Cologne: “A Brand-New Dimension of Violence”

The news about what happened last Thursday night in Cologne is still the top story in Germany, and is also drawing attention in the rest of Europe (see the previous post). The behavior of Cologne’s culture-enrichers was so blatant, so criminal, and so, well, ethnic, that the real story of the evening’s events can no longer be suppressed.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this news report from, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a translation of the article that accompanied the video, also translated by Nash Montana:

Video Shows the Chaos at Cologne Silvester[1] Night

The pictures show the escalating Silvester night at Cologne Hauptbahnhof [main train station]. At the change of the new year shocking scenes took place. Uncontrolled fireworks were launched and thrown into groups of people, and small rocket flares were lit.

Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers called the massive incursions “criminal acts of a brand new dimension” when he described the many sexual molestations perpetrated on women around Cologne’s main train station. “It is an intolerable condition, that in the middle of our city such offenses can be perpetrated.,” he said on Monday.

According to Albers, around a thousand men gathered in front of the train station, who “according to the way they looked all came from Arab and North African regions.” Every single witness has confirmed this statement. Out of the mass of these men they built various groups of men who then surrounded women, cornered and harassed them and robbed them.

The police president speaks of sexual harassment and molestation in massive form and he mentions one rape. The police and the police union (GdP) mentioned similar details at a press conference. Henriette Reker[2] (no party affiliation), Cologne’s mayor, has called for a crisis meeting on Tuesday.

On Monday the police received sixty reports of theft of handbags, cell phones, and wallets. They are expecting more victims, however, who have not yet come forward.

Minister of the Interior Ralf Jäger (SPD) reaction to the attacks was harsh. “We will not accept that groups of North African men organize to sexually attack and humiliate defenseless women,” he told the Cologne newspaper “Express” on Tuesday. “That is why it is necessary for the Cologne police to investigate, and show their presence as a deterrent factor.”

The police, according to their own statement, had observed the accumulation and then decided to close down the area, because fireworks were launched into the crowds of people — as they were unaware as to the sexual harassment going on.

The Cologne police immediately established a task force. On Sunday they arrested five men near the train station who were cornering and harassing women and pick-pocketing visitors. Whether they had anything to do with the goings-on of the night before has not been established yet.

The GdP (Police Union) reacted with horror. “This is a brand-new dimension of violence. We have not known this kind of violence before,” the county chairman of the Police Union, Arnold Plickert, told the German Press-Agency on Monday. The strongly inebriated offenders were “completely disinhibited and violent. One offender even pushed his hand into a female police officer’s pants,” Plickert reports.


1.   New Year’s Eve
2.   When Mayor Henriette Reker was campaigning for election back in October, she was stabbed in the neck by a citizen who was angry about her generous policy towards “refugees” at the expense of native Kölners. See “The Home-Reker of Cologne”.

Video transcript:

0:05   Pictures show the massive chaos in Cologne in front of the Dome [Cathedral] at Silvester [New Year’s Eve] night.
0:10   New Year’s Eve brought shocking scenes.
0:15   Uncontrolled fireworks were launched into the mass of people. Small rocket flares were shot off.
0:21   Even before midnight the police had been already informed about the lighting of illegal fireworks.
0:38   According to authorities there were multiple thefts and sexual harassment against women by obviously organized mobs.
0:46   The police speak of massive sexual harassment and molestation and were shocked at the extent of it all.
0:53   Multiple suspects were arrested by the police during the night. There are over sixty reports of sexual molestation and theft.
1:00   Investigators confirmed Monday that about a thousand inebriated men were responsible for the rampage,
1:09   and according to all witnesses, they were all men of Arab and North African descent.

43 thoughts on “Cologne: “A Brand-New Dimension of Violence”

  1. This was just a warm-up act for what is to come. This was like a pre-game pep rally for the massive “European Tet Offensive” by Muslims which will unfold during 2016. The Muslim invaders now feel emboldened and supercharged, they already feel like the new bosses of Germany. German women are theirs for the grabbing, and German police are a bunch of PC emasculated Keystone Kops.

    • I wouldn’t underestimate German women. Some of the most ruthless Baader-Meinhof terrorists were women. If German men don’t find their [redacted] testicles soon, you can count on the women to grow some.

    • Hi Matt, totally agree, there is no law and order. The caliphate with shiria law will soon be the order of the day in 2016, with mass killings of “infidels” and people pushed out of their homes and mass destruction of churches and other monuments, etc. Europe has fallen because of cowardly apathetic men (gelded?) who refuse to stand up for the women and girls. The Jihadists know the authorities are allowing the fall of the EU. [General insults against Europeans redacted]. Leaders are Marxist puppets of the globalists.

    • This was also a probe. This is a relatively mild application of Islamic behavior to see what the official response will be. If it is mild, tentative, inconsistent, and/or appeasing, then the next round will be more vicious and violent.

      A strong reaction, in contrast, would see them retire for a while, to bide their time until their numbers are greater.

      • Our considered approach to life is misinterpreted as weakness by Muslims. What they don’t seem to appreciate is that when we eventually decide to do something, we do it.

        • manatthepub-

          I pray you are correct that we will still have the will and the means to get the job done when the appropriate time comes.

        • I think that you are putting a rather positive spin on the situation to be honest. I wish it were so, that the Germans, and European men in general, have been hiding their time, keeping their powder dry so to speak, waiting for the right moment to strike and exact violent revenge on the Muslim invaders. But that’s just wishful thinking. The silence and inaction of our men is down to fear and cowardice. Mostly fear of the authorities, the police, losing job, losing wife, social shaming. Nothing strange in all that. It’s called normal human behaviour.
          Muslims’ sexual assault of western women is in large part an attack on western men, a way of humiliating and emasculating us. When criminals break into a family home, tie up the man and rape his wife and daughters in front of him, its ostensibly the same thing. Here in Britain we had the rape and abuse of thousands of white girls by Muslims – an ongoing thing still, obviously – and the response was what? Violent revenge by mobs of enraged white Brits? No, nothing, of course.
          Muslims haven’t misunderstood anything about our society, about our British, German, European men. They have the measure of us. As things stand, at least. Sorry, but it is dishonest to suggest otherwise.

    • Actually you should be glad of this. These impulsive sociopaths have so clearly demonstrated what lies ahead that the whole project of Islamising Europe rapidly through immigration and infiltration of jihadis may now be in jeopardy. However, in the US things are going along just fine, and President Hillary will continue Obama’s Trojah Horse strategy.

  2. Back in 1971 when I was 20 I spent a month in Turkey with a Turkish boyfriend I had met in college. We spent the first few weeks in Istanbul staying with his family and sightseeing. Whenever we went out, men would become vocal in my presence, going so far as to yell across the street and say things to me. When I asked my boyfriend was clearly upset and flustered as he understood what they were saying. I never did get the exact translations as he refused to give them but the gist was that it was all quite vulgar. He claimed the only reason I was not physically touched was because he was with me. Once I returned to the US I sought out a copy of the koran and read it cover -to- cover, and have been “enlightened” ever since.

  3. I’m in shock! (not hardly) We were all led to believe that these ‘migrants’ and alleged ‘refugees’ were victims of a horrid war, and instructed (almost ordered) to accept them. The real victims are the German citizenry, sold out by the political class in the EU and Germany. Hold on folks this is only the beginning of a ‘reign of assaults, violence, groping, robbery, and uncivil behavior. These vermin saw what they could get away with now they are emboldened. What is most sickening the German citizenry must pick up the tab for all of the police overtime, damage to public property, and the filth and litter these arrogant, barbarians leave behind.

    • Frau Merkel has “expressed her outrage” and Mayoress Reker
      Seems more concerned that upwards of 1,000 men evidently of Arab or North African appearance, had been linked with refugees. Wake up Germany! What about the traumatised 15yr old girl and all the other women victims? How can the odious Merkel and the even more deluded Reker carry on in office or dare to pontificate in public again. Your press is corruptly suppressing the emerging truth of Merkel’s treachery in opening your borders to the illiterate, barbarian hoards of the third world who have NOTHING of value to bring to your once great nation.

        • The official description I heard on KCBS via an interview with a reporter in Koeln/Cologne was “mostly Arabic and North African men.”

    • While the perps were undoubtedly cultural enrichers, do we know that they were refugees? Germany has had problems with second-generation immigrants, and those brought in as dependents, for a while – like most other Western European countries. Many have been playing a cat and mouse game with the police for some time – and perhaps due to the recent influx of their “brothers”, they do feel that the “mice” are so numerous that they’re now in control… however, are the Cologne Enrichers from the class of 2015 migrants? Personally, I’m not convinced – although I wouldn’t bet against the 2015 crop getting involved in some enrichment further down the line, along with the numerous dependents they’ll undoubtedly also bring in.

      • Nah, I read they were Moroccans who have been in Germany for a couple of years. But of course, it’s rumors right now. Still though, it sounds like linked men who were organized, not green newcomers.

      • “A press conference hosted by Cologne’s chief of police Wolfgang Albers this afternoon confirmed the attacks had been perpetrated by migrants, all of whom were found to be carrying official immigration paperwork by police officers at the time. Mr. Albers said “the crimes have been committed by a group of people who mostly come from her in appearance from the North African and Arab countries”, and that he found the situation “intolerable”. “

        Perhaps it was more of a mix…the second-generation inviting their new migrant neighbors to test the waters – so to speak – to illustrate to their brethren and the world
        * just how impotent the local police, security apparatus and ethnic Deutsch-men have become.
        **how vulnerable ethnic Germans, particularly women and children were permitted if not forced to become as a result of islamophilia and grossly misguided empathy towards migrants of war torn muhammedan societies.

  4. Country after country are imposing border controls. Once Germany shuts the gates, then so too will Austria, Slovenia and so on down the line. Eventually, they’ll begin to pile-up in Greece. Then what?

    • Then the tank will be full; you can bet those gates will swing wide open again after the ummah are brought to heel.

  5. One other thing: Per the CIA Factbook, there are about 9.6 million males in Germany under the age of 25. I’m assuming a healthy percentage of those are Muslim, at least 10%. If Germany just added another million young Muslim males, then close to 20% of Germany’s youth male population is Muslim. No doubt, that percentage will grow over time.

    There’s your future, Germany.

  6. And just like that, Germans have given up control over their cities.

    And just like that, Germans have thrown their women to the wolves.

    And just like that, Germans have signaled [redacted] that they wish to submit to islamic violence small or large.

    And just like that, after Germany’s Ubermasters forbid the German citizenry to light fireworks so as not to scare those ‘traumatized refugees’, the traumatized refugees are dancing around on Germany’s last shred of dignity by defiling their women and making the men cower in fear.

    And I already have it from first hand, from the mayor of Cologne’s mouth herself on youtube video which I am in the process of translating right now, that she does indeed NOT blame refugees for this, that in fact, there is no “proof” that these men were “refugees”.

    Right. Because Cologne has these [redacted] living there and conglomerating any day of the year as citizens just like that already. NOT.

    • These cry babies in Köln did vote that pro islam traitor Reker to be their mayor, didn’t they?

      *sarcasme in*
      Somebody should do something about that Reker [epithette]..
      *sarcasme out*

      • Soon, this is the lecture that young European women will get in school:

        Look…. Obviously to be accepting of other cultures all women need to be accepting of cultures in which raping them is considered completely acceptable. Therefore, unless you want to be a “racist” woman who rejects other equally valid or even superior cultures with their rich cultural traditions simply because they have a cultural acceptance of rape, you need to just get used to being raped and molested and stop complaining about it.

        Therefore the real problem is the racist and intolerant women who are refusing to accept the cultural value that rape is totally acceptable simply because they are intolerant of the “other” and the culture of the “other”. I mean what gives you the right to believe that raping you is unacceptable when another under appreciated culture believes that you should accept being raped or molested at any time for any reason? Are you some kind of white supremacist to object to other cultures in this manner?

        So ladies just stop being so racist and accept that you must allow yourself to be raped at any time by those who are part of certain great world cultures that value rape! This is the only acceptable attitude in the new panacea of total and absolute acceptance of all cultures. Anything else is racism and white supremacy.

        • You might have intended your comment to be satirical, or sardonic in its core. But if you read between the lines of European politicians, this is already happening. To understand the extent of what enriching mobs can do in public, whether newcomers or naturalized generations, check incident reports from Egipt. Even boys as young at ten will grope and molest women on the streets in daylight. The “pure shock” expressed by both police and the mayoress amazes me. As one reader blatantly put it in a comment above, European men need to grow [masculine organs]. But these would not be enough, unless they also have enough [manly fortitude]. So far, women in German and EU politics know how to dictate…

        • And what would happen if (heaven forbid) the indigenous German males from the original (and “inferior”) culture decided that they kind of liked that particular aspect of the Muslim culture, and maybe they’d give it a try? Somehow I don’t think people like Reker would be so lenient toward the native German males.

          As has been discussed on GoV, the multiculturalism theme is a smokescreen, at least to a certain extent, to hide the true intent of many of these people – which is essentially the destruction of Western society, in order to pave the way for something else.

  7. Well, it’s “brand-new” to Germany, but it’s certainly not brand-new to Islam.

  8. Amazing! Germans are finally starting to understand what most of us on this, and other sites knew DECADES AGO!!!

    There is NOTHING as blind, deaf and stupid as people who will not be told.

  9. What about those new women army “Rangers ” we are celebrating? I think we should send them over there to straighten things out.

  10. There seems to be more to this than meets the eye. This happened, almost simultaneously, in several German cities, not just Cologne (Cologne was merely the largest). Is this a planned, Germany-wide provocation? Just to see how much the arabs can push and to show that they are a force to be reckoned with in Germany? Hard to say for sure, but I would not rule it out.

    Also, a crowd of 1000 does not just assemble spontaneously. It is usually planned.

    • Ever heard of flash mobbing? Was the big new thing, a few years back. A few hundred would meet at a certain place and time, usually through a Facebook page, do a dance, then go their way again. Would it be that far-fetched for a few gang ringleaders to arrange to meet, along with all their “posses”, at a certain place for a little New Year’s “celebrations”?

      • Around 1 week back, 1 lakh muslims assembled in a small village called Malda in India. They ransacked the houses of hindus, burnt the police station and number of vehicles, threw stones at hindus and cops, injuring countless.
        The West Bengal government sprang into action and tried to cover up the incident. One minister was quoted as saying that this was not communal mob but mob assembled to protest against certain Border security force. The west bengal goverment overnight painted the burnt police station and repaired it so that no trace of any violence could be traced.

        The union home ministry could not act as the west bengal governmet itself tried to hide the happening and gave it a different color.

        All this happened because the west bengal government is headed by a lady who thinks similar to Merkel. She is pro Islam and supports their atrocities openly.

        Imagine the plight of majority hindu population under the mercy of radical muslim groups and a partial blind government.

        The situation is similar to what happened in Germany new year eve . But I would say that happenings in Germany is nothing compared to what is happening all over India.

    • New Year’s is traditionally a party night in Germany. It’s called “Silvester” or, depending on your spelling preference, “Sylvester.” It’s (up till now) been a light-hearted evening for wandering around town, imbibing a beer or two or perhaps a glass of wine and playing light-hearted tricks on friends (coming up behind them with the classic “Guess who?” question).

      Knowing this was a “get-together in public” night, no big surprise if the iPhone-empowered migrants decided THEY wanted to have a bit of different Sylvester “fun.” Bleah.

    • I will pay good money to see one of those marches in Germany.

      I know I never will, so my moolah is safe.

  11. If bands of young Germans started roaming the streets of Koln beating up Muslims right and left, I’d understand their rage. It’s one thing to go after an African student who was politely talking to a young lady of the host country (it happened in China in the late 1980’s); quite another to attack shameless rapists. Having lived many years as a stranger in a strange land, I accepted that I had to treat the host country’s womenfolk with respect. Maybe that’s why I ended up marrying and starting a family with one.

  12. The way these situations are “fixed” by the police in many third-world countries is that the police beat the living crap out of the perpetrators with batons, some of them to near death or to actual death. The police won’t hesitate to do this because they have no need to be concerned about being charged with police brutality or excessive use of force.

    The thugs who are usually kept under control only because they fear police who themselves have no consequences to fear are not terribly constrained anymore when they no longer have to fear pain, injury, or death at the hands of authorities who may suffer serious consequences should they be the least bit less than gentle especially with the poor disadvantaged “minorities”.

    People who are normally only deterred with threats of beheading or other sorts of amputation are not going to be terribly deterred with with the threat of probation or community service. The results should be easy to predict.

    • I stayed with a friend in a housing project in Le Blanc-Mesnil back in the 1980’s. We always kept an eye out for “Les Arabes.” Once, we saw CRS police grab a young criminal North African, toss him in the van, and beat the living crap out of him.

      Let’s just say there were no “no-go” areas at the time. The police took their job very seriously.

      • Well, those CRS police were simply discouraging criminal behavior, and possibly letting off a little steam from all the ridiculous paperwork inherent in the French bureaucracy.

    • Nimrod-

      This past September I was at a soccer match in Capt Town, South Africa.

      Some young fellows got it in their heads that rushing the pitch near the end of the match would be a good idea.

      The police corralled them and beat them bloody in front of the stands near one of the goals. No one batted an eye.

  13. People are so obsessed with the whole ‘racism’ debate that they forget to look at the bigger picture. Germany was a well functional, prosperous and peaceful country before all these foreign elements were introduced. There was no reason to change anything. Now they’ve imported a whole lot of new problems that they have to focus their resources on!

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