German Women Are Afraid in Their Own Country

The following video made by a German shows that a pushback has begun in Germany since the New Year’s Eve Groping Jihad in Cologne. Yes, it’s not enough; it’s just one guy. But it’s the beginning.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:02   Red text: As usual I forgo in my videos, and in this one especially out of respect
0:05   and out of solidarity towards the affected, any and all kinds of dramatic effects.
0:08   Blue text: In this video you will also find a few symbolic pictures.
0:12   White text: This is not meant to either agitate or to incite.
0:15   Red text: but to simply echo the facts and circumstances.
0:18   For days we didn’t hear anything at all. How dumb did they really think the people are?
0:23   Look, where’s my camera, no money, nothing, that’s the problem, somebody solve that problem.
0:30   Yes, of course, the stupid German would love to do that.
0:33   And how is he thanked?
0:37   Dellago Roland shows “THE DISGRACE OF COLOGNE”
0:45   …that criminal acts were perpetrated by a mass of about 1,000 men
0:50   …attacks on women by obviously organized gangs. The police speaks of
0:55   massive sexual molestation, and were shocked at the extent of it.
0:59   They were applauded.
1:02   They were hailed.
1:13   Not every asylum seeker is a criminal.
1:16   But thousands of them are.
1:20   The naked violence was literally cheered into the country.
1:30   One large TV channel mentioned in its commentary that actually
1:34   this agitation against asylum seekers that’s happening right now is worse than the rapes that happened.
1:38   That’s when all that’s left to do is shake your head — they’re obviously a few fries short of a happy meal.
1:51   Why they believed they could hose the entire population, saying no it didn’t happen, we’re not gonna report this,
1:56   and that it didn’t happen…
2:16   It isn’t only during the night here, no it’s during the day too, in the light of day,
2:20   people are being attacked and robbed and nobody does anything against it.
2:25   German women are afraid
2:28   in their own country.
3:19   In the end we have a very, very dangerous situation here,
3:22   one in which people do not feel safe anymore.
3:25   But you rats, you rapists, you scum:
3:28   You are forgetting one thing.
3:31   You are in Germany,
3:34   And this nation will rise.
3:37   He who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind.

54 thoughts on “German Women Are Afraid in Their Own Country

  1. Let’s think now that this is the point when the EU leaders will have to realize and admit that they have put democracy aside for too long, and things will have to be dealt with in favor of the European peoples from now on.

    • You still do not understand
      Your Democracy never existed, it was a sham, a deceit to calm the masses. If your Democracy was real Merkel would have been outed last spring.
      What you now face is the end game of all socialist systems: Genocide

  2. Good video, but I am not sure it constitutes any kind of push back, its just a compilation of clips. From small acorns, etc, hopefully.
    There was a Pegida rally at the weekend where many in the crowd were carrying “arms length” symbols, made of wood or card seemingly, obviously a jibe at Mayor of Cologne’s comments after new years eve. Nice touch of German humour, for once.

    • Sorry, but this strikes me, on a first viewing, as a particularly garbled hortatory video. The music (what is it?) is loud and of unknown meaning. Ugly multi-color tattoos are supposed to convince the viewer of something?

  3. The lefty accademic world, the lucanitc side of feminism, the liberal celebrities have been bombarding us with fairy tales about exotic romance with handsome swarty middle eastern men and sadly many women sank into that swamp of lies, since I created a facebook account 7 years ago I have rejected countless friend requests from muslim men and blocked many of messages from them, they really think we german women want them.. it’s sad but to many german girls dating men from third world countries and expressing dislike for european men is mechanism for self-esteem and purity, many german people are tormented by the belief, often subconscious that being german is, in and of itself, a great crime/transgression against the rest of the world. There is a collective madness here, today to get employment in most german institutions locals must somehow pledge allegiance to “diversity” as if to demonstrate a german identity of contrition and deference. Even in the corporate and accademic worlds no white german goes far without genuflecting to diversity: beyond an identity that apologizes for nazism, absolutely no white identity is permissible in Germany now.

    • “…absolutely no white identity is permissible in Germany now.”

      Sorry, Marthe, but that is nonsense. YOU determine your future. Only YOU control what happens in your life. The state cannot force you into anything that contradicts self-determination. I believe you are symptomatic of the cowering, huddled masses that are today’s German. Stand tall. What happened in Germany 70 years ago is not your doing. Angela Merkel’s self-inflicted neurosis is her own.

    • If the experience of my husband’s peer group is anything to go by, white American men from approx. 45 to 65 years of age are also being told they’re not worth anything, either: they’re supposed to be ashamed of who they are. And for no reason. None of them have performed any harmful acts.

      • Furthermore, a disproportionate share of the things that people around the world value were invented by white men.

          • Proof that what I said about the Muslim male interpretation of the women protesting in favor of immigrants is true.

  4. There is no need to show all those tattooed skinheads. If you want to instill fear of Germany into the mind of islamic immigrants, you need only one symbol, a symbol particularly respected (i.e. feared) in the islamic world. Stopping short of it shows you are not fully resolved and still bound by political correctness and islamists will notice that immediately because they might be illiterate, but they are very sharp when it comes to psychological warfare. They will not be intimidated by a German flag or some tattoos. Best skip intimidation tactics altogether then.

      • The Hooked Cross.

        [Note from the moderator: He means what English-speakers call the Swastika, but he seems reluctant to come out and say it.]

        • I have to disagree with that, plenty of moslems are interested in the nazi imagery due to the connection of anti-judaism.
          You want a symbol that they’re ideologically opposed to then the regular cross is it, they shy away from that like vampires – start moaning about the crusades like some collective pathos.

          The swastika was certainly no help to the countless Hindus and Buddhists who ended up becoming moslems.

          • Indeed. Mein Kampf is soon going find a whole new readership in Germany–marginalized German-fluent young Muslims. Hitler is one German a young Arab, born into a socially highly conservative, totalitarian, antisemitic culture can truly respect.

            You just have to laugh, don’t you?

          • They are symbols, the cross isn’t helping the Christians of the Middle East either.
            Regarding the Crusades, the Crusaders killed Arab Christians too, & so disliking it was more strongly linked to Western Christians than to their fellow Arabs.

            When Crusading Bush & Blair reintroduced that symbol as a sign of widespread shock & awe aggression, the region was plunged into Civil Wars & sectarian conflict symbolised by the Crusading Cross.

            For many Muslims, the Swastika represents paganism, while the Christians & Jews are nearer as People of the Book.

          • Please tell us how the places the Crusaders fought to regain — Palestine, Syria, Egypt, etc. — were converted from Christianity to Islam? What was involved in the process of turning them from Muslim lands to Christian lands?

    • Muslims respect one thing and one thing only – force. Forget about the flags and tattoos.

      They respect and fear people who can come down on them like a ton of bricks.

      I know it’s not PC/MC or even considered acceptable thinking among Westerners and CJ’s but that’s how Muslims roll.

  5. The sex jihad didn’t start in Cologne.
    From Sweden `News Today`reports that the leading `Daily News`ignored reports of assaults at a pop-festival in Stockholm in August 2015;that an editor spiked the story as a fabrication by the Sweden Democrats.
    `Daily News` blamed the police for not giving information and now reports the police admitting the assaults had began by Afgans at the festival in 2014,but the police chief now says :`We dared not say that because we think it plays into the hands of the Sweden Democrats`.
    `News Today`responds “Xxxx-Xxxx”.A street level police officer says he phoned a leading liberal feminist at `Daily News`in 2014.
    The latest `News Today` also reports two boys arrested for raping another boy at a refugee home;and an Iraqi exploding a bomb yesterday in Stockholm.
    (Sources:Nyheter Idag and Dagens Nyheter)

  6. Nazism is so far in the past at this point. The German people have to get over their past, just as Americans had/have to get over the Civil War. The past is over. Today is what counts and Germans really have to get up, eat their Wheaties, and get on with the job.

    There is a new enemy to civilization and it isn’t what it was. You know what it is.


    • As if… Americans have ever gotten over the Civil War?

      I am married to a through and through Southern Gent from Tennessee. I am Swiss. He’s … a Southern man. He is not over the Civil War. And neither is his family, and friends, and everybody pretty much that I have met in the south that is truly truly Southern.

      The nasty stench of northern aggression sticks to the pages of history like a really, really bad joke.

      And I, as a non-southern-heritage European that chose to BECOME american, I feel the prick of that history too. To me, it has become a pivotal point in history, where one president set the precedent that it’s quite okay to wage war against part of the population he presides over.

      Hitler was impressed by Lincolns internment camps, so much so that he emulated them in his genocidal scheme in WW2.

      And again and again, we see “presidents” of “republics” and “democracies” wage wars against their own populations.

      So, it’s kind of hard to “get over” the Civil War. It has set a precedent, and it’s kind of rubbed in our faces every day all over the world in all different kinds of shades.

      • Getting over the past isn’t the answer.
        Going back MUCH FURTHER into the past than the 1930’s & 40s is.
        Start around 630 and work your way up.

  7. I thought the video was promising until being confronted with a bunch of tattoed skinhead neo nazi thugs. Groan. Right there he blew a chance for the ordinary German male to identify with a just cause. Pity.

    • I agree. Germans seem to fear that there is some kind of Nazi DNA in their society just waiting to burst forth again.

      And this means that ordinary people who object to the death of their civilisation then get called “extreme right wing” i.e. code for crypto-Nazi.

      So what does this video do? It ends by playing right into that miserable, self-defeating stereotype.


      • It may well be left-wing agents provocateurs, maybe organised by the Verfassungsschutz.

  8. The Cologne Police now admitting to 514 reported NYE attacks/robberies of which 40% were sexual assaults. These young muslim men were behaving like the invading army they clearly are.

    • Will there be a sex jehadi against men soon. Then rape and robbery of everything and everyone in broad day light. Muslims from all four corners if the earth have to be on their way. Just wondering seeing as the response to the women and children being raped and murdered is so limp and [redacted] whipped. Solution? Guess.

  9. This is perhaps more promising:–23403852

    I won’t translate the whole thing, but it’s about German women flocking in unprecedented numbers into self-defence courses, in this case, ironicaly, to learn the IDF system Krav Maga.

    I say ironically because many Germans have been wearing Palestinian scarves, chanting anti-Israel slogans and treating Israel like absolute [offal] for decades, and blaming the IDF for every bit of violence the Palestinians throw at Israel.

    Now they are getting a taste of islamic violence and suddenly they want to learn from the IDF!

    • Sorry, editor 🙁 I only just read the post about language. And I do appreciate your control of the tone.

  10. An article on the anti-Israel attitude of many Germans. A bit OT, sorry.

    OT, but proof of the German attitude to Israel:

    Published in the Tagesspiegel 27/1/2015:

    “Only 36 percent of Germans see the Jewish state positively – on the other hand, almost half have a bad opinion of Israel . Among 18- to 29 -year-olds it’s even 54 percent. 50 years after establishing diplomatic relations , the government in Jerusalem also gets poor marks. 62 percent of respondents evaluate the work of Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministers negatively.”

    • That´probably because Germans aren´t such big fans anymore of young boys&girls getting head-shotted and people put inside a ghetto then firebombed (really bad memories on that one) with internationally outlawed white phosphorus.

      Bad who know, maybe that´ll change after this year?

  11. At this point I don’t see how any amount of voting can make any difference in Germany because such a huge percentage of the society seems to have been consumed by neo-Marxism (cultural Marxism) that it is still completely impossible for the majority of people to understand what the reality is NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

    No amount of rapes or crimes will make any difference, because the thought of no longer being a good neo-Marxist is much much worse than any amount of gang rape (I mean sex doesn’t really matter does it so why would rape matter?), theft (nobody really has the right to property anyway, all must “share” just as with sex), or murder (well, it’s just the natural result of colonialism!)

    Nothing short of a full civil war will make any difference, and this will not happen just because of minor things like rape, theft, and murder. It will require things like severe economic breakdown and mass starvation.

    • From the proletarians nothing is to be feared.
      Left to themselves, they will continue from generation to generation and from century to century, working, breeding, and dying, not only without any impulse to rebel, but without the power of grasping that the world could be other than it is.

    • ” sex doesn’t really matter does it so why would rape matter?”

      No, modern women who might have sex before marriage or even short-term relationships do NOT feel that rape is the same thing as consensual sex. Your statement might reflect the muslim attitude, but not that of sexually liberated women.

      However, I do think you’re right in that many young German women are totally brainwashed by cultural Marxism. In the recent Cologne demonstration the feminist group sided with the so-called AntiFa (often very violent left-wingers) and *against* Pegida shows this.

      • There is certainly a connection between trivialization of sex and trivialization of rape. Of course the two are not going to be considered the same but there is still a connection whereby trivialization for the first leads to the second being taken less seriously.

        • Not by decent people. But agreed that they seems to be very mixed up on the minds of those NYE attackers.

          That’s all the more reason for modern, liberal Germany not to let people with such crazed attitudes to sex into their country!

  12. The newest tally for Cologne is over 500 charges filed with the police, 40% of whom are sex related.
    So yes females got attacked but the overwhelming tally isn´t sex related.

    Basically this means an actual raid took place, plain and simple.
    The girls were just a handy bonus, men took the brunt. Often overwhelmed 10+ to 1.

  13. In addition to the horrid sexual molestation, rapes,vicious assaults and robberies that the female population had to endure there is a secondary detriment, the economy will suffer , women spend a lot in large cities, this will dwindle. IMHO it’s all a segment of the plan to bring down the West.

  14. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these Rights are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.
    We unite to defend each person’s Life, Liberty, and Property from any who would violate them.

    • ‘Sacly.
      Ahmed and a few thousand of his closest friends united to defend their life in Cologne from the infidel scum, their liberty to take what is theirs anyway – the scum’s cell phones and purses – and their newly acquired property: the scum’s women.

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