What Passing-Bells for These Who Die as Cattle?

The following rant by Vlad Tepes reminded me of a poem entitled “Anthem for Doomed Youth”, written 98 years ago by Wilfred Owen during an earlier fit of mass European insanity:

What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.

First, watch this video. You may also want to go over to Vlad’s place and watch the rest of them.

Yes, mourners gathered at the Place de la République in Paris panicked like pilgrims at the Hajj. But to add bitter irony to the whole incident, the announcer was just about to tell his audience how unafraid Parisians are in the wake of Friday night’s massacre.

Such is the Media Narrative — to be preserved at all costs, even when it is manifestly absurd.

Below are excerpts from Vlad’s rant:

The cattleized West, and the first line of defense

1. The bovine-French, panic at mass mourning movement and show of sanctimony

(The most important thing you can do when people you don’t know are murdered by Muslims in an act designed to promote the primacy of Islam, is show your moral superiority to people who would like to take meaningful action, by demonstrating grief.

Not for the dead, but for the temporary damage to the illusion of multicultural socialist utopia. The French have shown they are bronze medal winners after the Soviet Union and the Communist Chinese in that. Just imagine if the whole population of France had not been utterly emasculated by socialism. This attack could have been stopped by a couple of armed men who actually believed in defending themselves. Instead, all they have is what we see today. People tripping over themselves in self sacrifice, trying to tell the people who want them dead or enslaved how there will be no “backlash” instead of at the very very least, going en masse to the mosques and screaming: “stop the hate”.

Instead, they will save that slogan for Marine Le Pen. The one politician who dares suggest that defending one’s rights, liberties and even your lives. And thanks to a world governed by socialist identity politics, it will only be even slightly tolerated coming from a woman. Cause if a man dared say these things he would have to live under 24 hour multiple guards and move locations every night, and that would be from the socialists every bit as much as from the Muslims.)

Here they are again, running from a noise while mourning…

Over the past couple of years we, Oz-Rita, Nash Montana, Gates of Vienna and a huge group of volunteers have translated and subtitled hundreds and over the time I have been involved, a few thousand videos. I have, as long time readers will know, lost a few channels well populated with important videos and much hard work. Sometimes for acceptable reasons like commercial copyright and I have little to no argument with that.

But other times for reasons which define the whole problem.

I have lost one channel and been banned from the service because we translated from French and Arabic an Islamic State video threatening and warning France about exactly what happened there on the 13th.


What we have is a culture that feels the way of dealing with an ideology of grotesque, horror, pornographic in its violence and sick with blood and suffering, is to ban and delete the warnings they issue to us while going to their beachheads and telling them that they should have no fear. That under no circumstances should they worry about a “backlash”. But for sure, if you want to maintain the illusion of a socialist multicultural utopia the first thing you really must do, is ban the people who translate and subtitles the videos the enemy makes which explains what they are going to do, and how, and even occasionally more or less when, and most importantly, (and I cannot stress this enough), why.

The various internet services and governments and so on do it for a variety of reasons. But mostly its to protect the illusion that the policies which have infected free and prosperous people since WW2 and destroyed our very immune system of the culture, like AIDS to the individual, are intact and effective at protecting the social body without anyone actually protecting the social body at all.
It takes a serious assault on reason before something as primitive and ineffective as Islam can come to our countries and wreak the kind of havoc that a healthy society would have laughed off as they would have beaten it before it could even demand that schools all serve halal or no one should draw Mohammed and be taken seriously by anyone.

The Jews, of course, will face the consequences disproportionately as they always do. Not because they are the canaries in the coal mines but because they are the first line of defense of preserving the illusion of a socialist state. Not that leftist Jews have played no role in creating and maintaining that illusion; the Jews have never been viewed as the ‘John Waynes’ of any society save a few short years when it was OK to view and portray Jews and Israelis as defenders of liberty when Moshe Dayan was leading the Israelis to victory against the same enemy we face today. The leftist Jewish people certainly have been part of this emasculation and move to socialism. But the price for that will be theirs to pay in spades. It already is.

Today, the media talks about people who suppress their anger and show moral outrage at those who want to actually do something about the problem the way they used to about genuine acts of bravery by people who fought an enemy bent on destroying us and our way of life. No submitting to, and protecting an enemy from the tiny fragment of your own population who want to do something is the new war hero.

Read the rest at Vlad Tepes.

65 thoughts on “What Passing-Bells for These Who Die as Cattle?

  1. Vlad Tepes: You are a voice of reason and sanity. But you and a few others are, alas, islands of reason in a sea of socialist conformity. The French, Germans, Swedes could easily wrest their nations from their deluded leaders. But they will not. Same with the Americans who, despite their gun-waving bravado, are little more than children waiting anxiously for instructions on how to behave. America, too, is lost to the Islamists. I hate guns — but I am buying one. I refuse to be a victim.

    • I have to profile your comments. First, you must be an immigrant to the US. This because you can purchase a firearm and think spending $ on a deadly weapon is going to make you safe. Second, you are likely living in a democratically controlled metropolitan area. This because you don’t see the world beyond the suburbs. What you don’t understand about this USA is that there a literally millions of armed forces veterans, police, firemen, nurses and the like. We are a strong and deep congregation that exist throughout the country. If you’ve never sacrificed your time to public service then you wouldn’t know who and where these people exist. I see them with my eyes everywhere I go and they see me. The USA is not lost.

        • Peter35,

          She can’t be an Aussie for this simple reason, she states:

          “I hate guns — but I am buying one. I refuse to be a victim.”

          Aussies can’t go out and buy a gun*. One has to be a member of a registered shooting club or a farmer with a demonstrated legitimate need for the particular type of firearm you seek a licence for.

          *Except of course for the criminals buying guns on the black market. No problem getting a gun that way. One can get one in a few hours for $400 with ammunition thrown in if you know the ropes and are prepared to engage in the criminal offence of buying/possessing an unregistered firearms.

          • I don’t think of Australia as suffering the deep sovietization of its culture as has happened in Canada and Britain. So I’m wondering if there aren’t a sizable number of people who, when feeling threatened enough (whatever that “enough” tipping point may be) wouldn’t get a weapon for their own home? For instance, if there were a “Paris moment” for any large city in Oz, would that be the kind of response for many?

          • Julius, yes, I know one of those ‘criminals’, my own brother in Melbourne.

            If I’m right, and I know I am, Australia is full of illegal or unregistered handguns, as is NZ, surprisingly, and Canada, unsurprisingly.

      • Jeff– you make an important point about those who see reality from the narrow perspective of living in an urban metropolitan area – e.g., the mega ‘slurb on the east coast, from Boston on past Baltimore… I think of them as “mass transit areas”. But democrat-controlled: there is nothing democratic about it at all.

        To buy a gun after passing the background check, you have to take classes in gun safety. Or at least you do here. I can’t imagine any place that would permit the legal sale of a firearm to someone who didn’t have a minimal proficiency in its use.

        Many women in our local area are used to guns. It’s not just their brothers, fathers and husbands who hunt; they do, too. If the time should come that those sporting rifles (or compound bows, for that matter) were necessary to defend their families, they might not like it but they’d do it.

        You gave an accurate picture of our reality and implicitly conveyed the mass of average people who volunteer in many of those posts. Our emergency medical technicians, our firemen, often our auxiliary deputies, all donate their services. Health clinics are staffed several nights a week by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc., who also volunteer their time.

        It was the one characteristic that de Tocqueville found most astonishing among Americans – the way we filled needs without waiting for a central government to give us the money. It existed in the north, too, before the unions took over everything.

        Keeping the “credentialed professional” from moving in and setting up regulations to stifle that spirit is becoming more difficult.

        • “To buy a gun after passing the background check, you have to take classes in gun safety. Or at least you do here. I can’t imagine any place that would permit the legal sale of a firearm to someone who didn’t have a minimal proficiency in its use.”
          Well, I am fully certified in all respects to purchase long guns and handguns, yet I cannot buy (“possess”) such weapons in the US. The reason is simply that I am Canadian, and unless I have been in the US for at least 90 days and am a landed immigrant, can’t even think of defending myself and my family with firearms.
          This is most unfortunate as my wife and I spend several months in the US helping our children who have moved there.
          My alternative has been to buy some very fierce-looking blade, but of course these are subject to all kinds of regulations and sub-regulations. They are all, of course, quite large, and would no doubt cause panic even if worn totally sheathed.

        • “I can’t imagine any place that would permit the legal sale of a firearm to someone who didn’t have a minimal proficiency in its use.”

          Many states in the US don’t require training to legally purchase a firearm. I agree with you that training and proficiency in the use of a firearm should always accompany ownership. However, I don’t want the government to be the gatekeeper of that.

          In the state where I live, New Hampshire, there is no training requirement to purchase or carry a firearm and we have one of the lowest death by firearm rates in the country. We also have a lot of volunteer fire departments.

        • Dymphna,

          There is no need to throw your own words back in your face (that has already been done thoroughly) , however you are sadly uninformed regarding gun ownership. Simply for the sake of information, allow me to explain what it’s like to buy a gun in California. California is one of the most gun-unfriendly states in the country. And further, allow me to use the example of buying a semi automatic handgun, one of the primary targets of the gun-ban lobby.

          All I need to do is provide my state issued photo ID (drivers license or ID card) and a copy of my auto registration or a utility bill that is less than 3 months old to confirm my place or residence. I need to fill out a form attesting that I am buying the gun for myself (straw man purchases are illegal) and that I am not a felon, do not have any restraining orders against me, have not been adjudicated mentally ill, and have not been dishonorably discharged from military service. I sign in a couple of places and leave a thumb print. In the following 10 days the state DOJ performs a background check based on the paperwork I’ve filled out and then I can pick up my purchase.

          I am a fan of military style combat pistols and I have a good number of them that I purchased new. To me the gun counter is as casual as the meat counter may be to many. I take a number, wait my turn, and buy a gun. M9 (actually an Italian FS92), 1911 (4 of them), P226.

          There is no training required. Expand your imagination. In fact I have observed a novice buying a gun and it was interesting, may have blown your mind. The salesman cleared the gun, which of course was already clear, and handed it to the customer. The customer then pointed the gun at the salesman. The salesman asked the customer to please point the gun in a safe direction. The customer complied, but it only took him a few seconds to forget and he was again pointing the gun at the salesman. This went on for a while but the newbie made the purchase. Training, yeah right.

          I am self trained based on much reading. I follow every safety rule espoused by the NRA and I have an enormous respect for what firearms can do. But I have seen some incredibly stupid stuff on the range. And heard stories of even more stupid stuff. You tube is full of videos of people showing off and shooting themselves, from cowboy action shooters who shoot themselves in the leg while drawing their gun from a holster to cops who are in the process of providing training. Gun ownership is a huge responsibility, but the nanny you imagine is simply not there.

          • To have my knowledge and understanding broadened is not to “throw my words back in face”. Yes, I am uninformed, but that fact is only “sad” if I weren’t willing to change when I get new information from those whose experience is broader than mine.

            You appear to be reading into what I said, and the response of others, some antagonism that was never there. Or perhaps I missed it. Your response, on the other hand, is quite clear.

            Without any snark intended, I thank you for sharing your own experience regarding buying guns and using them. Yes, I am aware of the unwise and often stupid things people do with/around guns, even with training. The things I’ve seen are often alcohol-fueled but such people are in the minority of gun-owners I know personally.

            I don’t need to “expand [my] imagination”, only my knowledge base.

          • Thx for this additional info on purchasing a firearm in lovely California. Good to know that classes aren’t REQUIRED and that I can choose on my own where to learn how to use one. 🙂

            There’s a Big Five Sports very close to my house. Would they have something adequate to deter house-breakers and other basic miscreants, or should I look elsewhere? I’m in the S.F. Bay Area.

            Thx again.

        • I can’t imagine any place that would permit the legal sale of a firearm to someone who didn’t have a minimal proficiency in its use.

          Imagine Washington State. Here the only requirement to buy a handgun is that you pass the federal Instant Background Check–basically, you have no record of felonies or of involuntary mental-health commitments.

          And we have the same exact requirements for issuing a Concealed Pistol License, too. Yes, you can be given a state permit to carry a concealed handgun w/o ever have actually shot, held, or even seen such a creature.

          But you know what? I’m fervently in favor of our way of doing this because — mirabile dictu! — it turns out the average person is responsible enough to get training on their own, without the government interfering with their constitutional right, with the result that our rate of unfavorable incidents with handguns is as low as the states who have stringent training requirements.

          • it turns out the average person is responsible enough to get training on their own, without the government interfering with their constitutional right, with the result that our rate of unfavorable incidents with handguns is as low as the states who have stringent training requirements.

            I agree with your sentiments: the fewer regulations the better. But constitutionally state regs are on firmer ground than the all-encompassing federal variety. Those are the ones that metastasize due to the influence of lobbyists. When regulations are kept at the state level, people can vote with their feet – as many are, in fact, doing. This is from last year, but I don’t think the over-all trend has changed:


            “High dependence on government” works out to lots of statist regs forced onto state citizens. Bill Whittle had an excellent video some years back about his decision to relocate to Texas from California due to the latter’s smothering regs. It may turn out that California’s water woes, aside from this cyclical drought and the fact that parts of the state are (have always been) semi-arid, will turn out to be due to the myriad water regulations. I pity anyone who tries to sort them out: would make reading the ObamaCare law (whose pages continue to grow w/o Congressional oversight) easy in comparison. But California’s got one thing going for it that I wish more states had: the ability to vote via referendum. Yes, it’s a two-edged sword, but it does leave some power in the hands of individuals.


    • My 9mm is sitting next to me in my living room as I type this. Buy and carry at all times. No one should depend on a 10 or 15 minute wait to defend themselves and their loved ones. At least go down fighting. If 10 people had weapons in the concert hall maybe a lot more would be alive. (I know – its Europe – no self protection allowed!!)

      • We have a saying here in England :

        ” When seconds count – the police are only minutes away “.

        • Yep; that saying is current in the San Francisco Bay Area as well…. Where a concealed carry permit is simply not available, and public opinion is against those who would arm themselves to defend their homes. Aaarrrgh!

      • That’s right. In my own country (Norway) you have to be a licensed hunter or member of a pistol club in order to buy a gun. Recently there has been a large growth in hunters and in membership of pistol clubs. I wonder why?

        A people without the right to own firearms is a defenceless people. One of the first things Hitler did when he came to power was to confiscate private arms. The Bolsheviks in Russia did the same thing. Socialists do not want a people that are able to resist the complete takeover of society. And now this basically defenceless people have to live in fear of “multicultual” burglars and rapists.

        The police in my country never have enough “resources” to do anything useful, so many don’t even bother about reporting theft and break-ins, and top police officials are busy visiting mosques and building society cohesion, or what ever they call it.

        I own a couple of 45 Colts, but they have been plombed with brass or something, so they are of no use. I feel pretty helpless in this situation we now are in, and it’s not a goog feeling. It’s like I’m just sitting around and waiting for something bad to happen.

        • Randers-

          Your English is so good I had no idea it isn’t your native language.

          At the request of several readers with vision problems, I have edited comments (including this one) to the extent of dividing the text into paragraphs in order to make them easier to read.

        • “Societal cohesion” seems to be an important cultural value in Norway and Sweden. That’s why I can’t understand the logic behind importing 3rd world peoples so they can proceed to stomp to death any possibility of cohesion.

    • The Bundy Ranch showdown in April 2014 was American bravado on display, if you need an example of it: a group of ordinary citizens faced down the federal government with a real chance of bloodshed, but refused to bend to the will of a far-off authority they felt was overreaching its mandate. You had mounted cowboys and citizen-supporters, many who were armed, advanced with weapons holstered toward a well-armed federal force of Bureau of Land Management agents and contractors (with snipers situate aiming at civilians), demanding that a gate underneath a highway viaduct be unlashed and the rancher’s cattle released to his custody. Later, the government tried to claim that some of these people had pointed weapons at federal agents, but only the reverse was true. Sen. Harry Reid characterized the Bundy supporters as domestic terrorists — no, they’re freeborn citizens who were taught traditional American values and who recognized tyranny when they saw it. (Mass immigration is meant, in part, to dilute this spirit.)

      So, yes, American bravado does indeed exist. It’s a spirit we must keep alive and spread. The “right to bear arms” should be a universal human right for all people throughout the world.

      Seconding Jeff E’s comment: The quiet patriots are a much, much larger group than is recognized by the general public and many of whom are abiding silently in the government, unable to speak out for fear of retribution, but they’re there; there is dissension in the ranks. You can bet the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) has a good handle of the size of the amorphous liberty movement. The DHS tipped their hand in 2009 about who they consider the enemy when the classified returning veterans and Tea Partiers as potential domestic terrorists. The DHS is a tool of domestic oppression; they are exploiting the very real threat of jihadist terrorism to advance a broader implementation of the security state. It should have never been created (and it has a creepy name, too).

      • I certainly agree with you, the federal ranks are full of disgruntled patriots. I retired from DHS and I can tell you there is absolutely nothing to fear from that group. Except for USCG, BP and USSS the DHS is an incompetent department. Fear the IRS, SCOTUS and DOJ – and pray a conservative gets elected who is willing to starve the federal beasts.

    • If you can find weapons instructor to help you, please seek one out. Your local gun shop should have a list of people or even in house courses to help you. And if you have family members in your home make sure they get some training as well. Assuming they are responsible people.

      • As my brother allows, I’ve been training my niece and nephew. Twelve and 10 respectively. They are learning with a Daisy Red Rider BB gun, and several of my adult air guns. They are good with trigger control and muzzle awareness, they wear their safety glasses and they are becoming pretty good marksmen.

        We put pebbles in soda cans so they won’t blow over and destroy them. My nephew calls it shooting The Talican. I love that boy’s spirit. His parents are unthinking, programmed, diehard libs, but this uncle does what he can to provide some balance.

      • DH isn’t even going to know (unless I mess up) that there’s a firearm in the house. He was BORN, for God’s sake, in the Bay Area and lives (in his mind) in a La-La land. I was raised in the military.

        Almost no one would think I’m “the type” to be, as it were, bloody-minded. Most of my opinions are liberal (not leftist, not usually); my friends and acquaintances don’t usually ask me pointed questions which would elicit the answers they fear to hear. 😉

        Add to that my walking difficulties due to after-effects of sports injuries, a bicycle accident, and a car accident, and I’m a completely un-prepossessing physical type. However, I’m still just as determined as I ever was that my house is MINE and no one else has rights to it. PLUS, when we lived in Berkeley (the People’s Paradise, you know), we were broken into more than once. Now I have big dogs, and as soon as I can put the $ together, I’ll also have a firearm.

        But DH, the only other resident of the house, will not get training. He’s not even in the #1 position on my Advance Medical Care directive, such a poor emergency decision-maker he is. Bleah.

  2. I’ll repeat the comment I made a few posts ago.

    Several of us have noticed that there is no anger demonstrated toward the jihadis demonstrated by the French victims, their families, the French public and the French authorities. It is really remarkable!

    They are “shell-shocked,” frightened, anxious, “sad” all of which are understandable. But they are not angry. They act like a beaten woman who has submitted to her attacker.

    Junker has already announced that the migrant influx into Europe needs to go on.

    But we don’t see anger which is needed for resistance.

    Is there a lot going on under the surface that the media refuse to report?

    If not, I have little hope for Europe.

    • The media will not show us any angry relatives of the victims. This is all but a given with Western MSM anywhere.

      Know that the MSM/establishment is trying to do is manufacture and promote a certain narrative than benefits the elites.

      So take whatever they show you with a large heaping of salt. It’s modern day Pravda/Tass.

    • go over to RT, you might a little less MSM faff, still take it all with some salt as they lapse into retard mode from time to time.

      Thanks a bunch guys in the States, you worry for us and that’s pretty much it, isn’t it? No I can’t just buy a gun, so what can I do? Anyone just about get away with pepper spray.

      As quite rightly pointed out many times on this site, there are those in the EU that aren’t putting up with the surreal narrative, nor are they making waves about it, especially in France, since the authorities have a nasty habit of arresting some and threatening others with court orders. It is a fine tight rope act. There is anger but it is carefully airbrushed out of any photos, articles. Unless you go on the Salon Beige for example or Voltaire. This is a republic of the soviet Europe.

      Great rant, I pointed out in social networks the hypocrisy of being trendy, and something similar about attitudes and got totally stonewalled.

    • Where anger is expressed it’s slapped down. On Saturday an Italian newspaper ran with the headline, ‘Islamic B*stards’. The editor has been served with several law suits from the ‘offended’. There’s also a campaign to swamp the newspaper with trivial complaints so that day to day management becomes impossible.

      In France, again on Saturday, a small group of people (Identitarians) held up an angry banner amongst all the teary-eyed candles-&-flowers people in a Paris square. Then the teary-eyed showed some anger – at the Identitarians!

      • Interesting, the Generation Identitaire have been overwhelmed with membership requests. Not surprising really.

  3. Wonderful piece. Thank you for posting something that is incomparably more important than the crap even the so-called Right of America would say.

    • Thank you for the link.

      It is only one person’s perspective, of course, but it is discouraging (to say the least) to hear Ezra’s opinion on Paris’ reaction to the slaughter. It sounds like many people may have succumbed to apathy and do not have the will to resist the attack that their societies are under, or even possess the necessary spirit and energy to feel angered by it.

      Several posters on GoV have compared Western citizenry to the Eloi from HG Wells’ The Time Machine, and this is an appropriate comparison. I am personally also reminded of the “mild-eyed melancholy Lotos-eaters” from Tennyson’s “The Lotus-Eaters”.

  4. Shame my French friends! You have become one bunch of cowards. A nation divided by fear and uncertainty. It seems that secularism is not very resistant against Islam, does not it? I do not scoff because they do not like you, I scoff because you are falling into the chin of the socialist president, who used the same tactics of fear and consternation for the join, and so he did nothing. I read a few moments that some are proposing petitions, others are calling for the President to close the borders. Hollande did the same thing in the attack on Charlie Hebdo, and all French people like cattle took to the streets to participate in the fellowship with the leaders who brought the danger into your continent, your country. And again Hollande makes the French to bow to fear, and not have a good sense of ante and ask back their right arms and the resignation of its then socialist President.

    (anti-Christianity Secularism) + Cultural Marxism = Political Correctness and Multiculturalism cowardice and antipatriotism.

    • The problem could lie in the fact that members of the “general public” are more afraid of what their own government would do if they merely (illegally) possessed, let alone used, a weapon of self-defence, than they are of the terrorists themselves.
      We certainly have had instances of such behaviour from our legal system in Canada.

      • That’s why I say the French have to fight to get the current president and overthrow the current political state in which the country finds itself. I do not believe they are as well liabilities. Those who are afraid are those who willingly accepted every cultural program left its Cultural Marxism, and his claim that they did not need weapons. The French have to fight for anti-EU Christian France, and regain his honor and arm yourself, even if illegally, or they will be eliminated, and it is no use waiting for elections because the President has declared a state of emergency, so you he hold indefinitely is only a matter of time and desire.

        In Canada people are more concerned with cannabis than with their own safety. I mean, liberal voters. While they play with the excuse that the war on drugs failed to legalize narcotics, the Trudeau government says the war on terror did not work; therefore the first proposal hedonistic them of wanting to become drug users drowns out the second of the Trudeau government, and while these idiots smoke their narcotics, their wives are raped by Muslims, and their villages are attacked. That’s why people need to wake up to reality, all this is the government’s fault; in fact, but it is their fault for being in this degenerative moral state.

        • As if and sane person would believe what the vacuous Trudeau ([epithet]) proclaimed, as you state Ronie, Trudeau is more into legalizing pot. (and ruining the Canadian oil industry, which he and the newly elected Rachel Notley have already started to do)

  5. Interesting that French as “cattle” should be mentioned. According to an emergency doctor of a major Paris hospital who handled most of the wounded, interviewed by the French paper Le Point, some of the survivors told medics that during the protracted terror attack:

    … les victimes étaient allongées, parfois les unes sur les autres, et les terroristes leur ont tiré dessus à terre, comme sur des animaux.

    “…the victims were stretched out, sometimes one on top of the other, and the terrorists dragged them across the ground, as if they were animals.”


    Previous to reading this, I had seen the amateur phone video taken by a person who happened to be looking out into the alley behind the Bataclan, posted at the Le Monde paper website, which showed people escaping out doors and windows into the alley in a panic, and also showed the fresh corpses of victims in the doorways. One curious thing the video showed didn’t really register with me: an individual or two was dragging what looked like dead bodies for several yards down the alley. At the time, I thought perhaps these were survivors dragging the bodies of friends or wounded away to relative safety. Now I’m not so sure. I went back to the website to look at it again, and in place of the box where it should be, it says, “Content deleted. This video is no longer available because it has been deleted.”


    I found it at YouTube (at 3:05):


    I suppose those must be survivors dragging bodies of wounded. I’ve never heard of dragging bodies of wounded down a long alley, but I suppose their bodies might be too heavy.

    • It is absolutely clear that those are people dragging away friends who have been shot dead or seriously wounded. What on earth are you puzzled about?

      • I agree with piggyUK

        In fact it is a first aid technique commonly taught in France, called the “dégagement d’urgence”. Which speaks volumes of some of these people, who did this in the face of being shot at. An inert body is quite heavy and unless you are a; a bodybuilder b: a firefighter, you are not likely to be doing a fireman’s lift.

        What I don’t get is that the journalist filming all of this casually, doesn’t the memo until aprox 3 mins later. He claims that it about a minute and half when he went down to help people fleeing.

        • I don’t think the person filming this with their camera was a journalist.

          At any rate, we still have the curious detail of the Muslim terrorists dragging bodies across the floor like animals, according to eyewitness testimony (as I noted with a link).

    • Hesperado

      comment on translation

      et les terroristes leur ont tiré dessus à terre,

      translates as ” shot them on the ground” . Not dragged! A case of google haziness maybe??

      • I believe “tirer” means both “to drag” and “to shoot”. Given the context where the doctor was talking about eyewitnesses seeing the terrorists pile bodies on top of each other, I assumed he meant drag across the floor.

  6. President Hollande promised a “merciless” response.
    The people have provided it: merciless flowers and merciless candles.

    • The response so far has been incredibly disappointing. Maybe I am asking too much, but I had hoped for something. Anything. Rage. Cries of fury. Vows for retribution. Just not more [redacted] flowers and candles, please …

      We in the UK also did nothing after 7/7. Nothing after Rotherham. Nothing after Lee Rigby. We are all in the same boat.

      However, it is early days. This recent atrocity might take a while too sink into the French psyche. I believe there are elections in France shortly? Let’s see what effect this has on support for Marine le pen and FN.

      Wonder what PEGIDA is making of all this? Any German correspondents care to update us?

      • If Hollande doesn’t get away with extending the state of emergency for 3 months, then we in France might see the ‘political battle lines’ drawn up in Dec local elections.

        There is a lot of cold anger, but equally daft idiots who worry about the civilians getting bombed in Raqaa. When I explained that it could be the families of the terrorists, who deliberately moved to Syria, kicked out the locals, the reply was that they are civilians. What I am supposed to say?

      • We in the UK also did nothing after 7/7

        The following year I spent some time on British sites trying to find some sort of observance. Given the attention that is paid to 11/11 I thought for sure there would be a remembrance for all those people on the way home from work who would never again be “going home”. It was that image which haunted me for a long time, the huge hole cratered into innocent families. I avoid ‘going there’ now, because the newBrit culture ignores their newly killed. That’s far more painful.

        • I went into London on the anniversary of 7/7 a few years back.

          The memorial site must have 1 million people within 30 minute travel time. The memorial was held at lunch-time on a summer day.

          Apart from representatives from official organisations & 7/7 associated charities, and some survivors & family of those killed — there was virtually no-one there from the general public. I would estimate no more than 70 people in total. A street performer in a tourist spot would have had a bigger crowd.

          There was nothing on the news that day about it being the anniversary. It is clear the elite do not want the people to remember these terrorist attacks. I would guess that 95% of Brits have no idea there was a similar failed attack only 2 weeks after 7/7.

          I found the whole experience that day incredibly sad and wearying.

    • and merciless posting of profile flags and countries lighting their monuments, seriously that’ll scare the pants off the jihadis, not. You can hear the laughter from Raqaa.

      Hollande’s speech to the politicians today is really pathetic. In the same vein as Merkel, he wants Europe to share the load of helping France with her terrorism woes. I can see the Visegrad 4 countries, taking this cue and doing a runner from the EU. By the logic, it will be interesting to see what happens in the Balkans.

      French politicans, bar a couple, are utterly useless. They won’t resign. Compare the situation in France with what happening in Romania recently where the whole gov resigned over a fatal fire in a club. The people went out on the streets, but what did Parisians do:

      light candles
      take selfies at the place de la Republique
      grafitti the monument!
      change their FB profile pics
      and wave their lit phones in the air
      sing Imagine
      and run lie startled rabbits upon hearing fireworks.

  7. Vlad could be the new Takuan Seiyo. Where is he, by the way? Much needed. Writing of Vlad’s calibre also much needed in these treacherous times.

    • I have it on good authority that Takuan Seiyo is alive and well, and was posting at this website until very recently. To the best of my knowledge, after having moved from Japan and no longer writing on East-West themes, he changed his pseudonym to Max Denken earlier this year, to better reflect his roots and current orientation.

      Unfortunately, after carrying four of Denken’s essays since last Summer, it seems that Gates of Vienna and he had a falling out.
      I emailed Denken to inquire what his plans are now, but he is not sure, except he is preparing a couple of books for publication.

      • The “falling-out” is not on our part. Mr. Denken is free to submit essays here. He isn’t free to tell us to ban commenters. Again, though, he is free to rebut them on the thread of his essays.

        And your comment, dear Bunny, is known as triangulation…

        • Just read the source of Max’s displeasure. Him, Steve and Julius had a right old ding dong. All very scholarly stuff – almost as intellectual as the Baron himself. Glad I’m not so smart. I just know our enemy is the one that wants to destroy Western Civilisation; the ones that follow that manual of intolerance – and that we need to focus on that. Scholars of such calibre can really help by writing some easy reading for the masses in the mainstream media to wake up the sheeple. I’d personally miss the content any of these people put out.

          • For the record: Max is very welcome to resume publishing at Gates of Vienna whenever he is ready. However, Dymphna and I will continue to set commenting policies and exercise editorial authority over the comments. That last part will remain unchanged.

          • NativeGladius: I just happened to re-read your comment. I realize now that the first time through I thought you said “Marx”. Marx lived off the Engels’ family while he studied for years at various public libraries in England – see this example –


            Having studied Marx and those who influenced him, I agreed with what I *thought* you were saying about how hard it can be to plow through “scholars”, let your comment through and went on, not noticing it was addressed to me until now. And not noticing your topic wasn’t Marx after all.

            When comments are piled up at the door each morning my main objective is to moderate – i.e., to let through the “moderate” folk and to send away the ugly ones; for instance the predictably sneering “counterjewhad” hatred awaiting me this morning…never have understood why those folks bother trying…

            My point: now that I see “Marx” was actually “Max”…yes, the contributions of essayists like Max and equally, the added value of commenters like Julius O’Malley, et al, are each important to our larger work. But as happens in any other place with lots of activity our rules can conflict with the desires of some of our contributors.

            One of our rules (unvoiced until now since we thought it too obvious to state) is this: while essayists will always have the final say on the Baron’s editing of their work, they may not decide whether or not a given commenter is to be deleted, either in part or entirely. We often let in comments we don’t agree with personally. As long as they meet the general requirements we’ve had since we started, their dissent remains.

            [Our rules re comments was used to prove we’re haters by those stalkers who combed our comment threads to discover 2 innocuous comments Breivik made under his nic a few years before his massacre on Utoya.]

            Conflict is unfortunate but inevitable. We value Max’s work; in fact, I think it will come to have historical value and regret his decision. I also wish the whole thing could have been kept quiet to avoid having to say what I just explained to you.

          • Dear Baron,

            I have seen you, upon occasion, ban a commenter, whose posts–for one reason or another–derailed the conversation or were an impediment in some way. This happened, for example, when a poster had an antisemitic monomania/agenda, no matter how many distorted “facts” the poster marshaled. I’m using this just as an example.

            I have enormous respect and admiration for you and Dymphna, but I must tell you I think that you made a mistake in this regard. Max Denken knows his material from personal experience as well as from his scholarly research. Surely we know enough about his acumen, his integerity and scholarship to give him the benefit the doubt and to not waste his (and ours to a lesser degree) time and energy past a certain point–that point to be determined by judgement?

          • I occasionally ban commenters for several possible reasons (or combinations of these):

            1. They repeatedly engage in nasty ad-hominem attacks against other commenters;
            2. They are obviously agents provocateurs working on behalf of some government agency or private lefty outfit such as EXPO (the determination of who merits this evaluation is entirely mine and Dympha’s — it’s a judgment call);
            3. Their comments persistently employ vulgarities and obscenities whilst containing very little or no meaningful content; or
            4. They are commenting in bad faith.

            #4 is the toughest to determine. The most frequent form of bad-faith commenting is to leave some sort of unsourced controversial assertion about Jews or Israel, usually delivered in an unpleasant fashion. These “facts” are often totally spurious, and other commenters are left to track down historical sources and refute them, absorbing a lot of time and energy and derailing the comment thread, which is probably the intent of the commenter.

            I insist that people who present this sort of controversial material cite reputable sources for their assertions. Bad-faith commenters inevitably refuse to do so.

            Not all such commenters focus on Jewish issues. Other topics (e.g. Russia or Churchill) are popular areas for disseminating disinformation.

            It was on these grounds that Max wanted a commenter banned. The problem for me was that the person was presenting his material in a reasonable fashion, obeying all our rules, even when attacked. The topic was one about which I knew very little, so I was unable to refute him myself, and had no prima facie reason for banning him.

            Max’s refutations were not sourced, either, which made banning the commenter problematic. Max’s scholarship is top-notch, but I needed reputable cited references from him included in a comment, so that I could insist that the opposing commenter do likewise. Unfortunately, Max did not have time to do this. He insisted that I nevertheless ban the fellow and delete all his comments. This was not something that I, in good conscience, could do.

            A person who makes controversial assertions without sourcing them, despite repeated requests to do so, gets banned. That is my customary practice.

            Alas, we were unable to get to that point, and Max decided to withdraw as a contributor to Gates of Vienna. I wish he hadn’t, but I am not willing to modify my very carefully crafted comment-moderation policies in order to change his mind.

            Our methods of handling comments have been devised through trial-and-error over more than eleven years, and they work fairly well. I won’t abandon them simply because someone is unhappy with the way one particular thread turned out.

  8. There is one point that Vlad made which I find interesting:

    “…a culture that feels the way of dealing with an ideology of grotesque, horror, pornographic in its violence and sick with blood and suffering…”

    Paradoxically, don’t we also live in a such parallel world, via the TV & films? The gore level of some films & videos games, does that not make people indifferent to the real cruelty in the world?

    • There is a difference between fantasy and reality which is the same as the decision making process any adult must make around many decisions in life.

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