s, and such was the zeitgeist back then, for fascists, socialists, and corporate capitalists alike.

John Steuart Curry, who painted the mural “Tragic Prelude” that was featured here several weeks ago, was a Social Realist of the sub-genre known as “Regionalism”.

But Soviet art was a Baroque extension of all that. There was only one school in the USSR, and that was the Party’s school. If an artist wanted to advance in that school, he executed his work with full Socialist Realist rigor.

As is often remarked these days, the nations of the West — Europe, Canada, the United States, and Australia — are drifting inexorably into a Soviet-style totalitarianism. Soft totalitarianism, mind you — no gulag necessary just yet — but still Soviet-like in its insistence ideological conformity.

So what artistic style would we associate with the democratic totalitarianism that dominates the post-modern West? What ideology are we obliged to conform to in our visual representations if we, the artists, want to get ahead?

Why, Multiculturalism, of course. What else could it be?

Walk into a post office, or a bank, or a supermarket, or a pharmacy, and all the images you see will display a uniformity of iconography. Images are chosen carefully to include a certain selection of exquisitely represented races and ethnicities. And they’re gender-balanced, too.

Now that Islam has been deemed a “race”, the hijabs are creeping in.

Every product that is marketed must have a multicultural hook, if one can possibly be found.

And everyone must shout with multicultural joy for the wonderfulness of all this diversity and inclusivity!

We have no choice: the future is multicultural.

Such has been decided for us, for our own good, by people who know better than we do. Left to our own devices, we would be racist throwbacks, little Nazis and bigots wearing Ku Klux Klan robes, goose-stepping around the mean streets of our white supremacist dystopia.

But with the help of our cultural betters, we can recover from our atavisms. Through education and diversity training, we can learn to truly celebrate the wonderful inclusive rainbow quilt of cultures!

Then we can buy the world a Coke and live in perfect harmony.

Uh-huh. Yup.

I submit that the iconography of Multiculturalism — which is now ubiquitous throughout the West — bears no more resemblance to reality than Soviet iconography did. And possibly even less. People do not look like those images of rainbow harmony. They don’t gather together in perfectly mixed, smiling groups — they clump together with their own kind, when left to their own devices.

And they don’t always like each other, either. That’s just the way it goes.

But Stalin was out to build the perfect Soviet Man, and our ever-so-beneficent leaders are determined to build the perfect Multicultural Man — I mean Person. Or Creature. Or maybe Thing.

Even if they have to break every single rainbow vegan egg for that perfect diversity omelet.

By the way — the Soviet Union had its own version of Multiculturalism, but it was of a somewhat different style:

Notice the dominance of the Leader in this multicultural tableau. Maybe that’s the role Barack Hussein Obama was being set up for, only it didn’t quite work out.

As the Dear Leader shuffles off to the first tee of his retirement, who will step forward to take his place as the Global Czar of Multiculturalism?

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27 thoughts on “May Day!

    • I’ve heard that about tablets before. You can either go to your PayPal account and type in natintel(at)chromatism(dot)net – that’s our original business name online before there was a Gates of Vienna, or email us for our Post Office Box address.

      You’ve reminded me, though: I need to add that task to the Baron’s “honey dew” list…making a donate button for the post itself. Even Luddites have to keep up with the times…

  1. OK, I’m going to be pedant of the day .. “Help me” in French is Aidez-moi, which would perhaps English as Edday Mwa. But “Come and help me!” is Venez m’aider, and *that* m’aider would indeed sound a bit like mayday. But that’s just guesswork .. Maybe one of your new Belgian readers can help?

    • Strictly speaking, since it’s both of us, wouldn’t it be aidez nous?

      Your mentioning Belgium reminds me how much my mental image of that country has changed…it’s not as if Vlaams Belang didn’t try to warn everyone…

  2. great article, but certainly it doesn’t touch even a fraction of that cultural quest.

    I can recollect some examples from London underground ads.

    first, they are clearly anti-White, anti-Monarchy, anti-Christian.
    symbols of Monarchy usually reduced in size relatively to other subjects, may be placed near to some blood stains and spills.
    in general, British heritage is represented in comical way.
    Union Jack – never intact, always this or that way disfigured.
    No crosses. Images of St. Paul Cathedral – never include the cross.
    ads involving White men – as needed, when bloodied, dirty, handicapped, old, cancer-sticken, teethless, vile, criminal, soiled, dismembered and so on and so forth.
    White women – sluts, sexual toys.

    Anglo-Saxon men – never young – no future, – often associated with death.
    One was especially striking – safety ad on Euston station.
    it depicts several coffins put under the rails as sleepers. Names on coffins are some Smiths, Taylors etc.. These are unmistakenly Christian. Christian coffin has the shape of cross. It is hard to be more symbolic, I reckon.

    then, to the contrast – all these noble looking non-Whites having good time.
    for example, an Arab man wearing swimming trunks, standing on the beach, advertising a “rosy sunrise” in Tunisia.
    my suspicion is that it was exactly the man who killed British tourists there.

    or a subcontinental gentlemen smiling near the Underground ad – “Transporting Londoners to future”. well, we remember, when and where you’ve transported some of us.. is there way to check, who are exactly all these smilng male models? ehm…

    and in recent time, the whole London suddenly started writing their ads by white font on black background. it is everywhere. a bit of yellow is allowed, too.

    this is also tiny fraction.
    the topic of cryptic crescents and urban jihadi symbols not touched.
    I have tons of images with examples, collected over 4-5 years.
    if interested I can zip.

    • Communism was never outlawed in Britain, was it? Membership was outlawed here, which didn’t stop a lot of smart people from signing on. Which shows the curse of intelligence, methinks.

    • I noticed similar the last time** I was in Cesspit-on-Thames but it’s not just on the underground and the buses, it’s everywhere – in advertising across the whole of the political and commercial visual media, in the subtexts of the written media, in the faces of the predatory scum of the world prowling and predating upon the streets.

      Yet Caucasians are still the major demographic in the UK by a substantial margin, if not in what was once our capital city. There this actuality would be impossible for a newly landed alien to discern in that Sodom and Gomorrah entwined by a Tower of Babel, and that is the precise intent of those who are engineering our ethnic cleansing.

      They hope we won’t notice until too late. Wrong call, that.

      S III

      **That was two years ago and I do mean ‘the last time’. Unless of course I can return as part of the eventual clean up squad – metaphorically speaking, of course.

    • Gosh AY,

      I’ve been using the Underground since 1969, and I don’t recognise this picture. Yes, ethnic minorities are well represented, but this reflects the reality, whether or not one approves.

      • I’m ready to meet you in the city and go for test walk.

        what is “represented” is not “ethnic minorities” but the spirit of population replacement, when, in particular, the humiliation of indigenous Whites becomes a must, and the destruction of heritage – Christian, ethnic – is depicted more and more acceptable and desirable with time.

        I don’t like the word “indigenous” myself, I use it as shortcut.
        because the reality is – people are singled out for deletion.

        there is more to this – it is cultural war.
        there are tendencies of resistance in themes and designs.
        but they are rare.

        please understand me correctly, I am Jewish and won’t be recognised as “White” by true Connoisseurs. 🙂 neither I’m Christian.

        but simply try to count how many times among these ads you’ve seen
        – Black/MENA/Muslim man “having cancer”
        – Black/MENA/Muslim man covered by dirt
        – a subcontinental lady wearing sexy clothes
        – distressed woman in hijab
        – some thing Israeli in positive way

        I would like it to be better, but it is as it is.

        • Hi AY,

          If this is a serious offer, please contact me via the Baron. We might report back via GoV. My much better half and I are visiting my family in Vancouver May 10th-25th, so I’m not likely to spend much time online.

          • I’ve sent request to Baron, so please just contact me via e-mail.

      • Elba has more presence and charisma than Lazenby.

        I’d like to see the Bond novels filmed in sequence and in period, starting with “Casino Royale” set in 1953, with an actor in his late twenties/early thirties (Bond served in the Navy in WW2). Trouble is not so much that said actor would be in his fifties when they finish Fleming’s novels, but even if they start now, I won’t live to see them all!

  3. While in Soviet pictures there is certain artistic value within the historical context, I find all multicultural ‘Benetton’ style current images as cringing, fake and kitchy as the idealised pictures from a Jehova’s witness Watchtower magazines.

  4. 1. The New World Order that is being promoted in the West is a hundred, a thousand times more ugly, than the Soviet system.
    2. The word “racist” was invented by Leon Trotsky.
    3. The extinction ot the French and Germans nations is the common every-day fact that one sees, but not mentions it. Were there a poll of returning to the GDR for the East-Germans, they would have surely voted in favor of it TODAY.

    • Ugly Pop–

      Without the USSR, the nwo wouldn’t be conceivable.

      I agree re the vote for the GDR…Putin must be delighted.

      • problem with that “NWO” terminology, is that nobody’ve ever seen them.

        Stalin, USSR, GDR, at least they all had ideological programs, historical past, and distinct acting personalia.
        I did serve in Soviet Army in GDR, BTW. it was for real.

        whereas NWO sound more like Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot and bloody matzos.

        • Oh, we’ve seen them all right. George Soros even admits his membership and is probably the titular head (or one of them, since the NWO is a Medusa-like creature).

          And these folk have a full ideology: the death of sovereign states to create borderless transnationalism. The idea of a ‘state’ is to be eradicated as is the notion of separate cultures. Mass migrations are going to create this new world – as the former residents of MENA overrun the borders of Sweden (with Sweden’s personal invitation), of Germany (with Mad Mother Merkel issuing the invite), and of Greece and Italy. Just to name the primary victims.

          The rise of populism in Europe is an attempt to reverse the plans of the NWO. Formerly populism was demonized; it is harder to do that now.

          • “death of sovereign states to create borderless transnationalism” – that by itself doesn’t look that horrible.

            on the other hand, buying, motivating and arming hordes of criminals and aggressive cretins, to achieve that “transnationalism”, is problematic.
            as that will define an outcome.

            I’ve heard name Soros before but nothing intelligible from him as a thinker.

            so I would consider him and those alike, just a heavyweight useful idiots, while the ones pulling srting are the same usual suspects, good old oil-and-terror guys.
            they go with piles of proofs and declarations, in the end..

          • @AY

            soros is a billionaire who funds all this leftist and globalist garbage. i read a story a few weeks ago and they wondered who was organizing the rapefugees and paying for the ships – its creeps like soros. and what soros pays is a drop in the bucket compared to what european citizens will pay in welfare and crime.

          • Don’t forget Soros is considered a criminal in Britain and France for his monetary manipulations. He ruined many Brit pensioners…but then again, he did the euthanasia for his own mother, so he’s not a squeamish sort. He fears death- I wonder why…

  5. I suppose it makes sense for Communist regimes to have a May Day — symbolizing the cyclical rhythms of Revolution, after the Winter purges, the rotting corpses of the mass graves enriching the tundra loam of the killing fields for the spring & summer…

    • I find that quite poetic, Hesp. But I recall we share an enthusiasm for TS Eliot.

  6. .
    Monday 1 May 1933

    Paul von Hindenburg and Adolf Hitler at the May Day rally in the Berlin Lustgarten

    This photograph was taken on 1 May 1933, which had been declared the “Day of National Labor” by the Nazi regime. It shows President Paul von Hindenburg and Chancellor Adolf Hitler in an open-top car and was taken just after the rally in the Berlin Lustgarten at which Hindenburg had delivered a speech from the terrace of the Berlin City Palace.

    It is not known whether the other photographs that Dzubas took on that fateful day—only twenty-four hours later trade unions were banned and disbanded—were also published.

    Martin Dzubas worked as a photographer for the Photo and Film Department of the Police Institute for Technology and Transport. The son of a Jew, he lost his job after five years of employment in August 1933 and afterward opened a photo studio in the Lichterfelde district of Berlin.

    Although he had previously had little contact with the Jewish community and Judaism, in 1934 his photographs began appearing in German-Jewish newspapers. In the following years he worked almost exclusively as a sports photographer. Hundreds of his pictures were published in CV-Zeitung, Jüdisches Gemeindeblatt Berlin and Schild, the newspaper brought out by the Reich League of Jewish Frontline Soldiers.

    In May 1939 Martin Dzubas, who was married and had a son, was accused of “racial defilement” and incarcerated in the Moabit prison. He was never convicted of any crime. After his release in December, he was forced to do slave labor in a textile factory. He was arrested again in January 1941 and interned in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Seven months later he was transferred to the Gross Rosen concentration camp, where he died on 27 December at the age of forty-one.

    Adolf Hitler – speek in Lustgarten, Berlin 1 Maj 1933
    “The Day of National Labor.

    William Finck presents and adds some comments to the Adolf Hitler speech concerning labor and the May 1st holiday, along with a relevant excerpt from Mein Kampf.

    – – – – – – – – –
    Click here for the text of the tramnslated speech:

  7. Since I didn’t come here May 1, this is for all Eastern Orthodox and other Eastern Christian friends:

    Χριστος ανεστη!
    Christ is risen!

  8. I absolutely love it that parades take place world wide on my birthday!
    This is MY labor day during which I do not engage!
    Happy Birthday to ME!

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