The German Government’s Strategy After Paris: Target the Right

In yesterday’s post about Björn Höcke’s speech, I quoted from a German contact who referred to a recent article from Politically Incorrect. Rembrandt Clancy has kindly translated the piece for Gates of Vienna.

After Islamic Terror in Paris: Federal Government to Intensify the “Fight against the Right”

Federal Minister Thomas de Maizière, after a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel and other responsible ministers, spoke on the consequences of the terrorist attack on Paris:

Germany, too, is still strongly in the crosshairs of international terrorism … the Islamic threats to public safety will be monitored, but we will also monitor the right-wing extremists who might react to it. [The author, Alster, links to the German news portal,, for his source (14 November 2015)]

Since 9/11, Berlin has been reacting in precisely the same way to every Islamic attack; thus policy makers have shifted in lockstep with the media ever further to the Left, and the sovereign people have perforce shifted to the Right. Now, everything which can not be assigned an established place on the Left is firmly located to the Right.

(by Alster)

Original German Source: Politically Incorrect
Translated by Rembrandt Clancy

15 November 2015

After every terrorist attack, Europe’s responsible citizens have hoped in vain for proportionate reactions, for a game changer, on the part of the responsible authorities toward anti-Western Islam. And this time? Far from it! This time, in addition to the “refugee crisis” forced by Merkel, there accrues mostly Muslim youths in excess of about 80 percent; and along with them, the fear of the established politicians, together with the ideologically conformist media [gleichgeschalteter Medien], of a strengthening of the “right-wing populists”. Thus the Interior Minister, Thomas de Maizière, expressly requests that no connection be made between Islamic terrorism and the mainly Islamic demanders for asylum: “Please, please, do not build an arch which links to the refugee debate.” What a pity, Mr Minister! The “arch” has long since been there, for two terrorist suspects arrived via Greece as refugees as AFP confirmed.[1]

Presently running like a golden thread through the collective mainstream press and the prattle of TV talk shows, not only does Islam have nothing to do with Islamic terror, (Mazyek[2] with Saudi Arabia once more at the forefront), now we must abandon all talk of the information provided by the intelligence service [Verfassungsschutz], that among the “refugees”, there are persons with an Islamic combat mission. Verboten!

What was that, that de Maizière said?

“…the Islamic threats to public safety will be monitored, but we will also monitor the right-wing extremists who might react to it.” [Here author provides a link to Zeit Online to document the information immediately below.]

And that is what is happening: the federal government is establishing 250 additional positions in the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, 150 of which are for combatting right-wing extremism. Bild am Sonntag quoted an unnamed member of the Great Coalition: “It is absolutely necessary, that in the face of the danger of terrorism from Islamists and right-wing radicals, that we strengthen our secret service personnel”

The Islamic terrorism in Paris be design attacked essential constituents of our Western civilisation, which for many years have been in process of gradual and almost unnoticed removal from our daily lives; for example, music, sports, haram-restaurants and bars. It is intended that our Western way of life be gradually replaced by the “Islamic way of life”, which is what Islamic organisations call sharia in their written statements on principles. Politicians and media are unwilling or unable to treat this as a central theme and prefer to forbid criticism of it completely.

In the meantime, everywhere, “refugees” are showing their gratitude for being generously accepted into Europe. Here, in the cafeteria of an asylum accommodation in Sweden, they “ask” for better food. No one would take care of them, they think; and they shout, “thief, thief” (at 0:50 min). The video is an attempt to solicit sympathy and bring on still more of the welcoming culture.

Video link


1. AFP (L’Agence France-Presse): The original German article provides a link at this point to Junge Freiheit which in turn links to a report on the Yahoo! News portal which contains a reference to two suspects in the Paris attacks, one of them confirmed by the Greek Minister of Citizen Public Protection as the bearer of a Syrian passport registered on the Greek island of Leros in October. Junge Freiheit quotes the AFP report as follows:

The bearer of the passport, which was found at the crime scene (in Paris) on 3 October 2015 was registered on the island of Leros (as a refugee) pursuant to EU regulations, announced the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection on Sunday evening. The man was registered with a group of about 60 people.

2. Aiman Mazyek, is the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (Zentralrats der Muslime in Deutschland). Mazyek enjoys a great deal of prestige in German mainstream political circles and is known as a “Taqiyya-Meister” (Politically Incorrect).

29 thoughts on “The German Government’s Strategy After Paris: Target the Right

  1. This will end on the streets…….”Frau Merkel” is a Communist sleeper plain and simple…
    OK if that’s the way they want it. They shall have it.

    I for one will never accept Communism or Islamic “rule”. Such a state of affairs is illegal so they sowed the wind and will in time reap the whirlwind. These Reds, nor their Islamist clients never seem to learn that people will not stand for it and their daft obsessions about control of the world. Didn’t work last time, nor the time before that.

    What is it with these toads?

  2. Merkel is a ghastly tyrant ,ruthlessly grinding the German people under the heel of her jackboot.

  3. Well, the dumb (insulting reference to her background, carnal proclivities, and past) can try…

  4. All western govts. Including the US seem to be gearing up for operation final solution. The object being to annihilate their indigenous poulations. No matter how many of us the darling muslims slaughter we must face forward and march inlock step towards our dissolution without uttering a word or more of us will be destroyed by our governments. They want us wiped off the face of the earth and replaced with the death cult zombies. The question is WHY? Is it possible they think they will just build a bunch of mosques let the imams control them and live like Saudi Sheiks?

    • Logic would suggest that this is the direction we are heading in. But for any ruling elite to wish such a state of affairs upon humanity really would suggest simple mindedness to an extreme. King of the dung hill?

      The more likely reason is just plain old stupidity. They do not understand or dare to face the truth of the civilizational and species threat that backwards Islam represents. The koran cannot be altered or deviated from as it is the word of god. Abrogation means the intolerant verses have priority over any less intolerant verses. Taqiyya hoodwinks Islam’s real intentions and does not play by the rules our political leaders are capable of comprehending.

    • You hit the nail square on the head, Josh! Thank you.

      When all is said and the murdering and genocide done by the Musl[im]s, where in the name of Heaven will our “betters” the global elites who are quarterbacking this carnage live in peace?

      History showed how that worked out in Germany during the 1930s-1945 when “betters” in banking and industry thought they could finance and then control a homicidal maniac, Adolph Hitler.

      Europe is post-post Christian. TOAST.

      However, the globalist “betters” and Musl[im]s are in for a very warm and surprising reception in 2nd Amendment countries.

      • At the end of WW2 many Nazis did indeed escape, mainly to Chile and Argentina, where they did indeed live out their lives in peace, and have kept their noses very clean since.

        What’s this I heard of ‘Loony Angie’ buying real estate in Paraguay? Wonder why…

  5. Never let a crisis go to waste.

    Just today, EU is calling for a Centralized EU Intelligence unit.
    And also just today, the EU is calling for stricter Gun Control.

    They know the political winds are shifting Right, and against the EU, and they are reacting as one would expect.

  6. Given how far to the Left the American and most Western European governments are that leaves an awful lot of people on the Right; groups who might not ordinarily work with or even acknowledge others who are all now marginalized by the Far Left.

  7. Demand Merkel resign immediately. Strike and shut down this traitorous government before there is no Germany left to defend. Strike now!

  8. I fully expect to see more assassination attempts in Germany. The fascist government tactics against the population are being and will continue to be reciprocated. The “refugees” might start to wonder if their free stuff is worth it and may become refugees from being refugees.

  9. Why is it that anyone expressing reservations about islam and its practitioners is automatically smeared as a far right extremist?

    • I’m also curious why the “media” allows this to happen. Have the Germans forgotten the meaning of the Josef Wirmer flag resistance flag? The PEGIDA banner and could never be mistaken for a “far right” flag.

    • It’s really just a reverse play upon words to defend themselves. Being intolerant of intolerant Islam is having a “far right” mindset? Islam is less tolerant than Nazism. Geert Wilders for example is labelled far right for being critical of the intolerance of Islam? Garbage. But he is accepting of / with every other minority, sexual, political or religious group? That’s not an intolerant person.

      Germany is so desperate to flagellate itself for its own perceived historical failings that they are actually welcoming into their nation a group who are even less tolerant than the Nazi’s ever could be. The irony. Germany should be first in the queue to denounce Islam as they have had painful, recent experience of where intolerance leads – real intolerance, not just the false Taqiyya, name calling kind, created as a red herring. “”Far right” my [body part]”.

    • Yeah, that…ah…”chaps my hide” 😉 as well. Here I am, a supporter of legalizing non-prescribed medicinals, allowing consenting adults to have consensual relationships with one another, wanting SERVICES for my TAXES dammit, getting solar panels on the house, doing recycling since before the Flood it seems like, etc. liberal or non-partisan positions.

      AND I think that it’s a Very Bad Idea for the U.S. to encourage more Muslim immigration beyond what we have. I think it’s Very Good that we’ve given refuge to Afghanistan translators, Iraqi translators, their families, and others who helped our military abroad. Traditionally, this is called Justice.

      But to let in a small army of military-age men, most of them traveling solo???

      The epitome of stupid. And that viewpoint, notwithstanding all my other political beliefs, makes me by definition some “right-wing racist.”

      I don’t get it, either.

  10. The STASI (Staatssicherheit/State Security/East German SS) had the most extensive network of suppressive control and agents/informers in postwar European history (of whom Merkel may have been one). Yet when the time came it was swept away by the people in a mere matter of weeks if not days. That’s what happens when you piss the people off enough. The German people are getting pretty pissed off again. The current organs of suppression will fare no better than the previous ones did, under their Commissar leadership, which at least was not actually trying to exterminate the German nation and people forever and replace it with Islam as is this one. Grim days ahead.

  11. The general public must now surely recognise the true price of apathy Were this mass influx of migrants to continue. Merkel, Obama, Hollande and Cameroon should be laughing stocks and yet they are allowed to Persist with their insane policies virtually uncontested. Why? In the real World they wouldn’t last five minutes. They haven’t a clue how the majority of their citizens live their lives and have ignored their first duty which is to PROTECT them. In this day of the internet and mobile phones they see the supposed good life and the whole of Africa and the Middle East will just keep coming until Europe and eventually the US will become a third world hell hole in the next few decades.

  12. “In this day of the internet and mobile phones they see the supposed good life and the whole of Africa and the Middle East will just keep coming until Europe and eventually the US will become a third world hell hole in the next few decades.”

    Maybe so, however White South African blogger “Mike Smith” @ has stated that one day the Western nations that forced South Africa to accept ANC rule will “beg us to show you how to introduce Apartheid.” I have a feeling that day is not far off.

    • What a horrible place SA must be. It is astonishing that any Boers remain in that hell hole. Why on earth would they want to risk their lives?

      • Going exactly the same way as Zimbabwe, as most of us predicted. (well, it was an easy call)

        BTW, imagine if you can, that while the Crusades were going on, Europeans were welcoming muslims into Europe; insane, right?

        Yet that’s what we’re seeing today…

  13. I have an alternate explanation of the madness of the Western elite concerning Islam.

    The theory of Cognitive Dissonance was developed by Leon Festinger, and illustrated in his book, “When Prophecy Fails”, which is directly relevant to the events today.

    The book is a study of the behavior of members of a doomsday cult that had the bad taste to set a definite, and therefore verifiable, date for the doom of earth (think of the prediction that Muslim refugees will integrate peacefully into society for a parallel).

    The interesting part of the study concerned whether the members held onto their beliefs once the prediction had been definitely disproved by being wrong, once the doomsday date had come and gone.

    The members who were out of contact with the other cult members decided that the entire cult was phony, and gave up their beliefs. When they were alone, they approached the evidence rationally.

    The members who were interacting with other cult members, all of whom had a vested interest in not being shown to have been idiots and not being willing to make a stand for themselves, developed rationales for why the prediction was wrong. They continued their belief system against all reason to maintain their group link with the other members.

    Similarly, the governing elite, in tandem with the press, the influential plutocrats, and the absolutely compromised academics, simply hunkers down and develops ever more fanciful rationales for the increasingly obvious malevolent behavior of Muslims. These politically-connected cultists only speak to each other, so there is no need for them to actually apply any reasoning to defend their view.

    A huge problem is that almost all Western governments have increasingly centralized their powers. In the US, the President is almost able to rule as a military dictator, ignoring laws as it pleases him. Unfortunately, the mainstream Republicans are part of the cult, rather than being outside of the circle of bizarre thinking. Therefore, the cultist rulers, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, and the others, are able to maintain their position in spite of the reality which is obvious to almost everyone outside.

    • Maybe the explanation is simpler: plain arrogance: “Of course we can handle all these migrants; why would you doubt us? Of course we can devise an effective vetting process; why do you question our competence!”

      For many American politicians, the boast is: “Europe has problems because they’ not good at integrating their Muslim populations, but we know how to do it right!”

      Then there’s moral arrogance: “We’re more compassionate than you!”

      For Obama, there’s also malice toward the white-European-Christian majority. Diluting it with Muslims, his favorite “victim” group, is worth the risk of a terrorist attack now and then.

    • I believe that this is essentially correct but what it comes down to is that for the majority of people social considerations will always take precedence over verifiable truth or falsehood. There really doesn’t need to specifically be a prophecy involved. People will believe and repeat known lies even after they’re exposed to maintain their membership in a group. Just look at the “black lives matter” nuts for a perfect example. No change at all regardless of what facts or evidence are presented about specific cases such as Mike Brown.

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