Cultural Enrichment on the Tube

The following incident of vibrant cultural enrichment on the London Underground has a Mohammed Coefficient
of 100%. Many thanks to the alert British reader who sent this one in.

This story in The Daily Telegraph didn’t give any details of a sex-offender on a crowded Tube-carriage in London:

“I felt someone fidgeting on my bum so I imagined the worse and I was plucking up the courage to speak up when the fidgeting stopped. I thought, great what a relief I don’t have to find the courage to do something about it. Then I felt a stream of wetness down the back of my leg.” Doris instantly realised that the man behind her had ejaculated onto her. Her first reaction was shock and revulsion, but as the Tube doors opened, she suddenly sprang into action and grabbed her attacker.

No details, but it doesn’t take long to discover that the Religion of Peace was at work:

So, so horrible. This time, Doris decided she wasn’t going to accept being sexually assaulted whilst innocently going about her business and took matters into her own hands by ‘grabbing’ the guy and, with the help of other commuters, restraining him until the police arrived. Because of her brave actions, 23-year-old Mohammed Islam has as just been given a 12-week prison sentence which is suspended for 18 months, has been placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register and has been ordered to take 60 days of sexual offender specified activity. Bravo Doris.

Mohammed Islam! Does it get any more vibrant than that? I think Mr Islam should be given a special award for services to the Prophet.

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3 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment on the Tube

  1. We’ve had a couple of cases like this in Copenhagen as well. Although usually on vacated trains and with drunk victims. And usually combined with theft. Unfortunately for the perps all the trains in Copenhagen trains have cctv.

    Bonus factoid: in an article I read about the hefty traffic to israeli porn sites from muslim countries the explanation was that masturbation (in their ass-backwards logic) is seen as ‘humiliating’ to the object of attention.

  2. A twelve week prison sentence suspended for 18 months? What an insult to Doris and hardly worth the bother of that citizens arrest!

    If ever a name screamed depravity and all that is wrong with Multiculturalism, Mohammed Islam would have to be it!

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