Tariq Ramadan Welcomed at McGill University

The Swiss philosopher Tariq Ramadan is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and notorious for his double-tongued narratives — one “moderate” speech in English or French for Western audiences, and a different, sharia-intensive talk for Muslim audiences.

Mr. Ramadan has just arrived at McGill University in Montreal to do a little dawa in Quebec. The following report from Quebec TV is notable for telling the plain truth about Tariq Ramadan — something not often seen in Western media.

Many thanks to the Counterjihad Collective for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:06   Today, McGill University welcomed the writer Tariq Ramadan,
0:09   who denounces the foreign policies of the West which he holds responsible
0:14   for the divisions that feed the organizers of terrorist attacks.
0:19   Ramadan himself often uses controversial remarks. A packed auditorium listened to Tariq Ramadan at McGill University.
0:26   The controversial Islamic thinker accuses the West of fuelling divisions that
0:30   incite terrorists to commit their crimes.
0:33   TR: What the West wants is to divide and rule; what we need is to unite.
0:38   Ramadan denounced before an audience that included many Egyptians
0:41   the coup that ousted the Muslim Brotherhood from power with wide public support.
0:45   TR: These have nothing to do with democratization of the country.
0:50   Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, complains that he is described as
0:54   supporting doublespeak. Yet in Montreal, he speaks of peace, but
0:57   before another audience he prays that Allah strikes the enemies of Islam.
1:01   (TR prayer in Arabic)
1:06   In Dallas in 2011, during a meeting of ICNA, an organization that invited to the country
1:09   several radical Imams, he declared that Muslims should colonize the United States.
1:13   (TR) “Colonizing positively the United-States of America”
1:18   Tariq Ramadan is presented here as an Oxford professor in England
1:25   but he also runs a research centre on Sharia funded by Qatar.
1:30   He is seen here with the Queen of Qatar at the inauguration, next to Yusuf Qaradawi,
1:35   a radical imam who preaches especially the killing of homosexuals.
1:38   The links between McGill University and Qatar are known. McGill has received a donation of
1:42   $1.25 million from this Gulf country for its program of Islamic studies.
1:46   The worst is that we have institutions that are funded by the state,
1:50   which give legitimacy to preachers like that.
1:54   Ramadan has a great influence in Islamic circles. He openly rejoiced
1:57   at the Conservative defeat and the election of Justin Trudeau.
2:00   TR : “But we must at the same time, make our assessment of this government, also on foreign policy”.
2:09   Tariq Ramadan denounced the Paris attacks, but he also denounced the response of Francois Hollande.
2:13   He believes that the West should respond to the terrorist attacks by welcoming more Syrian refugees,
2:20   rather than bombing the Islamic State in Iraq or Syria.
2:24   Michel Jean, TVA News, Montreal.

14 thoughts on “Tariq Ramadan Welcomed at McGill University

  1. “…who preaches especially the killing of homosexuals.” That is one of the few things which will override the usual Political Correctness, but not always.

    • The Canadian government is being called upon to deny entry to Canada by Donald Trump and to remove his name from all buildings with “Trump” in its name such as his hotel in Toronto. But there is no problem with this hate filled individual. “Islamic” scholars always seem to get a pass. Islam is after all, “The religion of peace” even though there is no evidence to indicate that is true.

  2. Swiss philosopher…yes, the spitting image of Wilhelm Tell, Bernhard Russi or Roger Federer, he is……

    • Yes. Because we apparently are fools. Actions speak louder than words. After all this time that a deadly criminal Muslim con artist can dump on a still more uneducated (apparently) useful infidel idiot populations says it all to the Muslims in and pouring in. Guess who’s winning the war between the Muslim Nazi ideology and the Judeo Christians?

  3. This should be no surprise after the arrival of the Syrian refugees was turned into a propaganda spectacle worthy of Stalin’s USSR.

    • That’s what it says on his wiki entry. Who am I, a mere mortal, to question Wikipedia?

  4. A few videos exist where Ramadan is left naked after the brilliant Ayaan Hirsi Ali finishes him off at a debate in Sweden. Watching her do this is a treat!

    A French top politician is also confronting Ramadan at this debate.


    • @manatthepub
      Ramadan claims he is a European, also in the above video clips, referring to his studies in European philosophy, claiming it is “his culture”.

  5. Happened to catch a few minutes of some ‘Charlie Rose’-type show on PBS’ ‘World’ channel yesterday, the guest was none other than Salman Rushdie (of ‘Satanic Verses’ fame), based on what I saw, he ended up describing himself as just another good-natured sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll type Hippie. Read: According to Mr. Rushdie, ca. 2015, the world would be so much better if everybody just got stoned. The weed kind, not the Islamic kind.

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