Lulling us to Sleep

When “Islamophobes” quote the Koran to buttress their arguments about the inherently violent (or hateful, or intolerant, or misogynistic…) nature of Islam, they are frequently accused by Muslims or their useful-idiot kafir apologists of “taking the verse out of context”.

In the following video, David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics demonstrates the way in which Islam-apologists do exactly the same thing that they accuse their opponents of doing when they quote the “peaceful” Koran verse 5:32 not only out of its context, but omitting part of the verse itself. Dr. Wood rectifies matters by including the entirety of 5:32, plus 5:33 and relevant hadith, so that non-Muslims can see just exactly how peaceful this particular verse really is:

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  1. I see FoxNews is in full spin mode now, trotting out these “anti-terrorism experts” today, one in particular stands out, ex Obama Defence Secretary Michael Fallon under Obama. This guy came out and said that killing terrorists doesn’t work and that we need to understand their ideology to stop it. Shepard Smith was just gushing over this loser, tossing one softball question after another.

    side note: Smith is the same guy who refused to use the word Islam and Islamic terrorism when ISIS attacked Paris. The fact is Islam is now vanishing from the MSM vocabulary.

    Of course Fallon won’t tell us that understanding their ideology is simple, it’s following the Koran. Radicalization comes from reading the Koran and devoutly following it’s proscriptions for jihad, which is a central tenant of it.

    The fact is there is no cure for it outside of expelling all Muslims from the West.

  2. His advice is good, but even in debates, Muslim clerics and experts deny the truth. The fact is that one cannot reason with a closed mind. Those who have half a brain leave the religion and become apostates – so intelligence is self-selected out. Those who remain are mindless, uneducated sheep or the imams, whose power depends on the mindless sheep. Admitting they are wrong would be like cutting their own throats. They urge others to suicide but themselves hide behind their ragged beards and grubby gowns.

    • Given how old Islam is now, and how widespread, your summation of ordinary Muslims is insulting. A lot of people say that about anyone whose belief system is built into their culture and tradition.

      The upsurge of radicalization in the 20th century probably wouldn’t have happened without the discovery of oil in Muslim territories to fuel their resentment.

      When left to their own devices many people do leave Islam in droves, and some have done so even in the face of death.

      • I find your comment to be rather interesting D. Do you agree with Donald Trump that we should bomb the [redacted] out of the oil fields in Iraq and Syria in order to stop the flow of money to ISIS or, do you believe that the US policy to bomb the oil trucks one by one is best?

      • I would argue that the resentment largely stems from the fact that their ideology tells believers that they deserve the best things in life without effort. The kuffar seem to have all these things, but the Ummah is in denial about how hard we have worked to achieve them.

        The reality is that the oil-wealthy nations are unable to do anything with that bounty without massive Western expertise present.

      • “radicalization in the 20th century probably wouldn’t have happened without the discovery of oil in Muslim territories to fuel their resentment.”

        Muslim Brotherhood created in late 20s to bring back the Caliphate. So the roots of ISIS were there before WW2.

        But I don’t think any of us can grasp that most development in the world in 20th century is founded in cheap energy (oil). Which is why I think that the elites in democratic countries want to replace the population, so they can have the people reject democracy before oil runs out (i.e. becomes scarce and expensive).

    • “Even in debates, Muslim clerics and experts deny the truth.”

      Well, yes, they do. What a surprise. Uh-huh. Etc.

      Look up the doctrine of taqiyya and get back to us: any misrepresentation of Islam to non-believers, if performed for the “greater glory” or “better reputation” of Islam, is approved by the Koran/Quran. They can lie to our faces and have religious justification for it.

      Our only source of truth when dealing with Muslims is to watch what they DO, not what they SAY.

  3. Tell us about those “droves” of apostates. Did entire regions become deislamized prior to the discovery of oil in the mid-east?

    • i should have sourced that comment. See this video. Fascinating. This is a bigwig Egyptian imam stating that if Islam hadn’t instituted death-for-apostasy, it would have died out long ago:

      “Without threat of DEATH for apostasy for leaving Islam imam admits Islam would not exist”

      One example of de-islamization is Spain, after it was taken back. Many of the Christians in Africa, in Pakistan, in Iraq, etc., are severely persecuted for their faith.

      • Spain de-islamized because after trying for c0-existence it became obvious that it couldn’t happen. Therefore the law become convert or leave.

        Lots left, lots converted, and a significant minority became cryptos, which lead to the institution of the Spanish Inquisition.

        • Emmett Scott proposes that without the example of Islamic cruelty and torture, the Inquisition could not have happened. I don’t have his source page for this, but it’s a reasonable proposition, as is the idea that the Mafia arose in response to the constant raids in Sicily, where escape to the mountains wasn’t possible.

          See his book,

          Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited: The History of a Controversy

          Re-reading him (a Kindle version, I regret giving away my print edition) always reminds me of something new. One commenter on the Amazon review page says:

          …his controversial update of Henri Pirenne’s theory that it was the rise of Islam that destroyed classical civilization in Europe is in my view the most important and on the mark. I confess that there were tedious bits for the non-academic at the start, but stay with them, as they are a necessary foundation to the riveting final four chapters, the conclusion and the epilogue, which are must-reads for those who want to understand today’s world and the millennium-old clash between western civilization and Islam. Basically, Scott lays out a solid case that it was the closure of Mediterranean trade route by Muslim raiders, and the destruction of the lowland, coastal agricultural system that supported advanced economies, as the peoples in the south of Europe had to retreat to defended hill top towns to escapes the attentions of Islamic slave raiders that provided the death knell for classical civilization.

          If you don’t read the book, at least take the gleanings from the reviews. They can often be quite helpful.

  4. Interestingly enough, Islam is the only religion that has children (born into the faith). Christianity does not, you must choose for yourself.

    • Jewish people are usually born Jewish, although they aren’t punished for being non-observant. And for many centuries, Christians were Christians because their parents and grandparents had been Christian, going back to when some chieftain or king converted (or was conquered) and the whole tribe went along — although the original pattern was conversion by individual persuasion, or family persuasion, at a time when each family had its own cultus.

      As a matter of practice and social convention, free religious choice for each individual is relatively recent. But in terms of the principles of religious commitment, Islam is indeed radically different from Christianity.

    • I’m not sure where you derive your belief that Christianity does not “follow the family.” My grandfather’s ancestors lived in northern Italy for generations. They were all Catholic back as far as anyone could remember. Grandpa A. married *sigh* a Baptist woman from Texas who insisted on raising my mother, my aunt, and their brother as Baptists.

      My mother and aunt rejoined the Catholic church as teenagers. My aunt continued to raise my cousins as Catholics, but for some weird reason never shared with us, my mother raised *us* as Missouri Synod Lutherans. Which turned out to be a disaster.

      I am right now a “confirmation student (catechumen)” in Orthodox Christianity. Orthodoxy also “follows the family,” except that in the U.S. many adults seem to be converting TO it.

      The same Sunday I was formally made a catechumen, there was also an infant baptism. The baby’s great-grandmother was present; she had celebrated her 100th birthday in September. She’s a celebrity of sorts in our Russian Orthodox parish: she was born in Imperial Russia, when Orthodoxy was in full flower, before the Bolsheviks made atheism the required “religion” and killed many, many believers in God–no matter how they worshipped.

      To tie this all in: Mme. Great-Grandmother and the entire family had the baby baptized that particular Sunday because they were leaving on Tuesday for an extended vacation in…France. They were in Paris last week. Father E., our priest, was able to send them an email *and* receive a response: although they did know a few people who were injured/killed (the French was difficult for him, he said), none of their family so far as they knew were involved.

      Thus one is not *required* to choose for oneself in Christianity unless one is in an adult-only baptism denomination (e.g., Amish).

  5. Already the imams and other Muslim spin meisters are out in force, telling non-Muslim audiences that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam and quoting these verses.

    • I just *loved* (not…) hearing Sec. of State Kerry calling the terrorists “psychopathic” on the radio today.

      They’re actually not “psychopathic.” They’re following, quite predictably, a plan written down approx. 1400 years ago.

      Get a clue, Sec. Kerry/Pres. Obama! Well, actually, I suspect Pres. Obama *has* a clue but isn’t sharing it with anyone else….

    • Theresa May said the attacks “have nothing to do with Islam”.
      She is UK Home Secretary.
      As one commenter remarked, “God help us”.

  6. I would like a copy of the koran; but I do not want to put $ into the hands of mohammedans to get one. How do I get a copy without putting any $ into their hands?

    • I think there may be online versions, but for all the thin-skinned ignorance about what has become a book of chants at the mosque, few read it much. Instead, of much more practical assistance for the average (Sunni) Muslim is this book:

      Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law
      I will continue to urge people to buy it as a reference book. Islam is not a religion, it is a juridical view of how life is to be lived if one wants to avoid hell. This version (publishing costs probably underwritten by the Saudis) is 1,200+ pages covering every possible moment of an average Muslim’s life. It is beautifully bound and the print is easy to read. The content is jaw-dropping.

      Here is one review from earlier this month, complete with photos of the reviewer’s high-lighted text:

    • Buy a used copy, either online or at a used bookstore. The publisher has already received its money; you will be reimbursing the store for its trouble in holding the Koran/Quran in readiness for you. I got mine years ago in a set of religious texts (Tanakh, Bhagavad Gita, Buddhist Precepts, etc.), so the marginal cost of that particular book wasn’t very much.

  7. There are two major problems with this line of argument.

    The first is the RoP itself. It is designed in such a way that there is literally no single version that is true. There is no central hierarchy to interpret doctrine for the believer as there is in the Catholic or Orthodox faiths. The “true” version of the RoP is whatever the individual believer chooses. That said, there is certainly a general direction that believers tend to follow.

    The other problem is that the useful idiots in the West tend to see the RoP through “New Testament” colored glasses. This means that they fixate on the peaceful elements of the RoP’s writings while tending to deny the remainder. They also seem blissfully unaware of the Doctrine of Abrogation and the chronological ordering of the writings trends from peaceful to violent.

    All that said, I don’t have any good solutions to either issue.

  8. I’ve been saying what David says for almost 2 years.

    It does not seem to make any difference. Those spreading the lies about koran 5:32 get to spew it out to scores of thousands. We few only ever manage to contest it for less than 1% of those who have been told the lie.

    The controlled media move in goose-step together. We have supposedly controversial, loud-mouth talk-radio people who still keep spreading that lie.

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