Germany: Facebook Bans Islam-Critics

A couple of months ago, as Chancellor Angela Merkel was facing ever-increasing scorn and criticism on social media from ordinary German citizens, Minister of Justice Heiko Maas demanded that Facebook do more to suppress “hateful” opinions on the German branch of its site. Mark Zuckerberg and his underlings clicked their heels and cried “Jawohl!” in response, and now their promises have been fulfilled.

Among the first “haters” to feel the effects and be banned from Facebook were our friends Michael Mannheimer
and Michael Stürzenberger, who are well-known to regular readers of this blog.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Facebook Bans Islam-Critics

In the middle of September, Minister of Justice Heiko Maas summoned Richard Allan from Dublin, who is responsible at Facebook for political matters in Europe. Maas blatantly demanded censorship of alleged “hate”-filled content, but he was no doubt most interested in Islam-critical publications. Two and one-half months later, Facebook announced its implementation: the pages of Michael Mannheimer and Michael Stürzenberger, for example, were completely banned. although only demonstrable facts about Islam could be found there.

On September 15th, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on Maas’s meeting with Allen:

Facebook is to eliminate the countless hate comments left on the platform by dimwitted users, much of which is repulsive, misanthropic and possibly even legally actionable…

Constitutional Minister Maas, who would like to compel Facebook to immediately remove…

By year’s end, a work group, called “Task Force” shall develop criteria for dealing with hate comments…

Further, Facebook will put aside some funds for non-governmental complaints in Germany…

At the time, the Süddeutsche Zeitung was doubtful that Facebook would carry through with this drastic reduction of freedom of expression. To its great joy, it finds it is wrong, and the machinery of censorship rolls out. Michael Mannheimer reports on the Facebook ban:

These are the fruits of the Merkel regime. The “chief” met personally with Zuckerberg and her Minister of Justice Maas talked turkey with the responsible agent for Facebook in Germany. That was a few weeks ago. Mannheimer was the first one affected: Nothing more of his on Facebook. Then, ba-da-bing: Stürzenberger and Ester Seitz were banned on Facebook. I got the following cellphone message from Stürzenberger: “Another ‘success’ is that Facebook has now extinguished both my pages with 10,000 friends. Result of a meeting of Minister of Justice Mass with the responsible persons several weeks ago, which resulted in a censorship authority being established…”

Through his attempts to silence Islam critics, Maas’s fascist attitude toward freedom of opinion becomes clearer and clearer. Bit by bit, his methods are implementing GDR 2.0. Lafontaine’s[1] former student is honoring his dark red mentor. Der Spiegel reported on September 14th that this enemy of freedom of expression intends to create his own work group for his censorship machine:

He will found a work group, not only with Facebook, but with other social networks, with NGOs and with “politics.” There is going to be a debate about hate on the net again.

Enlighteners on Islamic matters who engage in factual argumentation are silenced with the pretext of combatting “hate.” Who knows what other repressive measures this minister of justice would introduce if he could do what he wanted. To be sure, this Maas manikin is small of stature, but with an intellectual inclination that is highly dangerous for freedom and democracy. Complicating matters is the fact that he either has no clue about Islam, or is lying, as is shown by this idiotic statement:

“Anyone who murders in the name of the Prophet is committing an assault on Islam.”

Absolutely false. A Muslim who murders in the name of the “Prophet” is executing exactly the commandments of the Koran, imitating his perfect role model Mohammed, and is carrying out an attack on the inferior “infidels” as ordered by Allah. He isn’t attacking his religion, which has unmistakably ordered him to do exactly this.

Maas’ latest demands, to “show more tolerance” for Islam, to place it on equal footing with the Church as an institution of public law and conclude appropriate governmental treaties, fits into this line of thought and approaches high treason against the German people and any non-Muslim foreigners living here. Maas is collaborating intensively with this murder-glorifying, totalitarian and inhumane ideology in the guise of a “religion”.

To contact Facebook in the future about its censorship methods you can register at the Russian variant

Contact for Facebook:

To contact the Ministry of Justice about replacing their busy-work ministers:

1.   German politician, chair of SPD, then of The Left, retired now for health reasons.

33 thoughts on “Germany: Facebook Bans Islam-Critics

  1. As we look back from the future, Facebook will be sited as a criminal enabler of the destruction of democracy and the rule of law. Merkel is hell bent on creating a criminal transnational organization (The EU) which tramples on the rights of individuals as members of a nation.

    The EU is run by un-elected bureaucrats. They may just as be viewed be mafia bosses. There is no difference. They want power and they don’t want to be accountable to anyone. They, like the USA and the rest of the West, are willing to do deals with criminal regimes like Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia and they are importing criminals into the EU to do their dirty work.

    Already local law enforcement is overwhelmed. National democratic governments are being weakened in order for transnational criminal organizations from Russia, the Balkans, Caucasus and the ME (ISIS), as well as the home grown mafia, to take over in partnership with the EU and its money laundering banks and corrupt, witless political elites.

    We are seeing the early stages of the criminalizing of the global economy and the destruction of national democracies. Islam is a red herring! While everyone is distracted by ideology, the transnational criminal organisations are extending their reach like metastasizing cancerous cells and all our political elite can talk about is climate change and Islamophobia.

    • I would rather have the mafia than the Muslims, so long as it not the Brussels mafia or e.g. Albanians.

      • We don’t need no sticking liars. At least with the cartels and the Mafia we can lock stuff up and place guards at the door. The Muslim lie, cheat, steal, stab and blow up ideology leaves our citizens in a state of constant mental stress. Booming Muslims are not worth it.

    • Agree with your analysis except for the part about Islam being a red herring. The elite bankers and their groups CFR Tri Lateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and the like now have complete control of both the EU parliament and DC….both parties….and they are using Islamic immigration as the final piece in their plans to bust the west out, they have run their self indulgent, self serving debt ponzi as far as it can go and now they have to repudiate this debt. 200 trillion current debt globally, most of this accumulated post 1975 and that is probably a massive underestimate. I believe Islamic immigration is being used as a 5th column to create enough chaos that they will be able to declare martial law previous to or just after the next global banking collapse…….most people don’t understand the enormity and implications of what happened in 2008…..that was a global banking meltdown of historic proportions, they papered it over and allowed the banks to re-leverage up, but they did nothing about the systemic underlying problems. When you see governments including our own willing to accept returning Isis fighters as has happened in Europe and has been put into the planning stages here by CFR wonks at the Washington Institute how can you explain something as insane as that. I believe both here and in Europe they want Islam, they even want the most hardcore of Islamist terrorist’s and they want Islamic leadership that THEY control inside there own borders to be in position to create this conflagration in preparations for or after the next banking collapse.
      I could cite official documents and sources but please Google “rehabilitation and reintegration of foreign extremist fighters” and read the material from the Washing ton Institute, the grant solicitation from grants, gov and the Rome Memorandum if interested so I don’t have to hunt for url’s……also note the insane story from Aaarhus Denmark in regards to this lunacy

    • Are post’s censored on this site or perhaps the moderator is sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzzz it is kind of late.
      : )

  2. I look forward to arresting these traitors…..
    Ahhh a nice old Catholic Burning in a public square…..
    Quasimod oall is forgiven…
    Then the joys of the rack…..


  3. OK, so facebook criticism is out.

    Can I give Islam a bad Yelp review?

    “They said it was the religion of peace, so I brought it into my country to enrich the culture, then all our women got raped. I can’t even give this terrible pseudo-religion one star!”

  4. I never understood the sophomoric appeal of Facebook, and I can’t quite believe a vital movement would rely on such a thing.

  5. Zuckerberg is an enthusiastic collaborator. I recommend that people boycott Facebook. In general it is unsafe to use social media anyway because TPTB are watching like hawks ready to pounce on anyone who is even mildly non-PC.

    • Facebook is in bed with intelligence same as Google…..Googles connections with Gilman Louie and In Q Tel made that perfectly clear….and I pegged Zuckerberg as a CFR type the very first time I heard of him……..another CFR, Tri Lateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Harvard, Yale, Skull and Bones Goldman Sachs plant.
      Hell, any of these silicon valley “tech whiz’s” that did exact same song and dance over Ahmed The Countdown Timers comical bit of chicanery and provocation is suspect in my book.

  6. I’m going to have to find out if the young, pretty girls are still 100% slaves to Facebook. If not, there is hope.
    They do tend to migrate elsewhere as soon as things start getting stale, which Facebook is.

    • Right. It amazes me that whoever it was paid whatever it was for Facebook. Where’s the value. Zuckerberg has made a fortune, but what exactly has he produced – other than hot air.

      • This is all part of the debt and leverage ponzi that has spiraled out of control……pre 1980’s……….nobody and I mean nobody made the kind of instantaneous dynastic type fortunes that you see everyone from bankers to singers to [twerkers] to jocks making today…..especially post repeal of Glass Steagal and passing of the CFMA when things really accelerated…….not adjusted for inflation either……from 1920 to 1970 baseball players salaries increased 5 to 10x to use baseball salaries as a proxy for the well under .01%……..from 1970 to now they increased 100 to 1000x…….while average Joes salary only increased 5 to 8x and in finance banking and business the numbers are even more mind boggling especially post 2000 after the repeal of GS and the CFMA were put into place………this cannot go on because at this rate you would have a few thousand people with the entire theoretical wealth of the entire world in their hands 20 or 30 years from now……with everyone else meandering along at a 3 to 4% compounding CPI………hence the Islamic invasion brought to you by a grant from The Rockefeller Foundation and the worlds central and investment bankers if you see my meaning…..and like all grants from the Rockefeller’s this is another one the public has to pay for never themselves!
        : )

        • Mr. Capp, you’re turning into a Johnny One-Note. I don’t deny the importance of the current debt crisis, nor the evil machinations of the global banksters. But a few other topics exist here and there, such as the topic of this post.

          Why don’t you try writing an entire comment, just one, without mentioning the CFR or the name Rockefeller? See if you can do it, just for the heck of it.

          You would do well to heed the words of Sir Winston Churchill: “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

          • Sorry, no can do
            The topic here is Zuckerberg and the Islamic invasion of the west and Zuckerberg’s support of this and the key issue is that this is being implemented by [extremely lengthy text on CFR and bankers redacted]…he is doing this on behalf of these groups.
            Well, I could not do it, sorry, I just wont bother posting here anymore if this is an issue.
            : )

          • It’s an issue insofar as it’s off-topic. If the topic of the post were the CFR, the Bilderburgs, the Trilateral Commission, etc., then it would have been fine.

            The fact that you are able and willing to shoehorn these matters into ANY other topic, no matter what it is, says a lot about the extent and nature of your preoccupation.

            Furthermore, every comment you make is essentially exactly the same. I’ve read about 12 or 15 of them now, and I could probably write one myself, if I were of a mind to do so.

            I guarantee you that anyone who has read one or two of them is now just scrolling past your comments, saying to himself, “Oh, that’s just Andy Capp — I already know what he has to say.”

            But I don’t have that luxury — as moderator, I have to read through the entire text, just in case you sneak some naughtiness in.

            From now on I’ll redact or delete if I feel your exegesis is too far off-topic, or too long. Maybe you could leave a link to a post on your blog (or someone else’s) instead of repeating the same stuff here every time. Since it’s always basically the same, that would work just as well as typing it all out one more time. Plus it would save you time.

          • My posts are no more the same than someone writing about US politics repeatedly using the words Democrat, Republican, Right, Left, Conservative, Liberal over and over…..face it, you object to me using the words CFR, Tri Lateral Commision, Bilderberg Group, and names like Rockefeller, Rothschild because you like many other people think my point of view is a fringe position…..and the only reason it is a fringe position is because people assume it is. None of my post’s on this thread are off topic since the subject is Zuckerberg and his support of Islamic immigration and Zuckerberg is surely involved with these groups and as this Islam to the west involves banking, fantastical ponzi debt economic, I responded to Manatt by trying to show how these overnight dynastic type, gilded age fortunes being made in markets by people like Zuckerberg are unprecedented in history and an indication of the extent of the problem.
            Don’t worry, I wont post here anymore
            By the way this is cute
            “the extent and nature of your preoccupation.”
            I think I get it buddy
            : )

          • Andy —

            Nope. It’s not the content of what you say, but the fact that you absolutely can’t talk about anything else.

            Heck, we have a lot of material about the CFR and Bilderberg here; JD sends in items from InfoWars on those topics all the time, and I include them in the news feed.

            In fact, you could go over there or to Prison Planet and leave the same comments, and I doubt Alex Jones would ever complain. But over here among the Islamophobes a little, ahem, diversity in commentary is much appreciated.

          • To the moderator
            By the way every single post I have written here is in fact on topic because this site is an antjihad site and every single post I have written relates to jihad to the west so it goes without saying that they are in fact on topic……..trying to untangle these people from this Islam to the west movement would be like trying to talk about baseball history without mentioning Babe Ruth
            [extensive text on the usual topics redacted]……so just to clear that up…….all of my post’s were on topic…….

          • Yes, I understand that everything that happens can be attributed to your central preoccupation. But only if one accepts your premises, and not everyone does.

          • I am thinking of using your suggestions and instead of using the references and names that seem to trouble you due to their mere repetition, I would insert this in their place *TWMNBN and then put an asterisk at the bottom like this

            *Those Who Must Never Be Named”…key dramatic music…..dun dun duuuuun

            Would that help?
            : )

          • A. Capp —

            It depends on how you use it. If the comment is brief, I probably won’t have an issue with it.

  7. I sent this note to the addresses cited at the end of the article:

    Minister of Justice Heiko Maas/Berlin
    Chancellor Angela Merkel/Berlin
    Mark Zuckerberg/Palo Alto, CA
    Richard Allan/Facebook Dublin
    Dear Thought Policemen:

    Your erasing the Facebook pages of Michael Mannheimer and Michael Stürzenberger over their articulated opposition to Islam, Muslims, and to the swamping and suffocation of Germany with hordes of Muslim barbarians is despicable, contemptible, and not a little Fascist/Nazi. Every one of you ought to be exposed for the totalitarians you are, and excoriated in public. Zuckerberg: You are a dhimmified, politically correct wuss of the first order; you ought to surrender your American citizenship and take up one with Qatar or Saudi Arabia.

    In the meantime, you craven low-lifes, eat this:

    I’ll say whatever I choose to about you and Islam. You and Attorney General Loretta Lynch can try to stop me. Enjoy the columns.

    Edward Cline

    • “…erasing the Facebook pages of Michael Mannheimer and Michael Stürzenberger” will cause those that read them to go elsewhere to read said pages.

  8. These thought police and collaborators at the highest levels are going to make it extremely difficult to reverse current trends.

    • Of course they are – they will do whatever they have to do to maintain their position. History says they will nevertheless fall.

  9. Zuckerberg. I pegged this guy as a CFR, Tri Lateral Commission, Bilderberger from the first time I heard of him and he has not let me down yet, although he is not yet a member of these groups he sure does follow the CFR party line on every ine of their schemes along with many other of these silicon valley types like Google management for instance. Zucky seems to be angling for Soros CFR BG position as “rainmaker” and agitator on the ground for their plans after Soros finally croaks.

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