The Home-Reker of Cologne

As we reported in the news feed last night, Henriette Reker, a mayoral candidate in Cologne, was stabbed in the neck by an angry citizen who is alleged to have had “anti-foreigner motives”. Ms. Reker was running as an independent in the election, but enjoyed the support of the CDU, Angela Merkel’s party.

Nash Montana has uncovered an interesting news story about Henriette Reker from January 2014 — before the “refugee” situation escalated from a crisis to an apocalypse — that may shed some light on why she provoked such anger in at least one resident of her city. In those days Ms. Reker was the deputy mayor for social affairs, and bore administrative responsibility for refugee accommodations. Back then it had not yet become fashionable to propose the expropriation of private property for migrant housing — so she was ahead of her time.

Below are some translated excerpts from the article:

Department Promises Housing With Baths

The deputy mayor for social affairs uttered words about the refugee situation. Thus there is talk of individual apartments with kitchen and bath. But where these accommodations should be located remains a mystery.

Mayoral Deputy for Social Affairs Henriette Reker announced Thursday that the expected ten container locations for about 700 refugees were being built according to guidelines for refugee accommodations. Therefore these containers will be individual apartments with kitchen and bath. Per location it is estimated that about 70 to 80 refugees will be housed. The cost for rent and structural preparations will come to multiples of €100,000. But where these containers will be located is something the city will not announce at this time. “I cannot exclude that in order to house the refugees we will confiscate property and buildings,” says Reker [emphasis added].

The NRW [North Rhine-Westphalia] interior department says they’d welcome it if Cologne was building the reception center for 500 to 700 refugees. […] Leasing and maintenance costs would be carried by the state. “We have to figure out if this is profitable”, says Reker. […] The city projected that roughly 2,000 more refugees would have to be housed in Cologne in the next two years. “We were very conservative in our estimate, but nobody has a magic crystal ball to tell what is really going to happen,” says Reker.

Well, we know a little bit more about all that now, don’t we? Henriette Reker predicted two thousand “refugees” would arrive in Cologne before the end of 2015. I wonder how many they’ve gotten so far — 10,000? 20,000?

It was almost two years after this little tidbit before an irate Kölner decided to attack Ms. Reker with a knife. I don’t know if there’s any connection between her totalitarian sentiments as expressed above and the recent stabbing. Readers will have to decide that for themselves.

12 thoughts on “The Home-Reker of Cologne

  1. For the first time, politicians may now have a spark of fear from violence from alienating their own population, instead of the perpetual fear of Muslim violence. Neither is good, of course.

  2. The Norwegians wasted no time after the end of WW2 to execute the original Quisling traitor. He was given a trial and put before a firing squad in the fall of 1945, if memory serves. What fate will befall the European and American Quislings who are leading the Muslim invasions of their own nations? What kind of people would prepare their own daughters for a life of fear of gang-rape–under Sharia law–for merely walking about “uncovered?” What kind of bureaucratic monsters are so driven to wipe out their own cultures and replace them with Mohammed’s insane plan for the world?

    • Sweden is still recovering from the one man attack on their own Hitler Youth camp which decimated a whole generation of promising Quislings the day after they had a ‘virulently antisemitic Solidarity with the Palestinian Flotilla’ celebration. Expect more white normal Europeans to be driven insane by the present ‘over the top’ insanity.

  3. If this is true it’s about time. If you want the elites to pay attention to you, you first must make them fear you.

  4. So, she has been elected in spite of saying she could confiscate their properties for Islamic invaders?

    It is hard not to say, “This is what they deserve” because we know that there are those who are resisting.

    But to consider that she carried the vote is incredible.

    Was she voted in for her pro Islamic, anti-German polices?

    Or, was she voted in because she was stabbed and some voted a pity vote?

    I wish I understood.

  5. The Muslim illiterates and their Christisn hunters are taking no notice of what they see as ignorant dhimmis who can’t even defend their own borders. It’s a Muslim rape, murder, molest and stress party. If we can’t handle our mortal enemies now what about later when they are organised and so numerous that they can grab great swathes of land and law? Just imagining.

  6. History shows that a nation reaches a peak but then declines. I think Germany has joined the nations of the also ran’s

    • To me rather more like history shows that a nation reaches a point periodically when it needs to again assert itself. Usually because some soviet for brains (SFB) type starts drinking alcoholically on the states dime. Seventy years plus is too long. Absolutely nothing “also ran’s” about the German nation. Now Sweden……

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