The EU Must Be Fought Rigorously!

Most political leaders in Modern Multicultural Europe don’t understand the deliberate destruction of their nations by the trans-national mandarins of the European Union. Or, if they do, it doesn’t bother them. The only exceptions seem to be residents of former Soviet Bloc countries, who know all too well the characteristics of totalitarian Socialism.

Václav Klaus is one such leader. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating this interview (via Vlad Tepes) from Politically Incorrect:

Václav Klaus, (former Czech President) speaks of immigration as a weapon

In a broad interview with Weltwoche, former Czech President Vaclav Klaus talks about the out-of-control immigration to the EU. The EU wants this in order to dissolve the nation-states, to eliminate borders and to advance its own dictatorship. And so it is: Asylum policies, welcoming Lampedusa refugees, acceptance of Turkey (into the EU) etc.: all this is not accidental. The EU wants Germany and all other European states to disappear and make Brussels the capital. Everything else is lies and propaganda.

A small extract (from the interview):

Q. What worries you the most about the EU?

The deteriorating economies, the declining respect for Europe from the rest of the world, the acceleration of democratic deficits and the increasing frustration felt by large parts of the European population are widely ignored. This makes me nervous. Europe is a post-democratic post-political organisation One can see this also the way the EU treated the Swiss referendum on immigration.

The top-ranking EU politicians want to force us to think “continentally”. They want to suppress the nation-state and dissolve state borders. In order to weaken the present cohesion of nations, they propagandise for massive, unlimited immigration.

Q. The EU regards personal freedom as one of her fundamental freedoms; as a Liberal you should like this.

One has to differentiate between the “freedoms” that the EU promises us, and the freedoms as a political and cultural value for which I, as a Liberal, fight. The migration movements, ignoring the borders of sovereign states, which have been radically increased during recent decades, systematically undermine the cohesion and governability of countries.

The weakening of single states could very easily lead to an anti-liberal development, because it strengthens the European super-state which the EU is becoming. The EU is less democratic than each one of its member states. I have never regarded immigration into any country as my right. The desire of the Swiss people to keep control over the extent of immigration into their country is understandable. I did not understand the result of their referendum as an absolute No to immigration, but as a message: “Let’s slow down immigration and handle it more carefully.”

The EU must be fought rigorously!

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  1. The EU was created to avoid wars that Europe was addicted to. Today EU is the designer and planner of plunging Europe in endless wars unforeseen since eternity. Let’s hope the clever Norway and Sweden, who are so advanced in humanity, will come up with a miracle.

    • Huh? In Norway there is so much Islamic immigration that Norway has fulfilled Hitler’s dream and become “Judenrein” (Jew Free) because the Jews became so persecuted by the “New Norwegians” they were forced to flee. And the native Norwegians are so Cultural Marxist they did nothing.

      Similarly, in Sweden is it forbidden to tell the truth. So 1/4 of all Swedish women will be raped or know of someone who is raped by a “New Swede”, but anyone who points this out will be ostracised (just ask the great truth-teller Fjordman who occasionally posts to these pages).

      Norway and Sweden are now Cultural Marxist states, that have regressed to the point that there is no diversity of opinion. You mental model of them is far, far out of date. Why not take a trip around Malmo to see exactly how “advanced in humanity” they have become.

      • They’re well on the way to where murad wants them to be, except there’s still those pesky white people, especially those filthy Christians, who for now refuse to die or leave…

    • The founders of the EU (and current apologists) seem unaware, or unwilling to acknowledge, that since only democracies can join, and democracies don’t go to war with one another, it is not the EU which has kept the peace.

      Also Western Europe is one of the world’s largest, officially secular spaces, so there’s little excuse for fighting your neighbour over religion (the Northern Irish “troubles” were more to do with politics & economics, not helped by the Brits’ preferential treatment of Protestants).

  2. The EU is like a hemorrhagic fever virus such as Ebola. It has million of bureaucrats, maybe unknowingly, maybe not, eating away at its member’s vital (cultural) organs, and at the same time destroying its member’s immune responses (border controls). The result is a messy destructive slime.

    Almost the whole of the EU is disarmed to the extent that a 1950’s Boy Scout would be deemed a well armed warrior in today’s Europe; stave and sheath knife now being ‘weapons’ rather than tools.

    It is absolutely obvious that a huge block of ‘Europeans’ object to what is going on, but this dissent must be suppressed rather than listened to.

    Is this a recipe for civil war? I strongly suspect that he who controls the media controls the people; the time when non-violent protest could have been effective is past, now we must do things the hard way.

    • Article at the Washington Post about bearing arms and disarmament policy of genocidaires.

      Holocaust remembrance week: how armed Jews saved lives

      by David Kopel

      Quote: “If pre-war Eastern Europe Jews had been as well armed as American civilians during the 1940s (about one gun per three persons), then Jewish resistance to the Holocaust very likely would have saved even more lives.”

      • salient little detail: the disarmement of the European citizenry was largely affected by the US Army in the latter stages of and the period directly following WW2, all in order to “preserve order” and “prevent armed Nazi uprisings”.

  3. I agree with Vaclav Claus that the EU must be rigorously fought. But as an Austrian I have less affection for the nation state. The dissolution of the multi-nation construct of the Austro-Hungarian empire was not the liberation that a Czech might proclaim it was. Peoples with a shared cultural heritage were ripped apart by an over-optimistic hope on the nation state. To this day the Tirolean region is unjustly split between two nations.
    So the EU moving towards an alliance of regions makes sense to me. However this EU is a social engineering, centralised control hungry monster, undemocratic, unbalanced, anti-free speech, anti-libertarian. This EU must be rigorously fought.

    • The problem with Europe is that the nation states are still in the making. No borders between them are just. There was and is still a huge gap between economies, social structures, political philosophies to which various country adhere. There is no common denominator apart from all people having passports (finally). Eastern countries, those who were first ruled by the Ottoman empire and right after that by the communist empire have no notion of civil society, democracy, personal liberties, etc. A quarter of a century after 1989, most people do not really care that the vest had come under the same boot of islam from which they were liberated. Most people do not buy into the extremely bureaucratic way the EU is imposing its will on them. A more liberal bureaucracy than the communist one is a step forward for them. They don’t even realize that the EU is nothing but a sugar coated SU. My home country is one of those liberated eastern-european countries. I spent half of my life time in the communist paradise. I go back to visit often enough to hear and understand people’s way of thinking. I wonder if they will ever wake up to the realities of the day. I stopped expressing opinions when I chat with friends who never left to live out in the big world because I got chastised and unfriended for.

      • That is an interesting insight — that the EU bureaucracy could be seen (initially) as more liberal than those in the DDR.

        I think that huge gaps and common denominators do not require “fixing” by any supranational body or compact. In this regard the nation states need to be “unmade” or reduced in size to defeat centralized control and the elimination of competition by smaller polities. If country Y lags behind its neighbors then let it contemplate its policy deficiencies at its leisure. Tax rates are one area that polities can compete over to the benefit of all parties. (H/t: Hans-Hermann Hoppe.)

        To which list of policy areas I add “commitment to zero immigrant policies.” “Devotion to massive, unrestricted immigration” is the correct way to formulate this idea, or course.

      • To your last sentence, this is unhealthy, you should look for new some new friends who support your views, what you can do is get new hobbies or exercise them elsewhere, where you get in contact with new people and see where they stand. Its riskfree as you can simply cut contact if needed.

        If there is one thing I know, is that if we live as political hermits, we get nowhere.

  4. Interesting point, doxRaven. Last year I travelled by train from Munich to Venice; south of the Brenner Pass (ie in Italy), signs were in German as well as Italian. Recently at the charity (goodwill) shop where I work, we had some students from South Tyrol, west of my journey, and they spoke German.

    I suspect that the increasing centralisation imposed by the EU will continue to stimulate nationalistic movements, as in Scotland and Catalonia.

    • The SNP are not Nationalists in any conventional political sense; they are in their own words: ‘post-modern nationalists’,’civic nationalists’, ‘nationalists without the nationalism’ .
      From nationalist roots they are now the opposite- 68ers,politically-correct multiculturalists who promote radical young Muslims and favour the EU super-state.

      The SNP have been described as the most pro-EU party in the UK.
      So I wouldn’t confuse them with any reaction against the EU.
      The SNP would rather not offer a referendum on EU membership and in the event of divorce from Westminster, want a ‘seamless transition’ within the EU.
      They are currently selling the Scots a big lie by offering them an illusory ‘independence’ within the EU, when really the Edinburgh political classes, are just agitating for their own carriage aboard the Brussels gravy train.

      • Thanks, Itinerant: I’m better informed than I was!

        I still suspect that EU hegemony will encourage some regions to separate from their countries.

  5. The immigration into the EU seems to be so masochistic–favoring Islam–that it must have been planned. Stochastic random influx from many countries would have done the job of diluting cultures and reducing cultural hatreds, but early EU theoreticians made a huge error in picking MENA.

    People have one chance now of getting through this. They have to create apostates. Not a few. Huge numbers. This means knowing the opponent and constant arguing and free speech. This web site creates apostates. Thank you, GOV.

    • “They have to create apostates.”

      Correct. That means you must study Islam and know all its flaws and its history of unmitigated evil. Then show the slaves of Allah why Islam is anti-scientific, oppressive, false and evil.

      Even more importantly, show Westerners why they should not accept the deceits of Islam as true.

      GoV helps, as does VladTepesBlog,, jihadwatch, and thereligionofpeace (which has undeniable statistics of the daily atrocities).

      Great post, and keep up the good fight!

  6. “Most political leaders in Modern Multicultural Europe don’t understand the deliberate destruction of their nations by the trans-national mandarins of the European Union. Or, if they do, it doesn’t bother them. ”

    False premise. They know, they care, they want it!
    Each and every one of them dreams of a plush cushy job on the EC or elsewhere in the EU kleptocracy where they’ll have massive power, no accountability, and a guaranteed and very high income for life.

    And the only way to get that for all of them is to destroy the national sovereignty of the smaller nations (Germany and France of course are not affected by this, they’re the ones ultimately in control).

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