Dividing up the Spoils

An email exchange with Fjordman about current European affairs — including the “migration crisis” — reminded me of this future news story.

I wrote this piece more than ten years ago, but it doesn’t seem any more far-fetched now than it did back then. In fact, it seems even more likely today. The main unknown at this point is how much European territory will be too radioactive to be habitable when Russia and the Caliphate finally get around to dividing up the real estate.

Russia and the Caliphate Sign Non-Aggression Pact

Leaders finalize protocols to the Hudna of Lausanne

September 11, 2067

By Mahmud O’Connor, European Correspondent

PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AP) — Meeting in the historic Kinsky Palace in Prague today, Russian President Yevgeny Ivanov and Caliph Hassan bin Laden signed the supplemental protocols to last year’s Hudna of Lausanne, paving the way for a final resolution of outstanding security issues in Europe.

The last several months have seen protracted wrangling over the disposition of Russian and Islamic troops, the status of certain territories, and the treatment of Orthodox Christians in the territories occupied by the Caliphate. “The Russians have driven a hard bargain, as usual,” said Omar al-Belgi, a spokesman for the Umma.

Under the terms of the agreement, Russia will occupy islands in the Baltic, including Gotland, and will be granted access to all of Poland and Romania. Switzerland and the Czech Republic will retain their neutrality, but Bulgaria will become part of the demilitarized “Dhimmi” zone, and Austria will be fully occupied by the Umma. According to sources close to the Caliph, bin Laden plans to name Mohammed bin Rashid al-Masri as Sultan of the new Austrian Province of the Caliphate.

Of particular contention was the status of the mujahideen in the Caucasus. Russia insisted that bin Laden withdraw his troops at least 60 kilometers south of the Caucasus Wall, creating an additional demilitarized zone in Georgia and Azerbaijan. Under the final terms of the protocols, the surviving Chechens in the Russian Federation will be given safe passage through the Wall, and will be resettled in what used to be Armenia.

With her territories in Southwest Asia secured by her alliance with China, and her Far East buffered by Chinese Siberia, Russia is expected to enjoy more security than she has in at least a generation. “Stability in Holy Russia and stability in the Near Abroad enhance the security of all nations,” said Mr. Ivanov.

The last several weeks of negotiations were taken up with the status of Orthodox Christian communities remaining within the Umma and the Dhimmi Zone. The Caliphate has agreed that Orthodox Christians who accept their dhimmi status, pay the jizya, and do not overtly express their faith will be left unmolested in the territories controlled by the Umma. In return, Russia agreed to allow the Caliph’s troops to occupy all of Greece.

Roman Catholics and Protestants, however, are not offered the same protection. Observers expect the mujahideen to begin razing cathedrals and rounding up infidels in the newly-occupied territories, just as they have done in the French and Belgian sultanates. No non-Muslim journalists are permitted in these areas, but escaping refugees arriving in Israel have reported massive and brutal atrocities inflicted on non-Orthodox Christians by marauding bands of Islamic irregulars.

Russia and the Umma, however, are unwilling to let such events cloud their historic occasion. “Islam has made treaties with non-believers since the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him),” said Caliph bin Laden to reporters at the joint press conference. “We will accord this momentous agreement the same respect we have granted all the earlier ones, Allah willing.”

21 thoughts on “Dividing up the Spoils

  1. It is eerie to see this crop up again. I remember being fascinated with the map the first time around.

    We need to find an online copy of the treasure trove of Mus. Brotherhood detailed plan for dividing us up…just to see if they’re on target still. It would appear so.

  2. I don’t know. Give it two generations and this might actually come to pass.
    It is feeling more and more like we are the French resistance against the onslaught
    What is amazing to me is how anyone with even a passing education in European history not understand what is happening. Europe has been fighting subjugation to Islam for 1,200 years.

    • ‘A passing education in European history’ is exactly what the radical left has never been exposed to. All they have heard is that Europeans were snotty, inquisitioning, racist, fascist imperialists who polluted the earth, enslaved the working class, hated gays and treated women like s..t.

      Marx and Lenin, Nietzsche and Foucault have been their mentors and now their brains are as screwed up and out of touch with reality as those of their Muslim friends. Perhaps they may change their mind as their throats are getting slit whilst they’re being raped. That might very well be a wake-up call.

    • Did you see the French workers’ riot today? Some pictures of upper management getting stripped of their clothing and having to flee.


      Air France is trying to cut its work force and the workers are fighting back in French fashion:

      Violence erupted Monday as Air France told its works council that 300 pilots, 900 flight attendants and 1,700 ground staff might have to go after failed productivity talks with flight crew. The protest, in which agitators chanted “naked, naked,” is just the latest to turn physical in France, where managers at Michelin & Cie. and Sony Corp. have been held hostage over firings, irate farmers have blocked city streets with tractors and manure, and more than 100 Uber Technologies Inc. taxis were smashed up by rival drivers.


      This what sets the French heart on fire, not the immigrants.

  3. There are still more of us than there are of them! Most Russians are sick to death of Putin and only want a nice middle class life. Apparently the virile invaders are now saying they need sex as well as money, clothing and a roof over their heads, so we’ll see how THAT works out!

  4. I don’t think the “Caliphate” won’t be that strong to control entire European countries, However I think there will be a massive disintegration of European nations states which will reverberate back into micro-tribal states. Where there are large numbers of muslims in European countries those area will be muslim autonomy zones, there will be areas where Europeans will form autonomy zones who wish to be independent from EU hegemony who will most likely be brought into the Russian sphere of influence, and the remaining parts of Europe in the EU will be under and EU/NATO hegemony.

    • The EU dies when Germany goes belly up since it’s the engine that powers the EU.

      It won’t be long either at the rate the Muzzies are swarming in. Wait six months or so. Crazy Merkel can’t keep the machine going much longer before something breaks.

  5. It is with thanks Baron and Dymphna ; to see and take time that your previous concerns have been, sort of a preparation of thought, and may open opportunities for others to see the truth and take a firm position in opposing this ideology from islam.
    It adds another dimension to your credit-ability.
    The great difficulty is to know that the continuation of this seems to be on track.
    “In fact, it seems even more likely today”.
    brings even a gut wrenching concern for the future of the peoples living there.
    The sell out by the EU whose leaders in 2012, 2014 then Germany’s Merkel, who won the prize earlier in 2010 from European Society Coudenhove Kalergi. http://tinyurl.com/ppzq9jf
    She accepted the award at the Federal Chancellery.
    Then their is also the pan european society which claims Christianity and then

    respects the contribution of Judaism and Islam for our mental and cultural development

    I wonder of those 2 above organisations how happy are they with the stage of where their plans are at?

    The neutral zone of Switzerland would be most certainly because they will keep a guard up, first through their form of democracy and with plebiscites and secondly of being well armed. Still I believe even then they will have major conflicts, and so it will be ultimately how far they go down the track of tolerating and drinking the “kool-aid” of the intolerant and to observe what is happening around them. At least their reverse gear may gain some traction with a gun in every closet for a Swiss freeman. That fight will make the Swiss a truly nationalist country who will value freedom and democracy.

    The other neutral Czech and may be include Hungary is so close to the mark. Their nationalist concept and will may be their saving grace, though again they may have to fight for it. It may be a part of what armament may come from the east that their forces may obtain and the will of their people in not taking the nonsense emanating from the EU.

    The ruins of Syria being razed now as the future cathedrals in Europe, the parallel of ISIS atrocities to people of the book, to the “piece de resistance”.

    “Islam has made treaties with non-believers since the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him),” said Caliph bin Laden to reporters at the joint press conference. “We will accord this momentous agreement the same respect we have granted all the earlier ones, Allah willing.”

    As we all know that is not the final conclusion for even Russia, as the muslims will gather strength while abiding their time, for Allah willing, and with Mohammad’s guidance showing the way, the treaty, hudna is only to last 10 years.

    That also perfectly reflects the ongoing experiences of Israel with the ongoing accords, treaties, ceasefires, and what “Allah willing” with Mohammads belief of hudna that has happened since 1948.

    Hopefully others see your far reaching vision and are warned, and understand Dymphna’s point of the muslim brother-hoods plans that were devised even earlier.
    To also take note of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation OIC that are cohesive over all the inner turmoil of muslim divisiveness that we see, and forcing through Human Rights and United Nations systems to control “free speech”.

  6. More like: “Governments from the former (now defunct) Euromuslilands, today acknowledged completion of the ‘Freeloader Cult Act (Revised) 2037″ expulsions enacted over three decades ago following the” first nuclear holocaust perpetrated on European soil causing what is now referred to as ‘The Great Awakening”. The best laid plans of mice and men etc.

  7. This bleak prognosis may come to pass sooner than 2067. Much worse and unpredictable events have marked History. The French Revolution for instance. It was in a way the beginning of the end not only of the ancien regime but also of some kind of christian moral fabric which held together all your beautiful culture and ideology.
    A rent in Europe’s collective consciousness that could never heal. Slaughter of innocents leaving behind a trail of blood on which Marxism gorged and then more blood flew everywhere in consequence.
    In the South Asia where I belong, Karma theory is embedded in our religious beliefs. Whenever I study the French Revolution I feel a deep sadness for the murdered hereditary monarchs, their little tortured son and the many innocents whose only crime was to have been been where the providence put them.
    What is 250 years in the aeons of time ? French Revolution happened yesterday and today the sins and sequence of it are visited on all Europe. It’s immensely sad to see the best and the beautiful destroyed bit by bit.
    It’s unfortunate people have forgotten the power of collective prayer. Prayer does heal and help does arrive. God bless you all.

  8. This will all come to pass much, much sooner than 2067, perhaps even within 10 years at the rate things are developing now. I am convinced that everything that is happening now, was agreed upon between islamic and European leaders a very long time ago. Everything is taking place in small, logical steps that were planned years ahead. You can pretty much calculate the next steps by using common sense.

  9. The Kings,Barons,Imams, and Popes, will run for cover when the Individual realizes their utter incompetence and his her very real ability to feed and defend SELF. You are blessed with all that is needed. Have a great Day!

  10. In your dreams the Balkans will fall again under muslim role, weren’t 500 years enogh!!!
    Serbian will fight, they will not be servents or dhimmis.
    Beside, the Russian Federation will not betray their allieds, ethincs and culturals onces: Serbia, FYROM, Greece and Bulgaria. The same goes for Slovakia and even Hungary.

      • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

        Greece gets very testy if they actually use “Macedonia”, which they feel has a Hellenic copyright.

        • Thanks, Baron.

          I supported the NATO campaign against Serbia in 1999, which didn’t help domestic harmony; I’ve come to realise that my Serbian ex-wife may have been right about one subject! (though Milosevich was still a bastard).

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