Muslims Are Flooding, Occupying and Destroying Europe

The European “migrant crisis” seems to be growing beyond anyone’s expectations, with the number of new arrivals increasing exponentially. There’s no telling how it will all end, but it will not end well.

The head of the federal migration office in Germany has said that there is no upper limit on the number of refugees that Germany can absorb, which guarantees that every desperately poor denizen of every third-world hellhole will now pack his bindle and make a beeline for the nearest border of the Schengen Area.

The following article about a new book by the Hungarian author Imre Kertész was published last Saturday at the Swedish dissident website Fria Tider. Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation:

Muslims are flooding, occupying and destroying Europe

The Hungarian Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor Imre Kertész, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2002, now directs sharp criticism of the Western establishment’s decision to allow Europe to change its population through mass immigration from Third World countries.

In his book The Last Refuge (ISBN: 9789187347948) Kertész chooses to strongly condemn what those in power are currently doing to Europe.

In his book, Kertész, who at age 15 was transferred to Auschwitz but survived and began a writing career, criticizes the Left-Liberal attempt to replace European culture with mass immigration, particularly from Muslim cultures from the Third World.

“Europe will soon go under because of its previous liberalism which has proven childish and suicidal. Europe produced Hitler, and after Hitler there stands a continent with no arguments: the doors are wide open for Islam; no longer does anyone dare talk about race and religion, while at the same time Islam only knows the language of hatred against all foreign races and religions,” writes Kertész in his book, according to a summary by the blogger Thomas Nydahl.

The 85-year-old Nobel laureate continues:

“I should say a few words about politics too… Then I would talk about how Muslims are flooding, occupying, in no uncertain terms, destroying Europe; about how Europe relates to this, about the suicidal liberalism and the stupid democracy… It always ends the same way: civilization reaches a stage of maturation where it is not only unable to defend itself, but where it in a seemingly incomprehensible manner worships its own enemy.”

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  1. All this talking about the symptoms and nothing about a solution. Continued mention of only Muslims by sites like this is also worrying and makes me think this is all about the threat posed by Muslim immigrants to a pro-Israel policy, and that other, foreign, as different and trouble causing immigrants are fine for the cheap labour.

    Enough preaching to the choir and talking about the symptoms. Parties like the Front National, UKIP, the Republicans won’t do anything. It’s simply time for the right and left to split. We’ve become too different. Secession from countries needs to become a major talking point if Europeans are going to be saved. Leftists can get what they want(although of course they’ll oppose secession, they want everyone to be part of their sick fantasies, but they’ll oppose it less than us trying to take away their diversity).

    Secession is the only way. Historic countries are already lost.

    • To any readers who encounter the above comment and are concerned about it:

      Yes, I realize that the commenter’s position is essentially the same as that espoused by Anders Behring Breivik in his 2013 letter to media outlets, in which he acknowledged his affinity for neo-Nazi movements. Mr. Breivik identified his ideology as “ethnic nationalism” or “nordicism”. Although he never used the words “secede” or “secession”, his proposed “Project Yggdrasil” would create an ethnically pure Nordic enclave in Norway. The commenter’s proposal is very similar.

      For anyone who is interested in reading more of Mr. Breivik’s ideological ramblings, see “Breivik’s ‘Double-Psychology’”.

      • I’m not following.. I’m curious as to what your personal political views are then, Bodissey. Is your issue only with Islam/Muslim immigrants and you see no problem with native ethnicities of Europe falling into minority status(and eventually becoming like Native Americans)? What does any of this have to do with neo-Nazism and Nordicism? What’s your goal then? Half of the refugees and legal immigrants coming in are non-Muslim, such as Christian Africans or Christian minorities in the Middle-East. You want to turn away the Muslims and let the Christians in?

        Why would anyone be concerned about that post? You’re sounding like a typical Leftist to me right now.

        Whatever your desire may be, whether you care or not about native rights or “the colour of peoples’ skin” 100 years from now and if a person with white skin can be bullied in school for having such skin in his own country can happen or not, or just worried about the “cultural affects” on Islam and migrants who follow the Religion on our countries, secession is still the best way to get your goal. Let’s say Geert Wilders wins in the Netherlands. He lowers immigration(he won’t stop it entirely, and he sure as hell won’t be saying “Christians can come in, but no Muslims allowed). Maybe immigration gets to a reasonable level. However, Muslim populations already in the Netherlands are still growing faster than natives because of their birthrates(and deportation isn’t an option in our modern world, that’s why secession in an area with few numbers of them would be best), and 30-40% of the native population of the Netherlands are still people who WANT immigration, even though Geert could’ve won an election. 10-20% of those probably being extremely lefitsts. There could be some false-flag attack/false controversy done by the leftists at any time against the right/Geert and the party is done. The economy could go into a slump and people vote the other way again solely for that reason and all the work Geert’s party did would be reversed. There’s no way it’ll work.

        Again, I’m really curious about your specific political concerns and also what solution you have.

        • I’m an American, so my opinions on European politics are relatively ill-informed and probably not worth airing.

          I don’t object to the general concept of secession. I am, after all, a native of the Sovereign Commonwealth of Virginia, which exercised its right to secede from the United States, only to be re-united by force of arms in 1865.

          If a group of ethnically homogeneous people wants to form a sovereign independent entity in the area of territory it occupies, and if it can defend itself and manage the affairs of the resulting state, I’m all for it. This is the essence of self-determination.

          However, if the making of a people’s ethnic homeland requires them to exterminate, “ethnically cleanse”, or forcibly dispossess other people(s) who have occupied their land for many generations, then I am opposed.

          Until I know the specifics about “secession”, I can form no further opinion.

          The phrase that might trigger suspicion, and rightfully so, is “the threat posed by Muslim immigrants to a pro-Israel policy”. I’ve been in this business long enough to learn the code words that people use to signal their ideological allegiance. And I’m familiar with the little dance that they do to try to semaphore their message without actually coming out and saying it. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

          • Secession would be the exact opposite of ethnic cleansing, I don’t know what you’re going on about.

            Let’s take Pommern/Mecklenburg or Saxony in Germany for example. This is the most right-wing area of the German federation as has the lowest amount of foreign population, almost none. There would be no one to “ethnically cleanse”, and the small amount of minorities in these areas don’t have to leave because their small numbers ’cause no threat. Leftists don’t have to leave(they’ll want to anyway) as the area already votes majority right anyway. People on the right in Germany and the people of Pommerm/Mecklenburg themselves should be pushing for this area to split off from Germany to get their goals, not to try and change the entirety of Germany, which won’t happen. Leftists get what they want(other than their idea for all of humanity), and people who don’t want to submit to an ethnic genocide as well as conservatives get what they want. The new countries’ immigration policy would likely be based on taking in right-leaning Germans who disagree with what’s happening to their country, or whatever the people there want it to be. Depending on the country/place surrounding regions could have referendums if they want to join this country(and if the country wants them), etc.

            As for an American example, the historic secession states of the south obviously don’t fit the bill because they have the largest population of African-Americans in the US. New England or somewhere in the Mid-West would be optimal.

            As for your concerns about the Israel comment, no, I’m not sure why saying that would make you assume I was “that”. I support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and I consider European Jews to be that, Europeans, who were here a long time already and mixed with Europeans. My left/right people peacefully going their seperate ways and splitting up solves the neo-Nutzi problem anyway because anti-semites issues with Jews are that they accuse them of being overwhelmingly leftist and behind immigration in the first place. If Europeans decided to split up on political ideologies then there’s no issue with this anymore.

            I’m simply wondering why it is that this and other sites only talk about Islam and Muslims as a threat. Muslim immigration is a threat to all Westerners, but really, is not all third world immigration(except people who can afford to live in gated communities, Jewish or non-Jewish, but even those peoples’ kids and future generations are threatened, rich people in Brazil or South Africa aren’t exactly 100% safe, lots of rich European-Brazilian descendant kids are still kidnapped for ransom or they’re robbed while they drive to work, so much so that some people opt to take helicopters to work, and I don’t have to even bother with South Africa) a threat? However, Muslims are specifically a threat to Jewish Westerners even more so, so I do wonder if some people are only worried about Jewish issues instead of issues that relate to all Europeans/Westerners.

            Why are you against Muslim immigration? Is it because they come from backwards societies and follow backwards Religious beliefs? Is it because they’re more prone to violence? Is it because they threaten the cultural and biological make-up of our countries’ population and threaten making our natives a minority as well as eventually extinct with their birthrates and the high amount of immigration that’s being allowed? Is it become they’re a burden on the economy? Is it because they’re more prone to hate women/Jews/sexual minorities? Is it because they’re more prone to break the law? Is it because they’re more prone to be poor?

            If yes to all and any of those, well, you can check those off for Christian Africans, Mexicans, Indians, Syrian Christians, Latin Americans, etc, save for the hating Jews part. So, it isn’t out of question that someone could only focus on Muslim immigration because they’re more worried about issues facing Jews than all Europeans. When a Muslim immigrant kills a European places like this will go crazy, when another hate crime against a white male by an African American male happens(which are way more common than white on black crime according to statistics), you’ll have crickets.

            That’s all I’m saying. I’m still curious about your personal political views and how you’d like to see the US or Europe in 100 years.

          • There are a couple of things that need to be said here.

            The first is that you obviously haven’t been a reader here for very long, nor have you delved very deeply into the archives, since you don’t know my position on mass immigration. To wit: I’m opposed to ALL third-world immigration, Muslim or otherwise. Muslims just happen to be the group that will destabilize and destroy our societies most quickly, but all poverty-stricken illiterates from the “developing world” are damaging to the fabric of our countries.

            Because the situation has gotten so far out of hand, immigration from all foreign countries ought to be stopped for at least five years, while we catch our collective breath and figure out what can be done. However, this is obviously not going to happen, not in my lifetime, nor in my children’s or grandchildren’s. We will be fortunate if we are able to slow the influx by any meaningful degree before a societal collapse.

            Secondly: As you point out using Virginia as an example, an ethnically mixed population is not a good candidate for secession. Unfortunately, thanks to the political decisions made over the past 100 years or so, most population groups in the European diaspora are ethnically mixed.

            Take Britain for example — even before the arrival of the “Asians”, the English population had been thoroughly mixed with the Scots, the Irish, and the Welsh. When Scotland becomes independent, there will be large minorities of Scots and English on either side of the border. Long-term instability is a given under those circumstances. Hatred, demonization, scapegoating, and yes, ethnic cleansing, lie ahead down that road.

            There are a few regions here and there in Europe and North America where an ethnically homogeneous region might conceivably separate and form an autonomous enclave without violent struggle. But there aren’t many. Your German example is a pretty rare one, I would guess. So I don’t see it as a general solution for most parts of the West, which means it doesn’t interest me very much.

            And it certainly doesn’t apply to the place where I live. Since I don’t intend to migrate, and the prospect of a race war doesn’t appeal to me, I prefer to contemplate alternative solutions.

          • I was raised in a multi-ethnic city. I was so accustomed to people of different ethnicity that I was invisible to it. We were all the same as we ate the same food, shared the same religions, were educated together, lived together and integrated well together. We had appreciation, acceptance and cross over of each others cultures. This has been part of the story of our species.

            When I attended University some distance away I was shocked to see the inherent superiority of muslims who did not associate or integrate with others. Their racism was obvious.

            Another eye-opener was observing the demographics of muslims attending school in parts of NorthWest England. A lot of schools are almost all muslim. Within a few years, if not already there will be more muslims of “fighting age” than us native Brits.

            If there was no Islam, multi-ethnicity would work. With Islam, once it gains a foot-hold it always colonises and creates one group – The Islamic one.

        • I suggest that you spend half a day reading the historic articles on this site, then you will be able to phrase the question in a way in which it can be answered succinctly and accurately. At this point it looks as if you are angling for a juicy bone to gnaw at.

          This is a forum, one of few on the net which voice the opinions and concerns of real, small government, conservatives, as such it is a threat to both the ‘far right’ and their leftist clones.

          One here lives with the hope that the pen is still mightier than the sword, but if you want swords then there are other sites which will discuss the merits of unregistered DIY AR15s.

          I think the header picture explains where this site is bound, and is explanation enough for any but an agent provocateur.

          • Nothing to do with the pen vs the sword. The pen should be used to advocate for our own state away from destructive leftists(and they still get what they want), rather than trying to convince leftists they’re wrong, because you will not convince leftists they’re wrong. If a person has the logic of “I love LGBT rights and women’s rights, but I also want to bring in millions of third world people from conservative, backwards countries who hate these people!” then there is simply no arguing with that person.

            Also, the sword should be used as a last resort, but it may have to come to it regardless. I’d say it’s a less likely solution, needing the sword, if we go the secession route.

        • Yes, turn away all Muslims and let the Christians in.

          Why are Muslims migrating to Christian countries if their religion is so great?!? Muslims should stay in their countries ruled by Islam. Period.

    • Well you have essentially pointed out the problem with states trying to secede from this cultural genocide – those in power will not permit it. The main problem in why more and more people are not screaming from the rooftops that they have had enough of this stupidity – is because their lives are still too comfortable. However, as this problem is rapidly expanding it will leave no one untouched – particularly when the economies of the European countries begin to fail.

      At that time watch for the trouble to start and then to explode.

      • By that time I think Europeans or European-Americans will be less willing to fight for anything. I also think it’d be easier going against more altruistic native leftists that oppose us than when the demographic shift happens, the “new Europeans” wanting to keep their countries intact.

        You’re right, the average person is too comfortable to want to do anything about it, or even care/learn about what’s happening. My message is more towards the people who are fighting for us, and there are people doing so. Secession is the best way, the way both sides get what they want. The Front National in France has a higher chance of saving French people if they let the Bourgeois leftist Parisians keep their “diverse paradise”, but the Front National isn’t, they’re still advocating for the country to stay together and their ideals for the whole country. There is no 1 France anymore. The divide between right and left French people is so big they may as well be different nationalities, especially given one side doesn’t even care about nationality or the nation state.

        • True about the loss of what was once an homogenous France – but the French started to lose that when they began to import the peoples and the cultures that they had colonized.

          There is a tendency to equate what is occurring within the larger cities – as we become aware – to generalize about the whole country, whatever that country may be called today, but the folks who inhabit the larger towns and villages strewn around the countryside are largely untouched by the ‘mass immigration’ brush and in a general sense still consider themselves as French etc, etc. Maybe the saving of those towns and villages will perhaps go toward a more self-determined population.

          What we are now witnessing in all Western countries is the gradual tribalization, that started with the big cities, of what was once homogenous societies and cultures which as a result has transformed (intended to do so via the UN/MC/PC/Human Rights agenda) all Western lands into countries of tribes who each now uphold their own cultures over what was once the host culture.

          The whole thing is just waiting to fall apart because without a common ground between all those tribes, there can be no future peace between the various cultures, especially where Islam is concerned and when economies begin to collapse.

          When that occurs it will be every tribe for themselves and as such there can only be an educated guess of what will eventually pan out – maybe the biggest tribe will win the coming fight, but the country that they will fight over has already ceased to exist so what will be made with what is left of each country remains to be seen.

          If you are looking for action as to what one may get up to in the near future to take back his/her country, this is not the site for that. I believe most who visit this site are simple observers, and too old to take part in any planned future action, excepting for self-defence when and if the time arrives.

        • “Xenophobe”

          I couldn’t find a reply button where I wanted one to be, but I’d like to address some earlier comments of yours.

          1. “I’m simply wondering why it is that this and other sites only talk about Islam and Muslims as a threat.”

          The name of this site is “Gates of Vienna” and the subheading says it all.

          2. “So, it isn’t out of question that someone could only focus on Muslim immigration because they’re more worried about issues facing Jews than all Europeans.”

          I think you’ll find with a bit of reading here that this site is not the home of disguised Jew-loving shills. That said, the perspicacious amongst the observers of world affairs, and certainly those in the Counterjihad, understand that Israel is the canary in the coal mine vis-a-vis Islam. So GoV is naturally pro-Zionist.

          Finally, one can hold negative personal views, usually mildly so rather than frothing at the mouth, about Jews and simultaneously back Israel to the hilt for its canary in the coal mine role. A rare breed to be sure, but such people exist: I’ve found them amongst Croats (who have Bosnian Muslims to contend with), Serbs (ditto and Albanian/Kosovar Muslims as well) and Lebanese Christians (who have Shi’ite Hezbollah and Sunni Muslims to contend with).

    • I agree with the author. Have any of you seen YouTube? Just type Muslims in London, Muslims in Sweden, etc. They are destroying the culture, they are trying to enforce Sharia Law, there are no zone Muslim areas; I can’t believe this, where cops are afraid to enter. Afraid. We need to stop the immigration of a religion that has always caused violence and corruption throughout the centuries. Even in how they dress, does not blend in our modern culture. Seeing black burkas is depressing and oppressive to women in the USA and Europe. They are raping women in Sweden, it has now been labeled the “Rape Capital” of Europe. I am scared living in the USA, that this will happen here. It is already beginning in some cities and towns.

  2. No doubt, Europe is going under. But who is to blame? Let us remember Kosovo. A century ago it was half Albanian, half Serbian. Over that time Albanians changed this situation not only by the ‘demographic bomb’, but by harassing and intimidating Serbs, and by resettling of Albanians from Albania. At the same time, Albanian culture and Albanian-language education was generously subsidised by the Yugoslav government. When they felt strong enough, Albanians staged an uprising, killing, robbing and raping remaining Serbs. And democratic, tolerant Europe supported them! Now, the Kosovo scenario is happening to Europe itself.

    And it is not only Kosovo. Some European countries – whom President Bush called “new Europe” – supported the US invasion in Iraq which led to the fall of the secular regime and threw the country to the Islamist wolves. Of course, millions of Iraqis, whose lives and livelihoods were destroyed in the process, wanted to move to a safer place.

    Later Europe welcomed the murderous ‘Arab Spring’ which also resulted in Islamist mayhem and generated waves of refugees and economic migrants.

    Europe was involved in the senseless and calamitous destruction of Libya – Europe’s rampart against African migration.

    European leaders, like maniacs, insist on ousting Assad instead of helping him to crush Islamist fanatics.

    At home, European authorities and intellectuals keep humiliating and weakening Christianity on which the European civilisation is built, while behaving somewhat ambiguously towards Islam – sometimes appeasing Muslims, sometimes enraging them by blasphemous cartoons, simultaneously feeding their superiority complex and their sense of victimhood.

    Dear Europeans, you are reaping what you have sown.

    • The European politicians and the European peoples are two opposites!

      Please, don’t blame the European peoples for what the European politicians did, and are doing.

      – EU is not democratic
      – The European elections are not democratic
      – The European democracies are not democratic
      – A democracy is based on freedom of expression
      – Does any European country today, have freedom of expression?

      The European peoples might, however, be to blame for not opposing the politicial systems, and for not making revolutions

    • Anton

      The Kosovo scenario as an analogy for Europe is accurate and truly frightening. When I was in short pants, Kosovo was mostly ethnic Serbian. By the mid 1990’s it was 90% Kosovar/Albanian with the Serbs confined to the extreme north.

      Macedonia, ie “FYROM”, is going the same way as Kosovo as Albanians have flooded in and now constitute a majority in north-western Macedonia, driving the Orthodox Christians out, and have reached demographic parity in the capital city, Skopje.

      In a short while, perhaps only a decade, there will be three Muslim majority countries in Europe forming a contiguous bloc: Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia; with Bosnia-Hercegovina joining as number four as the Croats progressively leave the mixed areas for the solid Croat majority areas of south-western Hercegovina adjoining Croatian Dalmatia. One only hopes that when the Croats of Hercegovina eventually demand to secede and join Croatia, the stupid, myopic Western powers don’t oppose it and try to impose some “Dayton Agreement” style solution.

  3. It’s the submissive European public that brought us multiple world wars, now this madness. It is a problem of their own making. They will need a European George Washington to survive as Christians, and fast. Hopefully the US, China and Russia can agree on a plan to retrieve the non-conventional NATO weaponry at a moment’s notice.

    • You cannot blame what has occurred over the past 100 odd years on the collective European. Just as you cannot blame the collective American people for what Clinton, the two Bush’s and Obama have wreaked upon the U.S.

      Politicians of all Western countries have been sidestepping their responsibilities to those who elect them for decades while doing the bidding of the Globalist/One World Government via the United Nations.

      That is why we are in this mess – all of us! Europe is going under because the agenda over there has been accelerated – the rest of us can expect the same!

      • Good point, and I agree the U.S. isn’t far behind the Euro’s. But I still blame the Europeans, particularly the UK. Like old Ben Parker said – “with great power comes great responsibility”. I blame the Brits because they lost their American colony, squandered the rest of their empire, then sent an entire generation of their best men to slaughter during WW1. Not content with the carnage they wrought, they then laid the path for an Adolf Hitler to thrive. The surviving elements of post WW2 British insanity decided to carve up the hoards of Sunni and Shia into unnatural camps all the while whipping the flames of today’s problems from that first spark in British Palestine. Their chickens are now coming home to roost.

        • Do not forget that we (that is those of us who can see what is occurring) have a very valuable tool – a weapon if you will – at our disposal, a tool that has given us much foresight and appreciation for what is now occurring at the globalist level – the internet.

          If not for the internet most of us would still be in the dark as to what is really happening. And being forewarned can make us forearmed.

          Jeff E. In a general sense you have covered some history of why we are where we are now. But history goes much deeper than a generalization, for instance: Britain lost the American colonies because a few wealthy aristocratic families of Europe and Britain and who financed the British government decided that they were not prepared to lose their ‘investment’ – the American colonies. So instead of addressing the legitimate American grievances a war was organized that had nothing to do with the ordinary British subject. Now fast forward to events in Victoria, Australia, during 1854 where an organized rebellion by gold miners at a place called Eureka against the restrictive and expensive gold licenses, as imposed by the colonial government, led to what is now known as the Eureka Stockade Rebellion. The British government soon realized that there was now a possibility that they would also lose the Australian colonies – so the authorities acquiesced to the miners demands therefore keeping the Australian colonies.

          Wind back those eight decades to America and Britain could have kept its colonies if the authorities had been prepared to not bow to the ‘financiers’ wishes and had acquiesced to American demands.

          When you generalize that it was the British or Americans fault you label all the good people who had nothing to do with what you complain of and lump them all with the those who should be blamed.

          • Nemesis, of course you are correct and I apologize for lumping the British citizenry in with the aristocracy. They, the ruling class or the “crown”, whichever, they rose up thru a millennium to become the modern equivalent of Rome fully equipped with a structured society and a Magna Carta. The entirety of their multi-generational toil was not only squandered, but it’s as if they decided it better to provide a ruinous legacy that we all suffer. This doesn’t imply the U.S. is performing much better these past 50 years or so, but we seem to have a rhythmic change every 4-8 years which restores some responsibility to our omnipotent global responsibility. The British have no remorse for demonstrating horrible judgement. Oh, and yes I love the Internet as well for this very dialogue.

      • Well said. We are all controlled, very controlled. But those controlling our direction need to remember that the more people are controlled the more they resist and wish for freedom. Eventually any price becomes worth paying.

  4. “Muslims in the past conquered, invaded, and took over countries. This is agreed to by all scholars – there is no disagreement on this from any of them, from the smallest to the largest, on the issue of taking spoils and prisoners. The prisoners and spoils are distributed among the fighters, which includes men, women, children, wealth, and so on.”
    Sheikh Huwayni
    More of the same but without the battles as yet.

    • The book may not be available in English yet, some sites give a slightly different title,
      The Last Escape
      The Last To Escape
      Makes me think it’s only in Hungarian for now.

    • I found two translations of the book. Looks like he never found a publisher for the Hungarian original version.

      German title: Letzte Einkehr

      French title: L’Ultime Auberge

      Don’t know if there will ever be an English translation.

  5. Why is the immigrant invasion a surprise? All political leaders must have foreseen it, yet they did not offer to help house the refugees in Turkey. Why aren’t all these Sharia law devotees swarming into Iran?

    This is a deliberate attempt to destroy the territorial boundaries of the European nations and enable the EU to step in as Dictator, and it is bound up with the Global Financial Empire’s prosecution of war in the Middle East as the best way to exert their grip over the entire region.

    Western citizens have two enemies – their left-wing political elites (which are administrative units of the financial investment industry) and the Muslims – both are EQUALLY intolerant of traditional Judeo-Christian values!

    • Yes. It has infuriated me to see the way the world press is covering the story of these “migrants”–as if each and every one of them somehow came to the same independent conclusion one fine day–“Let’s go to Europe.”

      Why not to the 57 or so other Muslim countries? Esp. those rolling in wealth, e.g., Saudi, Qatar, etc.?

      Because each of them wants to *not* be the last to suck the money/food/benefits from the tottering European economies. European countries desperately need to reinstate border controls, no matter what anyone else says. These hordes of out-of-control Islamic men (yep, the photos show mostly men) need to be held at bay.

      OTOH, like Slovakia said a few days ago, we should be open to accepting *Christian* refugees from the Mideast. They truly have nowhere else to go, and accepting them will (perhaps?) remind Europe of what Christianity can be.

      But it’s looking bad all around…. 🙁

    • New World Order… The 0 talked about this subject in a public broadcast running up to the presidential elections.

      During the invasion of Germany, he applauds Merkel, and makes a point of phoning her. Why?

      European interest rates are being pushed towards sharia levels.

      The New World Order – sharia – keeps getting closer by the day.

      He was expanding the presidential campaigns into Europe, and recently visits Africa. The events are being pushed forward in Europe at an ever accelerating speed. Do we already know the new dictator of the NWO? He’s got the OIC on his side, already, doesn’t he?

  6. This seems an utter disaster….a world-shattering event, like a Krakatoa going off in Europe or a WWIII. And the chaos may be just starting…
    Questions: Can it be partially reversed? Can this be managed in a democratic way? or will it take a strongman? Are the refugees almost all Muslim? Are these last tranches more likely to assimilate or less? What are the chances that it will induce: autochthonous Europeans to become refugees themselves? Monster war? Iranian adventurism? Russian military actions? Overt ISIS invasions of weakened southern-tier nations like Greece? Financial collapses? North Korean opportunity seeking, assuming a distracted world?

    Can you imagine how many other consequences this could have?

    Could anything good come of it? Shock therapy and spine transplant into European elites? …and ultimate border and immigration discipline? European military enhancements and resumption of healthy nationalism and withering of progressive dogma?

    I think we witness a new era in history.

    • That was a good post. You covered a lot of things very briefly-without a lot of longwindedness. I never thought about Russian actions in Syria. Or possibly E U refugies.–to America?

      But like you I fear either an Islamisization, or a ‘strongman’. And I don’t want either.

      CNN reports that there are over “500 migrants coming into greece every day”. Where’s the money to come from; taxpayers are already complaining. But this is a new era in history

    • I have actually thought that the national armies should intervene and organise a coup to take over temporarily the rule of the European countries. And tell the politicians that the democratic institutions won’t be restored until they actually learn to take the wishes of the population into account and stop selling out their countries. Problem is that since the Wall fell down most armies have been downsized and compulsory military service has been abolished. Europe thought that when the USSR collapsed the last enemy was gone. How wrong they were!
      I am flabbergasted at how politicians and media keep calling those who oppose this invasion “racists”, “populists”, “fascists”. Why do they refuse to see what is happening?
      Another thing I hate so much: how Germany has imposed draconic economic measures on Greece and showed no mercy or solidarity at all (I do not know enough about economy to understand the details of the Greek crisis but I think it is only common sense that you cannot keep stifling an ailing economy; if people don’t have anything anymore than how on earth can they save more money). So no German solidarity for Greece, a fellow EU country. But when it comes to the invaders there is no end to the German solidarity.
      Let’s hope that a decent Republican (I am not talking about Trump) wins the next presidential elections in the USA. Back in 2008 I was thrilled about Obama, as most Europeans, and I think his health care project was good. But on foreign affairs, except for the killing of Osama Bin Laden, he has been a disaster. I don’t think that he is as such inspired by affinity with islam since in my eyes Obama is a WASP. He is not a black president, he is basically a child of protestant middle class people who is black because his father was African. But he knew that the only chance he had of becoming president was to become more black, which among other things he did by marrying a real African-American woman. It is well known that when he was younger, he wanted to be called Barry and had white girlfriends. I think Obama’s motivation lies more in the typical post-68 naive unrealistic thinking that the world is makeable and that the whole human race should engage in one enormous group hug. It’s nice to think like that when you are 20 but by the time you are 50 you should have understood that there are plenty of evil people out there. So rather than being all idealistic you have to face reality and accept there is civilisation and then there is barbarism, and that you have no other choice than to use violence when barbarism is threatening civilisation.

      • Well, at least you’re honest: “Back in 2008 I was thrilled about Obama,” but not very perceptive.
        In 2008 I was horrified that Americans could be so terminally stupid as to vote into power a black man with no experience, a ‘community organizer’, with ties to islam, our eternal enemy, and worst of all, a man from nowhere, whose personal papers were ‘unavailable’ and whose birth certificate was/is a forgery.

        Nor can Obama claim any credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden–he was on the golf course when the decision to attack was made–by Panetta–and was reportedly furious when told.

        However, I cautiously agree with you about the takeover of Europe by the armies (if any can be found!) until sanity can be restored, (if possible) and that’s assuming military leaders can be found who are still in possession of basic human decency and the ability to distinguish right from wrong; something woefully absent in most of Eurabia’s ‘leaders’ today.

      • The head of NATO was a pacifist, so how could he ever be in favor of protecting NATO states militarily?

      • You do not know much about economic matters, but you KNOW that the evil Germans did evil things to poor Greece.
        What I do hate so much is when people let their resentment running wild without even having the slightest clue.

    • “Could anything good come of it?”

      Pure speculation on my part but I find it hard to believe that the martial spirit will not revive among mortally threatened Europeans.

  7. Opinion poll by the “Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe”:

    Do you support closing the borders to migrants and sending them back to their home country?
    (N=1000 for each country)

    % affirmative (=yes)
    Netherlands 66,8
    France 73,0
    Belgique 66,3
    Poland 58,4
    Lithuania 59,8
    Czech Republic 88,4
    Sweden 42,1

    • I wonder where the UK stands in this.
      It appears that in Europe, even worse than in the United States, there is a very substantial disconnect between the ruling elites media elites and the people.

      In the US, the Republican party rank and file look like they want to overturn the Republican party establishment.
      But the Democrats appear to be herd animals and will just go along with anything a smiling Obama wants to do. Unfortunately this herd animal group appears to contain most of the young, educated people who have been indoctrinated at their colleges and universities and whose indoctrination continues via the echo chamber of the mainstream media.

      • In Britain the people are the enemy of the state and the state, realising that the people are becoming uncomfortable with the consequences of state-designed master plan of multiracial multiculturalism, has switched allegiance and now favours the enemy over its own people.

      • This is the worrying thing. It is the young people who are stuck in their naive ideas and the critical voices come from older people, some who still remember the totalitarianism of nazism and communism. And I am afraid that a lot of those will no longer be among us in 10 years.
        And these youngsters are not only naive they are also incredibly arrogant and thing their opinion is so valuable so they write blogs, columns while they have absolutely no clue as they live in their save bubble. But boy, how will these kids feel one that bubble will burst. That’s gonna be one rude awakening.

  8. I am in favor of Viktor Orban’s attitude of keeping Hungary Hungarian. I don’t know where Angela Merkel keeps her brain and I won’t say anything more.

    While I do understand a certain amount of pity etc, for the refugees (or migrants), I don’t think that Europe can absorb them — I see much regret in the future, along with other more dangerous things. The rape rate has risen, the violence has risen and it doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.

  9. Do you support closing the borders to migrants and sending them back to their home country?
    (N=1000 for each country)

    % affirmative (=yes)
    Netherlands 66,8
    France 73,0
    Belgique 66,3
    Poland 58,4
    Lithuania 59,8
    Czech Republic 88,4
    Sweden 42,1

    OK. So what is to prevent the French (73+%) from voting in the politicians to do their will?

    Here in the U.S. the electorate usually doesn’t get the choice and, if they do, the politician once in office does not do what he promised to do. This may be starting to change, I hope.

  10. P.S. I am reminded of the third book of C. S. Lewis’s Perelandra trilogy, “That Hideous Strength,” (1945). There is a scene in which the hero, Ransom ,explains the situation to an awakened Merlin–awakened from his centuries long sleep to help combat the looming evil. Ransom explains that the other side has an engine whereby they deceive the people–this engine is called “the press.”

  11. ” Back in 2008 I was thrilled about Obama, as most Europeans, and I think his health care project was good. But on foreign affairs, except for the killing of Osama Bin Laden, he has been a disaster. I don’t think that he is as such inspired by affinity with islam since in my eyes Obama is a WASP.”

    Hello Obnoxious,

    I enjoy your comments and often agree. But as an American and an observer, I must say that you have this one very wrong. With all due respect and no offense intended, Europeans often get America wrong.

    Obama was very influenced by Franz Fanon’s “The Wretched of the Earth.” The gist of this work is that most or all of the problems in the 3rd world have been caused by the oppression of the colonialist and capitalist West and that without this malign oppression, the 3rd World would be a garden of Eden or a reasonable facsimile thereof. I’m not exaggerating by very much.

    This point of view is very popular on college and university campuses and has been for many years. Students graduate as part of the “Blame America First” crowd. It is the view of the progressive Left. Naturally, minority groups within the United States and other Western countries are counted as part of or akin to this “oppressed” 3rd world culture.

    Naturally, as the leader of the West, the United States is considered to have a particularly malign influence upon the rest of world and to have entirely too much power.

    Therefore, anything which diminishes the power of the United States is considered to be a good thing. Get it? Once this point of view is understood, Obama’s foreign policy stupidities become understandable. Of course, I’m also not discounting the sheer incompetence of his administration. And the extraordinary naivete of these multi-culti leftists.

    Yes, if Europeans had been able to vote, Obama would have won election by a much wider margin. For those of us here in the U.S. with half a brain and the ability to observe, it was obvious very quickly that he is a multicultural leftist or a leftist multiculturalist if that reads better.

    He had to have his arm twisted to give the go-ahead for the Bin Laden raid, after which he was quickl to claim the credit for it.

    And with all due respect, many of us Americans don’t really care that Europeans approve of Obamacare; regardless of the merits of socialized medicine, the bill itself is terrible, riddled with booby-traps for the taxpayers and in favor of the current political ruling party. Our Congress has exempted themselves from it–they will have their own gold-plated system because they will get huge subsidies from the taxpayers to pay for their gold-plated plans. A friend of mine once had the unpleasant experience of being lectured by a Dutch medical doctor (1950s or 60s) about medical care in the U.S. and how superior their system was. She didn’t have the psychological wherewithal to tell that self-righteous doctor that if it were not for the American taxpayers paying for his protection (thereby freeing up Dutch money for their welfare system), he would likely not have socialized medicine but rather would probably have Soviet medicine.

    As I said, I generally appreciate your comments. I think more people are beginning to realize that multi-cultural leftism is like a religion in that rational arguments seem to make no difference to its adherents–and it is held with all the fervor of any religion.

    • P.S. Just read an earlier comment about Obama’s role in Bin Laden raid. That comment may be correct, that Panetta approved it while Obama was on the golf course. In any case it’s well-known that the raid occurred due to a few people around Obama. Obama of course later basked in the general approval and claimed credit. Even people who knew better gave them credit. Such is the nature of the White House hierarchy and Obama himself.

      • Just look at the official “war room” picture. Obummer looks like the pizza delivery boy, whom they’ve generously allowed to watch the teevee along with themselves.

        If he looks this marginal and feckless in the official iconography, you can be sure none of them take him seriously when the cameras are shut off.

    • Hi Independent, thank you for your extensive explication with some new information for me. I have no problems to admit that my perspective on the US is incomplete and very coloured by the fact that I am a European. Coming from a country with an excellent social security system (one that is under heavy pressure by the globalised economy, the financial crisis and mass migration) it is rather natural for me to consider Obamacare as some equivalent of the health insurance we know here. I have no problems admitting that I don’t know the details about it. Unfortunately my more than fulltime job does not allow me to read as much as I would.
      To be honest, I preferred Hilary to run for the Democrats as I saw her as a much more realistic politician and more middle-of-the-road. Now that Obama’s reign is coming to an end I think that Obama has really polarised the American population a lot and that is a bad thing for the social cohesion of the country. BTW, his reign as a president is coming to an end but he actually has big plans, you probably read this as well:
      He could actually be even more dangerous after his presidency. He strikes me as an extremely intelligent man but also an unbelievable scheming person.
      That all problems in the West are the fault of the West is certainly not true. In university I read a book with the title: “L’état en Afrique ou la politique du ventre” (translation: the state in Africa – the politics of the belly):
      This book explains among other things how African politics are influenced by the existence of different tribes. If your tribe is part of the government things will be good for you because there is a whole chain from the top to the bottom = the village in the jungle. If your tribe is not part of the government you will suffer.
      Africa blames the West but look at the Democratic Republic of Congo. First they sold their resources to the West, now they sell them to China. Does any of this ever profit the poor majority of the country? No. In Burundi the president wanted a third term which was not legal. Is that the fault of the West? No the fault of the fact there is no rule of law in Burundi. In South Africa there is a silent genocide going on against the white farmers. Hard-working folks who give employment to many black people and sometimes get killed by them for their land. Idem Zimbabwe. As far as Congo is concerned, many young Belgian people used to go and work there for some time, in schools and hospitals. When the independence was declared many of them were chased away and had to leave everything behind.
      I read somewhere that the trade in slaves from Africa was actually run by Africans so that’s another example that it is not all the fault of the West. In any case, the African countries have been independent for 50-60 years now and some of them still have not made progress despite a lot of development aid. To be honest that results in me having a bit an attitude of “can’t be bothered about Africa any longer.” I would like to kick Africa’s [behind] and tell them: you’ve got a wonderful continent with so many resources, when are you going to do something productive with this instead of destroying it with your endless fights and corruption?

        • Yes, I agree about the 3rd world and about Africa. Ritamalik’s post of a week or so ago is very relevant in this respect.

          To me, Europeans are generally multiculti-socialist, even more so than Americans, many of whom are actually somewhat conservative. So of course Europeans loved Obama. He is more like them than like the majority of Americans. (He was elected because he has a gift for speaking and because Americans still feel guilty about slavery. And because the Republican establishment has been so weak and stupid and has run weak candidates.)

          It’s just that Europeans like to see a strong America in foreign policy and then they like to complain about a strong America in foreign policy. They like to have it both ways. That’s how it appears from here.

  12. European colonials dragged most of the rest of the world from a socially and technologically stone aged slumber. Smart nations like India are now succeeding as they still utilise what we left them. Those that are failing are the ones that have reverted to other cultures, particularly Islamic ones (unless they are fortunate enough to possess petrol).

  13. Arabs and muslims are destroying Europe! They are [epithets]! Sorry for Europe and our world for this disaster of suffering of the arab invasion!

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