An Interview With Tim Burton

As we have reported several times in the past, Tim Burton of the political party LibertyGB was charged, tried, and acquitted of “racially aggravated harassment” for his derogatory tweets aimed at Fiyaz Mughal. The thin-skinned Mr. Mughal is the director of Tell MAMA, a Muslim grievance mill supported, nurtured, and consulted by Her Majesty’s dhimmi government.

Paul Weston, the chairman of LibertyGB and a candidate for the European Parliament, was arrested a week ago on the same charge after quoting Winston Churchill over a bullhorn from the front steps of Westminster Guildhall. Mr. Weston will discover whether he will be prosecuted when he appears in court on May 24 — two days after the EP elections.

Vlad Tepes recently interviewed Tim Burton (in two parts) about both court cases. In the following videos he discusses what these prosecutions mean in the larger political context of what is, for all practical purposes, a sharia state in Great Britain.

Part 1:

Part 2:

2 thoughts on “An Interview With Tim Burton

  1. I can only see one way of defeating that law which was used to charge both Tim Burton and Paul Weston – mass civil disobedience through a large number (100+) of demonstrators willing to dress similarly and to recite Winston Churchill’s assessment of Islam in a village square, somewhere in England, where police resources would be stretched to the utmost limit in containing, let alone making quiet those who take part through arresting them.

    And to continue with such civil disobedience until an investigation is forced to occur into the CPS as to why the CPS continues to refer to the law that plainly, should not be used to charge, as was the case with both Burton and Weston -because Islam is not a race!

  2. The CPS must be investigated and purged of muslims and muslim sympathisers. In 2000, I was at a public meeting at the London Borough of Enfield when a Police representative stated that the CPS had issued a directive that they “go easy on” ethnic minority criminals. At that time and place, the problem was black street gangs and they, in turn, were complaining of stop and search activity..

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