Striking at the Symbolic Heart of Christendom in Cologne

The following guest-essay about the crisis engendered by the Groping Jihad in Cologne was written by Klaus-Jürgen Gadamer and published at Roland Tichy’s website. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation (note: The “Dome” is the term locals in Cologne use to refer to the city’s great cathedral):

Cologne Dome — A Bombardment With Symbolic Power

Klaus-Jürgen Gadamer

From an Arab point of view, what is the symbol of the unbelievers? It is the Christian churches. Therefore, if I want to hit Christian culture in the center, I will bombard their churches.

Quite possibly the German press has yet failed to comprehend the most crucial element. Let’s therefore dare to change perspective, and look at it from the view of Arab culture.

A I write this I am in Burma. In all Burmese and Thai newspapers I can see reports detailing the events on the Cologne Dome Plaza. The dominating tone of these reports is overwhelmingly on why and how Germans could allow it to happen, that their religious symbols and their women were attacked. It is unthinkable in Southeast Asia that temples would be bombarded with fireworks and light rockets, especially by foreigners. One should change perspective here. It is war in Germany, and Germans were generously granted asylum in an Islamic country. Then during an Islamic celebration, 1,000 Germans go on a rampage, attack women, and throw fireworks at mosques. I cannot even begin to imagine the consequences.

The outrage over the completely disrespectful intrusions and criminal activities of North Africans towards women in Cologne was enormous everywhere in the German media. And of course all politically correct media call to defer to the results of the police investigations. But what, exactly, with regard to the offenders, could result in new information? According to all witness testimonies all the offenders were “southern-looking” North Africans. Nobody even spoke of Caucasian people.

So now there are two possibilities of attribution. Either the offenders were North African asylum seekers, or they were naturalized Germans with an Arab background. The latter would make it even worse, because it would mean that integration was a complete and utter failure, which is of course partly the case anyway.

But from the viewpoint of the politically correct media it is of course understandable to relativize the widespread concern of Germans, until other news overshadows this indignation, and there will be no anger boiling over against the manipulating media within the citizenry.

But quite possibly the German press, in their provincial, self-involved perception of everything, they have failed to comprehend the most crucial factor. Let’s again look at this from the perspective of Arab culture: Not wearing a hijab, a sexily dressed woman is literally offering herself as fair game. She deserves what results, and any abuse will only serve to educate her. From a Western viewpoint this may sound horrible, but: in the end the woman is simply too unimportant from an Arab point of view, for them to make a big deal out of such a disturbance. At least as long as the woman doesn’t belong to their own clan. And they don’t, because they belong to the clan of the German Kuffar. Those not covered with a head scarf, and scantily clad women are only showing the depravity of Christian-Western culture.

The Dome as the Symbol of the Kuffar

But what is in the Arab view symbolic for unbelievers? It is the Christian churches: And none more so than the Cologne Dome. If I therefore want to hit Western culture in the heart, I will bombard churches, and I will resist the police with all of my contempt. I had best spit at them, and throw fireworks at them. I already know the German police are toothless, and there’s nothing that could really happen to me.

Obviously these Arabs had enough money to acquire fireworks, alcohol and drugs. The reason for the acquisition of the not at all cheap rockets wasn’t to celebrate, together with Germans, Germany’s hospitality; no, the goal was obviously to launch rockets with extreme symbolic meaning, against the main Christian church of the city. When Arabs aim rockets specifically against the Dome and the riled-up audience, according to Die Welt, applauds every hit, there really isn’t anything to misunderstand about it. The only thing that’s left is to be glad that these young war-experienced Arabs didn’t get their hands on real rocket launchers.
The fact that in German society the church has lost all of its symbolic power, and therefore the provocation is not being understood, is the real irony of the whole story.

On the outside all the participants looked similar, and that led politically correct foreign correspondents and particularly opinion leaders in the public media to assume that all people are similar. Whereby they refuse to appreciate that the Arab and Asian tribal cultures are completely different from each other. There is a naïve notion that one only has to get to know people, and then one would learn that all people are the same and good. But people who really want to know, who live in problem areas and in neighborhoods where they move around daily — those people aren’t being asked; they do not fit the politically correct perception of the media.

The opinion leaders would much rather rouse themselves into a “welcome-hysteria” that has isolated Germany in Europe. If any problems surface that aren’t welcome in this ideology, the media will play down the issue and relativize it. In her moral imperialism, Merkel and her spear-carriers in literally all of the media trust in the power of reeducation, in the gender mainstream, and now also in Arab immigrants. In their near-boundless arrogance, all politically correct essence shall heal all essence.

[Translator’s note: He uses the sentence In grenzenloser Überheblichkeit sollen am politisch korrekten Wesen alle Wesen genesen. It rhymes.]

But in the past, many self-appointed educators of the people have failed due to their hubris and authoritarian thinking.

51 thoughts on “Striking at the Symbolic Heart of Christendom in Cologne

    • A society that covers up the rape of little girls in their hundreds of thousands and talks with joyous anticipation of an invader as a future Prime Minister is too sick to defend anything.

    • If the Germans had an ounce of pride left…they’d be engaged in far more…intemperate…activities than mass deportation.

  1. I lived in Thailand from 1975 to 1978. During that time I experienced two coups. I can tell you that any foreigners that would pull this stunt at a Thai Buddhist temple would be hanging from a tree before the cops even arrived.

    • And correctly so.

      I’m going to recycle the idea of asking left[ist]s what they think would happen if they went to Saudi Arabia and tried to torch a mosque.

      Let’s just say that for once, I could have sympathy with the Saudi methods of dealing with things.

  2. Germany and Sweden are lost, Austria, Belgium and France are on the brink. Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Switzerland and Spain still have functioning law enforcement and may survive. East Europe will fare well with little problems in comparison to the conquered.

    • I am not sure how you lump Spain and Greece in with Switzerland. There is no law enforcement left in Greece if you watch the videos of bio-greeks talking about the invasion on their islands.

      Also I am thinking that Norway and Denmark can easily go in the category of On The Brink.

      • Greece has a huge police force and they’re not afraid to shoot. Switzerland has a somewhat honest government. Their Muslim density is nowhere near as high as France, Belgium. I’m not much familiar with Nordic changes since Brevik, I can only hope Norway and Denmark resolved their utterly deficient response forces.

      • The EU lumping of those on the *economic* brink (and standing on that brink partly due to the EU’s ugly ideas about using money as force, since they have no armies) has been sad to watch. The so-called PIIGS – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain – never had a chance against the draconian austerity measures imposed by Germany. Even when they goose-stepped to the tune, things didn’t improve.

        Norway will be all right if it can keep its oil flowing. Not as wealthy as ever, but still…Denmark has worked hard to diversify and will probably be okay. Did you know they have the edge on boat design (for littoral defense –

        Some of those are built here in the US, in Alabama, iirc. It’s been a few years.)

        With the push for “sustainable” energy Denmark had been ahead in the design and implementation of wind mills. But the rest of the world is catching up. See the graphs here:

        Meandering to my point: despite the horrid economy, there *are* some small rays of light…and where they shine in small countries, they need to be promoted. Niche markets, niche economies…
        yeah, I’m very tired. Need to shut up and keep moving.

        • “those on the *economic* brink (and standing on that brink partly due to the EU’s ugly ideas about using money as force, since they have no armies)”

          Yes. I believe the EU deliberately set up the Eurozone to bring these small countries to their economic knees, so it could rescue them in return for handing control of their economies to it, the EU.

          It is now doing the same with this deliberately contrived migrant crisis*. Already it is insisting, for the sake of communal EU safety, on its armed Border Force being allowed to march into any EU country without its permission and take control of its borders; in what is effectively a military takeover. And yes, the EU does have armies; it just keeps rather quiet about them.

          However, I fear Merkel may have a tiger by the tail this time. Millions of fanatical Muslims pose rather more of a threat to the social fabric of Europe than a few penniless Greeks. The EU bringing in Muslims to help control its citizens reminds me of Australia bringing in Cane Toads to help control its beetles.

          * Are we seriously expected to believe that Merkel, the EU’s de facto boss, could not foresee all this?

          • Merkel is the the boss of the Union. However the membership is getting more than sick and tired of this particular union. Millions of Muslim spongers are trying to capsize the ship of fools for Allahabad.

      • The Greeks basically don’t care because they’re just passing through.

        They’d get a lot more serious if they decided to stay.

        That makes them bad Europeans, but not a failed state themselves.

      • The EU will soon become a caliphate with mass killings, destruction of churches, monuments, etc. Women and girls will be raped and beaten, the men killed, while the cowardly sissified males stand by and do nothing.

        E. Europe is resisting the invasion more so.

        This whole mess will change the course of history forever. Europe will fall under Islam with sharia law because they are idiots unable to think critically, or know their history or even care they will be living under a terrorist Islamic police state real soon, like end of this year at full speed so far.

        The men will not defend the women, themselves or future. Apathy reigns, they will be forced soon to dig trenches for the bodies of the infidels to lay in. They will comply or be shot on the spot.

        • There will be those who will stand and defend. Unfortunately, these will tend to be individuals while the imported problem children tend to work in packs.

          For westerners to work as a group a certain amount of planning is required. People from tribal cultures tend to organize organically and spontaneously.

          This will give the traitor class an advantage in suppressing any organized resistance, and frustrate any serious efforts to disrupt the jihad.

          I do feel sorry for those brave souls who will fall trying to stem the tide.

  3. You can’t beat something with nothing.

    Europe believes in nothing, so even an evil and depraved group that actually believes in something will defeat them and force them to submit to their invasive totalitarian rape and murder cult.

    • That’s my take, too.
      Though it’s difficult to state it in frank terms, as one’s comments are likely to be deleted for the reason being that not everyone thinks like I do. And this wonderful site — and I truly mean that — appeals to folks who might benefit from not having the truth told to them, benefit by not being what, sidetracked? by the ultimate issues in play?
      Sorry Dymphna and Baron. You are heroes to me.
      But the truth must be told.
      The law is for those who are unrepentant sinners, i.e., idol worshippers: they are going to hell.
      The gospel is for those who grieve over their sin: it comforts them with the sure promise of Christ’s forgiveness.
      But the mass of *good* men are too caught up in this world’s turmoils and the heavy responsibilities of tending their families to pause — in this Godless age — to contemplate either the law or the gospel and what it means for them, ultimately.

      Is there really any church left in Germany that has not abandoned the law-gospel distinction? Is there any church in Germany that believes in Christ as Son of God, Redeemer? Died, buried, and risen again, and who now sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty?
      Or are Germans too sophisticated for that? for such fairy tales, the crutch/opiate for the masses, as Marx derides.

      I’ll tell you this, by way of confession: much of the American *Christian* church is apostate through liberalism or apostate through theocratic triumphalism — the nutty side of right-wing Evangelicalism. It’s a jungle out there, in the Christian church. So I do forgive most heartily our hosts’ reluctance to venture forth in this arena in dealing with the ultimate issues at hand.

      But for me, personally, these unsettling world events — as ominous-portending as they are — fit into a grander design the pattern of which I pray more people would come to recognize. That is my contribution, as others have made theirs. Are there no comments permitted that address what 500 years ago would be axiomatic of any sentient creature?
      Has the enlightenment, modernism, liberalism, and the PC narrative now made insane what 500 years ago was taken for granted?
      If so, we have lost too much. And with it Christendom and the West.

        • Harriet is expanding on what Matt said by giving reasons why the West is where it is, which is in a philosophical and intellectual vortex.

        • Without getting into what Harriet was talking about, I do believe that religion, specifically the Christian religion in Europe, acted as a strong social glue, that held culture and society together. This glue is still strong in Poland, for example, and they are not afraid to be patriotic. Germany lost their “glue” a long time ago. I remember living in Germany in the 70’s and 80’s, and nobody, I mean NOBODY, made mention of ever going to church. Here in the States it is common for ppl to weave churchgoing into their daily conversation.

          This would also explain how Germans fail to see the symbolic significance of the invaders firing fireworks at their Cathedral. The Cologne Cathedral, btw, is where the 3rd Crusade was called out, I believe.

      • Lets say I know Germany very well, and they are a decadent and godless society.
        there is a difference between stupid and ignorant, so I don’t know what to apply to the diozese of Cologne.
        Turn off the lights of the cathedral to show you are against Pegida. And for the gropers, that is what it boils down to.

      • Matt: you are right to the point, plus, majority are agnostics or atheists, hedonistic, immoral and lazy. Will America fall soon? We have 3% patriots who will stand up or go down fighting. The masses here will remain sleeping until their women and girls are dragged from the houses and the men are shot. UPS jets are bringing in invaders here and perhaps Canada paid by taxes, settling some on various military bases in unused buildings like Maxwell AFB in Montgomery near me. (list of bases online

          • Yes, they believe in neo-Marxism which is why they are in this situation and unable to respond in an effective manner.

          • I’d venture a guess to say that few people here can be pigeon-holed as to their beliefs. And, my heavens, they sure do run the gamut: from doctrinaire born-again evangelicals to doctrinaire atheists. A grab bag of beliefs. Or Beliefs. The world is way too fragmented for this aspect of life to have escaped the fissioning.

            Funny thing about “faith”: we don’t really ‘choose’ what to believe. Instead it seems Pascal had it right: “the heart has its reasons that Reason knows not of”…or summat like.

            I have met hyper-Rationalists who are convinced they had a choice, but the assertion never rings true to me. In Sartre’s sardonic account of his first ten years, Les Mots, he claims to have met God when he was nine or so (if I’m recalling this correctly) and they decided they didn’t like one another. He also says that he was “like a Displaced Person, as are all superfluous children”. Odd, he and Gabriel Marcel were more or less contemporaries and atheists, considering the same issues, yet the latter’s investigations led him to Christian belief. Gabriel Marcel’s aphorisms are far more quoted than are Sartre’s but often without attribution as they spread.


            I find them both fascinating, but only Marcel has staying power for me.

      • Harriet: Agree with your post. Some people have ditched mainline 501c3 gov controlled churches and either home church or meet in private facilities as unregistered or so called underground free range type church. I did over thirty years ago. We have lost much over centuries, ( narrow is the way and broad is the gate leading to destruction.) Apostasy is rampant today and so few will leave these PC liberal churches. Most churches are members of the NCC and WCC. Most everyone is caught up in worldly pursuits of all types incl the social activities of the modern churches to even want to listen to facts.

    • [redacted]

      You obviously have never been for example in Poland, Romania or Cyprus.

      There are also quite a few independent churches.

      And just because people cannot bear to go to church (can I blame them?) does not mean that people do not pray.

      Of course the Church of England is dead, among others.

      And never forget the oppressive political climate in Europe either…

      • Indeed, by and large, Christianity is alive and well in Europe. Though, that can’t be said about the ‘Churches’, whatever they are or have degenerated into. Apparently encouraging the congregations to perform hugging sessions seems to be their mainthing.

        Lots of Christians can’t even be bothered to acknowledge their faith anymore, instantaneous hate attacks, derision etc. by the ‘free press’ and secular movements. The idiocy of the spiritual and ideological debate, if you want to call it that, can easily be highlighted by the following: Ask an atheist how it is possible to be an atheist without God. And worse, the atheists tell us that we believe in nothing, yet they proclaim that they believe in nothing – if that makes sense… Let me put it this way, when they argue with each other, it’s a discussion between morons and idiots. Are you surprised that Christians stay clear and keep quiet?

        The “church” whatever that is, plays of course right into their hands by adhering to dogmas laid out by various councils, according to the wishes of the corresponding rulers. Those scholars (?) were highly paid and stayed in the best possible inns – for as long as the King or Emperor paid. And they came up with a lot of nonsense assured to them by their scientific advisers. And now the successors of these scientists argue against the nonsense produced by their predecessors. Isn’t life fun?

        Best wishes

    • Matt: you are right to the point, plus, majority are agnostics or atheists, hedonistic, immoral and lazy. Will America fall soon? We have 3% patriots who will stand up or go down fighting. The masses here will remain sleeping until their women and girls are dragged from the houses and the men are shot. UPS jets are bringing in invaders here and perhaps Canada paid by taxes, settling some on various military bases in unused buildings like Maxwell AFB in Montgomery near me. (list of bases online

      • Refugee Resettlement Watch has so many posts that unless you give us a link, the information doesn’t help. I spent some time just now searching for this subject. No luck.

        However, I urge all of you to check out this archive:

        Ann has also started a new site. She is urging us to follow the money here:

        That’s the url. She calls this new site “American Resistance 2016” – I think the url is under her name because A.R. is being used by another website. The name sounds familiar.

        • Dymphna: I just read Ann’s new site, we only got this year, if the election goes for a candidate that is pro immigration we are done, this country is gone forever. More Muslims are coming in and even more will be brought in, if election goes other way. The EU is over run with invaders soon to fall, we will follow along with Canada. Info on bases is on dated 1/5/16 he puts out a variety of info on globalism agenda. Canadian bases are listed elsewhere (do a search). If the polls are rigged, then it’s all over and voting machines can be rigged if it’s in the plan.

  4. That german sentence actually refers to the original quote from the last german emperor, hubristic Willhelm II “Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen.” We shall improve the world the german way.

  5. Of course this was a determined attack on Christian values. Can you imagine, under any circumstances, a Muslim country tolerating a mosque being attacked with fireworks and pistol shots or 1,000 plus men, of European appearance, sexually assaulting Muslim women? To have any chance of survival in their own country the German people have to fight back NOW! Two senior judges have ruled that Merkel has broken the German Constitution in opening the borders as she did, she committed an ILLEGAL act, therefore Impeach, convict and jail for treachery. The left is always going to label anyone anti immigration as heartless and racist so wear this “accolade” with pride and return fire with fire, warn those mad feminists, open border fanatics, and gay rights groups so fervently in favour of surrendering their nation to the third world, that like Merkel their acts of treason will eventually be punished too.

  6. Its not called the “Dome,” its called the Dom, as in Kingdom, and with similar nuance. Dom means “Principal church of the diocese,” same as the “Matrix” (Mother) churches in Iberian cultures….

    • “Dom”, German derivation from the Italian “Duomo”, a Cathedral or collegiate church.

  7. Learn from the christian past of North Africa and Mid East, allowing the violent islam culture in is allowing europe to be conquer by this culture and end up in the road of poverty. Its not about integration or humanity. Its all about invasion.

  8. Germany is becoming a garbage pit: there one is expected to smell rotten corpses and call them roses! Everything has to be inter-something (inter-racial, inter -religious, inter-cultural et cetera) I am from Leipzig but now I am spending some days in Iceland and it’s very nice here, I’ve heard there are some “refugees” here in Reykjavík but haven’t seen any so far, most inmigrants I met here were polish and czech, nice people not thugs… I think I will try to find a job and move here, I will miss travelling to Austria and Switzerland on weekends to attend Operas but Iceland is quiet, beautiful and the men are handsome here.

    • Why don,t all you blokes and Sheilas from Europe migrate to our great land down under ( Australia ). We can then fulfil our quota with white Christian people rather than our do good polititions accepting the Muslim mess.
      Our current prime minister Malcom Turnball is acting same way as your top politicians.

  9. Alos it came out taht in Nuernberg a lot of Arabs shoot rockets to a old church and also filmed it.also more and more woman go there to the police beacuse of harrasment at new year-it looks like the gov. wantd also to keep it secret!

  10. “I cannot even begin to imagine the consequences”

    That was mistake no. 2 – one-way tolerance, a unilateral ceasefire, a truce observed only by the deluded West.
    Mistake no. 3 is to treat the invader criminals as individuals, who are charged and tried on a case by case basis, if they are arrested at all. That approach is hopelessly inadequate; the authorities have to enforce collective responsibility.
    Mistake no 1 of course was to let them all into our countries in the first place.

  11. Just for the record which you didnt mention .
    That cathedral in Cologne is one of the most unique in the world in that it was built from stone recovered about 60 km away from a huge chunk , it being the only stone in the hilly countryside . That stone was a meteorite which hit the earth only ” God knows when” . It was found , a few years ago ,to contain certain elements on the chemical table which are not found on earth . Thats how it was concluded as from space and also that the nearest geological composition was nothing like it , anywhere .
    Now , since that Kaabah stone is merely a small meteoric stone and the cathedral is millions of times its size both in design and impression , dont you suspect that that cathedral was specifically chosen to be denigrated because the difference is a humiliation to Islam ?

    • LOL no the stone quarry used for construction of Cologne Cathedral is the Drachenfels and it’s magmatic rock (trachyte), not a meteorite, meteoroid, or hemorrhoid.

  12. “Merkel and her spear-carriers in literally all of the media trust in the power of reeducation”

    If they believed in the power of re-education, then Europe would have socially engineered the population to have more children, instead of importing a replacement population.

    If the replacement population assimilate and adopt the values of Europeans, then the replacement population will also stop having children.

    For the replacement population to be able to sustain the welfare state, they need to retain the high birthrate they have had in the 3rd world. Thus the plan must be that they do not integrate and do not adopt European values.

    Europe as we know it is finished.

  13. I think Rape White and the 1,000 Dwarfs were there primarily for the women and maybe their stuff – purses, cameras, cell phones.
    The fact that they could do their thang right in front of the largest Gothic cathedral in the world might have been an extra bonus, but I think the article gives Humdallah from Chad or ‘Jean’ from Senegal way too much credit.
    (‘What’s that huge rock thing? Never mind, she’s HOT!’)
    In yesterday’s edition of ‘Focus on Europe’ (PBS’ World Channel), a Black girl with a French name was presenting a feature on the NYE party in Köln, the main interviewee was an East Asian girl with a thick NW German accent, who ‘no longer feels safe in Germany’.
    Hooton and Morgenthau did an excellent job.

  14. I remember doing the ‘Inter-Rail’ thing way back in the 80s and one of the things to see in Köln was the cathedral. It was something of a landmark, a recognisable and significant building.

    So there’s that.

    Alternatively, are we supposed to think that all these ‘immigrants’ had just got off the train?

    Is that supposed to be the reason why these particular people were in that particular place?

    Why did the terrorists fly into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on 9/11 btw? (As opposed to just any old buildings?)

    • I agree. On some of the videos, I saw an algerian flag worn as a poncho or blanket. As we know, those flags are easily available at all major german railway stations.sarc off.
      This is a habit of algerians ( minuscule) living in and squatting France or Belgium.Unfortunately, under the present state of emergency rules, they would have had to celebrate the ( christian) new year at gunpoint , finger on trigger, why they choose to travel.In some testimonials, there was talk about arab and french spoken.qed.

  15. From the Dec. 25th narrative on “The Adoration of the Magi” by Saint Dimitri of Rostov (died 1709) in “The Great Collection of the Lives of the Saints” (English translation from Chrysostom Press in 2000).

    “One of the Magi was called Melchior, and was old and gray. He had long hair, a long beard, and brought gold to the King and Master. Another was named Caspar. He was young, beardless, and had a ruddy complexion. His gift to God Incarnate was frankincense. The third, Balthasar, was bearded, very dark, and presented myrrh to the Son of Man, Who would undergo death. Many years after the wise men departed this life, their remains were translated to Constantinople. Later, the relics were removed to Milan, then to Cologne, unto to the glory of Christ, God in the flesh. Both Him and her who gave birth to Him do we praise unto the ages. Amen.”

    • I played Caspar in a sunday school nativity play, but was given a beard (which slipped, but I kept going- divine intervention?)

  16. I see the fulfillment of Catholic prophecy in our times underway. A Muslim invasion, a devastating attack by Russia on the west, and a split in the Catholic Church between the two men dressed in white in the City of Rome (now underway as canonists have called into question the validity of Benedict retaining the office of Peter, but not its active ministry, as well as the revelations of Cardinal Danneels that a ‘mafia’ club of cardinals and bishops plotted to force Benedict out and bring in Bergoglio to change the Catholic Church. This alone invalidates the last conclave as they are all ipso facto excommunicated according to Universii Dominici Gergis. But only a future Pope has the authority to sort all this out. I am only a lay person, but these are the facts.) The good news is that everything works out well in the end, but only after dramatic events for humanity. See Yves DuPont who compiled many prophecies, Anne Catherine Emmerich, The Apparitions of Our Lady at Akita and Fatima (both approved). Another good seer was Alois Irlmaier. Irlmaier said foreigners would actually control an area in the Rhine Valley, I believe. Now they are all in Germany. He predicted many things that have come to pass. Take heart and pray.

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