#PublishTheMotoons: At the BBC

A Charlie Hebdo cover appeared briefly at the BBC website before being removed (at this page). A reader and commenter named JJ did a screen cap, and sent this image of the page before it was scrubbed of Islamophobic material, with this note:

Hello, here is a pic of the BBC actually showing a Muhammad cartoon. I took a screen grab and then it disappeared. But I thought it was worth sending on as they have never done this before.

5 thoughts on “#PublishTheMotoons: At the BBC

  1. Typical BBC. On such non-PC events they usually do post a story, but then it is buried without trace in a very short time thereafter.

    The Prince Andrew scandal has been treated similarly. It was top news for a week on virtually every Brit outlet except the BBC, where their article went into the oubliette after a mere couple of hours. Including disappearing from the “most read” list.

  2. Looks like one of the peons had enough and tried to show there was still an England. Of course, the higher-ups proved there wasn’t.

  3. If you want to know what is forbidden by our rulers just look at what is not allowed to be discussed or written about in the media.

    Multiculturalism, Islam and criticism of the ruling elite are just three of those taboos.

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