Teach Your Children Well, Part 3

We posted yesterday about the 14-year-old (now turned 15) “German” mujahidette who attacked and severely wounded a police officer at a train station in Hannover. The young zealot was angry because she was prevented from traveling to Syria and joining the Islamic State, so she decided to take it out on Germany by stabbing a policeman.

The following article from Bild provides some additional details. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Knife attack on police officer in Hannover

Offender (15) is ISIS follower

The bloody knife attack on a police officer in Hannover was a terror attack by a young 15-year-old ISIS follower. Because she couldn’t fight in Syria with ISIS, she wanted to kill a cop. It was a malevolent attack.

On Friday two federal police officers wanted to screen a student with a hijab at the main train station. A spokesman for the police told BILD: “Her eyes followed the police with a glaring stare. You can see that on the surveillance video. That was why our colleagues decided to screen her.”

When the student was spoken to, she first silently handed over her ID to the cops.

Spokesman: “When the officer then turned slightly to his side, to screen her ID, she stabbed the officer with a knife in her right hand, with lightning speed. The officer had no chance to defend himself; he was specifically targeted. And now we know: an Islamist attack on our police.”

The other police officer was able to thwart the attempted flight of the offender, and he subdued her.

His colleague underwent emergency surgery. The 6-cm-long knife penetrated his neck deeply. The spokesman: “It is a miracle he survived.”

The officers immediately noted: “The offender seemed ice-cold. Her only worry was that her hijab was slightly askew; she immediately wanted to set her hijab straight after the arrest. Whether or not the officer survived, she didn’t care.”

Apparently the district attorney’s office has been investigating the 15-year-old since November 2015 for planning a state-endangering crime. Radicalized in Germany with Moroccan roots, the student wanted to travel to Syria and join ISIS.

She had apparently already spent time in the Turkish-Syrian border area. Reportedly her mother just recently brought the 15-year-old back to Germany. The district attorney confirmed to BILD: “We established an investigative team, and are now assuming an Islamist base.”

24 thoughts on “Teach Your Children Well, Part 3

  1. so tell me again what is the point of inviting these people into Europe? In 1683, people at least knew why not to invite them. We’ve all become a lot more stupid in the interval since then. Seemingly.

    • Absolutely correct, Mariadee. For over 1300 years people knew moslems were the enemy—not any more.

      Or to put that another way; the people DO know, but our so-called leaders, with either complete stupidity or a nefarious agenda, seem not to know. (apparently they have all signed on to the NWO, Coudenhove-Kalergi stupidity)

  2. >>Her only worry was that her hijab was slightly askew; she immediately wanted to set her hijab straight after the arrest.

    Well, I’m glad that ISIS can’t wash every feminine instinct out of her.

  3. No comments! Just action! Put them all in a bus, whatever, and send them to “their “glorious ” and bloody hell homeland forever! Please Europe, you’re already late!
    Ass.: a christian and brazilian friend

    • This one wanted to leave of her own accord. If they won’t let one of them leave then what hope is there that anyone would force anyone to leave?

      If these government idiots had any sense they’d always let the jihadis leave and just refuse to let them come back.

      And it seems to me that the idea of trying to “protect the children” stops making sense when the children are this dangerous to others. It’s other people who need protecting.

      • That’s exactly what Geert Wilders says, let them leave, but never come back. I agree. Why would any sane country not follow that sage advice? Note that I used the modifier ‘sane’. Would that we in North America listen!

    • Put “them” on the bus is fine if you can. Leftists are the oldest and most potent enemy. Leftists enable Islamists.

      • Leftists enable Islamists.

        They enable and promote insane policies and ideas. They cling to philosophies that have proved murderous and retrograde wherever they have been tried.

        Leftists are deluded and need numbers of others around them to reinforce their insanity. Their ideas for what others should do or should have done to them are primitive. Some people simply don’t grow up.

        • I seriously wish we could just have a permanent exchange program of some sort with Sweden and others: anyone who doesn’t like the Swedish utopia can come to the US, and anyone in the US who is in love with the Swedish utopia can move to Sweden.

          That way Sweden can get rid of all its “racist neo-Nazis” or whatever they call anyone who isn’t happy with their great consensus, and we can get rid of all the deluded utopians.

        • You slobbered a bibful, dear! (sorry Lady D., just a ‘down-under’ saying for “you got that dead right!”

  4. Thanks to merkel and our muslim sympathizer in chief, hussien obama, the future will hold many such attacks. Whereas the cynical merkel prefers to undermine and attack her countrymen with muslims, obama has opened our borders to every 3rd world country.
    Up to this point, these international socialists think they’re not accountable to their fellow citizens. They are in for a rude awakening.

  5. sardonic. Please leave her alone. When our elected leader say that islam is a peaceful cult, we must believe them even if our senses tell us otherwise because then we won’t have democracy.

    She comes from a war-torn country. Traumatized, she does not know anything but fighting, stabbing and killing. Hey Merkel . . . increase her welfare and even buy her a new hijab, niqab, jilbab, it rhymes with crap.

    I am sure the stabbed officer’s relatives and even him will gladly forgive her and won’t learn a lesson because 1, she is a muslima, 2. traumatized in her backward country, unlike very advanced civilized Europe 3. Is young and not responsible 4. others radicalized her: therefore not her fault, 5. The Germans are also at fault: they did not teach her European Values: to have sex at 11, to drink and use drugs secretly at 12, 6. wear skimpy, play gymnastics and open her legs as far as possible, so that she would have bright gymnastic career, 7. color her hair pink and green to draw attention, 8, pierce her ears in 3 places, her nipples, tongue and Minor Labia, 9. Get cervical cancer at 15.

    You see had she had all these sublime, highbrow values and million others in her original county, they would have been transformed into a democracy of zombies.

    • What are you on about? Merkel grew up in communist Germany, that much is true. Piercings and leg spreading is a figment of your imagination and does not contribute to the discussion.
      A “democracy of zombies” came from E. Germany? I don’t think so…

  6. Dymphna’s comment on an earlier post about this girl got me thinking. She remarked about the use of even unweaned muslim children as sexual objects. I swallowed, and did some googling. I found a fatwa from the late Ayatollah Khomeini which confirms this.

    The innocent might expect the fatwa to prohibit muslims from any sexual activity with a baby or child whatsoever. But no, it helpfully defines what in this demonic ‘religion’ is permissible and what isn’t. Apparently with an unweaned baby or child anything is permissible (including sodomy) except [how shall I put it so as not to invite censorship?] ‘proper adult intercourse’. If the child is physically damaged, that can be put right with financial compensation to the father.

    This made me wonder how many little children and babies have been violated across the Islamic world. I’m sure that in many muslim families this practice is unthinkable. But there are hundreds of millions of muslims living in some of the most culturally benighted places on earth, places where the primitivism of Islam flourishes because it is designed to appeal to man’s worst instincts. I’ve no doubt that the violation of infants occurs, generation upon generation.

    Which gives me a new insight into muslim behaviour. We know that sexual activity with a child makes them over-sexualised. As Dymphna pointed out, this will result in shame, especially in a shame-based society. Does great shame explain why so many young muslim women seek redemption in random acts of violence and self-immolation? We see this in Israel. Women typically turn shame inwards and it ends in self-destruction, so they’re good fodder for suicide bombings.

    Men tend to turn shame outwards as self-justificatory violence. Does this explain the endemic aggression, predatory sexuality and hatred of women of muslim men?

    I’ve always felt that quotation of Islamic texts isn’t enough to explain muslim behaviour. Most muslims don’t read (if they can read) the Koran in their native language. Even Arabic speakers can’t understand classical Arabic. We are probably more versed in their scriptures than the average muslim. It’s the traditional culture created and supported by Islamic scriptures that does the harm, without a single written word needing to be read and comprehended.

    I suspect that the behaviour of muslims needs to be understood as an unconscious product of childhood violation justified by Islam. Self-loathing, hatred and aggression are already present in the souls of many young muslims before they even open a Koran for the first time. Imams and mullahs simply channel the shame into a religiously-sanctioned programme of redemption.

    • In my last paragraph where it says “childhood violation justified by Islam” read “sanctioned by Islam”.

    • “The innocent might expect the fatwa to prohibit muslims from any sexual activity with a baby or child whatsoever.”

      The willfully ignorant.

    • Islam is a shame based ideology, not honor, shame. Therefore, it is a large part of the problem. It’s like normal shame only to the tenth power. Shame = Islam = Culture = Shame = Islam = Culture. And, that doesn’t even include the evil.

    • I described this schema in a comment on a previous post but I think I only mentioned the emotional abuse aspect (“most women are going to hell, you’re morally inferior” etc.). Physical abuse would reinforce it even more.

      Sexual abuse would reinforce it even more especially with the “woman is always to blame for her own abuse” idea.

      There’s more than one way to abuse or traumatize someone. Dyphna’s ACE score survey is probably a good list.

      • Interestingly, the ACE survey focuses on humiliation in childhood as much as it does physical abuse. Which is why many people don’t realize the level of their own injury – or as that group puts it, “adverse experiences”. Usually those humiliations take place at the hands of parents and other caretakers. To EVER betray one’s parent by pointing out their less-than salubrious treatment is often more than a traumatized child/adult can bear.


        The sexual abuse of boys/young men in Islam is universal and pernicious. Since moral development in Islam is arrested at about age 5 or 6 – before what the Catholic Church established as the “age of reason” (about 7 years of age) – being “good” is only about not being caught.

        It’s one of the reasons that primitive tribal cultures – i.e., the larger tribe, not merely the extended family – are so regressive and such low-trust enclaves. And again, that points to the endemic poverty of Islamic polities. A successful economic culture demands high trust in order to function…we were more than a little foolish to believe “democracy” can be exported. It can only grow organically.

        • ‘being “good” is only about not being caught’ – which is why countries like Germany and Sweden are making a big mistake by letting so many migrant criminals back on the streets within 24 hours, or giving them derisory sentences. The lesson learned will be that even being caught carries little disadvantage.

        • I have to admit that I was stupid to think that democracy could be exported before the second gulf war. I seriously did not understand that whole Montesquieu statement of “a republic is based on virtue” and I also didn’t know enough about Islam to know how lacking in democratic virtue it is.

          Even a culture with a peace-promoting religion like Buddhism doesn’t necessarily have the right virtues for democracy. Political instability in Thailand is a good example. Even if the religion is peaceful, it still tends to cause people to think in terms of advocating for themselves and the idea of everyone being like a “little king” who thinks in terms of the good of the whole country when voting doesn’t seem to have caught on.

  7. I’m tired of hearing how these moslems attack and Westerners just can’t defend themselves. The police procedures are woefully inadequate and they are not trained adequately in martial arts. Change the procedures and training to handle the situation!!! How hard is that to understand?!?! Whining about how the mean little moslem girls attacked someone solves nothing. The police are a line of defense. If they don’t even know how to protect themselves, how are they supposed to protect us?! Good grief.

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