6 thoughts on “#PublishTheMotoons: In the Spanish Media

    • The reference to “Motoons” has been around since the Danish newspaper flap.

      It is very sad that this site and others can publish (for brevity ) those publications that WILL show some of the recent cartoons rather than those who will NOT.

      In the recent past the NY Daily News published a photo taken at the Brooklyn Museum of a dead Christ with ants eating at his wounds… And yet, they have pixilated a cartoon of mohammed. And BTW, the Brooklyn museum receives taxpayer funding! This is not the first time that our taxpayer dollars have gone to vile, anti-Christian “art work.”
      Charlie Hebdo OTOH is a private company, not feeding off the French taxpayer. If there wasn’t a market for what they publish they wouldn’t be in business. This is not to say that I agree with their satire. I just don’t buy it or girly mags for that fact. But, I don’t kill people for it.
      Why don’t you??? Because I am civilized and not a barbarian.

  1. Holding up pens, publishing, motoons, . . . etc. cannot solve the problem of invasion of the west by islam. Islam cannot invade the west without the help of so-called democracies. Democracies have become the worst kinds of government systems.
    Because politicians ( The Traitor Class) invite them to get elected. Politicians have become without soul, without conscience. Anything goes as long as they get elected.

    To them what matters is not the survival of their nation and people. To them what matters is getting elected.
    And that is the problem.

    There are no values. If you have values you sacrifice not only your job but your life for them.

    No faith in anything, not values.

    Western politician’s values are promoting islam and worshipping islam.
    Nor great values. Are they?

      • How’s about a democracy where Muslims are persona non grata. Completely unacceptable even as temporary street sweepers?

    • The idiotic Catalans encouraged Muslim immigration to buttress their separatist movement. Sheer idiocy. Spain will live to regret it.

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