Anti-Semitism: The Need to Focus on Perpetrators

Below is the intervention read by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, representing Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Session 15 “Freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief: Ensuring the collective dimension of freedom of religion or belief”, Warsaw, September 30, 2015.

Intervention by Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa

OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

Working Session 15

Specifically Selected Topic: Freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief: Ensuring the collective dimension of freedom of religion or belief

Anti-Semitism: The need to focus on perpetrators

Distinguished delegates, OSCE representatives.

The Annotated Agenda is very explicit in addressing the rising problem of anti-Semitism in the participating States. Anyone with even the least understanding of history should be surprised that this problem can emerge again, even though it should have been buried deep in the ruins of Berlin in May 1945.

However, the scourge of anti-Semitism has returned, and we need to deal with it quite urgently. Europe has over the last century suffered significant loss of its Jewish population, either to emigration or to outright genocide, and that loss of valuable cultural heritage must not be repeated.

From the field of criminal justice, it should be clear that focusing on victims of crime does not suffice. We need to identify perpetrators, as Sherlock Holmes did, identify them, and bring them to justice.

This effectively means that we need to put an end to the evil of tolerating intolerance.

This also means that when British schools drop the Jewish Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, they are doing exactly the opposite of what we urgently need. Teaching the truth about the Holocaust should be categorically more important than Islamic ‘religious sensitivities’.

What we need to do is to identify and confront the sources of anti-Semitism, and to take appropriate action to delegitimize and marginalize such ideas. If that means we need the courage to identify and counter such ideas in books and scriptures considered ‘holy’ in some circles, so be it.

BPE thus recommends:

  • That OSCE pS refrain from any form of contact with Hamas, Hezbollah and other anti-Semitic organizations.
  • That ‘religion’ must not be a cover for promoting anti-Semitic sentiment and action.
  • That teachers are supported in teaching about the Holocaust, even in the face of Islamist pressure.
  • That any public grants or privileges are revoked from organizations promoting anti-Semitic dogma.


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5 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism: The Need to Focus on Perpetrators

  1. The greatest problem Europe faces is not that any European is tolerating Islamic anti-Semitism. It is that Europe is unwilling to face the realities of Islam as it affects every last detail of European life. To “solve” the problem of Islamic anti-Semitism will still leave Muslims in Europe, even assuming there is a “solution” to that anti-Semitism. There is similarly no “solution” to the Islamic enthusiasm for murdering apostates from Islam because that murder is a fundamental requirement as affirmed by all eight schools of Islamic jurisprudence.

    Nor is any fundamental problem that Europe faces now exacerbated by or caused by ignorance of the Holocaust. No event in modern European history has received such extraordinary and incessant publicity as the Holocaust. If Muslims were to learn about the Holocaust, would that cause them to change their attitude toward Jews? Recall the photo of the muslima clothed in a black tent in Britain carrying the sign, “The real Holocaust is about to begin.” I am not sure if she capitalized “Holocaust.” Visualize her and her children as the target of our blessed “education.” And, really, does anyone think people like her don’t know about the Holocaust?

    What has not received any attention is the inhuman, lunatic, and murderous nature of all totalitarian regimes and the reality of their being a sign of the disease of the far-left. Undemocratic, crypto-leftist authoritarian regimes in Europe are riding roughshod over Europe and destroying every chance for happiness, security and survival of their people. When the West is beset by utter madness, nitrotoluene-fueled lunacy what is this nonsense about anti-Semitism?

    • Antisemitism, or to use a more useful term, Jew-hatred, is an issue. It is perhaps the key symptom today of the intolerance and vitriol characteristic of Islamist ideology. There is a need to teach Holocaust history correctly, including the role of Islamo-Nazis. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was a key instigator of the large-scale Farhud pogrom in Baghdad in 1941, and spent the rest of the war in Berlin, meeting with Hitler and founding the Muslim SS, arguably the most brutal SS division. There were oppressive Nuremburg-like laws in North Africa, and camps where Jews were interned under horrific conditions and died. This is widely unknown among educated people.

      Holocaust denial is rampant among Muslims, while Mein Kampf and the sham Protocols of the Elders of Zion are bestsellers in the Islamic world, where very few books are published at all. On the other hand, Muslims swear to finish the job Hitler started

      Antisemitism is the example par excellence of the deceit and vitriol rampant in the Muslim world, and the Holocaust is the reality of the results of that kind of world view. Everything else pales as an object lesson in the dangers of fanaticism and intolerance.

      • The problem with Muslims is not that they deny the Holocaust; it is that they are slaves to the Koran with its animus to all infidels, not just Jews alone. Islam has been at war with infidels for 1,400 years and in the invasion and rule over of portions of India alone are said to have slaughtered 80,000,000 Buddhist infidels.

        The crimes against Jews you describe are real but the danger Europe faces now is because of garden-variety Islam in all it glorious malevolence. Anti-infidelism is the problem in Europe.

        Barbara Lerner-Spectre is someone who needs to take your views to heart. For the life of me I cannot understand what makes her such an enthusiast for “multiculturalism.” If she would recognize the part of the problem you identify, it would be a blessing for Sweden and beyond.

  2. The Jews could all move in down the street from me and I would be delighted. What fools the Europeans are that they are driving some of the most productive people from their society and importing illiterate parasites in their place.
    I had a conversation with a Scots person about ten years ago that proposed that the Israeli population move to Maryland! That sounded OK to me and I told her so. My only caveat was that they blow up everything in Israel while leaving. I told her that nomads would be herding goats on what used to be Tel Aviv if that actually did come to pass.
    She didn’t want to hear that.

  3. identify and confront the sources of anti-Semitism, and to take appropriate action to delegitimize and marginalize such ideas. If that means we need the courage to identify and counter such ideas in books and scriptures considered ‘holy’ in some circles, so be it.

    That is the truth; to bring knowledge to bear on the koran, hadiths and sira.
    Just what fun it would be to teach a class about issues of chirality, such as whether one uses the left or right hand and foot to step into or out of toilet areas, and stones for cleanliness are derived from hadith sources. May be it is as important as giving “transgender” education.
    All of this should be up for teaching, debate and discussion. I am sure if the teacher used some teaching aids and resources such as from Father Zacharia Botros a Coptic priest that gives “interviews lessons” , that would give a great balance to the lessons. Surely the education department wants great impartiality.
    His videos are well worth watching and any transcripts are well worth reading ! ! as one really learns about the koran and mohammad.

    Understandably the guy has a $50,000,000 bounty on his head as his television shows are beamed into the middle east. That shows just how effective he is.
    Should be on our own country’s televisions or some how beamed around or on radio as well.
    Very, very entertaining as well as educational and he is a man who loves muslims, so does it all with great decorum, despite the subjects being discussed.
    If you ever need a laugh and still need to learn, he is the man with a great message of love as well ! !

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