HR 569: CAIR’s Standard Operating Procedure

Our Washington D.C. correspondent Frontinus sends this report on proposed House Resolution 569, “Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States”, which is now before the U.S. Congress with 82 co-sponsors (all Democrats).

HR 569: CAIR’s Standard Operating Procedure
by Frontinus

Your American readers who aren’t aware of HR569 probably should be, and your European and Canadian readers may be interested to learn just how successful the Muslim Brotherhood has been in its penetration of the U.S. government, and how close we are to seeing the full implementation of U.N. Resolution 16/18 in this country.

This resolution won’t pass, of course, but that isn’t what’s significant about of it. What’s important is the process that is now underway in Washington D.C., of which HR 569 is just a small part.

First, take a look at the text of HR 569:

Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States.

Whereas the victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes and rhetoric have faced physical, verbal, and emotional abuse because they were Muslim or believed to be Muslim;

Whereas the constitutional right to freedom of religious practice is a cherished United States value and violence or hate speech towards any United States community based on faith is in contravention of the Nation’s founding principles;

Whereas there are millions of Muslims in the United States, a community made up of many diverse beliefs and cultures, and both immigrants and native-born citizens;

Whereas this Muslim community is recognized as having made innumerable contributions to the cultural and economic fabric and well-being of United States society;

Whereas hateful and intolerant acts against Muslims are contrary to the United States values of acceptance, welcoming, and fellowship with those of all faiths, beliefs, and cultures;

Whereas these acts affect not only the individual victims but also their families, communities, and the entire group whose faith or beliefs were the motivation for the act;

Whereas Muslim women who wear hijabs, headscarves, or other religious articles of clothing have been disproportionately targeted because of their religious clothing, articles, or observances; and

Whereas the rise of hateful and anti-Muslim speech, violence, and cultural ignorance plays into the false narrative spread by terrorist groups of Western hatred of Islam, and can encourage certain individuals to react in extreme and violent ways: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

(1)   expresses its condolences for the victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes;
(2)   steadfastly confirms its dedication to the rights and dignity of all its citizens of all faiths, beliefs, and cultures;
(3)   denounces in the strongest terms the increase of hate speech, intimidation, violence, vandalism, arson, and other hate crimes targeted against mosques, Muslims, or those perceived to be Muslim;
(4)   recognizes that the United States Muslim community has made countless positive contributions to United States society;
(5)   declares that the civil rights and civil liberties of all United States citizens, including Muslims in the United States, should be protected and preserved;
(6)   urges local and Federal law enforcement authorities to work to prevent hate crimes; and to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those perpetrators of hate crimes; and
(7)   reaffirms the inalienable right of every citizen to live without fear and intimidation, and to practice their freedom of faith.

Once again, this will not pass. However, the fact that 82 Democrats have co-sponsored it will be used to validate the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, etc. etc.) claim that hate crimes have increased (and of course they haven’t for Muslims, although they may have increased against Jews in America, who are historically identified in FBI statistics as victimized in hate crimes five to ten times more frequently than Muslims in America).

This is the usual modus operandi used by the Ikhwan, and it’s a consistent systems approach. (As indeed is the entire jihad-dawa approach to supremacism a systems approach. I recommend Jasser Auda’s text Maqasid Al-Shariah as Philosophy of Islamic Law: A Systems Approach — it’s light on the jihad doctrine, but gets to the broader implications of Shariah as a closed system with open-ended ambitions.)

This House Resolution follows the usual Standard Operating Procedure, now so predictable I’m surprised there isn’t an ISO standard for it internationally: Any terrorist incident is followed by MB claims (some fabricated, some undocumented, some exaggerated) of increased hate crimes followed by efforts to externally validate those claims, as in this House Resolution. There follow efforts to censor 1) any speech that associates the terrorist incident with Islam, and 2) any criticism of the jihad-dawa system, its activist organizations, or its dhimmi supporters.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Easy to diagram or flowchart.

So it won’t pass, but it’s still useful to the Muslim Brotherhood to validate their claims among their own constituency, as well as to the media and the Low Information Voters, or those who just respond to any kind of “virtue-signaling”. And it’s useful to the 82 co-sponsoring Democrats, and the Democratic National Committee as a whole, to claim that all Republicans who did not co-sponsor are therefore, by definition:

  • racist;
  • Islamophobic;
  • bigoted;
  • engaged in hate speech, by the sin of omission of not cosponsoring; and
  • engaged in incitement to hate crimes, by the implied sin of hate speech resulting from the sin of omission of not co-sponsoring.

It’s also worth noting that there are 188 Democrats in the House of Representatives, and 246 Republicans. So unless this gets a lot of new co-sponsors in 2016, a counter-argument against the DNC on this Resolution would be that it has met with overwhelming bi-partisan opposition from the majority of Democrats (106) and all Republicans in the House.

I think it both strategically and tactically effective not just to criticize the efforts of adversaries, but to point out when they’re losing dramatically, rather than to magnify their actual loss into the appearance of a victory. Of course, 2016 could bring new co-sponsors and then a bigger battle will be on.

But yes, it is a successful effort for the target audiences at which it is aimed, including the foreign funders for CAIR, ISNA etc., all of whom will be tickled pink that this bill has 82 co-sponsors. As will the OIC, who might have helped a bit in drafting the Resolution.

However, I think the American public as a whole isn’t very sympathetic.

36 thoughts on “HR 569: CAIR’s Standard Operating Procedure

  1. America and the world desperately need Trump.Without him America will commit cultural suicide and Western civilization will cease to exist.

    • I have restrained myself to date, but I’m afraid that comments like this one elicit the following:

      The U.S. Presidency should *not* be confused with being the Dictator, the Despot, the King, or the Messiah of the United States. Our government was structured along a Balance of Functions principle among the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches.

      Mr. Trump is trying to achieve the Republican nomination for the Presidential election. Although he *says* things that sound as if they will help roll back a tide of non-American and even anti-American actions, the power of the Executive branch to achieve these objectives *by itself* is probably close to zero.

      It’s also difficult for me to believe much of what Mr. Trump presents as “facts.” Or even facts, no quotation marks. The website subjected statements of several well-known Republicans and Democrats to this analysis:

      Were the statements presented (1) true or mostly true? (2) 50/50 true/false? (3) mostly false? (4) false? or (5) pants on fire? Dr. Carson was 84% non-true; Mr. Trump was 76% non-true. There’s a bar-graph representation of the findings at .

      So it’s difficult to believe much of anything Mr. Trump says; it has only a 7% chance of actually being true, and only an approx. 25% chance of being either true OR “half false, half true.” He plays to whatever he thinks the crowd *in front of him* wants, and if anyone–an interviewer, a reporter, an average citizen–doesn’t bow and scrape to the Almighty Donald Trump, Master of His Own Universe, then a severe ad-hominem attack is sure to follow.

      • We no longer have rule by law. By the comments above it seems you believe the undocumented alien in the oval office does! Woe!!!

      • The mythy reign of President Obama is at least as full of non-factual bloviation as anything Trump has said so far.

        What is at stake in both cases is the idea of America.

        Currently we have a transnational U.S. administration which has repeatedly failed in its domestic and foreign policies.

        Considering the latter (our foreign “policies”) the last seven years has has left the world, particularly MENA, in a chaos of failed states and massive waves of death. The surge of hostiles into the continent of Europe can be
        laid at the door of the Oval Office, with Merkel and Ergodan as all-too-willing participants in this destruction.

        Our domestic policies are cutting their way through the financial, medical, and academic systems. As Mr. Obama promised, we are seeing the “radical transformation” ( i.e., destruction) of our cultural foundations:

        (1)private medical practices are disappearing in the massive, unopposed move toward a one-payer system;
        (2)school curricula from kindergarten to post-graduate learning are now centralized in a federal, top-down
        cookie-cutter Marxist and Islamist format;
        (3) stealth inflation and unemployment continue to increase, unabated. Real money is becoming meaningless.

        But Obama’s program of ‘transformation’ isn’t finished. There is still the destruction of the fossil fuel industry to be put in place. In a normal world the slow move away from fossil fuels toward “sustainable” energy would happen anyway. That’s the genius of individual enterprise and innovation – that is, to anticipate needs and niches and then to research and develop answers for those needs. It is an evolutionary process.

        Instead, because Marxists loathe private enterprise, we are going to be gouged for the sin of fossil fuels (or rather, our utility companies will be gouged first and then pass the cost on to us). If the utilities cannot meet the new government standards for an ever-
        increasing percentage of energy derived from p.c. sources (and they *cannot* do this since the means do not yet exist in enough quantity) then they will pay the carbon tax; the jizya. This burden will in turn be passed on to us. More individual “wealth” will be destroyed as it falls into the waiting coffers of the U.S. Treasury.

        Mr. Trump represents a broad inchoate fury, an anger slowly curdling into rage. Mr. Obama (and his successor) represent what the Angry Ones see as a repressive status quo ready to grind them down via unpayable debt. To see their story writ small, look at the 2014 Congressional loss by Eric Cantor. He was a Congressman from Virginia’s District 7, a very powerful insider (he was the only majority whip ever to lose his incumbency), and considered unbeatable.

        But he lost because he neglected the people he was elected to serve. Cantor seldom visited his district (parts of it less than an hour from D.C.), but paid assiduous attention to his campaign donors. Even more humiliating, he lost to a nobody, an economics professor who had less money in his campaign coffers than Cantor spent just on food for his aides and volunteers.

        The Honorable Mr. Cantor was defeated by the Virginia Tea Party. To put it in historical terms, the (Andrew) Jacksonian Democrats beat the John Quincy Adams elite. In today’s terms the Vulgarians won.

        Meanwhile, the GOP(e), the permanent minority party, is more determined than ever that the Tea Party must die. Eric Cantor has set out to destroy the VA Republican Party for permitting his defeat (the man’s hubris blinds him to the fact that his own Gucci loafers are covered in dung).

        Meanwhile, average voters enjoy the circus Donald Trump is deliberately creating. He’s bumptious, but he’s no one’s fool. It would appear that rather than attempting to follow Obama Too-Cool’s act, Mr. Trump is calling the Democrats on their bet and raising the stakes.

        It’s going to be a looong poker party.

        • Regardless of his party affiliation, Cantor committed the *one* unforgiveable sin for a Congressional Representative. As you say, Dymphna, he “neglected the people he was elected to serve. Cantor seldom visited his district (parts of it less than an hour from D.C.), but paid assiduous attention to his campaign donors.”

          Voters expect their Congressional representative to intervene on their behalf, or at least to make a good-faith attempt to do so, when federal agencies tromp on those voters’ rights/desires.

          I myself resorted to contacting my Congress rep in September 2003, and her Constituent Services Aides (or similar term; and she had two or three of them) got right to work. 🙂 At no point in this helping process was I asked for my party affiliation, just my address, to verify that I indeed lived in the correct District. Evidently, Cantor didn’t feel that he needed to respond to individual voters; after all, he was an *important* guy.

          And here’s the crux of the problem w/Mr. Trump: he thinks he’s the *Most Important Guy* of all. Not a good sign. He’ll dump the working-class people whose slogans he’s busy playing to right now the moment he sees an advantage to doing so.

          It’s amazing that there doesn’t seem to be a single candidate from among all the Repubs and Dems running for their respective parties’ nominations who has (1) experience in politics, (2) respect for Everyman, and (3) good ethics and morality. Much less does any candidate have a clear overview of the (formerly stealth) hijra aimed at the West, and legislation such as HR569 will make clear, public discussion of this point almost impossible–which *is* the point.

          BTW, I do agree that Obama has been a colossal failure, given the chasm between his campaign rhetoric and his policies *as enacted.* However, in Iraq and the WOT generally, he was following in the footsteps of George W. Bush, who (I think?) never really understood the Sunni vs. Shiite divide in Islam and how it affects politics in the Islamic world TODAY. (GWB: “I’m going to get Saddam Hussein for what he did to my dad.” And his assumption that removing this strongman leader would automatically lead to democracy?!)

          Obama, of course, *does* understand that divide–just listen to the animation in his voice and look at the excitement in his body language when he discusses the muezzin’s call to prayer vs. the flat affect when he talks about Christianity–but you’d never know it, given the outcome of his policies, many of which seem carefully crafted to deliver their full effect sometime after his second term ends (e.g., Common Core).


          • I had the same experience with our Congressional representative when I was trying to get SSI for my daughter, who badly needed it. He took one look at the cartons of medical records on the dolly that was delivered to his office and she was approved for benefits in no time flat. And she really needed them. He was outraged that such an obviously ill woman was being given the bureaucratic run-around.

            (Actually, she needed long-term hospitalization but that was the best we could do, given that Kennedy and his cohorts closed the once-renowned mental health hospitals. Misplaced compassion that has resulted in swarms of mentally ill homeless descending on cities with moderate weather, ones where they won’t die so easily of heat stroke or hypothermia. I fear for their well-being once the influx of “Syrians” leave the govt compounds and head for the big cities themselves).

          • All politicians and people in a position of power think they are ”The Most Important Guy”.

            I like Trump. He is not a politician, he’s self-funding and even said he would donate his salary to charity if elected.

            What does Trump have to gain by setting aside his business empire and comfortable lifestyle in exchange of the Presidency? He already has power and is respected as a corporate leader everywhere.

            A country is run along the same lines as an international conglomerate, from foreign to domestic affairs. The shareholders are the citizens. He also attaches value to his legacy (pride). Trump has all the qualifications to Make America Great Again.

            Thus, I don’t agree with your assessment: ‘And here’s the crux of the problem w/Mr. Trump: he thinks he’s the *Most Important Guy* of all. Not a good sign. He’ll dump the working-class people whose slogans he’s busy playing to right now the moment he sees an advantage to doing so.’

          • Trump can’t be reduced to such a simplistic and baseless characterization that he thinks he’s the Most Important Guy. Evidence please?

            Self confidence born of accomplishing something in life on one’s own merits is not the same as megalomania or egotism. Because you become famous or engage in activities that happen to make you famous or will make you more famous doesn’t mean that fame is your only motivation. Gens. MacArthur and Patton were brimming with self confidence but theirs wasn’t empty posturing. They spent many years at much lower ranks before WWII because of the realities of army promotions. Much like Trump, Patton had wealth of his own and reveled in being able to do what he was born to do.

            All presidential candidates go around talking about “when I’m commander in chief” and “my first day in the Oval Office.” It’s not that far from their grasp in some cases and what is to object to with that way of speaking? It doesn’t mean they have a skewed view of themselves or that they desperately need counseling.

      • I think you are [redacted].
        Trump is correct on Muslims who have provably declared war on the west.
        Just do some due diligence.
        Copied word for word- This was agreed in consensus of 56 Islamic countries and Palestine.

        Quote:- Page 846 “reliance of the traveler” revised edition

        “Previously revealed religions were valid in their own eras as is attested to many verses of the Holy Koran, but were abrogated by the universal message of Islam, as is equally attested to by many verses of the Koran. Both points are worthy of attention by English-speaking Muslims, who are occasionally exposed to erroneous theories advanced by some teachers and Koran translators affirming their religion’s validity but denying or not mentioning their abrogation, or it is unbelief (kufr) to hold the remnant cults now bearing the names of formerly valid religions, such as “Christianity” and “Judaism,” are acceptable to Allah Most High after He was sent the final Messenger. This is a matter over which there is no disagreement among Islamic scholars.”

        Regarding the last line “This is a matter over which there is no disagreement among Islamic explain it’s importance”

        Quote:- Page 23 “reliance of the traveler” revised edition

        When the four integrals of consensus exist the ruling agreed upon is an authoritative part of Sacred Law that is obligatory to obey and not lawful to disobey. Nor can Mujtahids of a succeeding era make the thing an object of new ijtihad, because the ruling on it, verified by Scholarly consensus, is an absolute ruling which does not admit of being contravened or annulled.”


        Ijtihad (Arabic: ?????? ijtihad, “diligence”) is an Islamic legal term that means “independent reasoning” or “the utmost effort an individual can put forth in an activity.”

        A mujtahid (Arabic: ??????, “diligent”) is an individual who is qualified to exercise ijtihad in the evaluation of Islamic law.

        Crystal clear!!! In fact if you don’t understand it you are apostasised & killed.

    • I think I must have just woke up and it’s already April Fool’s Day!
      Gotta be a joke!

      • There’s no such thing as an honest politician, anywhere in the world, party or ideology irrelevant.
        A candidate who would do nothing but tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth would never even make it past speaker of his (or her) elementary school class.
        If the crowd doesn’t tar & feather him first and run him out of town on a rail.
        Honesty may have still worked when it was about being the chieftain of a homogenous tribe of maybe a few hundred, beyond that – what do I have to do to get YOU into THIS car today?
        Mr. Trump may not be an angel, and he probably doesn’t have the first clue where Benghazi is, but the others are worse.
        No one wants to hear the name Bush ever again – I’m amazed anyone wants to hear the name Clinton – Carson’s a joke (neuro surgeon? Really? How?) Cruz would get the Hispanic vote (duh…)and the arch-conservative Christians, but has no chance in ‘blue’ states or swing states, Christie & Rubio….you’re kidding, right?
        I find it very hard to believe anyone with half a brain and a minimum of integrity (or at least an understanding of what that is) would consider sending gramma Billary & hubby back to the White House. Might as well elect Betty White, at least she’s got some energy.
        Trump says what the silent majority are thinking and he has something no one else has: He’s a celebrity, Americans LOVE celebrities, and that means he might actually have a shot in places like NY, NJ, maybe even CA, otherwise totally off-limits for any non-Dem.

        • Carson as a neurosurgeon…

          Do your homework, Wolfie; your prejudice is showing.

          I’ve been following Ben Carson almost since his beginning as a pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore in the 1980s. He would be the first to tell you that neurosurgery takes more than a knowledge of anatomy and physiology. A good one is similar to a skilled watchmaker: steady hands, far-above-average stamina, and superior hand-eye coordination. He went on to become the head of pediatric neurosurgery and pioneered some techniques still in use.

 (later replaced by better methods, but that doesn’t take away from his pioneer efforts).

          I began following him in the 1980s, when he successfully separated conjoined twins who shared brain matter. That initial procedure “worked” in that both boys survived, but they had eventually to be institutionalized due to brain deficits. Hardly a surprise given what he had to do, but there weren’t any good choices; he executed the least harmful method then available.

          Many years later, in 1998, technology had advanced far enough that he was able to “practice” using 3-D mock-ups in Baltimore before flying to South Africa for a days-long surgical procedure. The info I saw was behind a pay wall, but you can do a search on conjoined twins neurosurgery techinques. IIRC, the technology he used/helped to develop was called “Brain Bench”.

          Carson performed hundreds of more mundane neurosurgical procedures – ‘mundane’ in comparison to the separation of shared neural matter. Due to both his surgical skills and his ability to lead, he was eventually appointed to head John Hopkins Pediatric Neurosurgical Department – the place of last resort for many desperately ill children and their parents. Carson was beloved by both.

          I continued following him when he retired and began to devote all his energies to the Carson Scholars’ Fund.

          When he took a scalpel to ObamaCare at a prayer breakfast, I cheered him on. When someone set him up to run as a Republican contender, I knew he’d been suckered; it was nausea-inducing news.

          Carson is a political neophyte and doesn’t belong in that crowd at all. He hasn’t the political patience – an entirely different quality than the patience required to spend 20+ hours carefully separating blood vessels and brain matter – to survive the cynical political circus. He’d never made any secret of his early childhood temper and his work to overcome being triggered. It wasn’t hard to figure out they’d crucify him. John Cain has the same temper – no, he’s a far more pathological Rage Boy – but JC has layers and layers of protection against it being seen very often.

          My hope for Carson after this travesty is over is that he’ll continue to do the vital work of promoting first-rate academics among school children and leave the cynical world of politics to those more characterologically suited to it.

          The fact that he was ever promoted in this campaign is merely another indication of how slimy this process has become. He’s a pawn.

          That lack of political savvy doesn’t take away from his surgical skill:

          Carson serves as an inspiration to others. We need more people like him.

          • A Carson fan, eh?
            I’m sure you’re right that he was suckered into this, some folks in the completely unimaginative Rep leadership thought that in order to be successful, they have to copy what the Dems did (Obama), so they recruit Carson.
            Based on what I’ve heard him say, he knows little beyond what some tunnel-visioned and odd Bible interpretation classes taught him, putting that type of person in charge (theoretically) of the most powerful nation on Earth is scary.

          • Yes, Wolfie, a long-time Carson admirer. But not as a presidential candidate. That would be an example of the Peter Principle in action.

            I agree with you re his tunnel-vision. The “odd” Bible interpretation classes you mention are part of his 7th Day Adventist beliefs. Not my theological cup of tea, but then I’m not a leftist so I don’t think people have to maintain the perfect belief system in order to be acceptable. Carson is beyond the pale (so to speak) to many blacks because he moves in a white world and professes no life-long greivances against The Man; he’s an Uncle Tom, blah blah.

            People can believe what they want and I will still admire their professional work. Carson’s foundation is doing good work with kids in order to improve academic outcomes. We need people like him deciding to give back when they retire. It’s a sign of his emotional maturity.

            But, no, his recruitment was not part of some “unimaginative Rep leadership” out to copy the Democrat <--> Obama template. It’s far more sinister than that. The Demopublican conglomerate is joined at the hip. The motive of their alignment is the retention of power among those who belong and who follow the program. Right now, the GOP(e) is the minority party but that could change. But whoever is in charge doesn’t change any outcomes in the move toward transforming America.

            Just look at the size of the group recruited to run against Hillary. Some are professional pols and never had any illusions about moving past this level. Their participation is rewarded down the road with political appointments and/or civilian jobs, either of which maintain their connection to the larger organization. Others, like Carson, are rank amateurs. They are recruited and used, only to be dumped later as “the polls” reflect their fading popularity.

            The plan was/is a Bush <--> Hillary face-off for President. There is a six year statute of limitations for the various “mistakes” Hillary made while Secretary of State. If she wins the presidency, she can run out the clock on those. At the same time, her supposed fragile health is a back-up plan in case she doesn’t win. Bush is a cipher; does what he’s told.

            Donald Trump is the wild card. He’s the joker in the deck that the pros didn’t see coming. Or rather, they saw it and dismissed his chances. Look to see BIG leaks about his business dealings, his private life, his family, etc. And he’s well aware of what’s coming.

            Trump made a deal with the RNC: he wouldn’t run as a third party candidate if they’d abide by the rules of the Convention. IOW, if he won enough primaries to make it onto the ballot at the Convention, he could stay inside the tent and duke it out with the other contenders. The RNC agreed and has been busy changing the rules ever since, making it more difficult for him to even be eligible as a Convention candidate. Bush is their boy and Bush it will be.

            So the question is: after the D.C. machine cheats him of his fair chance, will Trump retire to the sidelines or will he bellow about how they “reneged” on their part of the agreement – thus leaving hiim free to run as an Independent? They don’t really care…much. Trump will be a worry because he’ll complicate things but not a Big Worry because they’re confident he’ll simply divert the same 20% of voters, the populists, (whom they can’t stand) and leave the ‘real’ fight to Tweedledum and Tweedledee, i.e., Bush and Clinton.

            The point: it doesn’t matter who wins as long as it’s B or C. Their victory permits continuation of the erosion of America via debt and planned obsolescence.

          • Thank you for the history of Dr. Carson. Even though his isn’t a politician, he sees the American life , so clearly & with intelligence . I would love to see him in a position of leadership. He has so much to teach a nation….who has forgotten who we are.

  2. Expect the next Muslim (Brotherhood) Hill Day to be a much bigger event after this encouragement. And expect another San B-style terrorist attack so that terrorist group CAIR can claim Muslim victimhood due to the supposed unfair “backlash” from the events that of course have nothing to do with Islam regardless of how much Mohammad himself is quoted in official Islamic scripture as saying that they do.

    And just remember Democrats: nothing that Islamic scriptures claim that Mohammad said has ANYTHING to do with Islam! In fact, Islamic scriptures have nothing to do with Islam, Muslims have nothing to do with Islam, and even Islam itself has nothing to do with Islam. Just keep repeating while clicking your heels together and surely the nightmare reality of Islam will go away.

    • This has a high % chance of being totally true. Unfortunately. It’s amazing, the way politicians (mostly Democrats, but some Republicans, too) are managing to pull the wool over their OWN eyes. 🙁

  3. I might just pass. Republicans are such moral wusses. They may climb on board the sponsor boat just because Resolution 569 seems to be ‘moral” and “anti-discrimination.” See my Rule of Reason column here that actually broke the news on December 22nd. Most Americans are ignorant of the Resolution. When it’s debated in the House, then there’ll be coverage of it and discussion of it in the MSM, and the MSM, like good little dhimmis, will advocate it and call anyone who protests it racist, Islamophobic, etc.

    I remark in my column: “Resolutions of this nature have a tendency to be reintroduced later as binding legislation to be forwarded to the Senate. The introduction of this resolution is not yet newsworthy, but it will be if it emerges intact from committee to be voted on by the whole House.”

    Also, in the column I note: “Note how “violence” and “hate speech” are paired together, as though they were synonymous offenses, which they are not. “Hate speech,” which I have argued for years is an illegitimate concept (prosecute the demonstrable crime, not the contents of a person’s mind), has no metaphysical power to physically harm anyone. For words to be capable of actually harming anyone, they would need to “spoken” by a kind of paintball gun rigged to replicate the sound of an insult as a mass of air that could knock a person flat on his tosh.”

    Finally, I note: “No one can deny it. No one can say that the resolution does not represent an itch to legally gag Americans when they try to discuss Islam and the Obama-enabled invasion of this country by enemy aliens. No one can tell me that this resolution is not a victory for the Muslim Brotherhood and the OIC.” Yes, the OIC very likely helped to draft the Resolution, just as Muslim “experts” on Islam advise our intelligence people on how to fight the “War on Terror.”

  4. I would certainly hope not; if this were to pass it would instantly leave America in a worse position than any country in Eurabia, which is usually judged to be 10-20 years closer to islamic takeover than North America.

    What a bill of lies! Take (4) e.g. that the H of R should recognize the ‘countless positive contributions muslims have made to America’, David Cameron says the same of islam in the U.K., yet to be absolutely fair I fail to see anything positive in either country attributable to muslims–in fact the complete opposite.

    The entire western world was a pretty decent place 40-50 years ago, where people could walk the streets without intimidation, kids could walk to school, safely, people could walk in malls, go to concerts, games and a thousand other activities–all in relative safety. It’s reasonable to say all that has gone. Wherever islam has settled, chaos, fear, intimidation, filth, rape and murder are the order of the day.

    Yet incredibly, the leaders of most western countries somehow fail to make that simple connection!

  5. 35. The right to freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed under article 19 of both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which affirm that everyone has the right to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds through any media and regardless of frontiers.

    36. The Special Rapporteur has consistently underlined the importance of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, not only as a right that should be guaranteed to all, including individuals belonging to marginalized groups, but also as a means to claim and enjoy all other rights. Indeed, it is a fundamental right that safeguards the exercise of all other rights and is a critical foundation of democracy, which depends on the free flow of diverse sources of information and ideas. The Constitution of UNESCO also affirms that peace can be promoted by facilitating the free flow of ideas and understanding among peoples of the world. Moreover, freedom of expression is essential to creating an environment conducive to critical discussions of religious and racial issues and also to promoting understanding and tolerance by deconstructing negative stereotypes. As the Special Rapporteur has previously emphasized, for the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion to be fully realized, robust examination and criticism of religious doctrines and practices — even in a harsh manner — must also be allowed.

    53. The Special Rapporteur also reiterates his concern in relation to anti-blasphemy laws, which are inherently vague and leave the entire concept open to abuse. He wishes to underscore once again that international human rights law protects individuals and not abstract concepts such as religion, belief systems or institutions, as also affirmed by the Human Rights Committee (CCPR/C/GC/34, para. 48). Moreover, the right to freedom of religion or belief, as enshrined in relevant international legal standards, does not include the right to have a religion or belief that is free from criticism or ridicule. Indeed, the right to freedom of expression includes the right to scrutinize, debate openly, make statements that offend, shock and disturb, and criticize belief systems, opinions and institutions, including religious ones, provided that they do not advocate hatred that incites hostility, discrimination or violence. The Special Rapporteur thus reiterates his call to all States to repeal anti-blasphemy laws and to initiate legislative and other reforms that protect the rights of individuals in accordance with international human rights standards.

    Promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, UN General Assembly, 67th Session, A/67/357.

    See also: It’s the software, stupid!

  6. The concept of Hate Speech was formulated originally to counter, punish and condemn the vitriolic outpourings of islamic clerics against non-muslims. Manipulation by leftists and muslims has now turned the term Hate Speech into a weapon to be used against non-muslims, counter-jihadists and ordinary people expressing reasonable doubts about islam and muslims.

    When sanity returns to politics, there is a lot of this sort of nonsense that will need to be cleaned off our statute books.

  7. Disgusting! What is it with these people? I am in contact with Christians around the globe, especially in Pakistan and Iraq-Syria. hundreds of thousands have been killed and 4,000,000 displaced eking out an existence in Lebanon.What about their suffering?????
    Bloody turncoats! The whole lot should banished to ISIL if they feel like this.
    Where is the Church too. Never have I see such craven betrayal!

    None of these Christians is allowed to seek shelter in Europe. Indeed they have drowned over a few thousand of them (own figures). These disgusting traitor Governments in the West need to held accountable!

    SCUM! May they burn in Hell!

  8. You know how some words completely change their meaning over the decades (or centuries) or depending on who uses them or where?
    For example, ‘gay’ used to mean ‘happy, carefree’.
    A long time ago.
    ‘Liberal’ means something completely different in different parts of the world.
    ‘Coke’ can refer to a soft drink, a drug or heating material.
    We may yet see a day when ‘Islamophobic’, ‘discrimination’ or even ‘racist’ may become postives.
    For a little glimpse into what this might look like, I suggest watching some Spanish language US TV, where comments that would be completely, outrageously off-limits on ‘Anglo’ channels constantly fly all over the place.
    They don’t do PC.

  9. Whereas this Muslim community is recognized as having made innumerable contributions to the cultural and economic fabric and well-being of United States society…

    Gee. Can someone give me a list of the top 10 “innumerable contributions”?

    How ’bout the top 3?

    • Suicide bombings
      Bomb Belts
      Workplace violence shootings
      Flying planes into buildings and fields
      Anti-Cartoon demonstrations
      Female genital mutilation

      By 2025 or so – Dirty bomb – count on it

    • 1. Rediscovery of the flat earth.
      2. Discovery that the universe is not governed by physical laws.
      3. Invention of the prayer rug.
      4. Domestication of the camel.
      5. Invention of kimchi.
      6. Invention of the IED.
      7. Popularization of the Moon God.

  10. The complete story of the OIC’s relentless campaign to restrict free speech in America and Europe and why it could succeed is found in: “Britain’s Great Immigration Disaster” (Amazon)

  11. I have a few Whereas for you…Whereas we’ve (CAIR) have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the slaughter of innocent Americans by Muslims who are on a quest to complete a caliphate and their Jihad.

    Whereas we whine and cry discrimination and abuse (unfounded) every chance we have.

    Whereas we were very silent on a man, one Nadal Hassan, screaming Allah Akbar, mass murdered 14 (one an unborn child) at Ft. Hood, and the coward who dares call himself the U.S. president claimed it was “Workplace violence”.

    Whereas a Muslim entered a college campus in Roseburg, Oregon and slaughtered those who did not claim to be Muslims, but Christians.

    Whereas a Muslim was killed after committing an atrocity at a Chattanooga Military Center, killing five.

    Whereas we see the shooting of the Muslim in Chattanooga, a hate crime and anti Muslim prejudice.

    Whereas Muslims in this country have and continue to commit acts of violence, intolerance, and mass murder (Twin Towers, Shanksville, and the Pentagon) under the guise of the Qua’ran and Islam.

    Whereas you have repeatedly since 9/11/01 thwarted our attempts (Muslim terrorists in America) to commit acts of mass violence.

    Whereas we demand Sharia be introduced into America with the support of racists and “infidels” we will usurp and use for our quest(s) and we will dispatch into another life as soon as we take control of America.

    Whereas we see no Constitution or American laws in America; but only our laws and religious beliefs.

    Whereas we will treat those who are “infidels” to their demise, we will maintain women as chattel until we are through having them do our bidding.

    Whereas we will not speak out against those of our own religious beliefs who violate the Qua’ran daily, unless it is a female such as the one immolated in Afghanistan.

    Whereas we feel the boy who brought his “clock” to school in Texas was discriminated against, but his family chose to leave your vile country to live in a third world Sharia driven ideology where if he made such a device, his hand(s) would be severed.

    Whereas our sharia driven values are not acceptable to the people of America save the Muslims, and we will strive to deny you Americans of our tolerance as we ARE NOT TOLERANT of other beliefs and religions.

    Whereas all Churches, Synagogues, and places of non Islamic worship will be razed.

    Whereas it is our open intent to restrict your freedom of speech and other liberties and freedoms you enjoy!

    This readers is CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and many other vile, anti-American Muslims in America supported by racists, bigots and fools who are the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  12. Hate crime statistics do not support claims made by CAIR as the biggest victims of hate crimes are Jews. Laws are already in place to protect anyone from harassment and discrimination and one designed for one particular group is not needed. Wearing the hijab is a personal choice as long as it does not interfere with public safety and work requirements. When getting a driver’s license you cannot wear it just like you can’t wear a Halloween mask since we have to be able to see your face for identification purposes. We as Americans are a law abiding people and we follow the constitution. Therefore Muslims who want to live here are also required and expected to follow these same laws. Requiring Muslims to do this is not unlawful unfair or insensitive.

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