Will Europa Burn?

This excellent essay from StopShouting uses Matthew Bracken’s “Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive” as a jumping-off point, and moves on from there to describe possible European scenarios in the near future, and in the United States over a slightly longer term.

Below are excerpts from “Uncomfortable Truth-Telling in ‘Tet Take Two’”:

The idea that NATO and the rest of Western Europe will turn inward for survival is not a foregone conclusion. Surely, they will have to redirect resources and change security postures. Will they do it to halt the juggernaut of Muslim onslaught, or will they fold like the iconic tolerant progressives Quisling and Chamberlain, selling out the hopeful? The 5th columnists are already in place, they have been busy rotting and gnawing away at the timbers of Western civilization visibly since the 1960’s like so many 200 pound termites. The analogy is more accurate than I am comfortable with; that of large, translucent skinned insectoids with sightless eyes incessantly chewing away at the cultural fibre of Western Civilization. In the mind’s eye, picture what once was as well as your liberties being slowly mashed in countless, thoughtless maws. You can see the pulp being slowly moved through peristaltic motion beneath the shiny, translucent skins of armies of bureaucratic termites, onward to the dung heap of history. One may mentally pause and wonder if Brussels and the EU apparatchiks are more of a threat to civilization than Mecca and the Mohammedan multitudes. I’ll take choice “C”, which is BOTH.

While much of what I have written here is mere riff on Bracken’s excellent essay, absorb for a moment the simple math that Bracken has laid out regarding ISIS infiltration in Europa and the potential for violence. Bracken postulates 80,000 ISIS infiltrators in Europa, which I concur is not an unreasonable guesstimate. If they task organize to the same degree as they did for the Paris operation, they have the capability to execute 10,000 Paris events, if not simultaneously, then temporally clustered for maximum shock effect (the shock and awe pigeon comes home to roost). In post-event analysis, it is apparent Paris was more like Mumbai in the “Jellyfish C2“ model of outside remote control.

Consider for a moment what simple linear extrapolation from the damage wrought by the jihadist attacks on Paris with an embedded, ready to go jihadi force of 80,000 pre-positioned throughout Europa under the cover of “refugees”.

The generally accepted reports of 130 civilian deaths, 368 wounded and 90 seriously so, with 7 of 8 attackers killed as the casualty tally from the Paris attacks would mean 1,300,000 or more civilian deaths arising from an embedded jihadi force of 80,000 pre-positioned infiltrators. The actual body count would be significantly higher as they refined their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) to maximize loss of life and liberty.

Take a moment with that.

3,680,000 wounded (how many hospital beds and surgical suites does Europa have?) Of the wounded, 900,000 “seriously”… how many trauma centers and ER staff does Europa have? Cynical and predatory investors might go long on refrigerated storage and backhoes/bulldozers, shovels and hydrated lime. Of note, 7 of 8 dead attackers would mean 70,000 dead jihadists, with 10,000 left on the loose to mount the next wave. 70,000 is the equivalent to 3.5 American Infantry Divisions, counting all the cooks, drivers, bakers and candle stick makers.

Imagine what will happen if even a portion of that gets to the point where they are crossing the line of departure. Europa in that case WILL burn. Violence on that level would create a backlash (and rightly so) that will be effectively unreckonable in any book keeping, as eye-popping as my mathematical musings above. As they say in Texas, “mess with the bull, get the horns”. Central Europe seems to be getting the message to its people on this, sales of firearms are soaring in Switzerland and Austria. Militias are forming in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Western Europe ironically may be a source of white Christian refugees into these very places by this time next year.

Read the rest (and see rest of the photos) at StopShouting.

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    • Mariadee: Gotcha, I totally agree, sometime this year it seems.
      Too bad the important things didn’t matter, they didn’t learn from history.

    • Yes it will.

      At one point I might have disagreed, but the response of the German press, authorities, AND public has been unbelievably weak and extremely encouraging to the invaders. This will gain a major foothold in Germany and spread.

      • A bloody clear out – clean up job. A radicalized Europe from east to west. The times will be a changin’.

  1. The Stop Shouting essay begins with an incorrect use of statistical jargon (confidence level) and continues with a rather long argument regarding the battles of isms (socialism, nationalism, Islam). I may be a minority here, but I almost never buy this kind of argument. It’s ultimately untestable.

    There are tried and true techniques to affect the behavior of non-authoritarian regimes. Pick up Alinsky and apply toward a more virtuous end. There are the models of, most recently, ACT UP, in which a MINORITY OF A MINORITY made a difference. Target journalists in particular with nonviolent direct action. Create a “within the system” group that sounds reasonable and a loud, disruptive group with the same goals that forces the journalists to the table.

    There is no need for Grand Theory per se.

  2. our comment is awaiting moderation.
    Not this week, month, or year. Europe is only getting tenderized as it simultaneously rots. The rate of violence by muslims will ratchet up slowly.

  3. Could we please stop with the inaccurate phrases like “the iconic tolerant progressives Quisling and Chamberlain”? I know that Chamberlain has been the Neocons’ favorite whipping boy from history, second only to Hitler, but it’s wrong to compare him with people like Merkel and Cameron. Once I read that phrase, I felt that it wasn’t worth continuing with this piece.

    Chamberlain didn’t have contempt for his own people, as Merkel and Cameron do. He knew about the horrors of World War I, which were unprecedented, and which devastated Britain. In hindsight, it appears that “The Great War” has done an awful lot to wreck the West. Chamberlain wanted to spare Britain from further horrors. Involvement in WWII pretty much destroyed the British Empire, and that was not a good thing for the world.

    It’s time to find another historical figure to compare Merkel with.

    • Actually, the historical verdict against Chamberlain is even more unfair than that.

      As prime minister, Chamberlain had access to all the intelligence information on what was happening. He could see quite clearly that another war was inevitable. The problem was, the years of pacifism had eroded Britain’s war-fighting capabilities. If he had had to go to war with Hitler in 1938, it would have been disastrous. He needed to buy time.

      That’s what Munich was: he gave up the Czechs to the Nazis to try to give Britain enough time to rearm.

      But he didn’t get as much time as he hoped for. His military advisors told him that it would take until 1942 or 1943 (iirc) for Britain to regain parity with Germany. That’s why the British delayed during the “Phony War”, and why they did so badly in 1940 — they still hadn’t caught up. Just think what it would have been like two years earlier.

      I’m no fan of Chamberlain’s, but he definitely gets a bum rap.

      • Thank you, BB. I’ve been trying to think of a suitable figure from history who is similar to the criminals who are in charge of most western countries now. Not even the worst monarchs in European history seem to have been nearly as bad. Your avatar, the great statesman, has to be spinning in his grave.

        The Bolsheviks and the Maoists obviously had extreme contempt for the people of the nations that they took over, to the extent of murdering scores and scores of millions. Of course we haven’t gotten to that stage yet, but our “elites” are so far removed from regular people now, and have such fear and hatred of us, that I wouldn’t be surprised if they wished for similar outcomes. With these recent invasions of Europe and the US, such an outcome is in the cards unless enough people finally wake up. It’s not too alarmist to say that there are several “elites” who would love to see a genocide of whites.

      • Never mind that many of the industrialists whose support Chamberlain needed were closet Nazis of the Cliveden Set.

        • Perhaps these statesmen realized that a fratricidal war would eventually lead to race replacement?

          Have you thought about that? One more war and we will have an influx of migrants to replace the dead?

      • Thanks for the info Baron, but I’m still sceptical. If he hadn’t given up the Sudetenland he would have had a large Czech army to help fight Hitler. Then what about all the other European powers joining together with Britain to stop him? Surely they could have managed to defeat and depose Hitler and the weak Germany between themselves early on?

        Or is this just a sign that I am relying too much on Churchill’s books on the Second World War?

        • I don’t know. I’m not saying he was right in his assessment. I’m just reporting what his assessment was (and I hope I’m remembering it right; it’s been more than 45 years since I studied it in depth).

          • Chamberlain was right in his assessment, Britain could not have helped the Czechs, there is no way they could have got troops there and supply them and what they had was not up to the quality of the Germans next to their country.

            France was a mess as it is now, riven by extreme left wing politics, its army was totally inefficient.

            Chamberlain made the right choice, in fact what did for Chamberlain was the failure in Norway.

        • The Germans would have made a bid for continental domination one way or another. With or without Hitler.

          The Germans had a higher birthrate than the Brits, French, Dutch, Belgians, Russians etc…

          Don’t get too caught up in the personalities.

          The current influx of Muslims into the west is partially a birthrate issue.

        • Liam 1304

          You are relying too much on Churchill’s highly self-exculpatory, self-congratulatory books on WW2.

          Appropos DaffersD’s point below that it was Norway that sealed the fate of Chamberlain’s prime ministership (and allowed Churchill as First Lord of the Admiralty to step into the breech and become Prime Minister – Lord Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, declined the role, which was a pity for Europe) Churchill’s own role in Norway – he was the principal architect of the Norway venture – and the political implications for himself were tellingly described ), nonetheless only with partial candor, by Churchill well after (thus, politically, safely) the event, as follows:

          “Considering the prominent part I played in these events and the impossibility of explaining the difficulties by which we had been overcome or the defects in our staff and governmental organisations and our methods of conducting war it was a marvel that I survived and maintained my position in public esteem and Parliamentary confidence” [1]

          In other words, Churchill fully expected, as First Lord of the Admiralty AND , to lose his cabinet position and political career over the Norway naval debacle. Instead, with Churchill assiduously and cunningly manoeuvring for the top job, Chamberlain took the fall all on his own.

          [1] “The Battle of the Atlantic”, p67 Jonathan Dimbleby, London, 2015. The original source for the quote is “The Gathering Storm” Churchill, p 511.

      • He was a decent enough man.

        I really do hate how the Neo-cons bash him.

        As you pointed out he was stalling for time against an industrial giant.

        He did order the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster. He also got chain home radar started up.

        One more thing, Roosevelt goaded him into war on Danzig and Roosevelt goaded the Poles into war over Danzig. Then Roosevelt left the two dangling.

        • Can you provide sources for that? I’m interested. The more I read about the interaction between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin the less I think of FDR.

          There’s a reason why Churchill declined to even go to his funeral. Too busy apparently … right!

      • My father was a regular UK soldier, based at the War Office. He never condemned Chamberlain, but insisted he had bought the UK time. The military was ordered to do a munitions inventory in 1938, which included the cannons at the Tower of London. That’s how bad the situation was.
        Post-war, I fear the Soviets were correct. A united Germany is big trouble.

      • Excellent post, I too find that the incorrect assessment of Chamberlain historically irritating, but accept it as a way of saying not getting ready in the face of a pretty obvious threat even though its unfair.

        Merkel I have as a Quisling, Cameron as a Chamberlain light without a Churchill to get him thinking and Manual Valls is Chamberlain with his wife giving him Churchill’s prompts.

        In terms of moving earlier as other people have said to save the Czech’s, Britain did not have the capacity to that, they need to understand basic military rules including logistics to understand that Britain as a nation could not intervene to save the Czech’s.

        The only time Britain and French could have jumped in was when Hitler went into the Rheinland, but that was more of an attitude that the treaty of Versailles was unfair.

        Merkel = Quisling, most notable when the events of the PEGIDA rally in Cologne start hitting the MSM, this time I hope they do not get away with their spoiling tactics and it backfires on them, they were too obvious and stupidly arrogant..

      • His biggest mistake was using Poland as a reason to declare war..and never lifted a finger to help them afterwards. Because he couldn’t. All the countries around Germany that had sea access had to be invaded. And that’s what Germany had to do to stop invasion.
        So Chamberlain dragged Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and France into a war over a Poland who couldn’t be helped anyway. Brilliant.

    • WW 1 crippled Britain and they’ve never really recovered to their pre-war strength. I agree with you re: Chamberlain, he was the wrong man in the wrong job at the wrong time. But he did love his country, unlike the self centered politicians you’ve mentioned.

      • Britain was already in decline before WW1; we’d had our industrial revolution first, based on coal and steel, but were leapfrogged by the US and Germany, who invested in the newer technologies of chemical and electrical engineering.

    • Another thing, that maybe important is that Chamberlin and some of the French generals Like Patain and Gamlin were old. This doesn’t make for a martial spirit.

      While Hitler and the NAZIS were younger. And a lot of them were on Amphetamines as well. A lot of the SS were too.[History Channel Documentary: High Hitler]

  4. That’s obviously a frightening scenario, and of course we all hope none of it occurs. I’m not a gambler or a prognosticator, but I have a suspicion that something bad is going to happen and Europeans will be killed. And I also suspect Frau Merkel and her ilk will rush to the microphones to warn the citizens that Islam has nothing to do with any such event. Her type will probably use the security forces to form a protective ring around the “refugees” each time a Euro citizen is killed, all the while sending tweets and other forms of instruction to the stunned mass of citizens. The media will be tripping over itself trying to figure out their “messaging” for this event all the while coordinating with their government contacts. I would imaging this will play on for so long that these attacks will become as commonplace as overseas US military deaths have become here, 3rd and 4th page mentions if even then.

    • At the Point Of No Return, Merkel and her allies and accomplices will do the ‘chicken run’ to the USA and Canada, abandoning their people and looting their treasuries to become the darlings of the political cocktail party circuit at Washington and Ottawa. They will not stand with their people at the fateful hour—-as did Constantine Porphyrogenitos at the gates of Constantinople in 1453. They will run

  5. Fascinating treatise, Baron. Do I detect a bit of grim humour? But I doubt it will play out as you predict although there will be the occasional probe by Jihadist lone wolves. The global caliphate has one element on its side: Time. To attempt a violent takeover of Western Europe might only stir international condemnation and a final showdown which they would lose. Far better to slowly indoctrinate future, more gullible generations into intermarriage and acceptance of Satan’s “religion of peace.” But I wish it would play out as you predict. Let’s isolate and cut out the cancer now and be done with it.

    • so the peace we get from Islam is peace as the world gives, as opposed to the peace the Jesus Christ gives and promised those who love Him.

    • If some clique of super-geniuses hidden in Raqqa or elsewhere were calling the shots, yes, they would simply let the passage of time and demography do the work for them. But there is no such clique of geniuses, and the “great jihad” will kick off when the first leader on the level of Mohammed Atta manages to detonate multiple car bombs, etc. Overconfidence by the most fanatical jihadists, and their jumping off too early, might prove to be to our benefit.

    • That’s the strategy I see being played out as well. Look no further than the muslim brotherhood’s strategic goal for North America document. The U.S is much better protected from the type of strategy they have in mind compared to Europe, due to mainly demographics as well as two oceans, and population size. Though we still are quite weak due to political correctness in countering tactics they use against us.

      A good example of this is the numerous organizations with brotherhood ties, many of whom were founded by brotherhood members who continue to engage in subversive activities and who are given legitimacy by the media and political class, as well as academia to espouse their poison.

      We need to at the very least identify and de-legitimize any organization with ties to the muslim brotherhood, and any organization with members that were former brotherhood members. These organizations usually come in the guise of civil rights, or interfaith cooperation, or some other nice sounding name. Though their goals remain the same. The fact we refuse to do that much is quite telling. The enemy routinely exploits our insane political correctness too. I refer to it as weaponized political correctness.

      Civilizational jihad against Europe though is highly effective, so effective that it leaves me stunned. If anyone in the European establishment is reading this, guys I hate to say it but there are so many holes in your defenses. You are wide open when it comes to waging this civilizational jihad, or what basically is simple subversion tactics and methods using islam instead of some other ideology like communism.

      I mean weaponized victim status works wonders constantly to get concessions a prime example. Then there is infiltrating and subverting things to sway more minds, but if anyone states the obvious they are racist and xenophobic. Then their is exploiting the fact this happens (weaponized political correctness) Then there are things like militarizing the population further I could go on, but I’m sure some European intelligence people are tearing their hair out in frustration trying to talk sense into their political class to no avail, so I doubt my words mean anything. With a political class like the west has it must be the most frustrating job in the world working in intelligence.

  6. Agree with overall thesis but am unconvinced about the numbers. 80,000? Wouldn’t that mean the whole Mid East being emptied of IS killers? How do such numbers stack up?

    • 800,000 is the number I’m using for men of fighting age who have entered Germany in just the past year. To them must be added all the fanatics who were already in Germany. Refugees themselves use the 10 percent figure for ISIS plants.

      I have read that the biggest morale killer among ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria is that they are only killing fellow Muslims, and not the kuffar, the infidels. All of the jihadists now waiting in Europe are guaranteed the chance to kill infidels.

      But if only 1% of the 800,000 are truly dedicated fanatics, that is 8,000, enough for one thousand Paris, Mumbai or Beslan attacks. And during the Northern Ireland “troubles,” no more than 200 “active IRA” at any given time were enough to tie down divisions of the British Army, and the Brits were never able to wipe them out. In fact, the IRA forced the Brits to the “peace table” with a string of unstoppable car bombs in London.

      Please read this if you have not.
      Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

  7. I think the Germans will abandon Pegida and go full New Order.

    Gloves off, it’s not like the German state has the death penalty. Anything goes now.

    • That is actually the most frightening scenario. If the Germans would listen to Pegida, the Dutch to PVV, the Swedes to the Sweden Democrats and so on, we may have a (dwindling) chance to withstand Islam and preserve democracy. If all aforementioned and similar groups would fail, then when the actual attack would come, the people would go for the New Order. Oh Lord, have mercy on us

  8. The war in Europe will be interesting. I am hoping the tide turns and Islam is banished from Europe.

    However, the most important thing right now I feel is to secure America. Stop Muslim immigration right away, and deport as many of those inside as possible. Once they are inside the house, taqiyya and other well-rehearsed techniques allow them to spread their lies in a gullible populace. Once their numbers cross a certain threshold, then intimidation becomes their weapon of choice. Kafir communities live in constant fear of the “sudden Jihadi rage” that can be ignited by any Friday sermon.

    Need to absolutely stop muslims from entering the US. Trump seems to have a clue on this, but the others I feel will let the ship sink slowly.

    • no worry. If nothing else Europe will at least serve as a good example of how-not-to-do-it for the rest of the western world. As soon as riots and civil unrest in Western Europe heatens up, americans will vote increasingly for anti-moslem politicians.

      • A Mus[lim] Europe will indeed serve as an excellent example.
        Of formerly British and French nuclear war heads now pointed straight at Washington D.C. and New York.
        Have Diavola Al-Merkeli explain THAT to her cocktail circles.

  9. Perhaps the Muslim invasion is symptomatic of a deeper change in power within Western societies and their relationship with the international community.

    9/11 coincided with another phenomenon – globalization. This has undermined the usual power support of national political parties. The conservatives have seen a decline in national oligarchs who have now moved their production overseas where there is cheap labor. The conservatives have also lost support as the Middle Class has been hit hard by stagnant Welfare economies and increased taxation.

    The socialist parties have lost some support as trade unions, which formerly were funded by member contributions, have lost clout since labor has been deregulated. Instead socialist political parties have turned to the Third Estate of the impoverished, under-educated, unemployed and unemployable. This is a massive and growing sector and the Muslims, as well as other Third World migrants and refugees, swell its ranks.

    But the Third Estate has absolutely no power base except its electoral vote, (I put aside for the moment violent intimidation by Muslims),so in order to obtain that, Left wing political parties are locked into Welfare Entitlement spending and a massive overreach of government regulation. In fact the government has almost swallowed the society whole!

    The most powerful sector today – the global financiers and capitalists – no longer feel constrained by loyalty to their native country because they operate outside it. All they require from any government is that the government is responsive to their lobbying and institutes the regulations they need to do business for profit. For this, democracy is not essential, as China has demonstrated (although its Command Economy may be unraveling now.) In any case, both government and international business is becoming increasingly monopolistic and the free market, as well as freedom of speech is under attack.

    In other words, it seems that the days of majority Middle Class National Democracies may be over! From this point of view, it makes sense for Third World migrants to be resettled in the West because the chaos they bring will need extensive management by government, which is exactly what governments enjoy doing. Their power will only grow as they force the society, by social engineering, regulation, legislation and police force, to accept the newcomers.

    Merkel and her cohorts have no regard for national sympathies, as they have the global financial community (Soros etc), plus the central banks which serve that community, whispering in their ears day and night.

    It’s a new world. The poverty, lack of education, ignorance and overpopulation of the Third World is now OUR problem!!! We are being used as baby sitters so that the high flying internationalists can get on with making their obscene profits without having to worry about the oppressed masses, who can be shipped off to the West. And if there is a little civil war and blood in the streets, that is all to their profit as well – gives them a chance to buy cheap and an excuse for more repressive control of civil life.

    We are living at the beginning of a sea-change. If we want to preserve our freedom, our businesses and our culture, we will have to devise some new strategies because right now we are seen as the enemy by our governments, by the barbarians foisted upon us and by the international elitists and global financiers.

    In the end, they may be able to simply ignore us as the huge populations of China and India come on-line as consumers of their products. As Saddam Hussein said when he slaughtered thousands, ‘We don’t need THAT many people, anyway!’

    • And arms sales, don’t forget that. That’s very profitable. Germany and Sweden export a lot of armaments, and aren’t fussy who they sell to.

      • In Germany the arms industry contributes 1.4% of the GNP. Seems quite unimportant to me compared to other industrial branches.

        • The ILLEGAL trade is arms, drugs, organ harvesting, slavery (to the ME), prostitution, passport fraud, which exploded exponentially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, now comprises at least 20% of the global economy and is growing fast. Many of the ISIS fighters are Chechen gangsters.

          It has been observed that if the narco-dollar were taken out of circulation. the international financial organisations would fall apart.

          What we are seeing is the criminalization of world trade and certainly most Third World governments are nothing but criminal enterprises. Western governments are up to their eyeballs protecting it too- otherwise international crime could not operate! Dubai is the money-laundering capital of the world. I pray it sinks into the ocean.

          What the Muslim invasion is bringing upon us is undermining the very foundation of our society through crime, violence, the pursuit of hatred, intolerance, willful ignorance and flat out stupidity!

        • 1.4% of GNP for Germany is probably larger than the entire economy of Greece or Portugal.

      • With these falling oil prices, some of the buyers’ oil funds are diminishing. I’m not saying sufficiently, but still.

      • So Sweden destroys it own civilised culture through imports of barbarians in order to sell arms to barbarians. Who thought that one up.

  10. The sooner things come to a head and we can start to address this issue practically the better. I’m in a very safe country in the Far East yet I’d delight in joining for a showdown in Europe when the time comes. We need to remember our armed forces aren’t as cuckholded as our police forces and when the crunch comes they’ll, I hope, support the people, not the present zeitgeist. We are in the ascendency.

  11. We should consider ourselves very lucky, for now.

    A few days after the Paris events, in Hanover, Police confiscated an ambulance full of explosives. Also three muslems had the intention to enter the football stadion with bomb vest, just as in Paris. In Hanover, the attack was thwarted, as the football match was entirely cancelled.
    In Paris too, the attack on the stadion was thwarted by the body search on the first muslem who tried to enter the stadion. When he saw he was going to be body searched, he ran and detonated his bomb vest in the street, outside the stadion, the two muslems ready to enter the stadion, also detonated their bomb vests in the streets. This was not their intention.

    But lets piece together both scenarios for the stadion in Paris and the one in Hanover.
    Three muslems go in to the stadia with bomb vests. Then a diversion is created by a shooting in the entertainment district. Police and all ambulances are send out to the entertainmant district. (In Paris, to the Bataclan, and surroundings)
    Then the muslems in the stadia detonated their bombs. Let us say, 50 people are killed, and many wounded by these blasts. Ambulances are called, but none are available, they are all rushed to the entertainment district. But one ambulance shows up, is rushed inside the stadion, and it is this ambulance FULL of explosives.

    It detonates and 20.000 people are killed in Paris and 20.000 are killed in Hanover, bringing the total casualties tio 40.000, including presidents Hollande and Merkel, who were/would have been/ present at the games.
    Analysis of the explosives found in the Hanover ambulance show that the stadion would have collapsed.

    Now use THESE numbers to extrapolate the number of 80.000 infiltrated active muslems .

    Uwe Hayek.

    Uwe Hayek.

  12. I am a big fan of Mathhew Bracken and read that article by accident. I have posted links to his older article, “the day cities explode” which explores the idea as to what happens when welfare benefits are cut off. I have read Bracken fictional works as well. A bit too rough for my taste but clearly written. I am surprised his novels have not been made into movies.

    Bracken’s exposition of the situation in Europe was excellent and I have passed on that link to as many people as possible. It is not easy reading. There is no happy conclusion. Reality is tough. In the end I want to be known for one thing: that I was a realist. Self deception is fine when you are a juvenile but it is not cute nor endearing in an adult. I don’t see any way for what has happened in Europe with the is invasion to end in any other manner than with a massive letting of blood.

    I served in Germany, the old West Germany, for two years at a number of locations.

    It was an honor and a privilege. I remember the beautiful Germany. The one that was clean and polite, the one where down comforters were hung out of windows and where each little plot had flowers or a vegetable garden. Guten abend, Germany. I hope you do not go quietly into this night.

  13. I recommended this column to Stephen Coughlin, author of “Catastrophic Failure,” and he overall agreed with it. He said that Europe will indeed burn, and also the U.S., because the terrorists will link with groups here like Black Lives Matter. They won’t want to be left out of the chance to riot, loot, rape and destroy.

    • Thank you. I have a high regard for Mr. Coughlin’s understanding and analysis of our day.

      I’ve had a very bad (my stomach sinking type) feeling re. “Black Lives Matter” from the beginning. It was founded on a lie re. Michael Wilson in Ferguson and continues to ignore the overall picture of “non-privileged” people in the U.S. Evidently, only black people matter when the political and Koch-supported elite absorb so much of the available resources and hollow out our country.

      At the same time, BLM ignores the way that the police themselves have become special targets of violence from Muslim jihadis in our country as well as the increased number of random violent criminals who seem to feel that the police “had it coming.” I gotta say: without the police, we are ALL hip-deep in sheep dip.

      The city of Oakland, also in the S.F. Bay Area where I live, has been subjected to rioting at least three times in the past five or so years. Most of its small downtown businesses are black-owned, one- and two-person shops. Many of them re-opened after the first (Occupy) riot in 2011, some of them re-opened after the second set of riots in 2013 (in response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal), but many have *not* opened since the December 2014/January 2015 BLM riots (the Ferguson police officer was not indicted for Michael Wilson’s death), freeway blockages, etc. The BLM riots were the most destructive in terms of square MILES affected; one can still see–12 months later–many boarded-up windows along the paths of “righteous anger.” (Over the past 12 years, there have been additional riots in Oakland: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oakland_riots.)

      On photo images of the rioters, most of them are black, with an admixture of whites and few, if any, Latinos or Asians. I don’t know what the motives of the white rioters are (two arrested in the Occupy riots were from out of state), but the black rioters are damaging their own economic interest in destroying black businesses. Many of the riot-damaged businesses have either closed permanently or moved to less accessible locations, not convenient to public transportation (for example).

      We don’t need Muslim terrorists, at least not in the Bay Area. We’ve already got plenty of our own. 🙁

  14. According to a CNN report issued December'”1 million immigrants from Syria and surronding countries have entered the EU in the past year”. This was a figure they received from a United Nations year end report.

    Now. I’m sure most are Muslim. Let say 3% are radical or have radical sympathies. That means there are now 30,000 potential suicide bombers learking around major cities of the EU.

    That’s too much for comfort.

  15. Time magazine
    1938 Man of The Year: Adolf Hitler
    2015 WoMan of The Year: Angela Merkel

    Der Führer und Der Grossmufti Husseini work together on the Endlösung

    Die Führerin und Der Sultan Erdogan are working together on the Replacement

  16. I wonder, if our society survive the coming disaster, will we then finally understand? Or will we immediatly go back to the same socialistic insanity?

  17. There’s a great deal of ruin in a nation, and the long awaited “backlash” against the huge influx of aliens into Europe is, in my view, nowhere near materialising yet. A revolutionary mood that could overturn the liberal consensus and, for example, demand hermetic border controls, isn’t imminent.

    Irresistible pressure from the masses might force such a move. But the apathy and ignorance of the masses can hardly be overestimated in reference to any outcome that requires intelligent foresight.

    Meanwhile, the constant flow of misinformation in the media and the evasions of the political elites will keep the lid on things, I think. Jobs and social acceptance depend on silence about, if not acquiescence in, the ‘official’ attitude towards immigrants from incompatible cultures.

    The narrative rules for now.

    • Not just jobs, but “social benefits” — welfare, child allowances, unemployment payments, pensions, disability payments, etc., etc. The state can and does take those away, or threaten to take them away, in order to coerce compliance.

      It also takes children away from parents. To my knowledhge this has happened in Britain, Sweden, and Germany, and perhaps elsewhere.

      • Quite true. Much more than jobs and a quiet life are at risk if the state is defied. Totalitarian liberalism isn’t an oxymoron in the present climate of opinion.

  18. The invaders don’t even need guns. Unarmed Europeans, soft and weary from working for a living, are sitting ducks for a Rwanda-style holocaust.

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