The Food is Lousy, People are Mean, and We Want to go to Germany!

The following report highlights the complaints by migrants in a “refugee” camp in the Czech Republic. Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times from the original video):

03:47   Intersection of two different worlds — that is how migrant facilities
03:52   in Bela Podbezda are seen by local employees. People from
03:56   the Middle East and Africa. according to them, do not have the social customs common to
04:00   civilized Europeans. The vast majority of them do not know how to use sanitary facilities and refuse to follow
04:04   the advice of doctors. Their main occupation is to leave as soon as possible
04:09   for Germany. The rooms, which had recently been repainted. They are all scribbled over
04:13   in the rooms; there is unimaginable mess.
04:17   Too bad you weren’t here. that you could not record it. It is beyond belief.
04:21   The migrants themselves consider the conditions to be inadequate. They have difficulties communicating with officials.
04:26   They lack translators. “They seem us like criminals. They said
04:31   you are criminals. To get here, we went through
04:35   ten countries, and we were not detained anywhere — until here. We do not understand.”
04:39   “Why here?” The employees of the migrant facilities
04:43   strictly reject this. “All of them are in shock
04:47   in the first two days… then they get it, and
04:52   open communications with others who’ve been here longer,
04:56   then they get what’s what…” The conditions in Bela Jizove were criticized by
05:01   ombudswoman Jana Sabatov, according to whom the migrant children live worse than Czech criminals.
05:05   Allegedly, they do not have warm clothing or footwear, the hygienic conditions
05:09   are inadequate, migrants are sleeping on mattresses on the floor, in a gym.
05:14   The minister of the interior rejected this criticism and showed the site to journalists.
05:18   These are definitely better conditions than in other countries they had journeyed through
05:23   The conditions here are very good. Their emissaries can see the conditions, taste the food,
05:27   test its quality and taste the same food the people here get.
05:31   Employees also offer the migrants cultural programs
05:35   or sports fields. They reject [the claims] that they treat them as criminals,
05:40   as Maria Aryochinva, a member of the punk-group Pussy Riot, stated recently.
05:44   These are some…when we …
05:48   allegedly, they had this for self-defense.
05:52   So said Ms. Shabatova. I don’t see why they’d need this! That is clearly not the truth…
05:57   Can you see just how sharp this is?
06:01   In the last while, the last few weeks, children are sick, they are taking antibiotics.
06:06   So, the way they approach the treatment is that they
06:10   either just don’t take the kid [to get antibiotics] or they leave them to play outside.
06:14   So, when I go by, I chase them home, to go lie down.
06:19   So they can get over the illness. They absolutely do not respect this. I leave,
06:24   and within 10 minutes, the kid is out again. The reality remains that migrants detained in Bela, or the rest of Czechia,
06:28   do not intend to stay here, as demonstrated by this case from African Somalia: Germany,
06:33   especially Frankfurt. And why Germany?
06:37   That is our goal. We are migrants and we want to go to Frankfurt.
06:41   Our country is [in the state of] war.
06:46   Syrians escaping from
06:50   war are not the only ones staying in Bela Jizove. Other migrants here are from
06:54   Middle East or Africa. In Bela Jizove, there are 700 spots available.
06:59   As of November 4 [2015], the facility housed
07:03   69 people. Two months ago, this [number] was over 600.

3 thoughts on “The Food is Lousy, People are Mean, and We Want to go to Germany!

  1. Firstly, thank you very much for the transcripts. Combine people who can’t speak well with poor sound systems and you essentially have little without transcripts.

    “05:05 Allegedly, they do not have warm clothing or footwear….”

    A little beside the point here, it’s somewhat surprising to see the number of people who are shown wearing jeans in all the assorted videos posted around. The shoes can be equally interesting.

    I don’t mean to be too critical, but….

    “04:26 They lack translators.”


    “05:23 The conditions here are very good. Their emissaries can see the conditions….”


    “05:48 allegedly, they had this (the make-shift weapons) for self-defense.
    05:52 So said Ms. Shabatova. I don’t see why they’d need this!”

    It shouldn’t be surprising that the migrants would be fearful.

    One has to ask: were the migrants somehow assigned to Czechia (aka The Czech Republic), which would seem to be the attitude of the authorities, while under the impression they were enroute to Germany?

    • How ironic ! Muslims who hate Jews wear jeans which were invented by a Jew, Levi Strauss.

      • That’s why jeans are called “Levis” by a lot of people. Maybe
        that’s what I’ll call them from now on.

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