Fact-Checking Dhimmi Video-Makers Who Can’t Tell the Koran From the Hadith…

…and don’t understand the difference between someone who lives under the pact (dhimma) and all other non-Muslims.

This video by Dr. David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics is a follow-up to his earlier one debunking the same outfit:

4 thoughts on “Fact-Checking Dhimmi Video-Makers Who Can’t Tell the Koran From the Hadith…

  1. A bit late to care. As we are experiencing, the Muslim invaders have their no go zones, arms dumps, fifth columns of “integrated” in place and on the move. You can’t blame these savages for being convinced we are stupid and they are superior, educated and highly intelligent. How can rational human being inject a lover of death and expect peace? Islam a religion? Bon voyage mon brsve

  2. As the followers of the cult of peace do what they do everywhere they go, it is so reassuring to know that the nuclear plants are being supposedly shut down. A little more vigilance and recall of when back in the day a Paki science fellow employed in liberal Holland had enough access to bring a big one know-how back to Pakistan. Reality is outdoing imagination and paranoid thinking? Again.

  3. The problem with interpreting any religious book is that they are books written by many people over a long period of time. That is under different living conditions; with different emotional temperments.. The Hadith certainly was-even if the Qu’ran was only by one man.

    One can compare the two branches of Islam to the three of Christianity, when talking aout Qu’ranic interpretation too.
    Shi’a is like R. Catholicism or E. Orthodoxy. There a tight structure, with a pope or some clerics at the top..
    Some forms of Sunni are like Protestantism. Where no one person or church hiararchy can determine ‘the truth’. Each Imam/Pastore calls the shots for his flock.

    So what is Islam?! And who says so. But that was a good video

    • You precisely stated a fundamental problem with Islam. No one person speaks for the cult. The issue is that the source is full of very nasty stuff, and depending on who wants to emphasize what, it leads to what we currently see. That being the case, what percentage of terrorists are you willing to let into the country along with all the others that just want to be a productive part of society as best they are able? My answer would be zero. If the ideology is that bad, then no one can come in, because their offspring will always contain a certain percentage of people that prescribe to the nasty bits, and we are left trying to deal with their lunacy.

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