“Our Freedom is Under Attack”

“It is the Koran. That is the problem, and nothing else.”

In a message about yesterday’s Charlie Hebdo massacre, Geert Wilders calls for the de-Islamization of the Netherlands, an end to all Muslim immigration, and the withdrawal from the Schengen area:

Also: for those of you who use social media, remember the hashtag #PublishTheMotoons. FOX did it. Why can’t the rest of the MSM?

17 thoughts on ““Our Freedom is Under Attack”

  1. I was watching BMFTV in France, this is a news channel and the companion of Charab came on and did an interview, she was a minister in Sarkozy’s government, she made a wonderful speech from what my French could tell, I would seriously recommend that you have a good look at this.


    Her comments on the attacks of Islamophobia against Charab are spot on.

    • Yes. These are heroes who died for our freedom. Not conquered PC dhimmis practicing the art of subservience to fear. They will inspire this and future generations to first resist and then overcome the Nazi Muslim scum and their bizarre opposites, the blind, lefty, libby, milky screamers who enable the advancement of Islam’s dream of a holocaust. Dump the EU’ s mad “vision”.

  2. The British Police are telling people that if they post pictures on line they will be investigated for “hate crime”. Dear God 12 people died and they treat us as the criminals?

    • That’s right. Furthermore, Muslims kill innocent people and the loveys all come out and tell us to find a Muslim to hug.

    • 12 people plus the two in the kosher deli! And if 17 people hadn’t hidden in the deli’s coolroom (and firmly held the door closed from the inside to give the shooters the impression it was locked) the total fatalities in Paris would have been 31.

      Appropos the British police, funny how Orwell was so prescient about a future totalitarian Britain, but got the catalyst for its coming about wrong. To be fair to Orwell, who, in the 1940’s, could have foreseen that Islam would become such a global threat?

  3. And of course Mr. Wilders is right.
    I also think that every freedom-loving Westerner should educate himself about the mechanisms involved which have brought us to this sad and dangerous day.
    Two recommendations: Eurabia, by Bat Ye’or, and Diana West’s column of today, found over at Dianawest.net.
    Because, what we have is more than an Islam problem, it’s a problem of our war with our own elites who have the people’s over whom they rule in their crosshairs.
    So, in order to implement Mr. Wilder’s wise measures to reverse civilizational suicide we must get our elites to understand that we have them in our crosshairs.

  4. Islam is a poisonous and fascist ideology that must be challenged at every turn if one has a true concern about humanity. Geert Wilders is one of the few politicians that has the courage to do this. And, as as we see on a daily basis, challenging Islam has very real risks to life and limb.

    The MSM are in a slow burning but accelerating genocidal death dance with our so called “democratic representatives” by putting out the ludicrous mantra that these daily attacks have nothing to do with Islam when the perpetrators clear identify themselves as acting in accordance with the political ideology of Islam and acting to defend Islam and the prophet.
    In an act of extraordinary cynicism European media is lamenting the attack on freedom of speech but they themselves are busy censoring to propagate and enshrining the mantra.
    A very tangible example of this restriction on free speech that I have experience in the last 24 hours is two out of four of my comments being censored on a European MSM on-line newspaper. The two that were censors claimed Islam was not a religion but a political ideology. Its seems to be important for MSM to maintain the lie that Islam is a religion in the narrow sense rather than acknowledging that Islam encompasses legal and political dimensions as well.
    Why is this point important? Well, while Islam is a seen as a religion only then the argument is vis a vis Christianity – an easy argument for the haters of Christianity with it’s “pagan” festivals. But if Islam is correctly seen as a political ideology then it comes into focused comparison with other such poisonous and fascist ideologies like National Socialism and that’s when the whole house of cards starts to tumble down.

    • Islam undermines all national, cultural and political integrity, even in the Muslim world. Whether it dominates or not, it is fairly characterized as destructive, productive of corruption of every kind. So why has it been sheltered in the West?

    • If Christians are so destructive, then why did they not destroy the prechristian literary heritage of Rome & Greece outright? There is no jahili idea in Christianity.

  5. I see the United Nations wants to curb Free Speech in the name of Human Rights what a lie the UN was the creating of the One Worlder’s it was never ever for World Peace

  6. Geert Wilder’s, bloodied, yet unbowed, a hero to many like me, about to be prosecuted again by his own government who seem to prefer politically correct appeasement of their own enemies to the undeniable truth told by one brave hunted man who may yet be their leader. One can only hope.

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