Honk if You Love Jihad!

After every terrorist attack committed by mass murderers who have nothing to do with Islam, ordinary Muslims all over the world (who presumably also have nothing to do with Islam) take to the streets to celebrate. Some hand out candy to passers-by, others fire automatic weapons into the air, and still others drive their cars madly around in circles while gesticulating and honking.

That last form of celebration was on display in Brussels last week the day after the massacre in Paris. A Polish resident of Brussels took the following video, and offered some brief commentary while recording it.

Many thanks to Green Infidel for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The translator includes this explanatory material on the context of the video:

To me, it seems like the guy shooting the film and making the comments is one of the vast number of 20- and 30-something Poles who’ve left their country in search of work, often to end up in the cheaper parts of town, in cities across Western Europe (but especially the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Holland and Germany).

Often these are also the most “culturally enriched” parts of town, and hence the Polish immigrants get to see the Cultural Enrichers — not from the perspective of being clientele at a restaurant, rich teenagers going to a rap concert, or far-left students, but from the point of view of being fellow residents and co-workers, or the employees or tenants of culturally enriched shop owners or landlords.

And, judging by what I’ve heard almost universally from Polish friends who’ve lived in the West, or read in comments on forums, it is this life experience, as opposed to any “prejudice borne out of ignorance”, that’s driving the current Polish opposition towards hosting “refugees”.

Polls have shown that older Poles are more in favour of Poland’s accepting refugees, while younger Poles are more against it. However it’s older Poles who are more likely to go to church, while younger Poles are more well-travelled.

And in the recent Polish elections, among the (relatively young) Poles in London, the results were quite different to those in Poland as a whole: the winners in London were the party of anti-establishment singer Pawel Kukiz, whose list includes many far-right activists. Second were the right-wing winners of the elections, PiS, while third was the “far-right” party of MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke — although they still got 20% of the vote (compared to 4.7% among the whole electorate).

It’s these three parties that are the most strongly opposed to Poland’s accepting any refugees.


0:04   These are all Muslims in burqas.
0:07   A day after the attacks in Paris.
0:10   Brussels…
0:12   All cars have hazard warning lights on.
0:19   In this way, the Muslims in Europe are expressing…
0:22   I don’t know what they’re expressing…
0:24   But they don’t really seem sad.
0:58   Here one can see clearly
1:01   Muslim women in burqas are applauding, clapping their hands…
1:08   Paris… was yesterday.
1:22   [unclear]
1:56   All cars with hazard warning lights on have Muslims inside‎.

21 thoughts on “Honk if You Love Jihad!

  1. Sobieski was Polish.

    The Poles, from recent experience, know what it is like to live under occupation.

    Poles are also not idiots.

  2. Weddings, helas it is very common in my neck of the woods, particularly on Saturdays, convoys of cars hooting away after marriage ceremonies. A southern Med tradition.

  3. I admire the Poles for their opposition to these mostly Muslim male invaders. They see what is happening and are united. I see a division on this in America. I was just on the FB site Opposing Views and it did not shock me by the way the L[eftist]s attacked you if you opposed the refugees. They ignore the threat by ISIS and are ignorant about the cultural conflict that will happen with so many Muslims. They also ignore the fact that the Ob[ama] administration has blocked Christian refugees from entering the US.

  4. I live in Brussels. I saw this happen twice from my window last Saturday (November 14th, 2015). These are wedding parties that do the horn honking in lined up moving cars, the Muslims seem to do it the loudest and longest. I have seen, and heard, this many, many, times in my four years of living on a major street here in the center of Brussels, Belgium.

    No doubt thousands of local Muslims support the jihadi murders in France. They just aren’t brazen enough to celebrate so openly yet. I do remember, I’ll never forget, that two summers ago (2014) here in Brussels the Muslims openly shouting “Kill the Jews” during a, so called, proPalestinian rally. The Brussels police, who were there to keep order, did absolutely nothing about these Muslim calls to murder Jews being spewed by men with handheld loud speakers in the sunny, August, streets of Brussels. Screaming “Kill the Jews” wasn’t considered to be wrong enough for the Brussels police to put a stop to it.

    • That’s soooo sad. Traditionally, Flemings (the Dutch-speaking people of the northern provinces of Belgium) were incredible soldiers/fighters and wouldn’t take cr*p from anybody. The Walloons (French speakers from the southern provinces) were also good fighters, but not so good as to hire themselves out as mercenaries, which the Flemings did.

      What happened??? It can’t just be the EU; that doesn’t change–in such a short time–the outlook of an entire people.

    • Do they also do the hand clapping inside a car, while wearing Burqas?

      And in such a wedding column of cars, are there no cars usually with wedding decorations?

      • No, no wedding decorations, that would be the Italians in my part of the world. There are a lot of hangers-on. Come to my part of Europe on a saturday afternoon to see it all in action.

  5. Living in present times is like watching one of those surrealist art movies of the 1920’s and ’30’s. Up is down, everything may be either real or a dream (or there is no distinction) and the most weird, bizarre events are normal and not noteworthy.

    Today, we have governments welcoming refugees who celebrate mass murders of their hosts, lovely young blond women throwing flowers of welcome at dark young men whose predecessors have increased the rape of young blond women by exponential magnitudes, and a President of the US who says he’ll veto any increased security measures for any UN-approved Muslim immigrants who claim to be from Syria.

    I’m afraid the news of today would be rejected by the directors of the Surrealism movies as being simply too unbelievable even for their specialized audience of Surrealism aficionados.

    • Now I remember why I hated those surreal movies and plays. When they were a (brief) part of a survey course on 19th-20th century plays, they were by turns tedious and repulsive. Fever dreams…

    • Ah. This may be the answer to my question immediately above.

      Dada-ism was founded in Brussels in the ’20s, if I remember correctly from my tour through the Royal Art Museum in Brussels in June 2004….

  6. Density of halal food carts in Manhattan

    What potential purpose might these serve?
    Are New Yorkers aware of the amount of these sharia carts in the city?
    Who owns these islamic vehicles?
    Why are they even allowed to block sidewalks and streets in the city?
    And why do they even exist in a city like NY?
    How important is the demand among New Yorkers for sharia certified food?
    Might they serve as some kind of depots – for other things than food?

    • I didn’t see that in the post. While it’s fine to go OT since what you’re saying is germane, please cite a source for these halal food carts…I think I’ll look in Images for fun…NYC *does* have it all.

      • @Dymphna

        Sorry about the OT.

        However, I was looking for any post about the recent IS threat to NYC, which would be bad if put into action, mentioning in particular, Herald Square and Times Square.

        The halal carts are on every corner in Midtown Manhattan, in plain sight for everybody. They even have “halal” written in capital letters on them.

      • I remember the Halal food carts well, when I spent a weekend in NYC 4 years ago. They had “Halal food” written all over them, were everywhere, and even served “Italian sausage”!

    • “Bill de Blasio and Bill Bratton leave defiant message
      New York is open for business
      hours after jihadists release warning video”

      ““The people of New York City will not be intimidated,” de Blasio said, standing in the middle of Times Square, one of the locations featured in the ISIS propaganda video.”

  7. “hellal guys”…! (From the article)

    Is this some kind of attempt of competing with Five Guys? Making people think it’s somehow, the same thing, the same guys?

    • I looked them up – the picture on their “about” page has a fellow posed just like the imitation fellow in the NYC image.


      It’s a shame they chose to go with peanut oil to cook with…I know a lot of people with peanut allergies. But good for them that they let the customer know.

      Their family story is a typical American business template. Four brothers whose parents said (back in the ’80s) “Start a business or go to college.” They opted for the former & though it doesn’t say so, there must have been some family/friends’ backing during their start-up. Opening a fast-food kind of place in an area (Northern Virginia) that abounds in similar venues was certainly a leap of faith but they skip over the thorns and everything came up roses. They sound like a functional family, those Murrells. With (now five) sons, they appear to be based in California…not the complete title but it’s something like “Five Guys Holdings, LLC. California”.

      Isn’t LLC a Limited Liability Company? Sure enough – good old wikipedia:


      As our increasingly over-regulated economy pushes the U.S. further down in the “Economic Freedom” rankings, it’s good to read about places like this. Here’s the recent 2015 listing by the Heritage Foundation. America isn’t in the top ten. Not even near it.


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