Geert Wilders in Brussels: “We Are the Vanguard of a Powerful Worldwide Movement”

Last Friday Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, spoke at an event in Brussels at the invitation of Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest), the Flemish separatist party.

Mr. Wilders’ speech in the video below is unabashedly patriotic, calling out to both Dutch and Flemish patriots to reclaim their countries.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:10   Thank you very much.
00:24   Friends of Vlaams Belang, it’s great being here tonight.
00:30   With your permission I want to begin as follows:
00:35   They won’t tame him, the proud Flemish lion!
00:48   I’m proud to be amongst so many Flemish lions!
00:55   A word of thanks to your great chairman Tom van Grieken.
01:01   Thank you, Tom, for inviting me here tonight.
01:05   And of course a word of thanks to my old friend Filip Dewinter.
01:22   It’s great to be in Brussels.
01:26   Brussels, as you know, is the ancient capital of The Netherlands.
01:31   Today, without doubt or debate, the capital of Flanders.
01:44   A number of Flemings work for the PVV in The Hague.
01:50   I have to be honest, we like them a lot. Sometimes they work harder than the Dutch.
01:56   They aren’t bowled over easily.
02:00   Only when you insult them by calling them Belgians.
02:06   That makes them very angry.
02:15   Tonight, I’ll do my best not to make you angry.
02:19   We’re together here at an historical moment.
02:23   What’s going on in Europe? What’s going on in the world?
02:28   A political upheaval.
02:32   A political revolution, if you like. Of course without violence, democratic.
02:39   But it scares the establishment. In America, it’s Donald Trump. He is the symbol there.
02:50   In Europe, we are that symbol: you and I.
02:54   It’s the beginning of the patriotic spring.
02:58   Everywhere around us you hear the voices of patriots.
03:04   In America, in France, with our friend Marine Le Pen.
03:10   The woman with bigger balls than my and your prime minister put together!
03:25   In Austria as well as Italy with the FPÖ and Lega Nord.
03:30   In Germany, where prime minister Angela Merkel next week
03:34   will take a terrible beating in local elections.
03:39   I say: “Angela, schafft es nicht.” [it cannot be done]
03:49   Of course the patriotic voice can be heard in The Netherlands
03:54   as well as here in beautiful Flanders. The voice of the people can be heard everywhere.
04:00   A voice that gets louder all the time. A voice saying: “We no longer accept it.”
04:07   We no longer remain silent. This is our country, and we won’t let it be taken away from us.
04:13   Enough is enough. My friends, I was asked to talk about freedom of speech.
04:23   I’ll do that gladly. For Islam and freedom don’t go together.
04:29   Freedom of speech has everything to do with our patriotic spring.
04:35   It’s the trigger.
04:38   It’s our main weapon.
04:41   Something we don’t give away.
04:44   Freedom of speech is the gatekeeper of democracy. It guarantees not just the elite can say something,
04:52   but also common folk.
04:55   We are gathered here tonight at a symbolic spot.
05:01   We are, in a way, between a rock and a hard place.
05:06   Geographically, between the two places that are the biggest dangers
05:11   for freedom of speech and democracy.
05:18   On the one hand, Islam. On the other, the politically correct cultural relativism.
05:26   Just three kilometres away is the Gaza strip of Western Europe.
05:33   Europe’s Mecca of Jihadism. You know it under the name Molenbeek.
05:45   In Molenbeek 40% of the population is Islamic.
05:52   In Molenbeek we see what happens to a beautiful old Flemish village
05:57   if you give mass migration a blank cheque.
06:00   If you don’t set any requirement for assimilation.
06:03   The original population flees
06:06   and Islam, in its blackest shape, replaces them.
06:11   There, in Molenbeek, the terror attacks were planned that cost hundreds of innocent lives in Paris.
06:21   As was the horrific attack on the Jewish museum here in Brussels in 2014,
06:27   as well as the failed attack on the Thalys between Amsterdam and Paris.
06:32   All planned in Molenbeek, last year. On the other side, another grave danger
06:44   The headquarters of the European Union.
06:48   The monster that wants to rob all the nations of Europe of their identities.
06:55   The European Union forces mass migration, the asylum tsunami, and Islamisation on us.
07:05   It’s changing all of Europe into one gigantic Molenbeek.
07:11   That’s where we are. You and I.
07:15   On this spot, between Molenbeek and the Babylonian towers of the EU on Schuman square.
07:22   Here we stand: the patriots fighting for our country.
07:27   We only have one weapon: freedom of speech.
07:34   The weapon with which we say the truth and nothing but the truth about Islam.
07:43   We only have one goal.
07:46   A goal, magnificently phrased by Marnix van Sint Aldegonde,
07:53   a Fleming, born in Brussels.
07:57   In our national anthem The Wilhelmus he describes it beautifully:
08:02   To expel tyranny.
08:05   That’s our goal. To expel the tyranny of political correctness.
08:11   We’re tired of that.
08:14   The tyranny of leaders who set themselves apart, and want to import half of Africa and the Middle East.
08:21   That tyranny we want to expel.
08:24   The tyranny of political elites, the Junckers, the Timmermans,
08:29   and of course your sad blue rabbit Guy Verhofstadt.
08:42   I should say: that sad blue rabbit in particular! Get rid of him!
08:47   They are the mastodons of the past. We want to move on to the future.
08:54   And you know, this coming Monday, a top-level meeting will be held
09:01   by the European government leaders with the Turks.
09:05   Our future will be debated there.
09:08   Behind closed doors and without your knowledge.
09:14   In three days the prime ministers of the Low Countries, Charles Michel and Mark Rutte
09:20   will sell us to the Turkish sultan and dictator Erdogan, who can’t even spell the word freedom.
09:28   They squander our national interests.
09:37   I’ll tell you what would be said by Marine Le Pen, Tom van Grieken and me if we were at that table.
09:48   The first thing we would do would be to close our national borders immediately.
10:00   We wouldn’t spend our money on asylum seekers but our own people.
10:08   On our own pensions. On our own welfare. On our own workers and employers.
10:15   On our own elderly. On our own security.
10:18   That is what would be debated on Monday! Alas, on Monday Tom, Marine and I won’t be there.
10:26   A bunch of political cowards will be there, offering Turkey millions of euros.
10:32   Who offer visa-free travel to Turkey.
10:35   Who negotiate about Turkish membership in the EU.
10:40   With a country as unreliable as Turkey, which consequently will send millions of refugees.
10:54   My friends, our fight isn’t an easy one and not without danger.
11:04   You can see it tonight with your own eyes.
11:07   We’re in a highly secured place surrounded by armed policemen.
11:13   They protect us. It’s sad. Sad that this is necessary.
11:18   They protect us against people who are led by Koranic verses such as sura 47:4
11:26   “Whenever you meet unbelievers in battle, cut off their heads.”
11:33   Or sura 8:60: “Prepare to terrorize Allah’s enemies”.
11:39   Of course not all Muslims are terrorists. I know that.
11:44   But most terrorists today are adherents of Islam.
11:49   Something that has to be said. That’s why we have freedom of speech.
11:54   Of course those terrorists are a minority within Islam in our countries.
12:01   But that minority can count on majority support.
12:06   And that is something that has to be said as well! That, too, is why we have freedom of speech.
12:25   Three-quarters of Dutch Muslims see Dutch Muslims fighting Jihad in Syria as heroes.
12:32   Three-quarters of Dutch Muslims see jihadis in Syria as heroes.
12:39   Fighters in Syria aren’t heroes.
12:42   Do you know who are the real heroes?
12:45   The heroes are voters for Vlaams Belang.
12:49   The heroes are the voters for the Party For Freedom. They deserve your applause.
13:05   Our volunteers. Those are the heroes.
13:08   Anyone who dares to say the truth about Islam, and protect others against Islam.
13:15   Those are the heroes. The policemen here protecting us. The people who protect us and our message.
13:24   Against the people who ignore our freedom of speech.
13:28   Give them a warm round of applause!
13:41   I have lived under police protection for over eleven years. Always. Everywhere.
13:50   Within my country and abroad.
13:53   Privacy? I know how to spell it.
13:57   Personal freedom? I don’t have it. Empty my own letterbox? I’m not allowed to do that.
14:04   Shopping with my wife, or going to a movie — these are matters that have to be planned far in advance.
14:12   For which dozens of policemen are necessary.
14:17   Why do I tell you this? Not to ask for your sympathy,
14:22   but to show you how important it is that we fight again every day for our freedom.
14:28   For as long as we have freedom.
14:31   For, dear friends, freedom is not self-evident.
14:36   That’s something I have learned.
14:39   Appreciate that. Appreciate it now. And fight for it.
14:42   Every day anew, not when you have lost it.
14:46   Our freedom, your freedom, the freedom of your children is at stake.
14:55   Our freedom is not only threatened by Islam.
14:59   Our elite threatens our freedom.
15:03   Wants to limit it. Exactly two weeks from today, on Friday 18 March, I appear again in court.
15:13   I’m being prosecuted for asking PVV sympathizers whether they want more or fewer Moroccans in our country.
15:23   If I were to ask the same today about Syrians, I’d probably get a Nobel Peace Prize.
15:37   Just about any government leader wants that.
15:42   That legal case against me is a political trial.
15:46   To silence me. It’s to silence people who say the truth.
15:54   You may know that thousands of accusations appeared after my statement.
16:00   On pre-printed forms. Handed out in mosques.
16:05   Filled in at police stations, where my political opponents appeared en masse.
16:10   Often led by the mayor. Now they demand money for immaterial damage.
16:17   It can’t get any crazier than that. Non-western aliens, and certainly not least of all Moroccans are,
16:25   as we are well aware, over-represented in crime statistics and the dole.
16:30   That costs us billions annually.
16:33   I should get money from them!
16:45   I ask myself: what do those people want to achieve? Those who accused me.
16:50   Do they really think they can take away my freedom?
16:53   Forget it. Which freedom?
16:56   The only freedom that remains to me is freedom of speech.
17:00   They will never take that away from me.
17:03   No judge can do that.
17:06   I’ll always speak the truth.
17:09   Also, or I should say: even when, the politically correct Netherlands doesn’t want to hear it.
17:15   Do they think they can stop the patriotic spring?
17:21   Forget it! That genie is also out of the bottle and won’t crawl back into it.
17:28   For you, I, we, don’t represent ourselves. We represent millions in our countries.
17:37   Not only in The Netherlands and Flanders. Worldwide.
17:42   Look around you. Everywhere. More and more people resist.
17:47   The elites are clearly panicking.
17:51   They want judges to forbid opinions.
17:54   I say to them: courts can’t stop ideas.
18:00   Not in North Korea and not in The Netherlands.
18:04   There is also a double standard. Recently a labor leader, the sister party of our SPA,
18:15   wanted me dead. He wrote, and I quote:
18:20   “We all hope that Wilders dies, by a heart attack in bed.
18:24   Whether or not between the legs of a left wing politician.
18:28   If a bullet has to be used, I hope it’s big enough to carry
18:34   the message: ‘from a grateful Dutch people.’”
18:38   Thank you, socialists. Last week, a youth leader of left-liberal D66 in Friesland made threats against me.
18:49   A man with the ancient Frisian name ‘Mahir Mohammed’.
19:01   He wrote, and I quote: “Geert Wilders, do come to Drachten.
19:06   I will shoot a bullet through your f***ing head. I’ll cut you open. And I’ll feed you to the pigs.
19:12   Your fellow species. You’ll be murdered anyway. Let me do it.”
19:18   Thank you, democrats. I thought: now those pre-printed forms will show up again.
19:25   Now those mayors once more lead columns of angry citizens in skirts and beards to police stations.
19:32   Now our prime minister will say again this is a disgrace.
19:37   Nothing. Nothing at all happened.
19:40   The silence was deafening.
19:43   Not only is that hypocritical, but it also means my trial is a political trial.
19:51   In the meantime we’re at a turning point in history.
19:56   The established order, I prefer to call them the elites,
20:00   think they deal with a few dissatisfied citizens. That they can ignore them.
20:05   They don’t realize we are the vanguard of a powerful worldwide movement.
20:11   For millions of citizens, everywhere, don’t feel represented in our democracy.
20:19   There is a real crisis. In Flanders. In The Netherlands. In France. In the United Kingdom.
20:26   In Austria. In Italy. Everywhere in Europe.
20:29   What do I say? Everywhere in the Free West. People aren’t just
20:34   worried about the economic crisis. Or the refugee crisis.
20:37   There’s a lot more going on. It’s an existential crisis.
20:43   Will our country exist in ten years? Will our culture be ours?
20:49   Will we become a minority in our own country?
20:54   Can our daughters walk safely on the street? More and more people are, justifiably, worried about that.
21:03   Those who read books by Oriana Fallaci, a great writer, who regrettably died ten years ago,
21:10   know that in her book “The Power of Reason” she brilliantly explained, back then in 2006,
21:18   why more and more people revolt.
21:21   She wrote, I quote: “It’s a battle whose purpose is to defend
21:27   our own soil, our own house,
21:32   our own children, our own dignity, yes, our very existence.”
21:37   I say to you: listen carefully, you crazy elites at Schuman square,
21:43   The scatterbrains of our national governments, it’s inevitable that millions of citizens
21:50   will participate in our patriotic spring.
21:54   That’s why those people come to us, in large numbers.
21:58   That’s why they reject you.
22:01   We are the spring.
22:04   We represent reason.
22:08   We are the future. We don’t want a tsunami of refugees.
22:12   We don’t want Islamisation. We don’t want open borders.
22:16   Flanders must remain Flanders. The Netherlands must remain The Netherlands.
22:21   Flanders and The Netherlands together, that’s fine by me.
22:45   Believe me: nobody can stop us.
22:49   For the simple reason that reason itself cannot be stopped.
22:54   People realize very well our governments make matters worse.
22:59   People realize very well that nobody listens to them.
23:04   That the democratic deficit in European fake-parliaments is enormous.
23:10   The elites who want to muzzle us are about to collapse.
23:15   They have been found wanting.
23:20   The European Union and Schengen are falling apart.
23:25   The sooner they collapse, the better.
23:29   We offer an alternative. On our banner we have three important concepts:
23:36   Sovereignty, identity, freedom.
23:41   Those concepts are our answer to the existential crisis we’re in.
23:49   Sovereignty means we no longer want to give our country away to the European Union.
23:56   We must once again become master of our own country.
24:00   Our own money. Our own borders.
24:05   Identity means we refuse to stand by while our civilization is destroyed.
24:10   While our beautiful Flanders, beautiful Netherlands, our beautiful fatherland is Islamised even further.
24:16   Freedom means that citizens decide for themselves.
24:23   That they can speak the truth. That they can state their opinion.
24:28   Without being dragged into court or threatened.
24:33   That also means we must introduce more direct democracy.
24:38   With legislative referendums to correct, as often as necessary, our national governments.
24:44   I promise you that when I, next year, become prime minister,
24:49   I will return The Netherlands to the Dutch.
24:52   And if you want it, together with Flanders.
25:24   My friends, I conclude: Spring is coming. The winter of our discontent is nearly over.
25:34   More and more Flemings and Dutchmen support us. In The Netherlands
25:39   my party has for months been the largest party in the polls.
25:42   In Flanders, Vlaams Belang is growing as well.
25:48   That’s proof for us: we are the future.
25:54   The future is for the brave. The future is for heroes.
26:00   And you here, all of you, are those heroes.
26:05   Thank you very much.

7 thoughts on “Geert Wilders in Brussels: “We Are the Vanguard of a Powerful Worldwide Movement”

  1. It brings a tear to your eye, to think of the thousands of people who died during WWII. To see the elite betray their memory by turning our countries into a meltdown hellhole. And to see one man stand up and speak the truth.

  2. A while back Gates of Vienna had asked for suggestion from readers to come up with a name for the people’s resistance to the Islamization of their countries and the fight to save their nations from the encroaching tyranny of the ruling elite allowing it.

    Geert Wilders just supplied us with it — Patriotic Spring!

    It’s a brilliant way to phrase it. It’s simple and gets right to the heart of the matter: a regeneration of the indigenous peoples of Europe, a renewal in its earliest stages. It’s an optimistic call to action. Politically astute. Great speech.

    H. Numan crafted an excellent English translation; he must know the language well. The English syntax read very naturally to this native speaker. Kudos. (And to Vlad for the subtitling!)

    • Heartly agree with your suggestion! Geert Wilders at least brings rational thinking and concern for his OWN people to the table, which should be the first consideration of any politician. Let us hope the the good folk in Holland vote him into power at the earliest opportunity. We are going to need him and a powerful Patriotic Spring movement urgently when you watch the painful spectacle of EU leaders currently jumping through hoops and kow towing to the naked BLACKMAIL of Turkey in the hope of stemming the migrant crisis/invasion!

  3. If Geert gains political control of Holland he can go far beyond the borders of his nation in influencing that Patriotic Spring he speaks of.

    Real freedom of speech and real democratic representation are a winning combination not just in this truly existential battle for European cultural survival – but in avoiding future instances of abhorrent policies being imposed upon democratic majorities by a self interest chasing ruling elite.

  4. If only our own government would be returned to the people and the mongers that are in there now abolished and tromped upon as they have done to the majority of americans. They do not support us as we should be. They are giving our country to those who infiltrate the honest imigrants who need help. We are slowly going under and our government just looks the other way while they fill their own coffers in hopes that they will be honored for helping the islamic occupation that will turn on them in the end. MAY ALL OF THOSE WHO VOTE TAKE HEED THAT THE ONLY WAY TO GET OUR GREEDY GOVERNMENT TURNED AROUND IS TO VOTE TRUMP INTO THE PRESIDENCY AND HELP ABOLISH THOSE THAT CONTINUE TO GET RICH OFF OUR TAXES OF HARD HARD EARNED MONEY OF THE PEOPLE SO THAT IT WILL AT LEAST SEE A CLASH THAT MAY THROW SOME INSIGHT INTO THE CATASTROPHIC MESS THEY HAVE MADE OF AMERICA BEFORE THERE IS NOTHING LEFT FOR THOSE OF US THAT WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK . Listen to the words of the speech that embelishes “THE PATRIOTIC SPRING” Geert Wilders, Leader of the Party for Freedom, in the Netherlands.

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