Is Islam a Race? Birmingham Trial Will Tell

Enza Ferreri sends this update on the “hate speech” trial of Tim Burton, which will take place next week in Birmingham.

Is Islam a Race? Birmingham Trial Will Tell
by Enza Ferreri

On Tuesday 8 April at 10am Tim Burton’s trial at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court will settle the question of whether the defendant, by calling Muslim Fiyaz Mujhal “a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist” on Twitter, committed racially aggravated harassment, as he is accused of having done by the West Midlands Police.

Mujhal was exposed by the Telegraph’s Andrew Gilligan for exaggerating the numbers and seriousness of “anti-Muslim attacks” following the Woolwich murder of soldier Lee Rigby and had his organisation Tell MAMA’s public funding discontinued. Many of these “attacks” were in fact simple posts on Facebook and other social media, similar to the tweets for which Burton is on trial.

Tim is the Radio Officer of Liberty GB, a British newly-formed conservative and patriotic party.

Burton’s trial is very worrying for anyone who holds dear freedom of speech and other basic civil liberties. One of the worrisome aspects is the conflating of “religion” with “race”. Islam is clearly not a race and Muslims belong to all races, including whites. Furthermore, the Crown Prosecution Service considers those two charges (racially- and religiously-aggravated crimes) as distinct ones.

But, despite officially paying lip service to this distinction, in Tim Burton’s case the CPS is trying to combine and confuse the two because it does not have sufficient ground to get a conviction on the “religiously aggravated” charge — which requires stronger evidence -, so decides to prosecute using the easier “racially aggravated” one.

As the CPS’s own website says, “So it will be more difficult to prosecute for inciting religious hatred as opposed to racial hatred”.

The attempt to “racialise Muslims” clearly exists but not, as Tell MAMA says, on the part of Liberty GB. It exists on the part of British Islam apologists and their allies, the politically correct Establishment.

Since there are no blasphemy laws in the UK and criticism of any religion, including Islam, is theoretically tolerated, only two alternatives are left to British Muslims who want to protect Islam from the expression of the uncomfortable truths of its supremacist and violent nature. One is to invoke the introduction of a blasphemy law; the other, subtler and more effective, is to turn existing anti-racist, “hate crime” laws into a sharia-style blasphemy law.

An attempt had previously been made by the Labour government, when the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 was passed, to formulate it in such a way that it could criminalise the criticism of Islam, the Quran and Muhammad. This was made impossible by the opposition of the Catholic Church and the Church of England, as well as various evangelical Christian groups who threatened to use this law against the Quran, which is full to the brim with incitements to religious hatred. Therefore the bill had to be amended.

But what went out legally by the door of Parliamentary procedure is now being reintroduced surreptitiously through the window of politically correct police and prosecution establishments.

This is why Liberty GB will hold a public protest outside Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on 8 April at 9am and considers this trial crucially important.

Our intention is twofold. Firstly, to show to the British and Western public what taqiyya — deception for the good of Islam — is and, given the special position in the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims of this divine permission to lie, to show the whole nature of Islam in relation to us through it. For this reason, Islam’s scholar Professor Hans Jansen is scheduled to appear at the trial and give evidence as expert witness on taqiyya. We’ve christened this a “taqiyya trial”.

Secondly, to defend free speech and stop the effective use of anti-racist legislation as blasphemy laws.

More details here.

The defendant Tim Burton will be on the courtroom steps at 9:15am and then inside the main building from 9:30am ready to be interviewed.

Enza Ferreri is an Italian-born London writer and the Press Officer for Liberty GB. She blogs at

For her previous articles and translations, see the Enza Ferreri Archives.

47 thoughts on “Is Islam a Race? Birmingham Trial Will Tell

  1. Muslims do not qualify for residence among the Europe-peoples on several counts, only one of them their religion. However convenient it may be to skirt the race issue, unless some opposition is mounted to the insane race and “racism” baiting we will not regain our freedom and out future. Enough of that insanity.

    A white person –i.e. heir to the history, culture and values of Europe (and pre-1965 America) before Europe became an addled whore with multiculti mascara and cheap rouge smeared all over her face — ought to be able to express preference for his own kind and refusal to share the land of his ancestors with those who are not his kind, without being criminalized for it.

    • Takuan, this is the kind of thinking that alienates those whose support the cjm should be seeking if it wishes to widen its constituency. You may not like having people from around the world in your part of it, but some genuinely do, not out of PCness.

      Even if you were right, you’re still creating a distraction from the greater threat, and if you’ll excuse my repeating myself from a few days ago, many non-Muslims of non-European heritage can be our allies. Sikhs and Hindus in the UK are already outraged by the BBC & other MSM referring to the grooming gangs as “Asians”.

      • Are the outraged Sikhs and Hindus angry enough to effectively stop the MSM from repeating those lies? Anger without a goal simply gives one high blood pressure.

        I like “having people from around the world in my part of it” as long as their goal is assimilation into the culture and NOT an aggrieved and sullen insistence that their way of doing things take the place of our customs. That has been the route of successful immigration for several centuries now.

        Another factor is that those who apply for admission have some skills to add to the mix, and some basic willingness to learn the language. Immigration should not be a net loss for the community receiving strangers into its midst.

        Massive numbers of immigrants who are allowed in with the specific goal of changing the electoral numbers in order to have a permanent grip on the legislature is not only ruinous, it’s cynical and criminal. Thus, Britons are the victims of their purported leaders and the latter are reprehensible.

      • Those who like people from other parts of the world have no right to inflict them on me and destroy my life because of their xenophilia or oikophobia. If they like such people, and consider their own not “vibrant” enough, let them remove themselves to where such people live, rather than bringing them to where I live.

        I will add two caveats here that will clarify my position:

        1. People of nonwhite races, nonwhite cultures and nowhite religions can indeed add “vibrancy” to a homogenous white culture particularly in the very non-vibrant Northern-European countries. But the usefulness of it is like adding Tabasco to mashed potatoes. You make your squashed taters 1% Tabasco, you have created a much more interesting dish than you had originally — as long as you make it clear that it’s a potato dish, not a potato-Tabasco dish in which both have equal importance and validity. But if you make your dish 25% -50% Tabasco and eat it, you will die. And that’s what we are doing, though my medical diagnosis will be spread over the next half century. Capisce?

        2. You and others who lecture me on “racism” ought to pipe down and reflect upon yourself a little more. I lost my family to Nazi Germany, and you did not. The half of it that was Jewish was deemed not worthy to live, and the half of it that was Slav was deemed not worthy of more than being worked to death as slave labor. So what I write is as a victim of racism, not as a toxic racist myself or a flippant dismisser of the evil that unbound racism can bring.

        • Takuan, I didn’t accuse you of racism.

          If some of us are comfortable with immigrants from different cultures, PROVIDED that they are in reasonable numbers and do not attempt to mistreat their own folk or the rest, or impose their beliefs, then this view is as valid as your own, and really should be no skin off your nose- unless of course the sight of a nonwhite person is unbearably repugnant to you, in which case the cap I didn’t proffer does indeed fit.

          I’ve nothing else to add that Dymphna hasn’t covered.

          • Problem with your reply is that they are already in unreasonable numbers in every country of the West. I do not mind a Thai restaurant or two, a Chinese prodigy at the local university, or an African footballer in a local otherwise all-white club. As to the latter, note that the French national footie side is all black or was, last time I checked. That is risible.

            When I land at Heathrow and am immigration processed by a turbaned Sikh, driven to town by a Syrian, walk on streets that demographically look like a cross between Ridley Scott’s “BladeRunner ” and a slice of life from Bamako, watch TV with Indian presenters and have to switch on my peripheral vision pretty much permanently to warn of the proximity of enrichers of either naturally feral character (blacks) or ideologically motivated wackos (the Muz), I say the heck with it and swear to never set foot in that place again. And I haven’t, for the last 20 years, though the UK used to be my favorite travel destination, business and pleasure.

            You had no right to destroy that country even for me, a white foreigner whose foreign-born cousin died in the Battle of Britain. And you certainly have no right to do it vis a vis Roger Scruton, who had to migrate all the way to the countryside of Virginia to find some semblance of his native country that had been robbed from him.

          • Mark —

            With apologies to Takuan Seiyo, I’ll amplify on what he just said.

            You seem to prefer a culturally enriched London. That’s OK; your sentiments are commendable.

            Many other native Londoners (the English kind, the original Londoners who are now considered “racists” and “xenophobes”) feel differently. They didn’t want their city to be totally altered — obliterated, really — within their own lifetimes. Yet it happened anyway.

            According to all major opinion polls, such sentiments constitute the a substantial majority among native English people.

            Yet they were ignored.

            That’s not very democratic, now, is it?

          • The phrase occurs to me again and again:

            It was NOT yours to give away….

            The work and sacrifice of thousands of years of Westerners has been given away to savages who neither understand nor appreciate the heart and soul that produced the ideas that produced the people and products that savages covet, rape, steal, and destroy.

            Have you ever seen an area or country that has been descended upon by savages? No matter how much lovely the area, no matter how much money spent in ‘charity’ or development, the savages will destroy their surroundings – and the future of the people near them.

          • Hi Mark,

            It is important that you realize how much you have been propagandized to hold the views that you do. It is entirely possible that, were an honest debate allowed, you might hold the opposite views.

            Read about what happened to Ray Honeyford and Roger Scruton:

            “In 1984, Scruton published in The Salisbury Review a controversial article by school headmaster Ray Honeyford which questioned the benefits of multicultural education. Honeyford was forced to resign because of the article and had to live for a time under police protection.[5] In 1985 The Salisbury Review was accused of scientific racism during the annual congress of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, and thereafter, Scruton wrote in 2002, the magazine’s writers were ostracized in the academic world.[citation needed] Scruton edited The Salisbury Review until 2001 and remains on its editorial board. He described in 2002 the effect of the editorship on his life: “[it] cost me many thousand hours of unpaid labour, a hideous character assassination in Private Eye, three lawsuits, two interrogations, one expulsion, the loss of a university career in Britain, unendingly contemptuous reviews, Tory suspicion, and the hatred of decent liberals everywhere. And it was worth it.”[47]”


      • “Takuan, this is the kind of thinking that alienates those whose support the cjm should be seeking if it wishes to widen its constituency. You may not like having people from around the world in your part of it, but some genuinely do, not out of PCness.”

        Demography is destiny. The counter-jihad movement are like the Fool in King Lear. All we can do now is comment on the action.

        It would not matter if blacks, sikhs, gays, jews were involved in counter-islam demonstrations in proportion to their numbers in the country. I’ve been on several EDL demos were that was indeed the case – even demos where Pakistanis, Sikhs, gays, Jews spoke from the stage. The media ignored them all (going so far as to jump-cut in a documentary to ensure no such images were seen).

        EDL went on the BBC’s premier news programme in 2009, black and white leaders, they burned a swastika and denounced Nazism. Then the media spent the next 4 years describing EDL as racist and fascist. The establishment did everything they could to destroy what was in fact a progressive, almost politically-correct movement.

        The elite and their allies are ensuring that things are suppressed to the point at which they erupt in uncontrollable violence. I really can’t afford to let myself care any more what happens to minorities in the future. Tommy stuck his neck out to create an organisation that even muslims could join, and for that, he had his character assassinated, had his childrens’ lives on the lines, and he is now in prison. Whatever happens in the future, it won’t be for the likes of Tommy trying to make our country steer a non-violent course.

    • It is far more the unassimilable numbers of people than it is whether or not they’re ‘white’. Our black neighbors and friends are heirs to the culture and values of America and they demonstrate that by their behavior.

      I wouldn’t welcome hordes of white Europeans who descended on us looking for work, land, and “opportunity” that isn’t here. Nor would Scotland, say, welcome the Appalachian highlanders from West Virginia if they decided to move back to the old country and brought their moonshine making skills with them. Not to mention the meth makers out in the hollows.

      Primitive tribal populations are being mass-transited into western nations without any consent from the ‘governed’. And for sure these tribal groups don’t have any intention of being governed by the ruling classes where they ended up after their mad rush out of the hell holes they inhabited previously. Family members die, or are left behind, or separated. There is enough grief to go around on all sides.

      I don’t know if such massive movements have ever happened before, i.e., when people could actually learn about the huge migrations as they happened and manage to keep some track of the phenomenon in real time. All we know for sure is (1) that on a global scale this won’t end well and (2) the moves are driven by those in charge.

      It’s going to get uglier before it gets better. But I have no doubt it will get better, though it won’t be a return to the old ways, the comfortable ones we’re used to. Mass migration or not, those are history now.

      New shoes pinch.

      • I just posted a comment above that expresses a similar idea through analogy with hot pepper sauce. What matters above all is the proportions. Even Muslims can be acceptable in our society as long as it’s understood that they are the hottest of hot habaneros, and therefore dosage should be highly sparse and controlled to remain sparse.

        • Takuan- I don’t recognise your description of London. I’ve been here for 44 years; I’m 5’9”, slight, and have been bullied- it was barely an assault- once, on a bus, by a black youth as it happened, though your description of such as “naturally feral” is, IMHO, racist. I don’t understand your reference to Roger Scruton; having checked out Egghead’s link, he seems to me a largely admirable character who was shamefully treated, and I’m not responsible for others’ actions, any more than GoV is for Anders Breivik’s.

          All my friends are white, though I’ve had black ones; the manager of the charity (goodwill) shop where I work is a black South African, and I think better than her white predecessors. If you could overcome what sounds to me close to paranoia and come to London again, we might have a pint and talk further, but I see no reason why you should feel threatened here.

          Baron- I don’t assume that “enrichment” is automatically good, but it need not necessarily be a negative. Yes, the numbers are too great, and put a strain on resources and services, but we are where we are. The resentment you mention is, I believe, more to do with such strains, competition for jobs/immigrants on benefits (can both be true?), and the failure of some incomers to integrate. When I visit family in the West Country, I’m more likely to hear racist comments from people in the pubs there, who don’t see a black or brown face from one week to the next, than in London, and there may be a lesson there.

          Egghead- Please credit me with the ability to think for myself. If you’ve had experiences of “savages”, I’m sorry to hear it, but they’re found in all cultures. Hitler, Mussolini, Mao and Stalin were not that long ago.

          I should add that the Brits have had little opportunity recently to vote for an anti-mass immigration, but non-racist party. With UKIP, this is changing.

          • Mark —

            My point was, and still is, not that the enrichment was bad, or good, or too much, or too little, but that it was undemocratic.

            It was instituted secretly, against the will of the people. The policy was kept secret because the Labour Party knew how voters would have felt about it, had they been informed.

            If they had had the chance, they would have voted against it, and thrown out any rascals in parliament who proposed it.

            The process of instituting mass immigration into Britain wasn’t very democratic, then, was it?

          • Hi Mark,

            The blackwhite Thinkpol rectification – and thus goodthinkful bellyfeel upsub ensures that we all enjoy equal (in the Orwellian sense) ingsoc and reject oldthink – so that very few can – or even want to – think for themselves anymore – and even fewer ownlife people dare to express their doubleplus ungood crimespeak under their own name in print or in public – because these people face becoming an unperson after death threats, actual death, job loss, lawsuits, and confiscation and reassignment of their children to doubleplus good people.

            You have experienced the savages, too, or do you so quickly forget the victims of the 7/7 bombings – or Lee Rigby whose head was sawed off in broad daylight on a very proper English street?! It is non-Western savages – pure and simple – who denied those English victims their future….


  2. Fuzzy sharia law – great fun playing out the absurdities of the aggravated offenses in court not so much fun getting sent down for those absurdities.

    The prosecution can never prove the stand alone intent of the racially or religiously aggravated appendix to the charge as that is a thought crime.

    Is a substantial truth evidence of criminal intent or of a criminal mind.

  3. If the British establishment wanted to do anything to stop islam hijacking its so-called anti-hate laws, it could invoke the laws concerning sedition which still exist. Blair & co successfully repealed the laws against treason.

    • “If the British establishment wanted to do anything to stop islam hijacking its so-called anti-hate laws,”

      You’ve got it the wrong way round. These “anti-hate” laws were created specifically in response to muslims bombing the underground. The more muslims commit terrorist offences, the more laws/money will be put in to protect them from criticism.

      The Religious Hatred Act (2006) was hived off from a 2005 anti-terrorism Bill (because having them joined together in one Act would be a constant reminder that muslims were receiving this special protection specifically because of their violence). But muslims had spent about 10 years before that trying to get governments to grant them protection from criticism. The 7/7 bombings were finally the pivot they needed to get their special protection.

      • I would be surprised at the process you describe had the American experience post-9/11 years previous to 7/7 not been so similar. Before the smoke had cleared the US administration was declaring Islam an ROP with a TM of ‘extremists’. Now you can’t even say ‘terrorist’ in government circles anymore. After Maj Nidal, the Muslim American Army doctor who killed all those people at Fort Hood Massacre #1? His bloody work was finally deemed “workplace violence”.

        And as soon as these fanatics do their killing, the microphones click on at CAIR and their ilk, warning us about a backlash of RightWingExtremists. As hard as they’ve tried to generate an angry group of American citizens to complain about Muslims In Our Midst, the quieter it gets. Are people simply numbed out or have the on-going government scandals used up all the oxygen?

  4. It is not the mind of Islam that needs to be examined but the minds of the Diversity-trained operatives in the CPS. Is is they who cannot see the war between the civilized and uncivilised human.

    The Screwing of the Socialists is like the mating of the goat with the sheep – a very fine stew for those awaiting.

  5. Should Tim Burton be found guilty I will know for certain that the whole of the British legal system has gone completely mad and lost any reasoning power they may have previously had.

  6. Whatever happened to the right to choose your associations?
    I still believe that I don’t have to make everyone my friend.

  7. Quote:
    Since there are no blasphemy laws in the UK

    But Sharia courts are operating, therefore, there are blasphemy laws in the UK.
    There are all kinds of laws that had nothing to do with British historical identity being enforced in Britain.
    And not even one peep of protest.
    If anything, the news last week was that Sharia was being incorporated into British law.
    Talk about an abandonment of the historical self!

  8. By analogy every other religion/system of belief can be considered ‘race’. The practice has precedent. Jews, although a multi-racial community itself, were treated by the Nazis as a race…

  9. As the Muslim radicals have shown, violence works. Beheadings work. Random terror attacks work. Votes and debate increasingly do not.

    But seriously, as a species, we always knew that – it has been the universal constant. Even Mandela and his ANC knew that. If you want to get anything done, you gotta smash people in the face. If you aren’t prepared to do that, you will simply lose every battle to those who are.

    The age of Civil Discourse is over. The age of war is upon you. Best prepare for it, lest you fall to those who are.

    • I largely agree with your assessment of human ‘politics’ which also gets played out in the West by the velvet gloved fascists masquerading as elected government that are more intent on slowly coercing the people into slavery than through a sudden and forceful implementation of their totalitarian ideals.

      In the West, the ‘law’ of the land is now against the natives of the land while the ‘colonists’ of those lands are encouraged to air their ‘grievances’ against them forcing those who speak out at what they can see as a wrong into retreat for lack of support from those they elect to govern them.

      If the current form of government continues without change I fully expect an uprising from those who have had enough and are willing to fight for what they believe in, albeit slowly and stealthily at first, it will build into a force to be reckoned with.

      • There have been many depredations against citizens by their governments but I don’t see a sign of an uprising. People are used to being law-abiding. When attacked by rogue “peace keepers” they are too traumatized to fight back. And their neighbors are simply relieved *they* weren’t in the crosshairs. I’ve been seeing such talk for ten years but nary a sign of pushback. Unless you count Ruby Ridge, and that didn’t end well.

        • Dymphna, people still have a reasonable life to be lived regardless of the slow incremental forcing of totalitarianism onto them. That lifestyle though is slowly slipping away and many will wake up to that fact at some point.

          And it will at that point when many will decide they have had enough.

          For now though, it’s the boiling frog syndrome, but the water is getting ever hotter!

          • What concerns me equally is the erosion and disappearance of our once-broad and robust middle class. When they’re gone the police will rule

  10. What goes around, comes around.

    If muslims get designated as a race, then the koran is the most racist book in history. Almost every other page denigrates the “race” who are not muslims.

    We will end up banning the koran, and muslims being designated a race might be just the step we need to get that ban implemented.

    • Hm, if the koran was going to be banned, it already could for promoting domestic violence, misogyny, homophobia, antisemitism etc etc. I think religious texts are somehow immune to hate laws…

    • You’re assuming leftists apply equal standards to their precious victim groups. They don’t.

      • “You’re assuming leftists apply equal standards to their precious victim groups. ”

        No, I’m not assuming that. I think the manifest hypocrisy of the Left is their greatest weakness. It’s why they have to demand that their critics be silenced.

        As the situation in Holland and France demonstrates, the Left is being pushed to the margins of european politics. The only way the Left will make a comeback in the next 20 to 40 years, is if they embrace fascism again (and I don’t put that past them).

  11. The British put people on trial for a Tweet? [redacted] That doesn’t even happen in China.

  12. They needn’t bother trying to get publicity from this trial, because no media outlets will cover it honestly. Surely they know this?

    The main thing here is to fight the charges and try to win.

    It is a defence against Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 to demonstrate that your actions were “reasonable”.

    It is reasonable for a member of the public to form an opinion that is based on reliable sources.

    Reliable sources have demonstrated that the fellow in question was being dishonest, i.e. mendacious. This is the premise that needs to be proved, and it can be proved by referring to the articles in the papers, and by making a formal request for official data from whoever pulled his funding, etc. And here’s the logical link: a conditional statement: If it is the “official” opinion that the fellow was being mendacious, and that is the information that is in the public domain, then it is “reasonable” for a member of the public to hold that opinion. That is the official opinion and that information is in the public domain. Therefore it is reasonable for a member of the public to hold that opinion. Case closed.

    • “the Public Order Act 1986 ”

      My naive reading of that Act is that the illegal actions must take place in public. If a tweet is public and offensive, then any koran in a shop or mosque can be deemed public and offensive.

  13. Islam certainly is in a race – a no ring, no ref, no rules race to the finishing line of Pax Islamica – the peace of the tomb for those who do not submit.

    Here is Jeff at Protein Wisdom on the politics of SHUT UP, they demanded:

    “It’s the politics of “‘SHUT UP, they demanded” — and has as its core the totalitarian assertion that dissent from the orthodoxy of the official narrative, which becomes official and ascendant only after dissenters within the identity group are either excommunicated, shamed into silence, or denied their identity status altogether as inauthentic (that is, after the internal argument is “won” by sheer will to power and the facade of consensus), is akin to a hate crime or a civil rights violation.”

  14. Were the journalists working for the mainstream media who wrote about Samantha Lewthwaite being “racist” when they wrote about her, time and again? What exactly is up with Ms. Lewhtwaite anyway? Is it the colour of her skin that is proving so troublesome?

    Of course not. It is her beliefs, and the actions that flow from those beliefs.

  15. Enza Ferrari is a good journalist, but at one point her analysis of the complexity of PC MC is not adequate:

    The attempt to “racialise Muslims” clearly exists but not, as Tell MAMA says, on the part of Liberty GB. It exists on the part of British Islam apologists and their allies, the politically correct Establishment.

    This is accurate on one level — it is the Islam apologists and the PC MCs (the “politically correct Establishment” — though that phrase suggests an Elitistical slant that might assume that Ordinary People (mostly non-Jews!) throughout the West are not also in various ways massively enabling the problem of PC MC) who continue to purvey and promote the racialization of the problem of Islam (to them, of course, it’s a problem of “Islamophobia”).

    However, the phrase [t]he attempt to “racialise Muslims” is a bit odd. First, it implies that the process is not overwhelmingly successful sociopolitically, as it unfortunately is. Second, it implies that there is no reason why the PC MCs do this (which includes the answer to the question why has it been so successful).

    Many (if not most) in the Counter-Jihad are effectively confusing reality with political reality. The more accurate way to express the issue is that, given the fact that Islam is not a race and that Muslims can belong to any and every race, the racist factor should be irrelevant.

    However, just because it should be irrelevant, doesn’t mean everybody agrees. In fact, in the context of our sociopolitical reality, in which politically correct multi-culturalism (PC MC) is dominant and mainstream, the majority disagrees. This majority can plainly see a twin fact that, although superficial, is massively evident:

    1) the vast majority of Muslims are non-white and non-Western


    2) the vast majority of Western whites are non-Muslims.

    These two sides of the coin of the twin fact effectively make any issue involving criticism of Muslims and of Islam a racial issue, irregardless of whether the mantra of the anti-Islamic movement—that “Islam is not a race”—is true. Because of the twin fact above, any time there is a criticism of Muslims and or Islam, it takes on the appearance of a racial criticism, and it has long been deemed a fact that Muslims represent a wonderful diversity, tapestry, mosaic, quilt, stir-fry of ethnic peoples — and as such, must be accorded an irrational degree of respect by the shameful White West. That is the political reality of a society dominated by PC MC.

    More reading:

    • Hey Hesperado,

      You forgot ‘tossed salad’ on your list. During my lifetime, regarding American identity politics, the ‘tossed salad’ analogy replaced the original ‘melting pot’ analogy.

      In the melting pot analogy, the minority cultures (e.g., black American, Mexican American, immigrant, LGBT) were expected to assimilate and subordinate to the majority Western Christian culture and values.

      In the tossed salad analogy, the minority cultures (e.g., black American, Mexican American, immigrant, LGBT) are expected 1) to maintain and internally enforce their own PREDEFINED minority identity and 2) to force the majority Western Christian culture to capitulate to, accept, embrace, and fund all of their minority culture whims and demands which are often enforced by ‘judicial’ fiat via lawfare – the foremost demand being that the majority Western Christian culture 1) demur from any criticism of the minority cultures’ mores and representative member actions, and 2) import as many minority culture members as necessary to become the majority of the national vote as quickly as possible.

      You should comment on ‘An Inferiority Complex Plus a Quest for World Domination’….

      • I’m pleased to agree with most of this, Egghead. Still thinking for myself too (and I have read “1984”!)

        My parents lived in Canada from 1969-79. My mother said if she referred to England as “home”, Canadians would correct her: “England is the Old Country; this is home”.

        • Hi Mark,

          George’s Orwell’s ‘1984’ is worth a re-read every few years.

          My daughter brought it home from school, and it is still amazing to read. 🙂

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