To Draw or Not to Draw

Aficionados of the news feed will recall the following news story from a couple of weeks ago. It seems that a school in Acton, California gave middle-schoolers the option to draw illustrations on their worksheets about the history of Islam. The possible candidates for pictorial representation included Mohammed, and one parent — ONE parent, mind you, and probably not even a Muslim — objected, calling the assignment offensive.

As a result, the school district banned all depictions of any religious figure. No more Jesus. No more Krishna. No more Flying Spaghetti Monster. Everyone’s religious sensibilities must remain unoffended, no matter what!

Here’s the story from the Daily Caller:

Ban on ALL Religious Figure Art for Islam

The seventh-grade history assignment at High Desert School in Acton, Calif. was a worksheet called “Vocabulary Pictures: The Rise of Islam.” It featured several words including Quran, Mecca, Bedouins and Muhammad. There was space for students to sketch their own images representing the various words.

The parent who found the assignment offensive is Melinda Van Stone, a chiropractor in nearby Palmdale.

After her 12-year-old son brought home the assignment a couple weeks ago, Van Stone was “very upset,” she said.

“It’s not appropriate to have our children go to school and learn how to insult a religious group,” she told the Daily News.

Van Stone refused to indicate her own religion or her son’s religion.

However, a week later the superintendent for the school district was telling a very different story. I don’t know if there is any connection, but in between the first report and the second one came this well-reasoned and eloquent presentation to the Agua Dulce Town Council by Chris Burgard, a local resident.

Notice that Mr. Burgard is well-informed on the history of Islam, Islamic Law, the Explanatory Memorandum, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s blueprint for Civilization Jihad in the United States:

Did the school district backpedal and change its mind? Or did the L.A. papers report the original story incorrectly? You decide.

This follow-up report was published by Breitbart:

CA School Allows Students to Draw Muhammad

The mother of a 7th grade student at High Desert School in Acton had complained when her 12-year-old son brought home a worksheet from his history class two weeks ago titled “Vocabulary Pictures: The Rise of Islam.” The worksheet listed words such as Quran, Mecca, Bedouins and Muhammad, and asked for students to draw images related to the words.

She then complained that the assignment, which turns out to be part of the approved curriculum, was inappropriate and suggested it taught children “how to insult a religious group.” The Los Angeles Daily News reported that district superintendent Dr. Brent Woodard told staff permanently to prohibit the drawing of all religious figures in order to prevent the offending of all religious groups.

During Thursday night’s town hall meeting, Woodard disputed the Daily News story.

“There was never an intention to ban the drawing of all religious figures,” he explained, noting that he had called for a suspension of drawing the figures until he had discussed the issue with the school district’s board members. “We believe very strongly in the First Amendment… No child would be required to draw religious figures if they object to that kind of the assignment.”

Woodard told Breitbart News that “we will no longer require students to participate in something that they find offensive.” But he would not ban students from drawing Muhammad and other religious figures just because others were offended. He noted that to ban something would be in direct violation of the First Amendment. “That’s not the case here.”

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

13 thoughts on “To Draw or Not to Draw

    • Yes, but isnt it sad, that the good people of a small community somewhere in the US even have to deal with Islam and its stupidities?
      Only 30 years ago no one would have expected this to happen.

  1. Mr. Burgard’s well prepared statement included the following:

    “Islam is not only a religion, it is also a political system. As a political system, it has a set of laws that govern every aspect of a Muslim’s daily life. This set of laws is called shariah law. Under Shariah law, Muslims are not only forbidden to draw the Prophet Mohammed, they are forbidden from drawing any religious leaders including Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ. To be clear, this is the law made by political system in the Mid-East by Muslims for Muslims only.

    How could there exist any doubt, after the 2005 Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons riots resulting in more than 200 reported deaths and extensive injuries worldwide…or the more recent grisly massacre which took place this past January against the Charlie Hebdo cartoons which resulted in a dozen deaths and multiple injuries – can doubt exist about muhammedan doctrinal prohibitions against depictions of sacred deities in Islam extend to non-believers as well?

    Perhaps one would consider bookmarking Dr. Bill Warner’s excellent resource,
    Statistical Islam PDF.
    Scroll to page 4 to view the graphic illustrating the % of Islamic doctrine devoted to Kafir (non-muslims). Note that the Islamic doctrinal trilogy, Hadith, Sira, Koran devote 60% of total attention on the treatment of non-believers, ‘kafir’. SIXTY PERCENT!

    IMHO, it would be a grievous mistake to overlook the demonstrable error ‘shariah is for muslims only’ notion that Mr. Burgard’s much needed and most welcome public presentation.

    I’m not suggesting we acquiesce to shariah demands. Rather, we must demand ABSOLUTELY NO SHARIAH recognition in the public sphere in these United States.

  2. I think the school back-pedaled when they got some press over their stupid decision.

    Administrators prefer to operate without the public noticing what they are doing.

  3. This site has a primary focus on international affairs, but is there anyone here that thinks this sort of successful backlash could happen *anywhere* else in the “free” world other that the U.S.A.?

    Thank God for the 2nd Amendment backing up the 1st.

    • While I’ll admit we’re a rambunctious bunch, that part of our character is largely in the Scots-Irish DNA, which not coincidentally, makes up a good portion of our military. And there are the Cajuns, who’ll put up with a lot of corruption provided they’re left alone.

      However, it would be unwise to think no part of Europe will say “enough”. In my reading this morning I came across a Swedish blog which is mentioning the “A” word – i.e., anarchy. There are rumblings of distant thunder growing closer…I’ll see if I can find that site. It offered a “translate” button…

      • Never commented here before but felt inspired by a conversation I had with my father last week. I have a little Scots-Irish blood mixed with other northern European blood on my mother’s side. My Father is full blooded Italian. Although the majority of the original “Italian” immigrants to the US, Canada, Australia, Argentina and other South American nations never referred to themselves as such. Most were from south of Rome; Naples, Calabria and Sicily. They hated the “Italians” of Rome and northward. Bottom line is many centuries of exploitation at the hands of absentee feudal landlords and the crushing blow of punitive taxes at the hands of the Italian Republic after 1860 forced 50% of the population of these areas to emigrate in the 40 year period between 1880 and 1920. They brought with them a distrust of government and government officials. Anarchy is in their blood too.

      • There is a famous quote by Mark Steyn from a Blaze interview from April of 2014 that highlights the Scot’s historical industriousness and hardihood (and modern government-induced enfeebling):

        “The Scots are almost everywhere you go — every corner on the planet — anything that’s worth it, doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about banks in Hong Kong or rubber plantations in Malaya or the Canadian Pacific Railway, everywhere you go on the planet was built by Scots. And you go back to contemporary Scotland now, and they’re these pathetic, feeble, passive economic swamp of dependency — parts of Glasgow, male life expectancy . . . they all sit around eating fried Mars bars all day, and life expectancy is getting down to West African rates in certain wards of Glasgow. So if you’re someone who knows the Scottish diaspora, all that great stuff they did around the planet, and you go back to Scotland, you think, ‘What the hell happened?’ Well what happened is government. What happened is welfare.”

        It has also been advanced that the hale and hearty, the risk-takers who emigrated from their ancestral lands took with them a vibrancy now lacking therewith.

        Mike Konrad at American Thinker in May, 2015 burrows deeper into the gene pool when he examine the Celtic-Basque influence and the R1b haplotype. He starts out by noting that the four great transoceanic empires of world history, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, share a common heritage of having overlaid ancient Celtic or Basque peoples (which would include the Irish and Lowland Scots). He expands on this thesis and goes on to state:

        “Modern Western Civilization may be a Celtic-Basque invention. The overlay of German and Latin languages on these people, by invaders, may be misleading. What distinguished the Basque was an amazing love of liberty and the will to fight for it. The Celts were libertarian to the point of anarchy, which is why they often fell. But it may be this substratum of liberty loving, related peoples [is] responsible for Western Civilization’s love of liberty.”


  4. Burgard’s presentation is heartening; however, he’s not sufficiently informed about Islam. Example, he said more than once that Sharia pertains to Muslims only. No, it’s meant to be imposed on all Mankind, Muslims and non-Muslims alike — not in the same way down the line, of course, but certainly with regard to blasphemy laws (and many other things).

  5. This month it will be the banning of offensive drawings. Next month it will be the banning of offensive comments. Then will be the banning of offensive opinion. This will follow the #BakeTheCake pattern: at first you must just allow Islam, then you must give in to Islam, then you must approve of Islam, or you will be forced to take a DiversityIslam reeducation class to get your attitude corrected.

    Islam is the “religion” of the satanic allah deity. This is a false god. I cannot and will not approve of Islam. What my fellow citizens do in their private lives is their private matter, except when they start demanding that I must approve obey what their deity requires.

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