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According to a recent poll, more than half of Germans disapprove of Angela Merkel’s handling of the “refugee” crisis. 52% of those polled said the chancellor’s policies have been “more bad than good”. Meanwhile, Denmark has tightened its asylum rules even further to deter additional migrants from making Denmark their destination.

In other news, Russia has tightened security checks on all travelers and luggage at its airports, not just because of the downing of its jetliner in Egypt, but also because of the jihad attacks in Paris.

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Financial Crisis
» “We Arrested Some Folks” — How China “Fixed” Its Stock Market
» #MillionStudentMarch: Marxist 1%’er Keely Mullen Lied to Neil Cavuto
» Detroit Public Schools: 93% Can’t Read, 96% Can’t Do Math, But 100% Will be Allowed to Vote
» Mizzou Activists Complain About Paris Stealing the Spotlight
» Obama: Let Me Spam 600,000 of Your Customers With a TPP Sales Pitch. EBay: Sure Thing, Barry!
» Saul Alinsky Alive and Well on College Campuses Across the Country!
» Shariahville, USA: Cities ‘Surrender’ To Islam
» The Edward Snowden Guide to Practical Privacy
» Trevor Loudon to Non-Voting Christians: ‘Their Blood on Your Hands’
Europe and the EU
» “War in Paris” — ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Attacks Killing 127: The Full Summary
» Amid Bataclan Hostage Crisis, Did Paris Police Wait Too Long to Rescue Victims?
» And So the Hate Speech Begins: Let Paris be the End of the Right’s Violent Language Toward Activists
» French Police Are Chasing ‘Four Heavily Armed People’ In a Citroen That Forced Its Way Through a Motorway Toll Road Heading for Paris
» Hunt for the ISIS Killers: Syrian Passport is Found on the Body of a Suicide Bomber at the Stade De France
» In Paris Aftermath, Salon’s Chief Concern is Conservatives
» Italy: Mattarella ‘Partially Pardons’ Antonio Monella
» Italy: Probed Campania Governor De Luca Says He’s Injured Party
» Italy: Saguto Regulation Inserted Into Anti-Mafia Code
» Italy: Tarantini: Beganovic Found Guilty in ‘Escorts’ Trial
» Jewish Owners Recently Sold Paris’s Bataclan Theater, Where IS Killed Dozens
» July 2015: ISIS Vowed to ‘Bring Slaughter to France, Fill the Streets of Paris With Dead Bodies’
» Low-Income Brits Agree to be Injected With Experimental Ebola Vaccine for Barely Enough Money to Pay One Month’s Rent
» Number of UK Adults Diagnosed With Diabetes Has Increased by More Than Half in 10 Years
» Paris Attack: We Should Declare a Final Offensive Against Islamic State
» Paris Shooting Leaves 100 Killed at Bataclan Theatre as 3 Jihadists Are Shot Dead
» Paris Gunman Dressed in Black Picked Off Terrified Diners Firing ‘Professional Bursts’
» Syrian Passport Found Near Body of One of Paris Suicide Bombers
» ‘This Time it’s War’: French Press React With Horror to Attacks
» Three of Eight Paris Attackers Came to France From Brussels
» Train Details in Strasbourg France After Paris Terror Massacre
» UK: Parents’ Disgust After Their Children’s Primary School Started Feeding the Youngsters Halal Meat
North Africa
» U.S. Officials: Leader of Islamic State in Libya Believed Killed in U.S. Airstrike
Israel and the Palestinians
» Netanyahu: I Call on the World — This is the Time to Come Together Against Radical Islamic Terror
» Russia to Tighten Personal Checks, Luggage Control on Transport
Sub-Saharan Africa
» South Africa: Man Tells of Beheading Woman for Cash
Latin America
» UN Fight for Internet Control Lined up in Brazil
» Denmark Tightens Asylum Rules Further to Deter Migrants
» Don’t Link Paris Attacks to Migrant Influx: German Interior Minister
» Immigrant Invasion: Der Untergang Des Abendlandes
» Italy Has Taken Almost 140,000 Asylum Seeker in This Year
» Migrant Crisis Threatens EU’s Prized Schengen System
» Netherlands: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Refugees Will Only Fuel Hysteria
» Nobel Laureate De Klerk Warns Europe on ‘Uncontrolled’ Immigration
» Over Half of Germans Disapprove of Merkel’s Handling of Migrant Crisis
» Paris Attacks: European Leaders Link Terror Threats to Immigration
» Police Probe 34 in Fake Marriage for Migrants Scam
» Pope Calls for ‘Sensitivity, Justice’ on Migrants
» Storm on the Horizon: Does Soros Want to Inflame Revolution in Europe?
» Sweden is Seen as Europe’s Most Liberal Nation, But Violent Crime is Soaring
Culture Wars
» Abortionist Admits Brutality of Abortion
» Political Correctness is Killing Higher Education
» UK: Details of a Woman Forced to Hand Over Her Baby to a Gay Couple Revealed

“We Arrested Some Folks” — How China “Fixed” Its Stock Market

Early in September, as Beijing was just coming to grips with the fact that stocks can go down as well as up and that artificially propping up the entire market is well nigh impossible no matter how much money you throw at it, we brought you the following rather chilling quote from a fund manager who was “summoned” by authorities in the midst of what amounted to a witch hunt aimed at anyone thought to be responsible for “malicioulsy” taking stocks lower. Speaking to a friend, the fund manager said the following: “If I don’t come back, look after my wife.”

That’s a reflection on the sheer absurdity of what took place in China as the Politburo scrambled to restore the country’s equity “miracle” which was of course built on excessive leverage and the opening of millions of new trading accounts by “investors” who in many cases had an elementary school education or less.

The crackdown even extended to journalists including a Caijing writer blamed for triggering the following July 19 drop in CSI futures after suggesting that China’s plunge protection team may be set to exit the market.

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#MillionStudentMarch: Marxist 1%’er Keely Mullen Lied to Neil Cavuto

“Million Student March” Organizer (and Marxist) Keely Mullen told Neil Cavuto at Fox Business News Thursday that she comes from an “incredibly working class family” who are “already on numerous forms of government assistance and is basically scraping by in order to get me through college…”


But Mullen’ s dad purchased a home for “little more than $1 million” in 2005 and Keely also attended the pricey Francis W. Parker High School.

Adding to the contradictions, Mullen previously described her family as “a white, upper middle class family.”

Mullen, along with her co-organizer Elan Axelbank, is a member of the “Socialist Alternative,” a Trotskyist group. While Keely Mullen and/or Elan Axelbank was quoted at the Washington Post, the Soros-funded ThinkProgress, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, among many others, the “journalists” in the mainstream media all forgot to mention that the organizers are Marxists.

As an aside, the “Socialist Alternative” was recently successful in re-electing Kshama Sawant to the Seattle City Council.

Considering the stunning amount of vastly positive national coverage, (Time, Reuters, Newsweek, USA Today among many others) the actual number of students in the streets seems to have been quite anemic.

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Detroit Public Schools: 93% Can’t Read, 96% Can’t Do Math, But 100% Will be Allowed to Vote

At the time of the nation’s founding, the only public servants who were directly elected by the people were members of the House of Representatives; U.S. senators were selected by state legislatures (whose members were directly elected) and presidents were chosen by delegates to the Electoral College. Today, following passage of the 17th Amendment, U.S. senators are also directly elected.

Voting rights for all, but let’s make sure everyone is as informed as possible

All of these changes to election laws and the Democrats’ current push in some states and on the federal level to extend voting rights even to non-citizens have removed any remaining vestige of concern held by Jefferson. The public education system was initially envisioned as a vehicle to teach Americans at a young age about voting as a civic duty and how one could “have skin in the game” by learning the processes and limitations of constitutional government. Owning land, then, was not necessary; rather, knowing what each branch of government was responsible for and how they were to conduct business and carry out their duties was deemed much more important to the perpetuation of the nation.

Today, however, that principle has failed as well after decades of being co-opted by Left-wing ideologues who have essentially removed all civics education from primary school. Couple that with chronically falling reading and math skills, and it is no wonder that our political system is faltering.

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Mizzou Activists Complain About Paris Stealing the Spotlight

by Milo Yiannopoulos

Black Lives Matter and Mizzou protesters responded to the murder of scores of people in Paris at the hands of Islamic extremists by complaining about losing the spotlight and saying their “struggles” were being “erased.” Their struggles, remember, consist of a poop swastika of unknown provenance and unsubstantiated claims of racially-charged remarks somewhere near Missouri’s campus.

So debased has the language on American campuses become that these incidents, which many observers believe to be hoaxes, just like previous campus scandals celebrated by progressive media, are being referred to as “terrorism” and a “tragedy” by moronic 20-year-olds who have never been told, “No.”…

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Obama: Let Me Spam 600,000 of Your Customers With a TPP Sales Pitch. EBay: Sure Thing, Barry!

Trade deal will be great for online tat peddlers, promises Prez

President Obama is taking his case for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) online with a spammy pitch to eBay merchants on how the trade deal will benefit them.

The US Commander In Chief sent a letter to 600,000 eBay sellers outlining the virtues of the controversial international trade deal that, according to Obama, will make life easier for online merchants.

[Comment: Remember, “If you like your insurance, you can keep you insurance.”]

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Saul Alinsky Alive and Well on College Campuses Across the Country!

Who, you ask, is Saul Alinsky? He was a self-proclaimed radical who supported guerilla tactics and civil disobedience to get what he wanted. In 1971 he wrote about his book “Rules for Radicals,

“The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power,” “Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.”

Another notable quote from Alinsky,

“Lest we forget, at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to, the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history, the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

Hillary Clinton admired Alinsky and even chose to write her thesis on his book. David Brock referred to her as “Alinsky’s daughter” in 1966’s The Seduction of Hillary Rodham. At the request of the White House, Wellesley College sealed her 1968 thesis because it showed, “the extent to which she internalized and assimilated the beliefs and methods of Saul Alinsky.” It was eventually opened to the public in 2001. Alinsky offered Clinton a job, which she turned down to go into politics, commenting,

“Alinsky said I would be wasting my time, but my decision was an expression of my belief that the system could be changed from within.”

One of Alinsky’s rules says,

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

This rule is now being utilized to destroy Dr. Carol M. Swain of Vanderbilt University. A student started a petition via calling for the job of Dr. Swain of “unprofessional intimidation on social media” and “discriminatory practices in the classroom.” Even though the student has since recanted his comments, the damage to professor Swain has been done. In the midst of all this we have to ask, how students can yell discrimination and demand respect while they attack and attempt to destroy the career of successful African-American conservative professor?

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Shariahville, USA: Cities ‘Surrender’ To Islam

America’s first Muslim-majority city council was recently sworn in Hamtramck, Michigan. Governor Rick Snyder celebrated the event as he makes plans to accommodate thousands of unvettable Syrian Muslim refugees in a state where persecuted Christians from the Middle East are fearful of the behavior of their Sharia-practicing new neighbors.

Find out who are the likely winners and losers in the dangerous game of “chicken” being played by the progressive ruling class and the grassroots who are starting to resist due to economic and security concerns associated with the globalists’ secretive Refugee Resettlement Program.

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The Edward Snowden Guide to Practical Privacy

If you want to limit how much governments and companies know about you and your private life, then use Tor, download specific apps and plug-ins, encrypt your hard drive, and use a password manager.

Those are among the tips provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in an interview with “digital bodyguard” Micah Lee. The interview, published on The Intercept, is interesting in that it provides a practical guide for protecting your privacy from the very mass surveillance that Snowden revealed in his huge leak of US government documents.

The guide covers everyone from the typical concerned citizen to someone who may be handling highly sensitive documents. Here are the highlights:…

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Trevor Loudon to Non-Voting Christians: ‘Their Blood on Your Hands’

Author and speaker Trevor Loudon believes that non-voting American Christians have contributed to the vastly under-reported persecution of Christians worldwide.

In an article written by Faye Higbee and published at “Uncle Sam’ s Misguided Children,” Loudon pointed out that rampant worldwide Christian persecution could have been averted if America had not twice elected an anti-American president.

Trevor was quoted as saying:

There is a huge section of America that has the power to stop this — the Evangelical Christians.

Before WWII, the church, the moral authority of the nation of Germany, decided that if they left Adolf Hitler alone he would leave them alone. The result was the slaughter of 6 million Jews and hundreds of thousands of Christians and Allied lives. They could have stopped the Holocaust, but did nothing.

Today, ISIS and other jihadists have massacred thousands upon thousands of Christians across the Middle East. The Blood of those people is on the hands of the church — those who refused to vote to stop Barack Obama from getting into office.

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“War in Paris” — ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Attacks Killing 127: The Full Summary

The morning after a truly tragic Friday the 13th, France wakes up to the following front pages, among which one which best captures the atmosphere in Paris at this moment: “war in Paris”:

Here is the latest summary of the aftermath from last night’s six distinct attacks across Paris, compiled from numerous media outlets:

At least 127 people are feared to have been killed according to French president Hollande in a series of devastating attacks across Paris.

Among the dead are at least two Belgians, two Romanians and a Swedish citizen, with UK prime minister David Cameron warning British casualties are likely.

Eight attackers also died, police say, seven of them by detonating explosive suicide belts.

Police continue to search for accomplices who might still be at large.

Two hundred people were injured, 80 of them seriously.

Shootings and explosions were reported in six locations across the city, including the Stade de France in northern Paris, where two suicide attacks and a bombing took place as the national team played Germany in a friendly football match.

The majority of victims died after a mass shooting inside the Bataclan concert venue.

Shootings also took place in restaurants and other sites in the centre of the city.

President François Hollande, who was at the Stade de France at the time of the assaults, said: “We are going to lead a war which will be pitiless. Because when terrorists are capable of committing such atrocities they must be certain that they are facing a determined France, a united France, a France that is together and does not let itself be moved, even if today we express infinite sorrow.”

A state of emergency has been declared across France and security at the country’s borders has been tightened.

Paris residents have been told to stay in their homes and authorities say “all of the city’s amenities”, including schools, universities, museums, libraries, gyms, swimming pools and markets, will close on Saturday.

US president Barack Obama described the atrocities as “an attack on all of humanity”. Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said the attack “appears to have all the hallmarks of a Daesh [Islamic State] exercise”.

Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, has cancelled his official visit to France, due to take place next week, in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Friday condemned “the despicable terrorist attacks carried out in various locations in and around Paris” and demanded “the immediate release of the numerous individuals reportedly being held hostage in the Bataclan theater”;

The Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel, has urged his citizens to avoid going to Paris unless “strictly necessary”. He added that security will be stepped up at public events in Belgium.

Paris Deputy Mayor said it is a “terrible, terrible situation … a tragedy we are facing.”

Syrian president al-Assad also condemned the attack: “What France suffered from savage terror is what the Syrian people have been enduring for over five years.”

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Amid Bataclan Hostage Crisis, Did Paris Police Wait Too Long to Rescue Victims?

The Paris SWAT team waited around two hours before entering the building, despite tweets from hostages suggesting that the terrorists were killing people indiscriminately.

More than 115 people were killed during a hostage crisis before police SWAT teams stormed the Bataclan theater in central Paris at around 1 a.m. Saturday local time, freeing an unknown number of victims and killing three terror suspects, according to a live TV broadcast by CNN.

It was not immediately clear how many hostages died before the rescue operation took place, but it’s likely the length of time the police waited will be the subject of scrutiny in the aftermath of the attacks, according to an expert in hostage situations and counterterrorism. “In this case, the police tactical teams should have just gone in straight away, using the quickest preliminary plan they had,” said former Army Special Forces Col. Steve Bucci, now director of the Center for Foreign and National Security Policy at the Heritage Foundation, a Washington, D.C., think tank. “With their high level of training they could have gone in and used their instincts to resolve this situation quickly.”

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And So the Hate Speech Begins: Let Paris be the End of the Right’s Violent Language Toward Activists

In a still developing situation, the city of Paris, France, is under attack by terrorists armed with guns and explosives. Many dozens of people have been killed. A still undetermined number of people have been wounded. The terrorists took dozens of hostages in a concert hall. French police and military forces have been deployed. There is mayhem and blood in the streets of Paris.

President Obama has correctly described this day’s horrific events as “an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.”

Terrorism is politically motivated violence against a vulnerable population that is designed to intimidate, sow fear, create panic and alter public policy.

Terrorism is serious business that kills people, breaks bodies and alters lives.

It is not a game.

In the United States, the right-wing media and movement conservatives have for decades consistently used eliminationist and other violent rhetoric to describe liberals, progressives and other people with whom they disagree. As was seen in the recent attacks on a Charleston-area black church, and other violence by right-wing anti-government militias, such rhetoric does not float in the ether of the public discourse, harmless and unacknowledged. No, it does in fact lead to action.

In recent months, the right-wing media has used language such as “terrorism” and “violent,” or that the latter is “targeting police for murder” to describe the Black Lives Matter movement. Such bombastic and ugly screeds—which are wholly unfounded, with no basis in empirical reality—have also been used by right-wing opinion leaders to describe the African-American students who are fighting against racism at Yale and the University of Missouri.

There are many examples of this type of incendiary rhetoric from conservatives and their sympathizers.

A few examples…

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French Police Are Chasing ‘Four Heavily Armed People’ In a Citroen That Forced Its Way Through a Motorway Toll Road Heading for Paris

Police are reportedly chasing a car containing four ‘heavily armed men’ who stormed through a motorway toll road as they headed towards Paris.

French police are said to be in pursuit of a Citroën Berlingo after it forced its way through a toll on the A10 in the Ablis area of Yvelines in north-west France at lunchtime today.

The town is approximately 40 miles from the centre of Paris and the incident comes as police remain on high alert following a string of deadly terror attacks across the French capital last night.

Police have also confirmed they are currently hunting a black Seat vehicle, registered abroad, which is ‘wanted in connection with the attacks’.

The vehicle is described by French police has having a number plate of GUT 18053 and five-spoke alloy wheels.

Earlier today it was reported that armed officers and a police helicopter were scrambled to the Bagnolet area of Paris following reports of gunfire and explosions…

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Hunt for the ISIS Killers: Syrian Passport is Found on the Body of a Suicide Bomber at the Stade De France

A Syrian passport was retrieved from one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up outside the Stade de France. Witnesses at the Bataclan heard another speaking perfect French.

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In Paris Aftermath, Salon’s Chief Concern is Conservatives

The left-wing news website Salon ran an article claiming Republicans and conservatives on Twitter are serving a “vanguard of what is likely to be a very ugly backlash” directly after the Paris terrorists attacks.

The article claims that “[d]etails of today’s horrific attacks in Paris are barely starting to emerge, but conservatives have wasted no time in taking to Twitter to blame their usual targets.” The article then cites various tweets from prominent Republicans and conservatives which Salon claims are “calling for more war” and “lash out at Obama, immigrants, and college students.”

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Italy: Mattarella ‘Partially Pardons’ Antonio Monella

Man who murdered car thief may be out on parole

(ANSA) — Rome, November 13 — President Sergio Mattarella on Friday gave a convicted murderer a partial pardon, shaving two years off his sentence. Brescia native Antonio Monella, a construction boss, was sentenced to six years two months and 20 days for shooting dead an Albanian burglar who was driving off in Monella’s SUV in 2006. Monella was convicted of murder in June 2012. The sentence was upheld in February 2014, and he was incarcerated the following September 8.

The presidential pardon means Monella has less than three years remaining on his sentence, which means he may be paroled into the custody of social services.

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Italy: Probed Campania Governor De Luca Says He’s Injured Party

Judge who upheld appeal against office ban under investigation

(ANSA) — Rome, November 11 — Campania Governor Vincenzo De Luca said Wednesday that he was the injured party after it emerged that he is among seven people under investigation in a corruption probe launched by Rome prosecutors.

Anna Scognamiglio, one of the Naples judges who in July upheld De Luca’s appeal against a suspension linked to a previous abuse-of-office conviction, is under investigation for suspected corruption in relation to the probe. So is Nello Mastursi, who this week quit from his position as head of De Luca’s regional secretariat, as well as Scognamiglio’s husband, lawyer Guglielmo Manna, intermediaries Giorgio Poziello and Gianfranco Brancaccio and Giuseppe Vetrano, the former coordinator of the groups that supported De Luca’s election campaign.

De Luca was threatened by some of the suspects under investigation with a ruling against him if he did not approve a requested nomination in Campania’s health system, Rome investigative sources said on Wednesday.

This allegedly led De Luca to promise Manna a health-sector post. “I’m the injured party in this case, me and the institutions that I represent,” the governor told reporters on Wednesday.

He added that he “supports fully the action of the magistrates” and urged them to keep going with the probe. The judiciary’s self governing body, the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM), is set to take action regarding Scognamiglio, ANSA sources said.

“I don’t know De Luca, nor Mastursi, nor Vetrano,” said Scognamiglio via her lawyer Giovanbattista Vignola.

“I never had any form of contact with them, so I did not ask them for any favours for me or my husband and I couldn’t have done so”. Scognamiglio added that she kicked Manna out of the marital home after it was searched in relation to the probe in October, along with the residences of all the other suspects except for De Luca.

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Italy: Saguto Regulation Inserted Into Anti-Mafia Code

Named after Palermo judge suspended over seized mafia assets

(ANSA) — Rome, November 11 — A government amendment to a bill being examined in the Lower House inserts the so-called Saguto regulation into the anti-mafia code. The measure prevents “flat mates and regular dinning partners” of the magistrates who assign the task of administrating seized mafia assets from getting the post, as well as their relatives. It is named after Palermo judge Silvana Saguto, who has been suspended and is under investigation for alleged wrongdoing in connection with seized Mafia assets in collusion with judicial administrative staff and family members. She allegedly assigned posts and stipends to judicial administrators “in exchange for jobs or consultancy posts for close family members”.

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Italy: Tarantini: Beganovic Found Guilty in ‘Escorts’ Trial

Berlusconi may be looking at obstruction of justice charges

(ANSA) — Bari, November 13 — A Bari court on Friday found four people guilty of supplying former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi with dozens of women for sex parties in exchange for public contracts.

The judges in the so-called ‘escorts’ trial sentenced businessman Gianpaolo Tarantini to seven years 10 months in prison and co-defendant Sabina Beganovic to 16 months for racketeering, pandering, procuring, and inducing 26 women into prostitution. The prosecution had sought prison terms of eight years for Tarantini, arguing he procured escorts for Berlusconi because he wanted to run for the European Parliament with Berlusconi’s Forza Italia (FI) party in 2009 elections, and also wanted to do business with the country’s Civil Protection Service and Finmeccanica aerospace company.

Prosecutors sought three years for Beganovic — a German actress who goes by Sabina Began and was the so-called “Queen Bee” of the parties that were organised at Berlusconi’s various residences while he was still premier in 2008 and 2009. Milan public relations executive Peter Faraone got two years six months and businessman Massimiliano Verdoscia was sentenced to three years six months in prison for racketeering.

The prosecution had asked for six years for each.

The court acquitted Tarantini’s brother Claudio, and co-defendants Francesca Lana and Letizia Filippi of racketeering and procuring charges.

The court then sent the ‘escorts’ case file to the prosecutor’s office, which may move against Berlusconi for obstruction of justice.

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Jewish Owners Recently Sold Paris’s Bataclan Theater, Where IS Killed Dozens

The Eagles of Death Metal, the band performing at the theater when the attacks began, played in Tel Aviv’s Barby club in July.

Pascal Laloux, one of the theater’s former owners, said Saturday that the theater was “sold in September after 40 years.”

“We’re devastated because we knew everyone who worked there,” he told Israel’s Channel 2 news.

His brother Joel, the co-owner, told Channel 2 that they sold the theater on September 11, and he recently immigrated to Israel. He said he took a call from the theater at the time of the attack “and I could hear the gunfire.”

He also said a member of the Eagles of Death Metal was “hit by a bullet and killed.” There was no confirmation of this. “There is blood everywhere,” he said. “It will take three days just to clean that up.”

Pascal said Parisians no longer feel safe “after what happened here.”

“The terrorists have no rules,” Pascal said. “We have to take the bull by the horns” in the battle against terror, “and France and the government never do.”…

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July 2015: ISIS Vowed to ‘Bring Slaughter to France, Fill the Streets of Paris With Dead Bodies’

The multi-pronged terror attacks in Paris on Friday night that have reportedly killed over 160 Parisians in as many as seven separate bombings and shootings appear to be the fulfillment of a threat by ISIS issued in July to, ‘bring slaughter to France’ and “fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies’.

The threat to Paris was made in a video that featured a masked French ISIS terrorist making a speech before he executed a Syrian soldier. The video apparently received little attention in the media at the time.

The Daily Mail reported on July 22:

“This is the shocking moment a French ISIS fighter vowed to ‘fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies’ before he shot a Syrian soldier in the back of the head and kicked him off a cliff.

“In a vile ‘message’ directed towards the people of France, the masked militant spoke in perfect French before brutally executing a Syrian army prisoner by shooting him in the head.

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Low-Income Brits Agree to be Injected With Experimental Ebola Vaccine for Barely Enough Money to Pay One Month’s Rent

(NaturalNews) It might seem like a death sentence you wouldn’t accept for any amount of money, but some lower-income British citizens appear to believe the risk is worth the reward.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, a medical research lab is searching for Brits who will voluntarily agree to be injected with the Ebola virus as part of research into finding a cure for the generally fatal disease.

The research firm, Hammersmith Medical Research, began holding clinical trials at the beginning of November to develop an immunization vaccine that scientists hope will prevent future Ebola infections.

There is currently no known or licensed treatment or vaccine for Ebola, which has killed more than 11,000 people so far in West Africa since the globe’s largest outbreak began in a forested region of Guinea in December 2013. The disease managed to spread to the U.S. and elsewhere, but it never became as prevalent or deadly as it has been to West African nations Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The paper noted that the prestigious Oxford University held similar clinical trials involving healthy people who agreed to be injected with a single protein from the Ebola virus in order to trigger an immune response and serum for a potential vaccine…

Meanwhile, British nurse Pauline Cafferkey, “who was apparently cured of Ebola earlier this year is now in a critical condition, doctors have said, with experts expressing astonishment at the deterioration of her condition,” further noted the UK Independent.

[Comment: Perhaps banksters have chosen Ebola as their vector of choice to reduce world’s population to 500 mil. as outlined on the Georgia Guidestones?]

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Number of UK Adults Diagnosed With Diabetes Has Increased by More Than Half in 10 Years

Almost 3.5million British adults have diabetes — a 65 per cent increase on 2005. Another half million are thought to suffer from diabetes but have yet to be diagnosed.

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Paris Attack: We Should Declare a Final Offensive Against Islamic State

Oh France, Oh Russia, Oh Europe! Do not stop the war against Jihad until ISIS is finished from this globe. The rest of the non-Muslim world must join it.

~ Upananda Brahmachari

HENB | New Delhi | Nov 14, 2015:: They have taken the responsibility. Islamic State says Friday Paris killings (on Nov 13) were response to Syria strikes. CNN reports, ‘At least 153 killed in gunfire and blasts’ in a very planned way and they followed the Quranic doctrines to establish an Islamic peace in this world.

No scope they left for us to be misguided enough for realising the dreadful face of this Islam so ugly, so barbaric. This is not just an attack in Paris or on the French People. Obviously, it is an attack on the Humanity and the Civilization. I find no need of headcount. How many Christians, Hindus, Buddhist, Jews, atheists or even may be some Muslims died in this Islamic mayhem is not a factor at all. It is to understand here how much they can act like beasts to kill ignorant and common people in cafe, playground, theatre hall or restaurants, only to achieve the goal of Pan Islam or the ISIS Khilafat as they claim.

The spill of blood is not splashing over the lanes of Paris. Can’t you see how it is flowing through India, Germany, Britain, Japan, Israel, China, East, West, South, North and every corners of the world, where they get a chance to access the Jihad in Islam. If we do want to live in a non-Islamic peace unlike Paris, we have to think otherwise.

In 2008, I was in Pune on that day of 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai. Last night I got the news of 13/11 Paris attack in Delhi. Both the visuals were first available to me through television and internet. I had the same chilling sensations for the both Islamic attacks, the same firing of kalashnikov, same IED blasts, same pairing of two Jihads in populated places, simultaneous attacks in different places and target for maximum casualties. It proves that they have worked out seriously for a sustainable Jihad. But, we are not serious to stop this Jihad at all. If, we would be so serious, how can this Jihadi operation be happened in same Paris within so short spell after Charlie Hebdo attack on January 7, this year. Actually we like very much to forget action against Radical Islam and fly with easy Emotions for Muslims…

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Paris Shooting Leaves 100 Killed at Bataclan Theatre as 3 Jihadists Are Shot Dead

Footage has emerged from back stage, showing what appears to be one of the gunmen just moments before they burst into the hall shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ — God is great in Arabic — and opened fire.

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Paris Gunman Dressed in Black Picked Off Terrified Diners Firing ‘Professional Bursts’

The horror started tonight with Kalashnikov-wielding fanatics attacking Cambodian restaurant Le Petit Cambodge in the Bastille area at around 9pm in an attack that left at least 11 people dead.

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Syrian Passport Found Near Body of One of Paris Suicide Bombers

A Syrian passport was found at the site of the suicide bombing at the Stade de France stadium in Paris.

Two of seven terrorists responsible for Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris have been identified, police said. One of them was found to be a Syrian, another one a French national.

Earlier, a Syrian passport was found on the body of one of the Paris suicide bombers, police said Saturday.

The series of attacks which claimed the lives of at least 127 on Friday became the worst terrorist incident in French history. On Saturday, French President Francois Hollande declared a three-day mourning.

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‘This Time it’s War’: French Press React With Horror to Attacks

“This time it’s war,” declared the Le Parisien daily, as France’s media reacted with horror but determination after Friday’s wave of attacks that left at least 120 dead.

Centre-right daily Le Figaro took up a similar theme, splashing with the headline “War in central Paris” amid scenes of carnage at several locations in the French capital.

Many papers called for unity in the country that is still reeling from jihadist attacks in January that claimed 17 lives…

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Three of Eight Paris Attackers Came to France From Brussels

Belgian authorities held several arrests in Brussels after witnesses said a car with Belgian license plates was seen close to the Bataclan theater in Paris, scene of the Friday night terrorist attacks.

Three of eight terrorists responsible for the Friday night attacks in Paris came to France from Brussels, officials said Saturday.

They are likely to be from St. Jans Molenbeek neighborhood in Brussels, an area with a substantial Muslim community.

Belgium’s justice minister the VRT network that several arrests were made in Brussels after a car with Belgian license plates was seen close to the Bataclan theater in Paris on Friday night, one of the places where victims were killed.

He said it was a rental vehicle and police organized several raids in the St. Jans Molenbeek neighborhood in Brussels on Saturday.

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Train Details in Strasbourg France After Paris Terror Massacre

AT least 10 people have been killed after a high-speed train derailed and burst into flames in France — just hours after the Paris terror attacks.

Photos emerging on Twitter show the aftermath of a train derailing in Strasbourg, France.

Local media in France claims five people have died and seven were injured in the incident.

It comes hours after the Paris terror attacks…

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UK: Parents’ Disgust After Their Children’s Primary School Started Feeding the Youngsters Halal Meat

Parents have spoken of their ‘disgust’ after a primary school announced they are to start serving children Halal-only meat.

Portland Primary Academy in Bilborough, Nottinghamshire, sent out a letter last week informing mums and dads of the changes to school meals.

This included a switch to all chicken now being halal — a method which slaughters animals in line with Islamic law — from Monday.

But angry parents have criticised the move and claim they should have a say in whether their children eat halal food or not.

Others say it has put kids off eating meat altogether after being told about the method of slaughter, which involves the animal’s throat being sliced by a Muslim and blood drained from the carcass…

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U.S. Officials: Leader of Islamic State in Libya Believed Killed in U.S. Airstrike

By Missy Ryan November 14 at 11:58 AM A U.S. air strike is believed to have killed the leader of the Islamic State affiliate in Libya, Pentagon officials said on Saturday, in an attack that did not appear to be related to the terror attacks claimed by the group in Paris.

Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook, in a statement, said the strike took place on Friday and targeted Wisam al Zubaidi, also known as Abu Nabil al-Anbari, who commands what is the Islamic State’s strongest branch ouside of Iraq and Syria, according to U.S. intelligence officials. The former Iraqi police officer was dispatched to Libya in 2014 by Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to build up the group’s affiliate there.

Prior to going to Libya, Zubaidi was a senior Islamic State operative in Iraq.

A defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss details of the operation, said the strike involved American F-15 aircraft and was believed to have killed Zubaidi. He said the attack had been planned for some time…

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Netanyahu: I Call on the World — This is the Time to Come Together Against Radical Islamic Terror

Thousands are gathering at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square in solidarity with France following terror attacks in Paris in which 128 were killed. The Tel Aviv Municipality lit its building with the French flag at the exit of the Sabbath Saturday evening.

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at a press conference Saturday evening where he stated, “I extend our deepest sympathies to those in France and the families of those who were wounded and killed in this tragedy” reiterating that, “Israel stands shoulder to shoulder with France in the battle against radical Islam.

I call on the world- this is the time to come together against radical Islamic terror. Terrorism is the deliberate and systematic targeting of civilians, and it can never be justified. Islam wants to destroy our values of Western democracy… An attack on any one of us is an attack on all of us, and must be condemned with unwavering determination.”

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Russia to Tighten Personal Checks, Luggage Control on Transport

Russian authorities will tighten personal checks and enhance luggage screening on transport, according to Russian Transport Ministry.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russia will enhance personal checks and luggage screening on transport, the country’s Transport Ministry said Saturday.

“Above all, we will tighten personal checks and enhance luggage screening on transport,” a ministry spokesperson told RIA Novosti.

Transport security agencies will be monitoring passengers, vehicles, cargoes and luggage using screening equipment. The Transport Ministry also said it would step up patrols at transport hubs.

Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said earlier today that Russia had boosted security checks on transport following deadly terror attacks in Paris.

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South Africa: Man Tells of Beheading Woman for Cash

Durban — As many celebrated Diwali on Wednesday, the Festival of Lights, which spiritually signifies the victory of good over evil, Desiree Murugan’s family instead sat in the Durban High Court and heard how she was lured to her gruesome death.

State witness, Falakhe Khumalo, serving a life sentence for his role in Murugan’s murder in August 2014, testified that another woman was initially chosen to be beheaded for a R2 million payout.

He said the money was apparently promised by one of the five accused, Sibonakaliso Mbili, a traditional healer, if he brought Mbili the head of an Indian, coloured or white female.

Mbili, 32, and three minors, including a 16-year-old girl, had pleaded not guilty to conspiring to kill and killing Murugan. Mbili’s assistant, Vusumuzi Gumede, 30, pleaded not guilty to the charge of accessory after the fact to the crime of murder.

Murugan had been lured to a sports ground in Shallcross where she was stabbed 192 times and beheaded. Her body was found by municipal staff and her head was found a few days later in the Imfume area on the South Coast.

Khumalo told Judge Thoba Poyo-Dlwati that Mbili had given seven portions of muti for the seven people involved in getting him the woman’s head. Mbili apparently told him the muti would make them brave and prevent them from being caught by the police…

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UN Fight for Internet Control Lined up in Brazil

The end of this year will see yet one more effort by some governments to grab greater control of the internet when the United Nations General Assembly meets in New York.

As an appetizer to that main event, the annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) took place this week in Brazil and at the center of the debate was how decisions over the internet’s future evolution should be made.

Will it be “multistakeholder” which means that everyone including governments, business, the technical community and civil society has an equal say? Or will it be “multilateral,” which means that governments will be in the driving seat, with the other groups invited to advise in ways that governments devise?

That has been the underlining theme of the conference leading to seemingly endless references to both “multistakeholder” and “multilateral” systems. Given the diverse crowd, the word “multistakeholder” won in terms of repetition and publicly stated defense.

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Denmark Tightens Asylum Rules Further to Deter Migrants

Denmark on Friday unveiled tough new measures to deter refugees from coming to the country, including police searches of asylum seekers’ luggage for valuables and cash.

A three-year wait for some family reunification claims and a plan to house migrants in tents has also been added to the plan.

“We are tightening access to Denmark so that fewer people come here,” Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said at a press conference.

However he said Denmark would not introduce border controls like neighbouring Sweden did on Thursday…

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Don’t Link Paris Attacks to Migrant Influx: German Interior Minister

Germany’s interior minister on Saturday made a plea against linking the terror attacks in Paris to the record influx of asylum seekers into Europe.

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Immigrant Invasion: Der Untergang Des Abendlandes

by Srdja Trifkovic

Over 8,000 migrants entered Serbia on November 11 on their way from the Middle East to Western Europe. The item went unreported by the major media because it was not newsworthy. Daily totals may vary, not much, as the Great Invasion of 2015 continues unabated.

Millions are on the move, with unknown further multitudes tempted to follow suit. They will do so because Europe, rich and decadent, irresistibly tempts them. In all creation disease and frailty invite predators, as witnessed in the scene of Madame Hortense’s death in Zorba the Greek. Both the loss of the will to define and defend one’s native land and culture, and the loss of the desire to procreate, send an alluring signal to the teeming kazbahs and sukhs: Come, ye all, there’s money for nothin’ and chicks for free. Come, for no Western nation has the guts to shed blood—alien or its own—to keep you out in the name of its own survival. According to the leading German daily Die Welt (October 14), “Merkel’s call of welcome echoes even in West-Africa. The German welcome-culture appeals in Mali even to those who did not want to leave until now. TV pictures of nice people with welcome presents lure migrants. German visas can be bought.”

Spengler famously heralded The Decline of the West ninety years ago, but the English title of his magnum opus did not convey the dark, tragic implications of the word Untergang, “going under.” Spengler himself did not anticipate a cataclysmic event but rather an extended decline, a twilight. (Abendland, the West, literally means the “evening land.”) It now appears that the protracted fall is over, and the stage is set for a series of quick, brutal catastrophes…

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Italy Has Taken Almost 140,000 Asylum Seeker in This Year

Down from 170,000 in 2014

(ANSA) — Palermo, November 13 — Italy has taken in 139,770 migrants so far this year, the Fiori di Acciaio (Steel Magnolias) Association said Friday.

This is 9% less than the same period in 2014 when the total reached 170,100, the organization said during its first national convention titled Immigration and Emigration.

As well, 101,297 Italians emigrated in 2014, up from 94,126 in 2013. The brunt of migrant arrivals is sustained by the Sicilian island of Lampedusa, which lies close to Africa and is the first landfall for asylum seekers sailing to Europe from Libya.

So far 145 boats have landed there so far, bringing a total of 18,129 migrants to the approximately 20-square-kilometer land mass.

Second in line for number of arrivals is the port of Augusta on Sicily’s eastern coast, which has seen 113 landings totaling 18,177 migrants as of September 28.

Sicily also tops the list of regions hosting the most migrants in its reception centres and other structures, followed by Lombardy and Lazio.

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Migrant Crisis Threatens EU’s Prized Schengen System

Several EU countries have reintroduced border checks as Europe struggles under the strain of its worst migrant crisis since World War II, threatening to undermine the bloc’s cherished passport-free Schengen zone.

EU President Donald Tusk warned on Thursday Europe faces a “race against time” to save the 20-year-old system, which is seen as one of the union’s most concrete achievements.

Under the Schengen agreement people can travel without showing their passports at the zone’s internal borders, barring exceptional circumstances…

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Netherlands: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Refugees Will Only Fuel Hysteria

A cost benefit analysis of the refugee crisis will inevitably focus on the costs and fuel the hysteria of Wilders’ hordes. It would be better — and cheaper in the long run — to concentrate efforts on establishing a long-term policy, writes economist Marcel Canoy.

According to CPB director Laura van Geest, it doesn’t do to calculate the costs of refugees. According to Volkskrant columnist Frans Kalshoven — with in his wake a couple of applauding professors — this is exactly what should happen.

Kalshoven’s argument is simple and logical. There are a number of objectifiable effects (accommodation costs, for example). Why not map these so you can separate them from the unobjectifiable, ethical and sometimes emotional issues (for example, the extent to which our society is willing to be fair or empathic).

I’m with Kalshoven on many things. It’s fine to make a cost benefit analysis of matters natural and cultural before asking the ethical question of what we are prepared to spend on a symphony orchestra or a nature reserve. But it won’t wash with refugees.

The costs of decent facilities (bed, bath and bread) are easily calculated. The benefits are speculative (what will happen to the labour market?) or impossible to express in figures (the impact on stability, solidarity or sense of security). Those benefits can’t be written off under the heading of ‘ethical arguments’. These are real benefits which can easily translate into solid euros, even if we have no idea how many.


You could argue that good researchers would give prominence to these unquantifiable benefits as well. Laura van Geest probably realises that the government’s macro-economic think tank CPB doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to doing justice to benefits that are difficult to quantify. Health care is a good example, and so is the CPB report into the cost and benefits of migration (2003) in which unquantifiable benefits were reduced to insignificant footnotes.

Even if the CPB were to rise above itself and make an honest attempt at interpreting these benefits, they would undoubtedly fall victim to the usual fate in the public discourse: uncertain benefits will always be equated with non-existent ones.

The refugee crisis needs a thorough and calm political decision making process. A sustained European asylum policy will lead to stability in the region and a firmer sense of security. A mature handling of the migration issue will lead to selection and positive effects on the labour market, and greater public acceptance.

Kalshoven’s well-meaning but naive attempt to rid the debate of emotion will achieve exactly the opposite. A cost benefit analysis of refugees will inevitably put the spotlight on costs and that will give Wilders’ already hysterical hordes more ammunition. It would be much better to do our utmost to increase the long-term benefits. That would be better for migrants and asylum seekers, better for Europe and better even for disgruntled citizens.

Marcel Canoy is an economist, academic and lecturer at the Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance

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Nobel Laureate De Klerk Warns Europe on ‘Uncontrolled’ Immigration

Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former South African leader F. W. de Klerk warned Friday that “uncontrolled” immigration could harm European states, pointing to a wave of xenophobic attacks that hit his country this year.

Speaking in Barcelona at an annual gathering of Nobel laureates, the man credited for ending apartheid in South Africa together with Nelson Mandela said allowing too many jobless people to come at once could pose a risk.

“There is a risk… of unemployment becoming a problem, of newcomers prepared to work outside the labour regulations of the country,” the 79-year-old told reporters.

“When I say this, I’m talking about experience in South Africa. About 10 percent of our population are illegal immigrants. They’re prepared to work outside the labour laws, below the minimum wage, and some employers make use of this…

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Over Half of Germans Disapprove of Merkel’s Handling of Migrant Crisis

More than half of all Germans are unsatisfied with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s handling of the migration crisis, the television channel ZDF revealed on Friday.

BERLIN (Sputnik) — A majority of German respondents (52 percent) labeled the chancellor’s effort to resolve Europe’s and Germany’s current migration crisis as “more bad than good,” the broadcaster’s ZDF-Politbarometer weekly telephone survey results published on its website showed.

Less than a half (43 percent) of the 1,262 people surveyed between November 10 and 12 believe Merkel’s work had been more good than bad. Only 19 percent of those polled answered in the affirmative to a question on whether the migrant crisis should cost Merkel her post.

Interior minister Thomas de Maiziere was rated higher, with 45 percent of respondents approving of the way he handled migrant crisis, while 34 percent disapproved. The minister has been calling for the migrant influx to be reduced by tightening the country’s current migration rules, showing a rift between Merkel and her government, Der Spiegel reported Monday.

A 79 percent-strong majority of respondents agreed with the principle of refugee applications being reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with 63 percent in favor of family reunions for refugees.

Over 800,000 migrants have arrived to Europe by sea so far in 2015, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Speaking at the Balkan refugee summit on October 25, Merkel stated that Germany expects up to a million refugees in 2015.

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Paris Attacks: European Leaders Link Terror Threats to Immigration

German chancellor Angela Merkel likely to come under fire for policy of openness towards refugees after Syrian passport found at scene of attack

A Syrian passport found near the body of one of those responsible for the terror attacks in Paris belonged to someone allegedly posing as one of the hundreds of thousands of refugees entering Greece from Turkey in recent months, the police ministry in Athens said.

The news came after searches and arrests were made in the main Muslim quarter of Brussels late on Saturday, and there was also the suggestion from Bavarian authorities that a Montenegrin arrested nine days ago with a car laden with weaponry may also have been involved.

The widening web of suspected links across Europe looked certain to close down the hatches on its borders as the epic struggle to cope with the worst ever immigration crisis since the second world war wages on.

Poland promptly said the Paris attacks meant it could have no part in the EU’s new compulsory quotas system for sharing refugees. If confirmed, the Greek government statement that one of the terrorists reached Paris by entering the EU as an alleged Syrian refugee will play mayhem with Germany’s open-door policies on immigration…

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Police Probe 34 in Fake Marriage for Migrants Scam

Italian arrested while Moroccan woman flees Italy

(ANSA) — Salerno, November 13 — An Italian man was arrested, a Moroccan woman accomplice fled Italy and 34 other people are under investigation for involvement in at least 19 “simulated marriages” to allow migrants to enter Italy, police said Friday.

The arrested man was identified as Giovanni Spiniello, aged 48, from Nocera Inferiore in Salerno province. The 34 others were Italians and foreigners resident in nearby Cava de’ Tirreni.

Illegal immigrants were willing to pay up to 10,000 euros to the organisation which provided the documents necessary for the wedding and Italian partners of both sexes in financial difficulties willing to marry foreigners in return for a few thousand euros.

The organisers went so far as to organise wedding banquets to throw investigators off the scent, police sources said.

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Pope Calls for ‘Sensitivity, Justice’ on Migrants

In speech to visiting Slovakian bishops

(ANSA) — Vatican City, November 12 — Pope Francis said Thursday the ongoing asylum seeker crisis must be dealt with in a spirit of justice and sensitivity.

“We must exercise sensitivity and a sense of justice in tackling migration, an opportunity that has become a sign of the times,” he said in a speech to visiting Slovakian bishops.

The clergymen are at the Vatican for an ad limina visit, which means bishops’ obligation of visiting the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul and of meeting with the pope to report on the state of their dioceses every five years.

“In view of an ever more extensively multicultural environment, we must take on attitudes of respect in order to foster mutual contact,” Francis said.

Slovakia is one of four countries — along with the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania — staunchly opposing an EU plan to share out incoming asylum seekers among member states.

Under the plan to relocate 160,000 asylum seekers who are now in Greece and Italy, Slovakia would reportedly have to take in 802 people.

Also on Thursday, the pontiff received 5,000 followers of Father Luigi Guanella (1842-1915), who was beatified in 1964 by Pope Paul VI and canonized a saint on October 23, 2011, by Pope Benedict XVI.

The northern Italian priest founded several institutes and religious communities catering to the needs of the poor.

“Misery can’t wait,” the pope told Guanella’s followers. He urged them to trust that God is a father not a master, and to avoid focusing only on immediate concerns or conversely, to help those distant while overlooking those nearby.

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Storm on the Horizon: Does Soros Want to Inflame Revolution in Europe?

It looks like notorious billionaire George Soros wants to inflame an all-out revolution in Europe, Polish political analyst Adriel Kasonta notes.

George Soros, a Hungarian-born American business magnate, apparently despises the idea of national sovereignty, considering it an obstacle to his new “open borders” agenda.

“A few weeks ago, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused the billionaire financier of funding activists trying to encourage the continued flow of refugees heading to the continent from the Middle East and beyond,” Adriel Kasonta, an editorial board member at the Central European Journal of International and Security Studies, writes in his article for the American Conservative.

Kasonta notes that Orban has nailed it, since the statement voiced by the Hungarian Prime Minister in fact expressed the emotions of many Europeans regarding the continent’s place in the world and the future of national sovereignty.

According to the Polish analyst, a recent report of the International Organization for Migration has indicated that around 760,979 asylum seekers have poured into Europe this year. Furthermore, about 218,394 migrants reached European shores in October, according to the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR).

It this does sound alarming since the total number of migrants and refugees that arrived in Europe in 2014 amounted to just 219,000.

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Sweden is Seen as Europe’s Most Liberal Nation, But Violent Crime is Soaring

In 15 years’ time, demographers say, indigenous Swedes will be in a minority because the men who arrive are allowed to send home for wives and children, who in turn will have their own children.

The Swedish economist Tino Sanandaji, who himself has an Iranian-Kurdish background, recently described what’s happening in Sweden as ‘quite disastrous’. He said: ‘This is an irreversible social experiment that no wealthy state has ever attempted. There are almost no ideas or visions over how this can be solved.

‘You can’t combine open borders with a welfare state. If you offer generous benefits, and anyone can come and use these benefits, a very large number of people will try to do that. It’s just mathematically impossible for a small country like Sweden to fund that.’


As for paying for all the newcomers, Sweden has dipped into part of its overseas aid budget but has also gone cap in hand to the EU, begging for emergency funding to cope with the ever-growing influx. In what many view as an act of rank hypocrisy, this week the government even asked other EU countries with tougher border controls to take migrants off their hands.

Neighbouring Denmark refused. As its Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg bluntly explained: ‘The Swedes put themselves in this situation. They have pursued a very lenient immigration policy for years and they are to blame for the swamp they are in.’

It was back in 1975 that the Swedish parliament decided that the country should become multicultural. The population then stood at eight million — virtually all ethnic Swedes — but its people had a proud history of offering help to outsiders.

A new ultra-liberal immigration policy was pursued enthusiastically by the ruling Left-wing Social Democrats for the next four decades. Sweden seized the moral high- ground in Europe by offering shelter to anyone in the world. Those who criticised the radical plan were shouted down as racist, as Sweden became the EU’s citadel of political correctness.

[Comment: Sweden is banksters test case to see what are the limits before revolution takes place. To see if their hold of the country can be held despite uprisings from natives.]

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Abortionist Admits Brutality of Abortion

Behind closed doors, abortion advocates are admitting the truth: Abortion is the violent killing of a human life.

A undercover video recorded by the Center for Medical Progress and leaked by the website captures a Planned Parenthood official admitting that pro-lifers are right about abortion. The video shows panelists discussing abortion at a National Abortion Federation conference in April of 2014.

Lisa Harris, an employee of Planned Parenthood of Mid and Southwest Michigan, tells the audience, “The fetus matters, clinically, to us.”

Harris continues:

“Not to mention that women know what’s in there. You know, about two thirds, over 60 percent of women are already mothers and the remainder don’t want to be mothers. They’re not stupid. They know what’s in there.”

“I actually think it should be less about denying the reality of those images and more about acknowledging, that, ‘Yeah that’s kind of true,’ so given that we actually see the fetus the same way, and given that we might actually both agree that there’s violence in here. Let’s just give them [pro-lifers] all, ‘It’s violence. It’s a person. It’s killing.’“

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Political Correctness is Killing Higher Education

[Author’s warning: this article contains ideas that might make some readers feel uncomfortable, upset, or deeply offended. Once, long ago, when no such warnings were felt necessary, this was known as free speech protected by the First Amendment. Today we might think of it as the expression of a real diversity of ideas.]

At the start of this week as I write this, we saw the spectacle of a potential boycott of a football game by players lead to the stepping down of a university president, along with a chancellor’s promise to resign at the end of the year. They were supporting a student on a hunger strike, demanding that the president of the University of Missouri, Tim Wolfe, resign in the face of his administration’s not having responded sufficiently to allegations of racism on campus: the sort of thing familiar to anyone involved with or who has followed higher education for the past three decades.

That university is in near-chaos! Videos widely distributed online (a good selection here assuming they remain available) show students interfering with a journalist on assignment trying to do his job. At one point he patiently tries to explain to them how the First Amendment protects their right to be there on a public sidewalk just as much as it does his. The response: noncomprehending retorts and shouts. Near the end of one of the videos, a female is yelling at the top of her lungs (one hopes), “Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here!” The video ends, so I am assuming he sensed actual physical danger and stopped filming. I might have, too.

Are you reading this sitting down? The woman turned out to be a faculty member, named Melissa Click! Not only that, she was in media communications!

That’s right, we’re talking about one of those people able to leapfrog over men who are actually qualified for academic positions. She was doubtless a beneficiary of “Mizzou’s” (My zoo’s?) “diversity” (i.e., affirmative action) program.

Her colleagues, sensing the potential for embarrassment, called her onto the carpet. She stepped down — from something. She had a “courtesy post” in the department. I’ve been wondering all week, what is a “courtesy post”? I taught at various colleges and universities for over 15 years, and I never heard of such a job. Maybe it is something created since I left, for the really unqualified affirmative action charity cases. She’s still in the department. So I am unsure her “stepping down” from her “courtesy post” means anything. What she was doing is unclear. I sincerely hope she wasn’t teaching!

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UK: Details of a Woman Forced to Hand Over Her Baby to a Gay Couple Revealed

At the centre of this drama is the heartbroken 44-year-old woman sitting opposite me whose baby was taken away from her in April this year on the order of Britain’s secretive family courts — and given to the gay couple.

Until now, the woman has been subject to a Draconian gagging order imposed during the case by Justice Alison Russell, 57, a fervent — some would say obsessive — feminist and, significantly, the first judge to insist on being addressed as ‘Ms’ rather than ‘Mrs’.

But last month, in a victory for freedom of expression after a Daily Mail campaign, the order was partially lifted. As a result, this deeply grieving mother is finally able to give her version of what happened — although, in order to protect her child, she cannot be identified.

Apart from the moral issues involved in a secret family court taking a child from its mother, and then stopping her from talking about the judgment, this case also raises worrying questions about the way in which judges are imposing their own values on courts and all too often spurning centuries-old wisdom about family life.

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4 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/14/2015

  1. “More than half of Germans disagree with Merkel’s handling of the ‘refugee’ crisis”.

    How could and sane person agree with what she is doing? By now I would have expected at least 90% of Germans to be screaming for her removal!
    According to that poll then, 48% of Germans must like what is happening in their country? Are they all drunk or drugged?

  2. “According to a recent poll, more than half of Germans disapprove of Angela Merkel’s handling of the “refugee” crisis. 52% of those polled said the chancellor’s policies have been “more bad than good”.

    From when is this poll? Surely before 13th nov. I cannot imagine that was made afterwards.

  3. IMHO one should be wary of the accuracy of many of these ‘polls’, many have been found to be skewed, for obvious reasons.

    • Doesn’t matter if the poll is accurate or not. Even if 90% disapprove unless they actually do something they’re of no more consequence than the majority of those so called “moderate” muslims.

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