Geert Wilders: “We Must De-Islamize Our Country”

The following talk by Geert Wilders was recorded and uploaded last January, just after the Charlie Hebdo massacres in Paris. But the PVV leader might well have said the same things yesterday, and they are just as relevant to Friday night’s jihad massacre in Paris. Back then Mr. Wilders said, “This isn’t the end of our misery; at best, the beginning of it,” and he was exactly correct.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Our freedom is under fire.
0:03   Yesterday it was Paris. In recent years we saw attacks in Amsterdam,
0:06   New York, Madrid, Mumbai, Ottawa, Sydney and Brussels.
0:12   It does not stop.
0:16   This isn’t the end of our misery
0:19   At best, the beginning of it.
0:23   Our elites brought in an enormous problem. Now we see that that means for our security,
0:26   for ourselves, for our children.
0:32   Which of our leaders dares to look in a mirror?
0:38   After every attack they shed crocodile tears, and continue as before.
0:44   Again, our cowardly elites look away.
0:53   They refuse to see grasp what they have caused. But nobody, nobody can deny the truth.
0:59   It’s Islam that time and time again inspires the killers.
1:04   It’s Mohammed, it’s the Koran.
1:07   That is the problem, nothing else.
1:12   Of course I’m not talking about all Muslims.
1:15   I’m talking about the violent ideology
1:20   that wants to subjugate the world to shariah law, that wants to destroy our freedom.
1:25   For ten years the Party for Freedom has warned against Islam.
1:32   For those ten years the cabinets hardly did anything.
1:38   The time when we could look the other way is over.
1:43   Only strong, rock-hard measures can prevent further bloodshed.
1:51   We must de-Islamize our country.
1:55   All immigration from Islamic countries must stop.
2:00   Jihadists must be expelled, never ever to return.
2:05   The borders must be closed.
2:08   We must protect our borders ourselves.
2:11   We must leave Schengen. Also, we need to mobilize the army
2:16   to protect our railway stations, streets and shopping malls
2:20   through measures.
2:24   Enough is enough. My friends, today is a day of mourning,
2:31   To commemorate the victims of Islam.
2:34   It is also a day to begin our liberation.
2:40   Tomorrow must be a better day than today,
2:43   a day with less Islam.

14 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “We Must De-Islamize Our Country”

  1. Wilders. . . Wonderful man of honor and nobility.

    Just read:

    What’s sad the headline said:

    Far-right protests break out across France as tensions reach boiling point

    It did not say, “The French people have reacted logically and reasonably to the massacres in Paris perpetrated by the followers of the Pirate.”

    The subconscious impression given by the newspaper title is:
    “What do you expect from far-right protesters but something eccentric and ugly like deporting the nuggets.

    Oh nothing will change invaders will be imported to prove to Saudi Arabia and Turkey that the infidels are still asleep. We need more of similar “incidents” to educate us, slow, dunces.

  2. Praiseworthy posting this video. But Wilders need to be aware that this event will not be enough to sensitize the elite in the Netherlands, especially the elite of legal field, judges who will judge him. I doubt very much that the legal elite in the Netherlands will make life easier for him.

  3. Can you imagine the unalloyed terror the world would have if one of these jihadist groups had an atomic bomb? I think we would all be so frightened that we could not even function…just shaking in our beds.

  4. Perhaps a minor quibble, in an otherwise important statement: Our elites do not “refuse” to acknowledge what they have done — at least not when among themselves; they are fully aware of the misery, murder, and mayhem their policies inflict on the white people of Europe, and they rejoice in their power to effect the dark, utopian vision of their imaginations. These preachers of tolerance and pacifism know full well the hypnotic, disarming, affect on their prey such nursery rhymes induce.

    Much like the Dalmers and the Richard Specks — they are drunk and insane with their power and blood lust, and fueled by their hatred of the one with whom they KNOW they will have to deal; they lash out to exact every possible drop of blood within their “grasp” while they still can — before their eternal banishment from the presence of God.

    The elites and Islam’s followers share a hatred of Jesus Christ.

  5. I hope someone is keeping notes on those in the media and other positions of influence who have besmirched the reputation of normal citizens of European countries who are voicing legitimate fears about the invasion of our countries by violent muslims. One day a reckoning will be made and these traitors must be identified and punished accordingly.

    • A BBC report without ever hearing the words Islam or Muslim. Never seeing a hijab, a sack cover or a beard or a deserted looking creature. How does a television keep viewers?

        • The BBC is financed by a compulsory annual television licence fee. You have a TV in your home, you are therefore obliged to pay the fee. Severe penalties apply if you don’t. That’s why the BBC is a law unto itself editorially and in staff preferment and other matters.

          Under pressure to do so for many years, perhaps decades, the BBC conducted an thoroughgoing enquiry, undertaken by a (nominally) independent person, into whether the BBC’s coverage of the Middle East was biased against Israel.

          The enquiry cost millions of pounds. The BBC refused to make it, that is the text report of enquiry, publicly available. One can infer from that fact alone, that even the carefully selected independent person was unprepared to tarnish their reputation by producing a report that exonerated the BBC.

          Worse still, the BBC spent, the last figure I saw, 40 million pounds (of funds from license payers) fighting Freedom of Information requests (to see the report) in the court system. They waged a long legal battle all the way up to the pinnacle of the British judicial structure to stop anybody from gaining access to the report. And you can be guaranteed that the solicitors and barristers the BBC had on retainer were of the highest quality and the most expensive in the profession.

          • I agree entirely with your point, Julius, but the figure was nearer £400,000. Still an arrogant waste of licence payers’ money.

  6. The lads who held the banner

    “Expulsion for Muslims!”

    Were they in the spirit of Vichy or the spirit of Free French?

    It’s hard to unravel. I think they would most likely have been Petainists. Not Gaullists bringing in the colonial troops to liberate the Festung.

    • It’s a very good question, and I think the answer is more nuanced. I think there are elements of the French nationalist Right who could fit into either of those camps. Perhaps at this moment they are closer to the sans-culottes and republicans who broke the steeples of the churches all over France during the Revolution.

      It is true, unfortunately, that the FN has a long history of anti-semitism that’s been papered over in recent years by the “softer” style of Marine. Still, many of these are people who, at other times in French history, held banners saying ‘Jews out’, and helped put them on the trains to Germany.

      In those cases, a broken clock is still right twice a day, but one should be careful of making convenient alliances with racists. The civilizational battle against Islam has nothing to do with race.

      I should also say, though — as a Jew I have known some members of the Front Nationale who have, as individuals, been remarkably kind and not racist or anti-semitic or homophobic. They love their country and its secular traditions and they believe if you want to live in France you should be welcome, as long as you truly wish to become culturally French. I think these are true republicans, but unfortunately they are somewhat stuck with the baggage of the FN as there are no other parties in France that are willing to speak out against Islamization.

  7. The one honest guy everyone will ignore. The pleasant lies of the elite “we are not at war with Islam” are so much more comfortable to listen to.

  8. How depressing that the video and words of Geert Wilders in January 2015 after the Charlie Hebdo massacre could have been publicized only in November 2015 and nobody would have known it had been recorded 11 months earlier. A pollyanna he is not.

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