Faced With ISIS, These Italian Students Would Convert to Islam

The following piece is a discussion from a Christian perspective of the spiritual vacuum that is being filled by Islam as the muhajirun begin their conquest of Europe. Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from the German-language site Katholisches.info:

90% Would Convert to Islam, if the Islamic State Came — A Generation With No Ideals

April 1, 2016

[Photo captions:

  • And if the Islamic State is at the gate?
  • 90% would convert to Islam
  • The martyrs of Otranto, murdered by the Turks in 1480.
  • The Coptic martyrs murdered by the Islamic State in February 2015.


ROM: 90% would not hesitate to convert to Islam to save their own lives, if the Islamic State should conquer the country. This “shock result” (Il Giornale) was produced by a test of 13-year-olds in an Italian middle school. Only 2 of 25 students disagreed. Both of them are from devout Catholic families.

What Italian city or what school is neither here nor there. The subject of Islam and violence is being discussed everywhere. The phenomenon affects all of Europe. The Catholic internet daily Il Sussidiario reported on the third level of a random Italian middle school. All of the 25 students are 13-years-old. They too were talking about Islam. They wanted information from their teacher about the Islamic State. Who is that? What is its program? How does it operate?

“What Would You Do If the Islamic State Came to Your House?”

The teacher gave them information. And also reported that many fighters for the Islamic State came from Europe. Young Muslims of the second and third generation. Well-integrated, from well-to-do families, and many of them have even begun or completed university studies. One of the best-known executioners for the Islamic State was previously a well-known DJ. The teacher described for them how the Islamic State is destroying all Christian symbols and threatening to kill anyone who is not ready to convert to Islam. And she did not withhold the fact that many Christians were killed or enslaved because of their religion.

At the end, she asked them a question: “What would you do if the Islamic State came to your house?”

According to Il Giornale, “The answer was almost unanimous and shocking”. 23 of them declared without hesitation that they would convert to Islam. The two hold-outs were from practicing Catholic families.

“A Society With No Ideals”

Some people now will say that this was “not representative” and, first and foremost, the Islamic State danger in Europe is not real, so we should first see what the reaction would be, if it were real. That may be. Yet, this event is appropriate for some necessary reflection. It is better to recognize what is unpleasant than it is to suppress it. Both the attitude of the 23 as well as that of the other two students deserve comment. The first comment comes from the online daily Il Giornale and deserves to be our beginning. “It is clear that we live in a society without ideals.”

Christmas and Easter have been taken from the children and replaced by empty words like “winter” and “spring”, which have neither their own history nor the ability to move people to strive for higher goals. They are “value-neutral” words, which have no “face”, and therefore no true value. Ideals need a face. They must be tangible and personified, must be vibrant. The values imparted today are restricted to a level of not even secondary virtues. Don’t smoke. Eat healthy. Think politically correctly (which includes the gender-ideology — an anti-ideal that demands a self-alienation of the human being). In this canon of neutral values, however, there is nothing for which you would risk your life, nothing which could move and ignite soul and spirit.

We Have Been Robbed of Christ and Our History

We have been robbed of Christ and our history. By whom? Without our agreement — which seldom is given directly, but insidiously — nothing would be possible. Halb zog sie ihn, halb sank er hin.[1] Goethe’s words also apply to the de-idealization and de-Christianization of Europe. The theft of our own identity is proceeding on many levels. The result is this conclusion reached by 23 of 25 students. The summary of Il Giornale is: “We created this generation of children.”

The old Marxists, it is true, have been saying for 25 years that communism is dead, but whenever they hear the Internationale, they have to hold back the tears. We could laugh about Guareschi’s Don Camillo and Peppone[2], because we recognized ourselves there — we Catholics and we communists. The era of these novels and film characters is also our time. They told the truth with humor. They could still move us, because there was something serious behind them.

The Romans Had Bread and Circuses; We Have Sex and Circuses. What is the Difference?

Since the fall of actual socialism, we have had only years of doubt, skepticism, gradual breakdown, suspicion, hatred, cunning and cynical manipulation. And now we are expected to tell our young people to take up weapons and defend themselves when the executioners of the Islamic State come? In the name of what ideals and values are we to ask that of them? In the name of those ideals we never taught them, but denigrated in their eyes?

We have taken everything from them and given them nothing except an enervating prosperity, and the desire for the newest smartphone and the “ideal” game. You need a job (not a profession) to get money in your pocket so you can afford an ultimate entertainment highlight in your life. The Romans had bread and circuses; we have sex and circuses. What’s the difference?

The decision by the majority of students testifies for the complete failure of a living connection with Jesus Christ and his Church. Therefore something should be said about the two students who contradicted the majority, for they symbolize what is still healthy in us. Getting to the bottom of what impelled them to this contradiction means finding the answer to the nagging question of what inner and outward attitude must be revived, so that we can subsist.

The Slogan is: “I Give Up!” — The Delusions of Lack of Identity

Let us first note that none of the other students joined them in their opinion, even after they had justified their position. The majority chose the path of least resistance. The (anti-)ideal of the younger generation is capitulation. The motto is: What do I do when the Islamic State comes and demands something from me with force? I capitulate!

The two students who gave a contrary opinion and stayed with it, even though they were in a decided minority, are from families that are not like the average. They are devout — not just nominal — Catholic families. Both they and the other students no doubt felt this difference. Anyone who stands up for ideals in this age is regarded as anachronistic. Anyone who is devout nowadays is laughed at — can quickly become an outsider. The “healthy, rich and beautiful” people think religious faith is for the weak, the poor or others who are somehow deficient.

The questioning of the students, on the other hand, showed who meekly capitulated to the arrogance of the powerful and who stood their ground. That is how quickly the allegedly weak are shown to be the strong.

A Type of Subject That Totalitarianism Desires But Only Democracy Has Created

(Lucas Doninelli in Il Giornale: “There is a type of subject desired by all totalitarianisms. but only democracy, or what we call democracy, is capable — with our permission — of creating.”)

We are left with the shattering fact that this generation of our children is growing up as the cannon fodder of tomorrow. They are largely unprepared and incapable of surviving outside their consumer and pleasure bubble. This is a generation that is prepared to approve any capitulation unconditionally the minute any blowhard with a weapon in hand jumps off the TV or computer screen into real life. Worse still: This generation is being raised to mistrust anyone who does not confirm and bow to the dominant mainstream. It is being immunized against the healing powers which could change its fate, and perhaps that of whole peoples.

Decisive resistance comes from someone who is firmly founded in belief. But this very faith is often questioned, relativized and minimized, instead of being reinforced, even by representatives of the Church. Just think of the endless litanies of many clerics and lay functionaries who insist on the absurd contention that all religions are “good, peaceful and beneficial”. Or those who advocate — with emphasis on symbols — that “all religions are important and valuable”.

The Complicity of “Inter-Religious” Representatives of the Church

(“Many bishops, priests and people of religious orders wandering around the land have no idea what they are doing, because the teaching profession is too often shrouded in a thick fog created by the enemies of Christ and his Church — both inside and outside of the Church“ — from the traditional internet site, Messa in Latino.)

The responsibility for the devastating answer of the 23 students who would not hesitate to convert to Islam, because religion ultimately plays no role in preserving life in the world they have been presented, by no means falls primarily on the representatives of the Church. But they are complicit.

We may hope that the article about the 25 students — the decision of the 23 and the decision of the 2 — will be read in the Vatican as well, and also in the parishes of the countryside and the city. To open a path for pondering and rethinking.

And finally, we should beseech Mary, Mother of God, succor of Christians, for her help, so that the younger generations may receive the faith and will — in time of danger and trial — call upon the name of Jesus, as the Coptic martyrs did when they were murdered by the Islamic State (IS) out of hatred for their faith.


1.   ”Partly she pulled him in, partly he sank down.” From one of Goethe’s famous ballads, “The Fisher”, in which a nix (female-form water sprite) takes revenge on a fisher for luring fish to their doom in the “glow” of the upper world by enticing him to his death in the water
2.   Guareschi’s most famous comic characters — a fiery Italian priest and an equally fiery communist mayor of a village in the Po River Valley.

86 thoughts on “Faced With ISIS, These Italian Students Would Convert to Islam

  1. And to convert is not complicated – it requires only a short prayer and recital of the Shahada…

    Such a mass-conversion is something that the French author Houllebecq also predicts in his latest book, “Submission”.

  2. As an American teacher in a highly diverse high school, I sense the same sort of thing in my students.

    But I beseech Jesus, the Word of God made flesh, and sole mediator between God and man, for help in a time of danger and trial.

  3. The above comments make me glad to be old, and I’m surely not the only one.

    Though only 13, it’s reasonable to assume the students would (should) know right from wrong, I did at that age.

    They should have been furious at the prospect of such semi-literate trash ruling their country, which has given the world so much

    • Well, I have to say that the average level of cognitive development in a 13 year old is very much in the concrete stage (difficult to understand abstract concepts), and moral development is usually going to be limited to avoiding punishment and pursuing self-interest.

      This really tells you more about the parents than the 13 year old kids. The two who objected probably did so based on what they thought their parents would say about it. The others probably had never heard anything from their parents and decided that saving their rears was the sole criterion.

      So in some sense this is “rigged” since the question is being asked of kids who can’t really think for themselves too well and are going to respond in an expected simple minded manner, but on the other hand it very much indicates that almost all parents have at least avoided the whole subject resulting in a default to “save my rear end” decision making.

      Yes this is bad and the parents should be ashamed.

      • The problem is, if they convert at 13, they’re converted for life, and all their descendants after them, unless they want to be killed for apostasy. Thus only those with family ties and traditions strong enough to prevent them converting even at the vulnerable age of 13 will remain non-Muslim.

        Personally, I can imagine many adults here in the UK converting, even without any threat of violence, if for example it meant that they could save tax for doing so. If the media broadcast announcements such as: “Remember, as from tomorrow all non-Muslim households will be paying an additional annual tax, but tax-planning experts say this can be avoided with a short trip to your local mosque to convert to Islam.” I reckon there’d be queues around the block outside the mosques first thing the next morning. Maybe I’m too cynical.

        • They’d have to cover it up a bit though. No-one likes to personally admit to submitting, especially “proud Brits”. They could use different methods though. If all the council officials and police become “enriched”, and it becomes clear that non-Muslims get no protection from attacks (by hearsay – not necessarily through media), could a large number of Brits eventually “conclude” that Islam is the “true faith”?

          • (Formerly Great) Britain’s own king-in-waiting has already laid the groundwork for this. Didn’t he declare a few years ago that he would adopt the title “Defender of Faith?” Now there’s a rallying cry to get the young people to the battlements.

        • Conversions due to edicts, in an historical context also highlighted In the novel

          Bridge on the Drina by Ivo Andric

        • What this tells us is that children this age should be warned about Islam the same way that they’re (hopefully) warned about sexual predators.

          My guess is that if you gave this class a scenario involving a sexual predator then the response to that would be much more resistant, but give them a scenario involving predatory Islamic intimidation/manipulation and the response is submission.

          • I would say warn them about sexual predators who practice islam. Makes the conversion process a little more difficult to swallow.

      • There were reports from the Anglican Archbishop of Iraq that children younger than theses were martyred. When asked to convert or be killed, they said “we love Jesus”.

        The scriptures tell us that we must become like a child in our faith. If we have a faith…

      • Not at all.”Give me a child until he is seven years old and I shall show you the man.”These are the words of Aristotle a Greek philosopher who lived from 384 B.C to 322 B.C.
        These words might seem familiar to because the early Christian clergy were well educated and drew heavily on their knowledge of classical Greece and Rome.And in fact it became the mottoe of the Jesuits.

      • Some of them are literate, and some are in varying stages of literacy, however I do agree with you re. “devoutly fanatical psychopaths.

  4. Interesting article. However it shows a deep lack of knowledge of Italian reality. It’s true that lack of faith and identity makes it easier for people to provide this for of answer. However, one of the endemic issues of Italians lies in the fact that the country is inherently fragmented inside and that makes a lot of people unwilling to make sacrifices for their own country. It’s a reflection not just of lack of faith but also that Italian Italian unification didn’t manage to build an Italian sense of patriotic feelings. Italy is a unified country just on paper and this affects the amount of risk one of eager to take. This is carved into kids very early as a sort of survival mode, with a few exceptions, like this two practising kids, or kids from military families, or families with old inherited values that belong to specific social groups. The o

    • “No, it’s not difficult [governing the Italian people], it’s just pointless.” – Mussolini

    • I never got that impression of Italy – always thought it was a very proud, unified, hot-blooded country! Although to be fair, whereas earlier a few Italians I met were anti-PC, I’m meeting some very PC-MC Italians now…

  5. I read this (redacted) stuff and instantly trip over my own life experience with guns as ‘just another part of life’–like matches, shoelaces and screws with right-handed threads. Coupla blackish things propped there in the corner behind the door–like?

    Is it possible that we are misreading the choice offered these poor little Italian snowflakes?
    Is it the choice between “convert or die” (understanding that the ‘death’ offered can be slow painful and cruel indeed)?
    Is it rather “convert or…………………………………………….
    Choose to “put one between his eyes, and the one next to him, and the next and the next and all of the enemies in sight.” (For indeed enemies they are.) Then continue with his friends, family and everyone like him or looks like him that is in range–then “washing the bayonet” in their guts when your magazine runs dry?
    NOT stopping there, but on to the families, children, BABIES, places of ‘worship’, hospitals–und so weiter……………………………………

    Has the mere concept of weapons, fighting, and resistance been so bred out of these little kiddie-poos that they lack ALL KNOWLEGE of self-defense?
    Maybe guns are something only seen in video games and ‘B’ movies?
    They have never seen one, held one, CLEANED one?
    Actually LOADED one? (Horrors!) FIRED ONE??
    Do they even KNOW they have another CHOICE at ALL??

    Disarmed (NO guns post-1920) Britain in 1940 swiftly re-armed with the likes of the cheap, crappy, ugly, and UTTERLY lo-tech STEN gun. It worked. It killed. It was CHEAP! And QUICK to build!

    They re-armed pretty quick and FOUGHT because the choice was either that or succumb–or dare we say “Submit”??

    Italy could do it. Spain, too–hell even Britain could do it all over again.

    All it would take is the will. To Learn……………………………. Again.
    We beat them ALL once, remember?

    • If you take WW2 as a reference point you had a troika of great
      Leaders (Stalin was a monster but the Russian people rallied behind him) but now we have political pygmies of the ilk of the odious Cameron, the treasonous Merkel, her handbag carrier Hollande and the Muslim President in all but name Obama! Russia are blessed with Putin and will survive.
      Europe is doomed until, hopefully, strong and patriotic leaders emerge from the mist to rid us of careerist politicians who despise their own electorate and are only interested in lining their own pockets. Our equally useless Christian Leaders need to get their act together too. The Pope’s political naivety in washing and kissing migrants feet at Easter was staggering, could he not of been advised that this was a sign of total SUBMISSION to the Muslim world. Apart from the usual deluded suspects, the feminazis, the open border lunatics, the gay community ( who will be the first to suffer in an Islamic Europe) the vast majority of Europeans want their CHRISTIAN, HOMOGENEOUS, societies back and totally reject the ideology of diversity being thrust down their throats by Juncker, Sutherland, Timmermans, Soros and others of their kind.I hope Europe can be saved but I fear the tipping point is rapidly approaching.

  6. I suspect that something even worse may happen, I suspect that we will begin to see mass conversions to Islam even without ISIS at the gate. A starving person does not ask where food comes from, and moral relativity starves one of ‘identity’. Islam is currently projecting a massive identity, constantly reinforced by the media demagogues of PC/MC.

    W.A.S.P. males have nothing left, they have been the abused target of PC/MC now for 20 years, converting to Islam gives them a new, masculine, beginning, a new voice, a new self respect….

    • I suspect you’re right. I was born in 1992, and among my contemporaries I see many converts to Islam; men and shockingly many women from middle to upper class families. They’re not half-hearted either, oh no, they’re as devout as any long-bearded imam.

      What chills me even more is this kind of love affair Millenials seem to have with Islam, even if they’re decidedly non-Muslim. It’s cool and enlightened and perversely a sort of status symbol to flirt with Islamic customs. Christianity is the despised, tired religion of everything “wrong” with Western society. Islam in their minds is the avant garde, a perfect representation of the new multicultural reality.

      I forsee an exponential growth in conversion in both my generation and the one coming after. God help us all, because I shudder at the thought of my future children having to grow up among such utter cowards as modern European and Americans.

      • Yep. More Islam and conversion on the one hand – but also more promiscuity, drunkenness, “bling” and general lack of any values among the remaining infidels. These are truly historic, and scary times we’re living in…

      • I thought that a popular religion among this particular generation (and arguably, any generation) was essentially hedonism. I therefore have to wonder if millenials aren’t at least a little bit reluctant to give up drinking, partying, sex outside of marriage, and similarly pleasurable activities which are forbidden under Islam? Also, do they not have any qualms about committing to the tedious, mind-numbing, five times a day washing and head bobbing routine? Not to mention the inconvenience of ramadan fasting ….

        Even putting aside idealistic and ethical considerations, the practical consequences of conversion to Islam would seem to me to present a significant deterrent to converting. Obviously, I’m wrong about that.

        • Just think of praying as practicing yoga 5 times a day, then it’s not so bad, no more slaving away at a computer for 8 hours straight with your boss breathing down your neck. Alcohol, let’s face it, it has never been a positive thing, and your doctor agrees that you could stand to cut back. Sex, plenty of that with 4 wives and female slaves. Pork, also not all that good for you, barbequed beef brisket is fantastic, and there is always turkey bacon (much healthier for you). Ramadan, just think of it as that diet month you were never able to do on your own. We can now have a society where thieves and drug addicts really get what’s coming to them. No more of those annoying LGBT issues to deal with. Think how exciting the Islamic version of Keeping up with the Kardashians will be. In the first episode, Caitlyn gets flying lessons off of a 20 story building, and Kim gets stoned (literally). You just have to see all the positives here people!

          • duude, wt[heck]? if you are treating any woman as a possession then maybe in the next life you will reincarnate into one so you will experience it, maybe in slavery as most muslim and islamic women face…

            that’s why this religious world is so sick

      • To be honest, even I have some respect for the quiet sobriety and modesty of Muslims when I compare it with the aggressive, drunken doltishness of so many young Britons. I have a real problem with the teens and early 20s westerners today. Who would have thought, given the comms revolution, yoof could end up so intellectually shallow, so obsessed with pop and celebrity dross, so hedonistic, so self-centred, so easily manipulated and so ignorant of their own history and culture? Brainwashed they may be, but it didn’t take much soap.

    • To be fair, white Catholic males and males from other white European backgrounds (especially Germans) are just as much in the bullseye as the WASP guys. The keywords are “white” and “male”.

    • I also know a convert to Islam, who I went to school with in England. Extremely talented student, and also with strong morals who stood up to aggressive teachers. And had a very similar background to my own (immigrant at a young age from the same Eastern European country). But then, he started justifying the 9/11 attacks. (which didn’t seem that strange, as among the first reaction of a lot of my peers was to point at the “evils” of America). Then a few years later, he married a Muslima and noted his new religion on Facebook. (Perhaps rather worryingly, a girl we both knew once asked if we were brothers, since she thought we were so similar.)

      I’m also wondering about another friend, a German, who says Islam is “not so bad”, travelled extensively through the middle-East, hates Assad and knows a heck of a lot about the faith (including the “99 names of Allah”). Likewise someone who is very morally decent and also intelligent. (although he’s not very supportive of Germany’s actions in the past year).

      Which brings us to the question – why do people, including intelligent and good people, fall for it? Have they done a firm analysis of all the religion’s teachings, and decided they’re the right ones? Or have they perhaps been brainwashed by both a PC education system, and “culturally enriched” friends seeming so good in everything they do? I’d like to investigate further but unfortunately, I’m not in touch with the first friend for many years, while the second due to geography I see very rarely.

      • Whatever the explanation is, it’s not merely psychological, but also cultural and sociological.

        And secondly, this flirtation and/or fascination with Islam among Westerners is not merely a negative phenomenon [redacted incivility], but also a positive one — just as Islam is. I.e., there is positive substance in PC MC and in Islam which for complex reasons appeals to a wide variety of people, not withstanding the philosophical bankruptcy & incoherence of the former, and the sociopathic, psychopathic & pneumopathic depravity of the latter.

        • Sure, there are aspects of Islam that attract. Baron mentioned some on this thread – the ability to subjugate others and get up to mischief etc. But, at least by white western middle-class converts, these are not cited as reasons. Rather, they talk about Western brutality, selfishness etc. If they vote, it’s probably for liberal pro-GLBT and womens’ rights parties. Eg stuff that Muslims would usually not tolerate in their own societies. So it’s not just about Islam. If the main “enemy” of the West was different, eg Communism, my guess is that those same people would be wearing t-shirts with hammers and sickles, or Che Guevara. In fact, many already do!

          As you say in another place on this thread, it’s all about “being cool” – and the cool thing to be right now, in the West, is to be against the West…

          • Well said. So it is currently cool (seemingly) to saw off the branch on which one is sitting. Cool!

      • I noticed that GoV and other sites also have a lot of names for Allah and Mohammed as well. Are these included in the 99 names?

        • There are even more names. But for reasons of civility these are not printable… 🙂

    • MC: I’ve been saying this for nearly three years on a UK conservative site. I also pointed out that young people look for strong boundaries – that’s why they test them – and that Islam is the only lifestyle in the west that provides them. (Except, of course, that Islam’s boundaries are in all the wrong places.) The west offers only a sea of ever-changing fads. Currently it is transgenderism.

      Continually pushing the boundaries – as cultural marxism does – is a poisonous environment for the young. However, the depressing thing is that when I’ve pointed this out to my mainly middle aged and elderly fellow posters, they didn’t want to hear! They were happy to excoriate the rise of Islam but not equally happy to admit the degeneracy of western society and see a connection between the two.

      • When saying that Islam is the only lifestyle in the west offering strong boundaries, I should have qualified by adding ‘the only proselytising lifestyle’. I should also have added that it projects self-confidence whilst mainstream Christianity is apologetic. This is attractive to the young.

        • The main attraction of Islam to Westerners is that Muslims are brown people. This appeals to the gnawing White Guilt that is rife throughout Western culture. This by itself, of course, would not be sufficient to explain the phenomenon. But if Muslims were all white Westerners, and if Islam were just a white cult, there would not be this mass neurosis of Islamophilia we see throughout the PC MC mainstream West.

          • And lest there be anxious responses anxiously reminding me that “Islam is not a race” and that “many Muslims are white” and that “Muslims come in all colors”, I didn’t mean brown literally. I meant that Islam overwhelmingly comes across as an ethnic culture (or wonderful rainbow, tapestry, mosaic, quilt, & stir-fry of cultures) — and is certainly perceived (and therefore defended) as such by the PC MC mainstream of the West; for if the PC MC mainstream didn’t perceive Islam & Muslims that way, they wouldn’t so incessantly accuse any critics of them as “racists”.

    • Sadly, I think you’re right again MC. People are indeed converting in U.K., Germany and Sweden—bloody cowards!

      I could envision people converting to Judaism, but islam?

      • Peter35: I think Hesperado has a point – Islam is associated with something that’s ‘ethnic’ and therefore cool, in a way that Judaism isn’t. Also, as I implied higher up, Judaism doesn’t proselytise.

        • Curiously enough, Israel, with a secure identity and (so far) secure borders is attracting converts for whom the identity is attractive. The scriptures imply of course that Israel survives, if just a remnant.

  7. I bet each of us at GoV could give these kids a one hour tutorial that would prevent such a choice. So it must be the parents. Parents are swamped. Kids are busy and hormonal. At this age, it might mean nothing. But the scenario causes much thought.

    • I know quite a few people who say their parents are very right-wing, but they’ve turned out far-left. Although they haven’t converted, they’re very pro-Islam and I suspect the mechanism is the same. It’s not just the parents that influence kids – the school system and peer groups do likewise. And often the new “diverse” peer groups lead the kids to believe that their parents just “don’t know anything” about multiculturalism, etc. Which might be true… But likewise the kids also don’t know that one could live a perfectly good life without multi-kulti, like their parents when they grew up (but with lower house prices, more meaningful relationships and a lot more free speech), and also without getting attacked for pointing out that Mohammed was a paedophile warlord.

      Yet kids these days are trained to think that this is one of those things “you just can’t say” – and that it’s better to just keep your head down and be quiet. Which is what modern western multiculturalism boils down to – everything you say is like treading on eggshells. The trouble with that approach though – eventually those eggshells will get broken… And what will happen as a result? Maybe just a twitter storm of outrage, but possibly also some good old Muslim riots and eventually a civil war?

    • For the boys, I’m not so sure that’s true. The advantages of conversion for a young man are enormous — improved status, permission to rape and keep sex-slaves, the right to marry up to four women over whom he will have absolute dominance, with the full sanction of the law. These may be very attractive to a “testosterone bomb” in the 15-25 age range. provided, that is, he has no other fixed values, which — thanks to the efforts of the Frankfurt school and the multiculti fanatics — many young Westerners now lack.

      Under Islam, he is encouraged to do all those things the feminists have been telling him are bad, bad, BAD — how could he turn down the opportunity?

  8. The bitter fruits of deChristianisation. Europe was built on a Christian foundation. As Europeans turned their backs on Christianity, their whole existence has become pointless. They lost their life spirit and can be conquered, enslaved or exterminated by anyone who would care to do so.

    Today the main menace is Islamism. Tomorrow it may something else, even something worse – a new and improved version of Temple Solaire or Aum Shin Ri Kyo or People’s Temple… The spiritual vacuum of the modern West sucks in all sorts of filth.

    • “Something worse?” Seriously, what could possibly be worse than islam?
      muslims have gone out of their way to set new standards for unbelievable bestiality, cruelty, insane savagery.

  9. “At this age, it might mean nothing. But the scenario causes much thought.”

    I think this is a very good point. It rather reminds me of the Oxford Union debate before WW2 in which the students passed the motion that “This House would not in any circumstances fight for King and Country”. A few years later, when reality overtook theory, most of them did.

    It was, of course, a debate, so the result indicated only that the majority of the students were impressed with how well the argument was presented rather than with the principle of the argument. And we don’t know how the question was phrased, what tone was used, and at which point in the children’s lives the question was asked.

    Having said all that, I rather think the writer’s views are probably disturbingly well-founded. As Liberalism essentially believes in nothing, it will thus fight for nothing.

  10. In the event of islam gaining supremacy in a western country I would expect leftists to convert en masse and become the most zealous of denouncers of their kinsmen who refused to convert.

  11. It’s manic xenophilia.

    As Gilbert & Sullivan phrased it “the idiot who praises with enthusiastic tone–every century BUT THIS and every country but his own”.


    They welcome them.
    They transport them (for free–FOR THEM).
    They feed them HALAL FOOD at no cost (TO THEM).
    They clothe them at no cost (TO THEM).
    They take stuff from stores (WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT) without consequence.
    Laws are no longer enforced (TO THEM).
    They get pocket money.
    Unattached/unescorted girls are ‘fair game’ (FOR THEM).
    The even get a salary (or the functional equivalent thereof).

    Whilst YOUUU…………………………………..

    Don’t complain.
    PAY for it ALL.
    Kick your own citizens out of their homes to HOUSE THEM.
    IGNORE the needs of YOUR OWN to pay for THEM.
    Behave as if they are a superior species who MUST BE APPEASED…………
    ……………………………………..AT ALL COSTS!!!

    Why not just quit?
    Give ’em a ham sandwich and a ticket home and be DONE with it all.

  12. I couldn’t stomach reading the whole thing. I read about half. The idea that western civilization could or would cave to backward Muslim religion is quite horrifying.

    What is wrong with people? Do they not think for themselves anymore? Do they not realize all the good that western civilization has brought to their lives? Because it is free and fairly free thinking? I am baffled by this.

    I am not sure what, if anything, the Muslims have contributed to western civilization, other than bringing back beheading. Europe and Angela Merkel will surely go down in history for bringing the savages back to western civilization.

    Letting them into Europe was also a big mistake. We are going to suffer for years due to these mistakes.

    • I agree with everything you say, including the ‘ands’ and
      ‘buts’ and punctuation.?

    • “Letting them into Europe was also a big mistake. We are going to suffer for years due to these mistakes.”

      This is putting it far, and strangely, too mildly. The future, the unfolding of this 21st century, will be horrifying, and unless the West deconstructs its PC MC — which translates pragmatically and concretely as nothing short of rounding up all Muslims and deporting them — it will be destroyed by the victory sought so avidly and patiently and perennially by Mohammedans from the 7th century right up to our hot present.

      I have forebodings as grim as these for many reasons [redacted for incivility.]

      • Population exchanges have occurred before.

        I would offer to exchange all the Muslims of Europe for MENA and Pakistani Christians.

        Throw in USA as well.

      • I agree with total deportation. Things will have to get very bad before enough people understand the necessity of that happening. Lots of bloodletting everywhere. It will be ugly. I hope there are enough sensible people left with courage and resources to bring it about.

    • What is wrong with people is that they aren’t convinced that, if you die as a Muslim, Jesus Christ sends you to hell.

      • Your theological statement is your own. It can be neither proved nor disproved.

        However, GoV isn’t the appropriate forum for your assertion since we’re not concerned here with the Afterlife.

        We’re a diverse group; you will find a whole passel of firm beliefs on this subject. However, your assertion regarding “what is wrong with people” – never mind your conclusion about their final end – is not welcome here. Mainly because it offers nothing in the way of solutions, further thought, etc. It’s the equivalent of fecal matter in the punch bowl, i.e., a dialogue-stopper.

        Here are the problematic issues for those you would have respond to your statement:

        Some of us don’t believe in deciding for Jesus, out loud and ahead of time, what he will do and to whom he’d do it;
        some of us don’t believe in Jesus or hell;
        some of us believe in hell but don’t believe in Jesus;
        some of us believe in Jesus but don’t believe in hell.

        And any other permutations on your assertion re “what’s wrong with people”.

        If you truly believe your assertion, I strongly urge you to take catechesis classes in the denomination of your choice. One of the things you’ll learn is some interesting material on what constitutes a “teachable moment”. This isn’t a place you’ll ever find any such moments but I’ll bet life its ownself (as they say in Baja Oklahoma) will provide you with numerous such moments.

        Notice that Jesus waited for people to come to him. He never chased anyone.

  13. I sometimes wonder if resisting the Islamisation of the West is actually worth the time and trouble. One glaring point strikes me; the people resisting are not young (in the main) and as a result are not doing it for themselves but for the young and new born. Unfortunately, the first people to screech “racist” at the self-sacrificial and ageing resistance movement are the propagandised and wholly ungrateful young. The cultural atmosphere young people are now raised in is one of stifling political correctness. It is all they breathe, all they absorb, all they imbibe from cradle to graduation day. Self-esteem is dinned into them every step of the way, but part of that self-love or self-esteem is based purely on their desire to love themselves for their tolerance and virtue. How can one develop a healthy self-esteem if peer pressure and every outlet of supposed authority label a realistic attitude toward cultural survival as racist, hateful and Islamophobic? Their suicidal groupthink revolves only around a love of themselves and they simply couldn’t love themselves if they admitted into their minds the ideology necessary for cultural (and racial) survival.

    The young are lost. Betrayed at every turn and betrayed by every institution that influences their social, educational and moral development. They are all happily declaring “gravity poses no threat to modern liberal mankind” whilst sitting on a school bus being driven at a slow speed toward the edge of a cliff. Woe betide the educated adult who asks the teacher behind the steering wheel to change course or stop.

    I’m sorry if I sound defeatist about this, but given the indoctrinational power wielded by the all-powerful PC state I don’t see where the all-too-necessary revolution will come from, given the stark fact that revolutions are always carried out by the young.

    If we could muster the over 60s to the barricades we could have a revolution tomorrow but for obvious reasons such a revolution might not be terribly successful what with many of us oldsters forgetting the time and place agreed to meet or indeed what we even agreed to meet about……..

    I would love to hear from some twentysomethings (and younger) who think I am wrong about this!

    • Paul, I’m not quite a 20-something, being just over 30, but I can tell you that among many 20-30 people I know, the anti-Islam feeling is HUGE. The only catch is that they’re all Polish. But the feeling is there… and especially high among Poles living in the West. In the last Polish elections in October last year, among the many (and mostly young) UK-based Poles, the 2 most anti-Islam parties, Kukiz and KORWiN, came 1st and 3rd respectively. The winning party, PiS, itself described as hard-right and anti-migrant, came only second. The previous, pro-EU governing party PO was a distant 4th.

      I’d also be interested to hear from young people in France, Germany and Sweden. From what I hear, many members of AfD in Germany and SD in Sweden are young – while in France, Generation Identaire has quite a following and has performed some quite brave actions.

      Why should the young be concerned? Quite simply, because it’s our future, which we’ll have to live through. My grandad in Poland says he would hate to be growing up now – but he’s not quite as concerned about Islam as about, say, Russia and Putin. Possibly because he may be too old to see the worst impact of Islam. But there are youth concerned about Islam out there – true, probably more of us in Eastern Europe, but also in the West – as can be seen on forums like studentroom.

      Btw, good speech you gave in New York!

    • Paul, You can’t feel this way. You are one of our leaders. We refuse to let you be immobilized by depression. Stop! Besides, civilization has been through all this before and we have fought Islam many times and done OK. And dystrophic policitical forces have been acting on our kids for thousands of years and they pull through and build pyramids and create math Theory of Groups (Galois at @20 yrs).

    • Paul, 23 year old here, and you’re not entirely wrong. My generation is one of the most coddled, self-entitled, and spoiled in recent history, and often I’m ashamed to be growing up alongside them. We stamp our feet when we don’t get what we want, we cry and plug our ears at differing opinions, and we rely on the bank of Mommy and Daddy to foot our bills (granted that’s also because of the terrible economy). A great swath of us are complete cowards who have had it too good for too long, and don’t appreciate having to toil and suffer for freedom.

      BUT, please don’t write all of us off! As Green Infidel pointed out, many people my age and slightly older are worried about how things are going, are worried about how we’re going to live through this and our children’s future, and are determined to fight and possibly die to resist this. While there are too many Millenials who fit my above description, I’d argue there’s an equal amount like me who are horrified at what’s happening, but our voices often get drowned out by the much shriller others. There are thousands of us young people, yes thousands. Will our efforts be enough? Time will tell. But, I know not all of us 20 somethings will go quietly into the night.

      By the way, I saw that you recently visited Quebec! It was great to see you come to Canada, and if you ever come back, do come visit us Anglos next time! I would love to make it out to any speech you have.

      • To be fair I get the impression that, at least here in Britain, “millenials” just out of university have not got it easy. Thanks to globalisation, there’s less and less jobs, while thanks to immigration the cost of housing gets higher and higher. So yes, mummy and daddy’s bank accounts are often the crucial factor for undergraduates, or recent graduate jobseekers. I’m not sure what the situation’s like where you are (from your username, I’m guessing you’re Canadian?), but I would probably not want to be graduating, and on the job market with no work experience, right now in Britain.

        • Oh absolutely, which is why I mentioned the terrible economy being part and parcel of that. It’s no different in Canada; I myself have been struggling to find a job that isn’t dead-end, part-time, or based on six-month contracts. Long-term careers with mobility and a chance of making a decent income are hard to come by these days. Among my friends, anyone with even the most basic of benefits is looked upon with envy!

          • That sounds bad. I’m not sure what profession you’re looking to work in, but the best thing imo is to apply for every opportunity you can, even if it’s not a great one… you can always look for another job in the meantime, while the experience will always be good for the CV. Also, are you necessarily wanting to stay in your area? If no, it may also be worth looking further afield. Eg in the large multinational for which I worked in Poland, there were many people also from Europe, US, Canada and Australia. The pay may not have been great, but cost of living was also a lot cheaper and also a fun lifestyle to be had living in Warsaw. That’s just one example – doubtless there’s many other similar places and possibilities.

          • Here in the U.S., kids who should never be in a four year college are being pushed through in a corrupt arrangement between govt and the “university” system. There are enormous amounts of money to be made in housing these kids for four years and then burdening them with student loans that are often bigger than they’ll ever be able to pay off.

            It’s positively evil. Kids with their B.A. in history working in car washes and living with their parents.

            Many young people are starting to form housing co-ops where everyone has a room and bath, common areas to be shared are kitchen, living areas. Assisted living isn’t just for old people any more.

            The real level of unemployment is probably 25% or higher. And the cultural historian, Fred Siegel, says that real wages in the middle class have remained flat since 1975. 1975!!

            We are in a depression that won’t be admitted until Obama is out of office. This young cohort is living on the fumes of their parents’ acquired assets but they won’t be able to assemble any of their own to pass on to their children. Just one more reason NOT to have children anyway, i.e., the sinking feeling that there will be no money with which to raise them.

    • As I put it in an old essay, by and large for the youth throughout the West, tolerance for Islam and for Muslims is cool. The Cool Factor is enormously powerful, culturally speaking.

      Another commenter above noted this as well, and put it well:

      What chills me even more is this kind of love affair Millenials seem to have with Islam, even if they’re decidedly non-Muslim. It’s cool and enlightened and perversely a sort of status symbol to flirt with Islamic customs. Christianity is the despised, tired religion of everything “wrong” with Western society. Islam in their minds is the avant garde, a perfect representation of the new multicultural reality.

      Perhaps more important than detailed arguments and education about the history, text and news concerning Islam, would be the day that tolerance of Islam loses its cool.

      The Dynamic of Cool

    • “The young are lost. Betrayed at every turn and betrayed by every institution that influences their social, educational and moral development.”

      I should disagree with you. It is not the young and very young to blame. This is not another cultural awakening revolution of the ’60s, and that was just an extended version of bolshevism. While the youths in those years found it “cool” to wear che gevara t-shirts and riot against the State, the older generations were just building their Marxist empire in the fog of that chaos.

      Would you blame five-grade-and-on students for the education? Or the school, the system, the state and ultimately the parents? The brainwashing is coming down like a pyramid of generations of parenting and offspring. The old prepare the new to take over. If this happens up in the MC system, it also happens in the society cells. Each generation will retain and distribute more over to the next. Those 13-year-old children gave their answers. But how far would they be from their parents’ answers?

    • I’m 27 and I believe you’re right.

      Most people I know would convert immediately.
      Very few would fight and the others would sabotage the effort.

      Most young people are idiots. They use the “crusade card” to point out that “christians did bad things to” when you’re talking about the lattest massacre by the religion of peace.

      I know a few who are not idiots but are delusional in the sense they believe that europeans will rise if the terrorist attacks in european cities continue. They won’t.

      Europeans are brainwashed from birth to believe weapons of any sort are bad. There are draconian laws even to get a decorative sword to put on the wall. In most european countries only olympic athletes can have handguns. Hunting rifles are not easy to get both for bureaucratic and financial reasons.

      So we have a generation in which the majority doesn’t see the danger and is unwilling to fight. The few who would do it can only use kitchen knives or baseball bats.

      This is what I see in my country, one of the few places on earth where the muslim invaders were expelled. Unfortunatelly politically correct school doesn’t teach all the horror and humiliation people have suffered under islam’s dominance.

    • One of my friends sons was watching a screening of The Kite Runner in school. During the Q & A, the students were asked for their opinions. Being a total smart a$$ like his old man, he replied “Do Afghans actually enjoy making male children dance before raping them? That’s really sick.”. Needless to say, a trip to the principal’s office was in store for him. Totally worth it if you ask me. They don’t all drink the poison Kool Aid.

    • Paul, you talk of the over 60’s knowing the score, maybe they do in “merrie England”, not so here in Canada.
      I’m 81, live in one of Canada’s largest gated communities, and have to say most of the residents here are as ‘dumb as they come’ re. islam and the threat it poses thanks to our leaders!

      I thank you for doing what you do, and hope you prevail; but I fear the outlook is bleak, as people do not appear to be waking up—anywhere.

    • My son is 20 and he fully appreciates the depravity of Islam.He is constantly argues with peers who have Muslim friends , refusing to accept their apologist appeasement of Islam.

      So not all young men find the thought of abusing women and girls appealing .

      But no doubt many young men who are unsuccessful in attracting Western women find the notion of Islam and the subjugation and brutalization of women and girls deeply appealing.

    • I’m sorry I came late to this thread. I’ve been sick with spring allergies, but I want to reply to you, Paul. You are an enlightened and brave man and I respect you and your work. It’s a hard road we take, fighting evil incarnate who carries the black flag of death.

      I take heart from the story of David and Goliath. And try to keep in mind that history doesn’t travel in a straight line. There will be forces and factors that come into play that we can never imagine. Some of these will be on our side. And if we are clever, we will use them to our advantage.

      Perhaps it’s time for your to take some time off from your counter-jihad work and go sit beside the ocean, a river, a rushing waterfall, walk through a forest and meadows. Rest your soul awhile. We need you.

  14. You could blame the parents of these kids that wouldn’t hesitate to convert to Islam, but what about the religious leaders? What can you say about the head of Christendom in Catholic Europe, the Pope, commemorating Jesus by washing the feet of Muslim refugees and extorting European Christians to accept even more invaders into their midst? What about all these Protestant leaders who open their doors for Muslim worship but will consider anyone who wants to teach them about Christianity a bigot? Wasn’t there a recent article on GofV to this effect? Then you have Jewish leaders who say that because of what Hitler did to the Jews in the past, Europe and America must open their doors to Muslim “refugees” that have made being a Jew in the Western world, especially in Western Europe, more dangerous than it has ever been since the days of Nazi Germany?

    If all of our religious leaders have pre-emptively surrendered to Islam, and will gladly sell us out to Islam in the name of multicultural coexistence, what is the future of the last remnants of believing Jews and Christians who will fight for their millennia-old cultures, civilizations and religions?

  15. Mo the invader would probably get some traction in the coastal big cities. When he confronts the God, Guns, and Gold culture of the other 90% of US territory he is going to realize he has stepped in it big time. We will [intemperate predictions redacted]. We will do all kinds of politically incorrect things to Mo. We will [intemperate description redacted].
    When we are done with Mo we will turn to deal with what is left of what made Mo’s inroads possible in the first place. Many a Subaru will have its COEXIST sticker forcibly removed on that day I can tell you.

  16. I too agree that the cradle to graduation, Marxist, PC indoctrination for children, which relies on fluid gender identity, pushed sexual permiscuity, and many other mind boggling, brain warps, has resulted in a generation desperate for boundaries. It reminds me of when I was a teenager and my parents gave me no curfew or set restrictions, but were heated when I came home one night after midnight. I was confused to say the least.

    I think this younger generation is also confused. Public education and the PC media walk in lock-step constantly pushing the moral compass out of whack. Most yearn for structure despite what the masters of MTV and the likes of Soros, espouse to their naive consumers. Islam inserts itself here. The hip hop culture, already a hot bed of testosterone bombs and women degradation, is a natural precursor to neck beards and monkey suits.

    I’m a new mother and have decided that my child will forgo public schooling for all the reasons mentioned above. PC signaling has become more important than Voltaire (irrelevant white guy of course). I’m sad to say that this “Age of Enlightenment,” er cultural suicide, will be due to the vacuum left by white hate and DIEversity.

    • “… due to the vacuum left by white hate …”

      I don’t get your point, but I do hope you were talking about hate AGAINST the white. Anything else is part of the MC propaganda, which has been identifying all types of minorities and led them to break their chains of oppression exercised by the white majority.

      No, the youths of today don’t object against the MC concepts. It is cool to post a pink ribbon and be a feminist and gender neutral as it is to post a crying meme after each terrorist attack and still blame the hate speech. It is cool to repost any “divided by borders, united by diversity” slogan as it is to be apologetic for the “marginalized Muslim communities.”

      Check the latest “You are not the Germans” video produced by national TV in Germany. If the youths object to something, it’s the old structure and the old values. Adhering to Islam is just as cool for them as identifying themselves as gey or feminists.

      All concepts are inseparable.

    • I too find it interesting that you hear more black people in America referring to Allah, or Islam, without them actually understanding what the 80% of mosques in the U.S. actually teach. Think the police are treating you unfairly now? Just wait until Mohammed and his followers pass judgment on you. Thieves get their hands cut off, drug addicts get beheaded, adulterers get stoned. Makes the “racist” white society look totally permissive in comparison.

  17. I believe the commentators on here are absolutely right. I expect, though I don’t necessarily predict, a mass-conversion of Europeans to Islam.

    They will convert, because they are totally oblivious that after death comes judgement, and that Christ sends people to hell for professing Islam.

  18. Assuming you’re correct, there WILL be a mass-conversion of Europeans to Islam.

    • The mass-conversion will be a slow process. If Europe has nothing with which to defend itself, then it will go under.

      • The process has already started. My guess is that as resistance to PCMC decreases, the process will accelerate. 40 years from now, the West could be completely unrecognisable.

        • You have to ask yourself whether Russia can afford to have an extension of ISIS on its western border, with all the infrastructure and technical know-how to wage large-scale warfare.

          If the Russians looked west and saw the Europeans converting to Islam as fast as the Mexicans converted to Christianity, then they’d have an overwhelming interest in firing their nuclear weapons at European cities.

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