Tensions are Rising in Sweden

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Tensions are Rising in Sweden
by Fjordman

The Sweden Democrats, who are critical of mass immigration, on August 20, 2015 for the first time were polled as Sweden’s largest political party, with 25.2 percent support.[1] This put them just ahead of the Social Democrats, who have been the country’s largest political party for generations. The SD entered Parliament for the first time in 2010. They became the third largest party during the elections in 2014, and have continued to grow in popularity since then. These poll numbers are therefore not entirely surprising. However, it is likely that a brutal double murder that same month contributed to SD’s breaking this threshold for the first time.

On August 10, 2015, two Swedes [2] were stabbed to death by a rejected African asylum seeker[3] at an IKEA store in Västerås, west of Stockholm. The store closed for two days after this double homicide, officially due to “technical error.” The furniture giant IKEA is one of Sweden’s most famous brands internationally. To see random Swedes brutally murdered by an immigrant, simply for shopping in their own country, caused widespread outrage among many Swedes.[4] It seemed to demonstrate yet again that immigration is out of control, and that the establishment parties have failed to uphold basic security.

I have previously labeled Sweden one of the most repressive and culturally insane countries in the Western world. I stand by that assessment. It was true, at least in the past. Yet in fairness to Sweden, censorship and ideological indoctrination can be encountered throughout the Western world today. They are not unique to one country.

When opinion polls show that the Sweden Democrats could become the largest political party in the country, this is a major breakthrough. Even in Sweden, the negative effects of mass immigration will finally need to be talked about openly. I attribute this breakthrough to at least two key factors:

1.   Dissidents and independent websites have used the Internet and alternative media patiently to challenge the narrative presented by established mass media. This process took years, but their efforts finally paid off.
2.   The sheer force of problems related to Islamization, Multiculturalism, open borders and mass migration have simply become too big to hide. This is true for all of Europe, not just for Sweden.

Problems that were worrisome 15-20 years ago have now become alarming, even catastrophic. Europe and the wider Western world is stuck in a race against time: Will rising popular opposition to mass immigration be enough to stop the current inflow? So far, this has unfortunately not been the case. More drastic measures need to be taken to stem the massive inflow of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

In this age of doom and gloom, we should celebrate whatever good news we can find. It is good that opposition to organized national destruction is finally rising, even in Sweden. Nevertheless, on the negative side of the equation, we have to add a few factors.

First, the Sweden Democrats now rival the country’s largest political parties in size, but so far only in opinion polls. That is not the same as elections.

Second, even if the SD should indeed become Sweden’s largest party, the next election is scheduled to take place in 2018. That means, at a minimum, several more years of possibly irreparable damage done to the Swedish nation.

Third, no single political party in Sweden today is anywhere close to having a majority of the seats in Parliament. That probably means that the Sweden Democrats cannot substantially change the country’s suicidal immigration policies until they have convinced some other parties to do the same. This could happen, if the ruling elites feel squeezed by the voters. However, so far this has not taken place. On the contrary, all of the other established parties have closed ranks in order to keep the SD away from any position of influence.

Fourth, in the highly unlikely event that the Sweden Democrats should get a majority of seats in the Swedish Parliament, even that might not be enough. In order to stop Sweden’s slide into the abyss, they would have to withdraw from the Schengen Agreement and possibly the outdated United Nations Refugee Convention from 1951. Finally, they would have to leave the European Union (EU) entirely in order to reestablish effective control over their own national borders and laws. The leadership of the SD have so far not demonstrated any willingness to do all of this.

In summary, I would welcome a Prime Minister from the Sweden Democrats with a strong mandate to finally do something real about the runaway mass immigration that is destabilizing the country. Unfortunately, I fear that even if this happens, it will be like being made captain of the Titanic five minutes after it hits the iceberg.

As I warned in one of my essays already in May 2005, “Swedish culture is disappearing with astonishing speed in front of our eyes. If the trend isn’t stopped, the Swedish nation will simply cease to exist in any meaningful way during the first half of this century. The country that gave us Bergman, ABBA and Volvo could become known as the Bosnia of northern Europe.”[5]

More than a decade later, some of the major media seem to have a reached a similar conclusion. The country’s third largest city, Malmö, is probably the most Islamized city in Scandinavia. It has been rocked by explosions and bombs for several years.[6] Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, had been plagued by deadly gang shootings[7] and is a recruitment center for Jihadists to the Islamic State (ISIS). Stockholm was shaken by major riots in immigrant-dominated suburbs in May 2013.[8] There are fears that similar riots could return at any moment. None of the underlying problems have been solved, and there are reports of policemen, firemen or ambulances being attacked or pelted with stones. Even smaller Swedish towns now face similar problems.

In neighboring Denmark, the centrist newspaper Jyllands-Posten published an editorial on August 18, 2015 about these issues. It lamented that many people can no longer recognize what was once known as Sweden. Closing on a dark note, the paper concluded that unless the government is able to get a handle on Sweden’s immigration problems soon, the end result could be chaos and anarchy: “The security of Swedes depends largely on whether the government can solve problems with political solutions. If not, the solutions will be anti-political, in other words, violent and bloody. When those in power no longer have legitimacy, society is in danger of ending violently. This has happened in Syria, but it could also happen in Sweden.”[9]

Written at a time when Syria is engaged in an exceedingly bloody civil war, this is a stark warning indeed. Unfortunately, it is not without merit. Right now, both the “diversity” problems and the opposition to them are growing. This will ensure increasing polarization in the years to come.

Mass immigration and population replacement continues at full speed. Sweden is infamous for having the highest rape rates in all of Europe.[10] The general level of violent crime is high. Many native Swedes have family members or friends who have been raped, mugged or abused by immigrants. Resentment is quietly simmering beneath the surface. Trust in the mass media and in political leaders is plummeting. The economy has been put under increasing strain in order to finance a level of immigration that is not sustainable.

Quite a few people in Sweden and other Nordic countries have guns and a hunting licence. Meanwhile, the police have lost effective control over dozens of areas. This number keeps growing. Criminal gangs are becoming bolder. In some cases, ethnic gangs attack not merely each other or average citizens, but also police patrols or even police stations.[11]

I wish civilized Swedes who want to preserve their nation the very best of luck. I fear they are going to need it. But then again, the same goes for many other European nations, including my own.


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12 thoughts on “Tensions are Rising in Sweden

  1. http://politics.stackexchange.com/questions/566/list-of-countries-that-includes-how-much-of-the-workforce-is-employed-by-the-gov

    Above is a bar chart showing that 27-28% of Swedish employed people work for the government. Sweden along with Norway are highest of these OECD countries. The US is 15% and 8% in Switzerland.

    Those government workers are solid Socialist, thus the popularity of the Social Democrat Party and the difficulty in getting rid of leftist control of Sweden. Hence, the difficulty of stopping immigration as these government workers and their leftist parties know a solid voting bloc (Muslims) when they see one.

  2. Europe maybe at the point where events are now setting the agenda beyond the control of the multikulti progressives.

    • And America too. Trump appears to be saying things that the establishment doesn’t like but that are resonating with a growing proportion of the population.

    • That, in all its simplicity, is the reality of the hour. All the resources of the state and a captive press can only cover up reality for so long. There is no way that that reality can be spun as something that is remotely of any benefit to the white population of Europe. Cows being butchered in the public street add nothing of value to Germany. Some Germans had to walk around the blood and wonder why it came to be there.

  3. Tensions rising indeed

    Today EU-commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos warns ‘Populism in the refugee crisis: “What is popular and unpopular has to do with domestic politics, but we must not give in to populism and xenophobia”.
    This statement is itself cheap and pure EU-propaganda as it summarily dismisses and demonizes as populism the legitimate concerns of more and more EU citizens of hyper-immigration and the wilful, careless and totally unnecessary destruction of European social cohesion and identity. The EU seeks to make political zombies of its citizenry, those that challenge are denounced as populists.
    The current immigration waves, that have more a character of a stampede-like invasions, are the result, not of populism, but of systemic and ideology motivated failure of the UN, the UN Security Council, the US and the EU.

    • That failure is above all the failure to deal realistically with matters of aid and population growth. Western aid was lavished on Africa with the result not that poverty was halved but that the population doubled with the same rate of poverty. Demographic reality is brutal and that failure of foresight and courage now affects Europe in the way we now see. The earliest immigration to the West was early evidence of failure.

      The modern West has been equivocal at best about free markets and failed to create conditions in the third world conducive to their creation and maintenance. Economic failure has been the result there as well as in Western countries themselves. And Western intellectuals concerned themselves with greed, racism, sexism, homosexual rights, and every possible manner of hampering productive enterprise.

      Pope Francis can be seen as the perfect embodiment of flaccid Western thinking.

      As only the denizens of the web and (true) political mavericks attempt to introduce any sanity into the debate, it’s inevitable that no changes are forthcoming. Resident and incoming foreigners will determine the immediate future of the West and the early indicators are that it will only be bloodshed that will determine events. For the moment, third-world populations are indigestible lumps seething with pathology and resentment of the majority population. Hand grenades in Swedish cities really ARE a third-world innovation.

      So much for the idea of an enlightened elite to manage affairs so as to usher in a just and prosperous society.

      • Whenever any elite starts behaving like they think they are ‘an enlightened elite to manage affairs so as to usher in a just and prosperous society’ then you know you’ve got a problem. All serious political thinkers have always known that moralising and messianic political elites form dogmas, then delusions; and better politicians than we have now did their best to guard against this. Shame that so many of our populations played along with it – but PC dogmas are now so strong that I think only serious social convulsions can overturn them.

  4. There are many problems to face, because secularism scenario socialists have taken root, and thus the things become even more difficult, therefore, will take much longer so you can untie the knot socialist Sweden. The whole problem is in politics, sometimes read people writing about multiculturalism, but in a very innocuous and distant, as if there was a political factor in all this.

    The governments of Sweden and promote multiculturalism, and bring immigrants, and promote the Islamic faith to the point of trying to aggregate her Christian communities, not why it works, but why do they have in mind the objective of destroying his country, maintain power at any cost. A good example is when Cameron said after the massacre of British tourists in the Tunisian beaches, that Islam is a religion of peace, therefore he is saying that your formula is correct, and that while Islam is antagonistic to democracy, it will continue with its engineering program. The Swedish government instead of worrying about the welfare of its population, looking for blame her reverse effect of benefits given to immigrants at taxpayer expense.

    When Merkel says that multiculturalism has failed, however, it brings hundreds of Muslims to their country clearly showing he was lying, she is simply following the script, and completely ignoring what I said for the sake of his ideals, which by the way are not the ideals of German people, but the ideals of the Brussels socialists.

    Where there is the liberal Marxist, the nation is in danger, the more danger than run with immigration itself. It takes careful as always a progressive can come to power and change everything, and that’s why we need to fight on two fronts I believe: combating cultural Marxism, and the multiculturalists; both left and right. We must fight these fronts as well can identify the enemy, and as nowadays there is a polarization in the political field, is capable of a conservative candidate is elected and do things in a progressive way, and that’s really frustrating .

  5. Cultural Insurgency
    I don’t know what else can be said anymore.

    Anyone who still doesn’t get it is living in a gated community, either mentally or literally, and they won’t figure it out until the bandits actually break through the gate and attack them personally. Problem is that by that time it will be too late for them to do anything.

  6. It’s becoming clear that the Islamic European Invasion is a stunning success. The problems will begin with economies crumbling, then internal unrest and finally civil wars. It may be a God send that European nations decimated their military capability after all.

  7. I am absolutely certain the reason for the killing of the swedes is the occcupation fo the West Bank and Gaza and the Golan Heights. If only Israel would cede those places to their rightful jihadis then Swede shoppers, the English trupeteers, the Australian revelers in Bali, the soldiers in Chattannooga, would all vbe alive today. Its’ the the Jews, er pardon me, the Zionists fault and for that they should have the iranian Nuke dropped on their filthy cities.

  8. Unfortunately, radical action has to take place soon in order to stem the tide.

    Whatever consequences this brings should be blamed squarely on the people who let them in to begin with.

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