Italians Get Out the Pitchforks for ISIS

A group of anti-Islamic Italians who call themselves “9 Dicembre Forconi” have put out a video warning to the Islamic State that culminates with the burning of an ISIS flag.

“Forconi” means “pitchforks” in Italian. Watch what these guys do with their pitchforks in this clip.

Many thanks to par0 for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   9th December Forconi set fire to the flag of ISIS
0:24   ”With the Will of God we will destroy the Cross, we will conquer your Rome
0:29   and we will take your women says,” the spokesperson of the Islamic State Abu Mohammad al-Adnani.
0:34   We are Italian, we are 9th December Forconi [Forconi = pitchforks].
0:40   We wanted to send a message to these assassins, terrorists of ISIS.
0:47   Listen closely to what we say. Don’t think you are dealing with our corrupt,
0:51   compromised politicians, traitors to our Republic and our Fatherland.
0:56   That have hosted you, that have introduced you into Italy, that are protecting you, NOOOO,
1:02   we will not put the safety of our families, our children, our Fatherland and our Republic at risk.
1:08   As the 52nd article of our Constitution states, we Italian citizens have the duty, I repeat duty,
1:14   to defend our Fatherland and our Republic.
1:19   and this is what we will do. Therefore we warn you, you are not dealing with these corrupt politicians,
1:26   but you will have to deal with us, to confront our armed forces, our police forces, and us Italian citizens.
1:32   You will have to deal with us Forconi, the Italian people. We are not kidding; in this moment we will demonstrate to you
1:39   what you should expect if you merely dare to do what you threaten us with in our country.
1:45   Attention, we are not joking.

16 thoughts on “Italians Get Out the Pitchforks for ISIS

  1. Nice. But I won’t believe it until they start shooting the invaders when they try to come ashore.

    • You’re right. Also, any gov. who removes guns from the citizens turns them into slaves who cannot defend against enemy invasions. They must be stopped before they come ashore, another way is destroy the boats before they hit shore, let ’em drown.

  2. I don’t think this will have much effect. To send any significant message they would need to make their own execution video where some well-known Muslim hate preachers were executed. Then they’d need to be able to evade the authorities or have the authorities look the other way so that it would seem as though they could act with impunity.

  3. Thanks for posting this, I had a chuckle, good chaps, salt of earth. Fantastic!
    Next time they may appear with their best friends-hunting rifles. In many rural areas of Europe kids learn how to handle those ‘man stoppers’ from early age, good on them.
    Btw there have been ISIS(+EU) flag burnings in Poland, for example in September 2015 in my hometown, very proud(:
    Scroll to 17min, crowd is shouting: ‘once with sickle, once with hammer beat back the red scum’, it rhymes in Polish.

    • Been advising friends in the UK, to make sharp their gardening tools.

      Women to wear big hats and put 3 nicely sharpened and sturdy hat pins in them. They can blind a man or hurt his crotch badly.

      The perfect gardening hand tool to use as a defense item is the strong three clawed “weeding” tool. Ladies can carry them in their personal gardening bag while out and about. ALSO dirt makes a good weapon to toss in the eyes of an attacker.
      Men and ladies might carry a small can of aerosol baking shortening like PAM…burns like the devil when it gets into somebody’s eyes. Takes your breath away.

      • Another one would be on of those spray cans of wasp-killer stuff. Those can shoot 20 feet, and they must be a nasty experience at the other end.

    • Poland isn’t going to go down to the EU-sponsored social changes / invasions. They’ll fight back. Poles fought back more than any others under occupation against the Nazis and also the Soviets. They also had a huge role in ending the Soviet empire.

      That’s without speaking of Sobieski in Vienna.

      Poles know the value of running their own country.

  4. did italian fighters ever have a reputation for bravery?Their war tanks had five gears : one ahead and four backwards.The italian crest of war is: white eagle on white background.But they are nice people I like.

    • Here’s another joke. Hitler to Mussolini after failed invasioin of greece by Mussolini:

      Hitler: You know your people don’t make vary good Fascists
      Mussolini: That’s easy for you to say, you had Germans to START OUT WITH all I had were Italians.

      But I’ve been there and I like them too.Beautiful historical buildings

    • Not as a whole, but on an individual level, against someone who attacks their family? Italians will fight back on that.

    • “italian fighters ever have a reputation for bravery”

      I never understood this stereotype? just because they preformed poorly in WW2 makes them cowards? If you read the military history of Italy during WW1 & 2 you’ll see many brave acts being committed by highly motivated and honorable Italians.

  5. The Greeks still celebrate the day that they said “OXI “… NO! To the Germans !

  6. My dad said “NO” to the Germans, charged Hell with a bucket of water as a combat
    veteran, 88th – 351st Infantry during WWII; marched all the way into Germany and
    down Hitler’s throat. He came out of basic ready to charge Hell with a bucket of

    He died at 81 several years ago; but I know what he would say to me if he could see
    what we are facing at the hands of Hitler-y Clinton “immigrant” illegal voters. He
    would tell me to keep that old Smith & Wesson loaded for bear! Fang’s a better
    shooter than I am; but I try.

    This “training camp” stuff they’re doing now all over the country is just plain
    unfriendly! Crawling around in the woods dressed in combat gear with their heads
    and faces covered up like cowards! – Even our rattlesnakes and copperheads out
    here don’t like them, and they will have to crawl on their bellies through the big
    sinkhole snake pit out front. Yes! We have “guard snakes” as well as Dub, the big
    guard dog and Boo the attack cat!

    We are still pioneer Americans.

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