Czechia for the Czechs!

The video below shows scenes from an anti-Islamization demonstration that took place recently in Prague. What’s notable about it, in comparison with similar demos in Western Europe, is the absence of counter-protestors from Antifa attempting to do violence to the “Islamophobes”. And the police presence is relatively light — just a few officers walking along with the crowd.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   They may be hugging, and so, but that does not mean they are gay…
00:08   …she’s just little, only three years old…
00:13   …so I took line 1…
00:18   Sign: I am not an extremist, but I am an extremely angry mother
00:22   It is May, time of love… …we did not know much…
00:27   (crowd sounds)
00:36   Sign: Islam outside the laws Sign: Stop Islamisation
00:45   Sign: Islam outside the laws!
00:49   Chanting: Czechia for the Czechs!
00:53   Chanting: We are the ones at home here!
00:58   Sign: We want protection of our borders!
01:02   Sign: We want our borders protected!
01:06   Note: the shield (and some flags) depicts the two-tailed lion, symbol of the twin Czech nations, Bohemia and Moravia

6 thoughts on “Czechia for the Czechs!

  1. Why is Europe forcing European countries to take jihadis?
    Is that part of democratic notion?
    Why does Brussels turn Europe into a cowardly, dhimmi, jizya-payer continent?

    Is the EU devil, cowardly, which refused to include God in its Constitution, but allah and Pirate are ok?

    Integration of muslims? It will happen when clay and gold mix well.

    To hell with Traitors who surrender their own citizens to oppressors.

  2. As I have commented before the Slavs will not take this invasion laying down.

  3. There are only 3 way to deal with the Muslim problem:
    1. Bend over backwards to assimilate them and give them everything they want including equal opportunity or better in the workplace. RESULT > a slow takeover with “an acceptable level of violence”.
    2. Exclude them from all positions of trust and authority. RESULT > an explosion of violent Jihad and a fast takeover with massive brutality, possibly supported by NATO as in Kosovo.
    3. Stop importing them and repatriate or incarcerate all those already here. RESULT > Peace & prosperity prevail in Europe.

  4. Good for them and I wish this would happen in America, but the So-called tolerant Leftist Islamic apologist would counter protest and call the anti Islamization protesters the usual round of names, bigots, haters, Islamophobia, racist. Most Americans are ignorant about political Islam and its true agenda. Trump says put a temporary ban on Muslims till they can be fully vetted and the Leftist call foul. They make false claims that Trump wants all Muslims in America deported or put into concentration camps. I have seen plenty of this BS put on Facebook by my Liberal friends. For now we need to educate people in America about the threat and agenda of political Islam. I enjoy going on Facebook site Americans Against Islamophobia and debating the Leftist Islamic Apologist there, come join me 😉

    • You have liberal friends? Just joking, I have some too; but when the chips are down, some time in the future, will we really have liberal ‘friends?’
      I wonder, bad times are a-commin!

  5. It’s true only if we assume the states will not fall into chaos. A scenario that looks more probable to me:
    1. They transfer as many muslims as they can in the guise of a humanitarian act.
    And who can oppose a humanitarian act, only a “racist”.
    2. When the number of muslims exceeds the indigenous, they will declare your countries as islamic states citing the democratic “majority rulezzz”.
    And who can oppose a democratic transition, only a “fascist”.
    3. Then imams will rule the lands that are not countries anymore. Dear muslims will force you to eat your own defecate, rape your youngsters, throw you out of your homes for not putting on beards or whatever.
    And who can oppose islamic laws, only an “infidel”.
    4. The diabolical self-identified elites will take control of the world with all the resources inside. Will force you to work for them for half a piece of bread per day and a shelter if you waggle with a smile on your face.
    And who can deny a hungry belly, only a “fool”

    More or less this has been the scenario wherever islam has entered, with different volumes of blood flowing through ditches. Why some of Westerners think they will get a different treatment? And what makes them think they will have recourse to the law in the near future?

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