Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll Leave the EDL

The two top leaders of the English Defence League have left the organization to join the Quilliam Foundation, a mainstream NGO that fights “extremism” in all its forms. Among other actions, Quilliam takes great pains to prevent the stigmatization of Muslims by “Islamophobes”.

Ever since Tommy was released early from prison last winter, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and now it has. It seemed obvious back then that attempts would be made to “turn” him while he was in solitary confinement, offering him both carrots and sticks to cease his anti-Shariah advocacy as the head of the EDL.

The first carrot was his early release. That was followed by a series of increasingly unpleasant sticks — arrest after arrest after arrest. Later this month he is facing trial for one of the Woolwich-related arrests. Presumably the judicial authorities had a quiet word with him about how long he would spend behind bars this time. He may have been facing the prospect of only being able to see his kids once a week through that glass wall, while they grew up without him. He might have seen his family forced into destitution, ostracism, and humiliation.

Then along came the Quilliam carrot. The Quilliam Foundation is one of those quasi-governmental entities that exists to serve the purposes of the governing elites. A coordinated strategy involving it would serve to decapitate the EDL, driving much of the membership of the regional divisions into the arms of the BNP. From the point of view of Cameron, Clegg, and Miliband, nothing could be better: the EDL’s effectiveness as street force would be reduced, a renewed BNP would mop up the “Islamophobic” opposition and marginalize them further, and support for UKIP would be weakened.

The BNP is not the real threat to the British Powers That Be — it is widely seen as being an appendage of MI5, and is kept within a cozy anti-Semitic corral like the NPD in Germany, unable to achieve any meaningful electoral success whilst drawing the support of discontented nationalists.

What really makes the well-coiffed heads in Whitehall turn prematurely white is the thought that growing support for the EDL might merge with the grassroots surge that is now pushing UKIP ahead of one or more major parties in local elections and public opinion polls. An EDL-UKIP juggernaut must be their big nightmare, and that has now been shrewdly avoided by moving Tommy and Kevin into a harmless position within an organization that acts as a stooge for the government.

Any demoralized EDL members who turn to the BNP for solace are making a serious strategic error, but their sentiments are understandable — why would they embrace UKIP, which from their perspective is weak dishwater as a political party?

As for Tommy and Kevin, all we can do is wish them well in their new positions. Tommy is a courageous scrapper with an uncommon amount of grit. A lesser man would have folded years ago. I have no illusions about my own courage — I would have given in the first time the cell door clanged shut behind me, or when the first fist connected with my cheekbone. Tommy has earned my enduring admiration.

Godspeed to both of them. And maybe the luck of the Irish as well.

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Below are excerpts from a BBC report about Tommy’s and Kev’s decision:

EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Quits Group

English Defence League leader and founder Tommy Robinson has left the group, saying he has concerns over the “dangers of far-right extremism”.

The EDL organises protests across the UK against “radical Islam”.

Mr Robinson said it was still his aim to “counter Islamist ideology”, although “not with violence but with better, democratic ideas”.

Several senior figures have quit, but an EDL spokesman said the group “will not die because they’re walking away”.

He added that supporters would spend the next few weeks discussing how to proceed.

‘No longer productive’

The EDL, formed in 2009, has organised marches and demonstrations in several cities across the UK, which have seen sometimes violent confrontations with anti-fascism campaigners.

Mr Robinson’s co-leader, Kevin Carroll, has also opted to leave.

Their decision follows discussions with the Quilliam group, which describes itself as a “counter-extremism think tank”.

Mr Robinson said: “I have been considering this move for a long time because I recognise that, though street demonstrations have brought us to this point, they are no longer productive.

“I acknowledge the dangers of far-right extremism and the ongoing need to counter Islamist ideology not with violence but with better, democratic ideas.”

He explained his motives for leaving, telling BBC Radio 5 live’s Nicky Campbell: “When some moron lifts up his top and he’s got the picture of a mosque saying ‘boom’ and it’s all over the national newspapers, it’s me, it’s when I pick up my kids from school the parents are looking at me, judging me on that.

“And that’s not what I’ve stood for and my decision to do this is to be true to what I stand for. And whilst I want to lead the revolution against Islamist ideology, I don’t want to lead the revolution against Muslims.

“I believe that the revolution needs to come from within the Islamic community and they need to stand up. And I believe this is a step forward not a step back.”

Mr Robinson also wrote on Twitter: “The most difficult day of my life! I thank EDL supporters for their messages of support. For me this is a step forwards not backwards.”

Quilliam said it hoped Mr Robinson would “invest his energy and commitment in countering extremism of all kinds, supporting the efforts to bring along his former followers and encouraging his critique of Islamism as well as his concern with far-right extremism”.


Chairman Maajid Nawaz said: “As well as being a very positive change for the United Kingdom, this is a very proud moment for Quilliam. This represents not a change but a continuation for us, as challenging extremism of all kinds forms the basis of our work.

“We have been able to show that Britain stands together against extremism regardless of political views and hope to continue supporting Tommy and Kevin in their journey to counter Islamism and neo-Nazi extremism.”

Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll are due to face trial later this month, charged with obstructing police officers near the scene of the killing of soldier Lee Rigby.

Hat tip: Jolie Rouge.

150 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll Leave the EDL

  1. Having followed EDL closely for 4 years, from my point of view this analysis nails the situation exactly.

    EDL was more popular than any other political movement in Britain. You can be sure that if there are nazis/racists in EDL, that the state has got agents provacateurs in there encouraging them and encouraging division.

    We see how the state’s claims to believe in the democracy, and non-violent protest are a sham. For every person who dared to “like” EDL on Facebook there were no doubt 10 who did not dare. The hopes of millions of people in Britain have today been destroyed. Almost everyone I know agrees with EDL but did not dare to be associated with them (and most of my associates are leftwing and working-class, although some have jobs like lawyer and professor).

    No-one could have expected Tommy to withstand the full force of the state, the media and their leftwing fascist bootboys for as long as he did.

    EDL is now dead. And Quilliam will be ignored and irrelevant, as it has been for the past 4 years.

    • Sorry chap, but this man Lennon sacrificed four years of his life. And may yet orphan his children because of the things he said out loud, that others were too scared to.

      Four YEARS, is what you and all the people you knew who agreed with the EDL had, to grow some testicular fortitude and say something in public and out loud.

      The hopes of all those millions which have been destroyed, deserved to be destroyed. They should have spoken out when they were nailing Lennon to the cross all these years.

      • “The hopes of all those millions which have been destroyed, deserved to be destroyed. They should have spoken out when they were nailing Lennon to the cross all these years.”

        Of course they should. Everyone should have been as brave and persistent as Tommy. But back in the real world, most people are unexceptional.

      • The issues are greater than Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson may have “sacrificed” four years of his life, but there are others who are still in the field. A general cant be continued to be praised when he abandons his troops and kowtows to the enemy.

        OK they got to Tommy Robinson but Tommy Robinson had things that they could get to. Genuine criminal things that he did maybe?

        The fight must go on, this is bigger than Tommy Robinson. What is surprising is Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s endorsement of his stabbing EDL in the back.

        • Geller and Spencer have a personal relationship with ‘Tommy’ as a friend. I think they understand the reasoning behind his resignation, and are sympathetic, especially as he refused to disown them, as he might well have done if he’d caved fully.

          Best of luck to him. Perhaps we’ll see him take to field again when the situation is more dire, and the cost of inaction is inescapable.

        • He was bribed by Ciaphas and Pilate. He refused what they offered him to assimilate his charismatic power and they butchered him for it.

          All he did was to commit blasphemy and moan about the money changers at the temple. Oh, and make fools of swindlers and parasites.

    • We know who dealt Tommy heavy stick and little carrots. It was not Muslims. It was the BS that we vote for and call it “democracy”. “Democracy go to Hell,” is a logical Muslim slogan. How can we be proud of a democracy system that invades our Continents. Is Satan at work? I never believed in Satan. Now I do? Otherwise how can you explain the cowardice of all the western “democracies” in the face of Muslim invaders? A ten year old Muslim in rules a school in Winnipeg, A ten year old Muslim does the same thing in a school in Sydney, Australia, or Boston, in the Greatest Power on Earth, but the weakest in the face of Muslims. It seems that if you are secular, and have no faith… you have no goal, no life and are led by the nose, and driven like camels from behind by those who have, faith, honor and goals for a Caliphate.

      • 35% of the British public don’t vote. If they did vote, then our democracy might be a bit less of a sham.

        40% of the British public are waiting for the inevitable civil war with muslims. I don’t know if these two groups overlap extensively or not.

        It seems very likely that within a year or two, it will be a majority who are waiting for the civil war. Then it’s just a question of when.

        • There won’t be a civil war between Britons
          and Moslems in Britain because we would be crushed by the state just like Tommy has
          been. How many men do you think are going to haul their rear ends off those couches and go out and fight the Moslem
          lunatics on he streets. NONE. We are too
          comfortable, and we have very little chance
          against governments who will destroy us
          however bad it gets.

          • Yes, all that nonsense that Paul Weston kept going on about – never going to happen.

        • If whites resisted the Muslim colonization of Britain, the Americans would genocide the white British on behalf of the Mohammedians

          Shrieking Geller types would applaud the bombings.

          • Radegunda,

            The US bombardment of Serbia was a warning to Western Europeans about how their Islamic minorities were to be treated.
            The fate of Serbia at the hands of the Bosnians
            is instructive. If London erupted into a shooting war between Britons and Pakistanis/Nigerians/Arabs the US would most likely treat the English as they did the Serbs. Robinson’s conversion and defeat indicate that HMG would treat all Brits like crud and put the Umma on a pedestal.

        • Look at muslim demographics. We are holding our breaths waiting to see what happens when they become a majority? At “fighting age” they already are. We would most likely be outnumbered if it came to a civil war now. And as I have mentioned previously, as our government support Islamification and destroy any resistance – Britains future IS Islamic. All that can be salvaged from the loss of Britain is that other nations use this as a wake up call.

        • givin that the conservatives need three times the number of votes to secure a seet in parliament compared to labour, no matter how many vote, we still no not have a democracy in the DUK

  2. Tommy Robinson did not quit, he aligned himself with the marshmallow jihadists of the Quilliam Foundation, big difference.

    The issues are greater than one man and like it or not those issues will foster political extremes.

      • Tommy teaching the marshmallow jihadists at the Quilliam Foundation entryism, is like teaching your granny to suck eggs.

        • correct me if i’m wrong but didnt deitrich eckart* (founder of the nazi party) say of hitler; “my god what a gob! we could use him!”?
          look how that turned out.
          * it could have been anton drexler.

      • This works both ways. Quilliam, which I consider the equivalent of CAIR U.S. or the wolf in sheep’s clothing, is an NGO. They get government money also.

        This story is not over. I am sure Tommy and Kevin have plans of their own.

    • FWIW, curiosity about the Quilliam identity illuminates the marshmallow foundation via Wiki:
      “William Henry Quilliam (10 April 1856[1][2][3] Liverpool – 23 April 1932 London), who changed his name to Abdullah Quilliam and later Henri Marcel Leon or Haroun Mustapha Leon, was a 19th-century convert from Christianity to Islam, noted for founding England’s first mosque and Islamic centre.”

      “Western Muslims, particularly converts to Islam, see Quilliam as a pioneer of the path they have taken. His legacy is maintained by the Abdullah Quilliam Society which was formed in 1996. The Society is raising funds to restore 8-10 Brougham Terrace to re-open the historic mosque and establish an educational centre.[11]

      The Quilliam Foundation, a thinktank aimed at challenging extremist Islamist ideologies, was launched in 2008.[12][13]”

  3. The final proof you need that UK is a totalitarian state like the old East Germany. GDR even had its much-ridiculed “toy” pseudo-opposition parties.

  4. EDL’s influence will certainly diminish without the leadership of Tommy and Kevin, however, the “Tommy Robinson” brand is rock solid. Wherever Tommy takes his message, he has earned unquestionable credentials yielding enviable respect from the rapidly expanding base following EDL. The “Tommy Robinson” brand successfully exposed on multiple occassions treasonous duplicity of the crown in its actions against the English in favor of shariah creep. I have no knowledge of Quilliam and as far as I’m concerned, they are irrelevant . “Tommy Robinson” has evolved into a brand which encompasses the message and if anything should happen to him or any of his family, he will be cast a patriotic martyr which will shatter any lingering hope to fulfill the misguided and utterly racist ‘multiculti’ agenda.

    • What? He’s obviously cut a deal with The Crown.

      His “brand” is over. He did what he could, he did it quite well but he flinched at quite a late point and at a moment where political victory was almost assured. The state crushed him.

      • There is a smell of money in this, or some kind of threat to put him away for a major stretch if he
        won’t desist. Anyway, his shoes will be filled, let’s
        hope not by a government plant.

  5. I am disturbed, discouraged. Is it time for me to personally withdraw. I need to consider it. I only do small efforts. The most effective sort – discussing the issues with those I come into contact. Could be time to shut up, and shut myself in.

    • What do you think Christ was really offered when Ciaphas interviewed him? What do you think the Romans really offered him when he was brought in front of Pilate? What did Herod offer him?

      They wanted to co-opt the charismatic and have him dump on his followers. That’s how this stuff works.

      • And if Christ had had a wife and small children who were threatened with starvation or violence, he might just have done that.

        That’s the way the game works. The Soviets were very accomplished at this sort of thing.

        • I complete agree.

          I’m amazed that Tommy took it this far. Now that he’s out of this organization he should get out of politics completely.

        • Don’t fall in the trap the government set for EDL. Kevin and Tommy are bright individuals. They have their own plans.

        • Jesus was a Jew.
          in order to be the leader/priest in the Jewish church(?), then and now, Jewish (ecclesiastical?) law requires the man to be married.
          therefor, Jesus must have been married.
          the christian churches hatred of women came with the establishment of the christian church and st. Paul
          whether he had children or not, is another matter.

          • Saul was part of the Sanhedrin. I strongly suspect he was in the snatch squad that captured
            Jesus. He was there when St Steven was stoned a couple of years later. Saul watched a lot of the Proto Christians did at the hands of his compatriots, finally his conscience spoke to him. Nothing wrong with the guy. I know you hate him with a vengeance.

        • If Christ had a wife and small children he still would have done exactly what he did. He knew what was at stake and the pain and sacrifice he willingly bore was without bounds.

          We mere mortals of course have our limitations. So we should not judge too harshly. Still, there are some battles which will not be won unless we are willing to sacrifice everything.

        • Someone on another site thought I was a conspiracy kook for suggesting that Justice Roberts’ late-in-the-game switch from striking down the ACA to upholding it was a result of threats or blackmail (applied while Obama was openly warning the Court to do what he wanted). My critic thought it was unseemly to “accuse a sitting president” of anything so sordid — as though attaining a position of vast power would make one disinclined to abuse power!

          More to the present point, he thought I was besmirching the honor of Justice Roberts. I replied that an honorable man can find palatable ways to explain doing what he has to do.

          What would an honorable man do to protect his children? What would he not do?

          • I thought (and still think) the same. It was just too convenient for Obama. And his hubris would make him want to turn the more conservative Roberts to his side. More and more each day, it is feeling like everything is pre-determined and they are just going through the motions to make us believe we have freedom and our vote matters.

  6. I fail to see why you think that this will affect UKIP in any way.
    You asserted that many edl consider us “weak dishwater as a political party” so, it has zero bearing on the voting of edl activists.
    Add to this the fact that bnp members and edl activists are banned from joining UKIP and you’ll see that they had no love for us anyway.
    Fatally flawed conclusion I’m afraid.

    • There are many thousands of EDL supporters who would never qualify as EDL “members”, and who could thus join UKIP if it seemed like a good idea, especially if their leaders support UKIP (which Tommy has in the past).

      Also, there’s nothing to stop EDL supporters from voting UKIP, if they feel that it meets their needs.

      However, if the ROs gravitate towards NWI and the BNP (which is what seems likely), the chance of UKIP drawing votes from EDL supporters is thereby diminished.

      The BNP will never be anything but marginal in British electoral politics, so driving some EDL supporters into its arms is a safe move. This will split the anti-immigrant vote, and thus serve the interests of the Big Three, whose hold on power will be assured for another decade.

      I’d say this was a shrewd move on the part of the ruling Establishment, wouldn’t you?

      • Who do you think masterminded this? It’s bloody diabolical.

        Rifkind? He out thought Skargill,




        Who Planned out how Robinson could be turned to the dark side and denounce his own followers?

      • Your political analysis is wrong Baron this will just be considered as treachery by the “Fab Four”, UKIP are not anti-immigration they only oppose white European immigration, they are little England, Empire in the backyard – multiculturalists.

      • I am sorry, I cannot agree with this benign assessment. These two men were leaders of thousands. Leadership calls for special qualities. They are traitors not only to their professed ideas but also to their followers.

        A married Christ with children would certainly not have caved in, and there are quite a few of his utterances in the NT to support this assertion. Moreover, thousands of Christians under Roman persecution knew what the consequence would be to themselves and to their families, yet persevered. The Jews too have stories like that, e.g. Hannah sacrificing her seven sons in the 2nd Book of Maccabbees rather than sacrificing the belief that was animating them. Moreover, and that’s the most important point, contemporary Muslims are willing to die for their belief, and to sacrifice their families. There are several stories of Palestinian mothers losing a son who was a suicide bomber, and offering their remaining sons for the same task.

        There are countless examples of Russian dissidents under Lenin and Stalin who knew they were risking death for themselves and Siberia for their families, yet they persevered. Moreover, they would indeed be murdered by the state and their families would be sent to Siberia, there to die as often as not, yet it did not deter further dissidents.

        Poland’s greatest contemporary poet, Zbigniew Herbert, spent his post-war years under the commies in near starvation for himself and his family, denied the possibilities of employment, recognition and even publishing, yet he never wavered in his opposition to communism that he expressed incomparably in his works. He watched a lesser talent, Czeslaw Milosz, who was willing to “bend a little,” garner the easy life and eventually the Nobel Prize — and still Herbert did not cave.

        In German resistance too there are many examples. Stauffenberg knew exactly what would happen to him and his family if his plot would be discovered. Indeed, while his own last words before his execution were “Long live our sacred Germany!”, his brother would be strangled by the state — repeat, by the state — with piano wire, his wife would be forced into destitution, and his five children would be forcibly placed in foster homes under new family names. And how much more was this wealthy and provileged aristocrat-warrior risking than Robinson and Carroll were.

        All of the British Isles cannot produce leaders who, to save their people from the totalitarian ideology of a metastasized state, are willing to risk jail for themselves and starvation for their families? How far will such attitude take Britons and the rest of us versus the courageous determination (whatever else one might say about it) of the Muslims? This is a historical black day that will live in infamy.

        • Tak —

          I take your point.

          All I can say is that Tommy is a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

          I could not do what he has done. Therefore I am not fit to judge him.

          • True to the cause the Baron may be: but he has not yet been imprisoned for his work in the cause. Mr Robinson has, on several occasions. I am not quite sure what you people want from the man, considering he has been through more shit for his principles than any of us.

            “Our policy must be an open policy: a policy of wait and see.”

        • Those Russian dissidents had solid support outside the Communist bloc. EDL has no “elite” support anywhere in the world, except among those of us commenting anonymously on blogs because we too are afraid to “come out of the closet”. Working people could lose their jobs. Others, have family turn on them. The anti-Soviet situation is not comparable.

          • You are wrong, unless you refer only to modern times, roughly 1960 -1989. The worst and bloodiest persecution of Soviet dissidents were in the 1920s and 1930s, and the dissidents hardly had any support from Western elites. Moreover, as discussed previously on this website, it was those elites that produced Walter Duranty, Harry Hopkins, Ken Philby etc. France, under the sway of its huge and blidly pro-Soviet commie crowd was blindly marching to the Soviet drumbeat from the 1920s until the mid-60s, Scandinavia’s leaders were KGB stooges, and so on . Then, like now, the mass media were so leftist that until the late 50s and moving pictures of the uprisings in Hungary and Czechoslovakia there had hardly been any awareness in the West how large the Soviet and Soviet Bloc dissident movement was and how viciously it was being persecuted.

        • Your examples are not representative of the issues faced in the uk nor do they represent even similar circumstances.
          The media has never had so much influence to smear and spread lies. Governments have never had so much power to track you and record your every move. It is almost impossible to say anything on the issues at hand without it either breaching some law or being subjected to the smear campaigns of the media. This is how it was designed – because they have learnt from the past mistakes of others.

          Simply standing up and going on the war path with a small band of like minded souls will achieve nothing. Your actions will be discredited the minute you hit the floor with your arms behind your back in handcuffs.

          Please understand we are not fighting one enemy but 3; the media, government and islam. They work together so you are never fighting just one.

          The media has the strongest weapon by far – control over the information being disseminated, which is used to influences the views and opinions people hold and destroy the enemies of the group.

          The EDL have fought and won their battle against the media, they have put the issues of islam and immigration firmly on the political agenda and have set the scene for the next battle. I believe this to be ukip against the eu (time will tell).

          If however the EDL had continued then these gains would have been reversed.

          • @Timmy,

            You miss the point TR did not quit or disband the EDL he denounced the EDL on a jihadist platform, TR chanted the 3 trump evils – islamophobia, racism and right wing extremism at the EDL and by implication the wider CJ movement.

            That Tommy Rot has reversed the CJ fight by 30 years in the UK, they have turned the CJ movement into a joke.

            The only CJ horse in town now is on the extremes, ABB did not bring the CJ down, TR & Co have brought the CJ to its knees – we do not have another 30 years to stand it up again.

        • I also agree with you.

          My great aunt and her husband were killed by the Soviets for continuing to teach bible studies and assist an “underground” Church in Poland.

          They lost their home and belongings first and then, their lives.

          Tommy and Kevin get NO respect from me.

          • “Tommy and Kevin get NO respect from me.”

            And what value is your respect? Christians killed for their religion believe they are going to heaven (or at least have a better chance). Tommy & Kevin are nominally christian. When they are assassinated and their family assassinated, it’s over for them.

            Considering that NOTHING is stopping you from getting up on a soap box in an islamic ghetto and talking to muslims about islam, yet you don’t do it, your respect ain’t worth a dime. You demand of others what you will not do yourself.

          • Are you kidding!
            You have no idea where TR and Kevin will wind up when they die… YOU are not GOD almighty!
            As for me… I have taken on islamics right here in my own city for SEVERAL years now! When they tried to get bacon, ham and hotdogs off the menu at all the schools in town. I organized the FIGHT and we NORMAL American parents WON!
            Also I took on, personally, a very few muslims parents at a local private day care center who were demanding all crosses and Christian religious pictures off the walls of that CHRISTIAN church’s facility. The muslims were told BY THAT CHURCH that they cannot tell the Christians what to do. So they left the school with their 6 kids ( out of over 148 students!!) YEAH! WE WON!!

            Several years ago, I took on a female clerk who was a muslim who told me and another patron she hated Americans because we simply asked her to step aside so we could get to the French cheeses and pate’ in a display case. She said she did NOT have to move for ” ANY AMERICANS” because she was related to the assistant manager.

            All we wanted was to get by with our carts and she blocked us on purpose. She said she wanted to move to an ISLAMIC country because “AMERICANS ARE LIKE DOGS!” and then called my friend a “DIRTY JEW” as she shopped in the part of the store that sells ISRAELI products. . We reported her to the manager.

            ALL of this (unknown to her) was on the security tape. And another employee, An Albanian Catholic lady in the deli area heard her call my friend a “dirty Jew”.

            SHE WAS FIRED ! She was Iraqi and was here because of some refugee re-settlement program by a Catholic Social services group.

            SO do not say that WE have not fought back… we have and will continue to do.

            TOMMY AND KEV are taking lessons on islam now… YES, I HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT FOR THEM. THEY sold out and will continue to do so …NOT FOR SAFETY , BUT the BIG MONEY!!

        • I agree with you. But – what if regardless of your efforts you are doomed to failure? I would have no hesitation in dying for a better Britain. I would sacrifice myself to ensure the safeguarding of our hard won freedoms – but a futile sacrifice is – futile. Even the most placid native Brits think that things will come to a head. If it does that will be the time for us to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good – when it will count.

          • What? Better take NO RISKS now and wait for your children to fight a civil war when muslims are 50% of the under 30s? Are you mad?

            I have no pretence to bravery. But I’ve been to umpteen EDL demos, I’ve given interviews to the media on behalf of EDL, I’ve made sure I was photographed at demos, and I live in the centre of a muslim ghetto. I’ve had my details taken by the police, been kettled, been photographed by them. I’ve been physically attacked in UAF meetings. I’ve gone along (alone) to islamic confernces and given them the most extreme counter-jihad position on islam.

            I’m practically disabled and live on morphine. I have never been in the army and never been in a physical fight. I’ve already been the victim of a violent racist assault by a gang of muslims. But I haven’t given up.

            I am in my 50s. I have no kids. But I’m damned if I will go to my grave without having done what I feel I can do in this fight.

        • While I can understand the Baron’s reticence to criticise Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, I have to agree with Takuan Seiyo (and, importantly, “Paris” is right, too).

          As for those others who have expressed the view that this is some tactical masterstroke of Dorsai-like subtlety and indomitable resolve…..words fail me…..

          I have long thought it far too late in the day for there to be any possibility of a peaceful change of course for my beloved country away from the suicidal insanity that grips it now. Not just my country, either, but the whole world.

          This betrayal (for that is what it is) brings the mass bloodshed and chaos that is certainly coming to us one, quite large, step closer and Takuan is absolutely correct in the examples he cites to remind us of the price to be paid to fighting totalitarian evil. It is a zero sum game; either they win or we do. And winning means the utter annihilation of the other side.

          One side knows this and acts consistently on that basis.

          The other side – us (I hope!) – mostly does not, yet.

          Personally, I have no expectation of dying of old age.

          “This is my country; I am a son of this land, of these islands. These are my hills and valleys, my woods, my rivers and streams, my fields, coppices and hedges, my roads and tracks, my coastline, my beaches, my cliffs, my mountains, my villages, towns and cities. These are my people and this is my language, culture, history and heritage.

          It has taken me a long time to realise this, but I now know from my very bones what this means; I am an Englishman, a Briton, a European; I am a man of the West.”

      • I was a BNP member and activist (I delivered leaflets now and again) . And on the “list”. UKIP took my £30 happily enough. I will have to wait and see if they kick me out, I ticked the box that stated I was never a member. So far as I know, no other political party in the UK has such strict criteria. Personally, I prefer Paul Weston’s stance “call me a racist, I don’t care” but Farage’s policy proves the left are winning the mind games.

      • That only works if you assume (and we all know what they say about that), that the EDL are likeliest of UKIP voters. As a UKIP activist and candidate I can tell you that Labour and non-voters are the most interested at the minute.
        People are waking up to the degredation of society and are sick of the same old Labour/Conservative merry-go-round.
        I’m sure that someone has orchestrated this for exactly the reason you stated but, it’s a misguided move because they’re proving yet again that they just don’t understand the electorate.

    • It means that UKIP can indulge in Polish jokes all they want now.

      Is this entire counter jihadiosphere just controlled opposition? Imagine for a moment if Jesus had done the same thing in front of the Sanhedrin…my apostles have been infected with anti-Semitic infiltration and anti Roman racism…I never saw Tommy as a messiah, just a bloke so this is no surprise. But it is still utter defeat.

      Who do you think planned this out? Malcolm Rifkind? He’s the only guy with the ability in the Tory cabinet.

      • Nothing is planned, it is a fluid situation.
        If people had gotten behind the EDL more and had shut the left wing media up then the situation would have been different. If muslims had gone and blown up an EDL march then things would have been different.
        There are so many possible variations on the consequences of any one set of actions that decisions must be made based on the current realities and how they help or hinder the movement.

        You must understand that pushing too hard on one front will only leave you weaker on the other two. and thats when they take you out.

        • The miner’s strike was a very heavily controlled and planned battle between the Tory party and organized labour.

          The revival of the EDL since Rigby’s murder bears a striking resemblance to the Battle of Orgreave.

          The miners were slated for destruction as the most militant and well organized union in the UK. Whether you agree with busting them or not they were set upon and destroyed as theater.

  7. Tommy Robinson, Kevin Carroll, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer Breaking with EDL.

    Was it all just a PSYOPs sting?

    • He just surrendered. It was abject. He’s also denounced the EDL as racist and anti Semitic. With leadership like that…who needs the state or the Jihadists? Yes is was…

      • Is this entire counter jihadiosphere just controlled opposition?

        Looks like they need the jihadists to fight the Soviet Ghost, the counter-jihad movement would stand in the way of that alliance.

        The new PSYOPs meme love jihadists, hate Russians.

        • “Is this entire counter jihadiosphere just controlled opposition?”
          if it was then it has failed miserably.
          the public now know the truth about islam, no what would be intended from such a plan.

      • “Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll are due to face trial later this month, charged with obstructing police officers near the scene of the killing of soldier Lee Rigby.”

        No one can trust anything the BBC says, as evinced by that comment right there.

        Still at least they’re no longer allowing a necrophiliac paedophile to wander about their midst abusing kids at will, eh? That’s something I suppose.

        • Those charges will be dropped or whatever they call it…
          TR and KC have throw the EDL to the wolves of islam.

          THEY could have just quit… THEY DID NOT HAVE TO JOIN UP WITH THE ENEMY.

          And THAT fact makes them the type of persons who are usually called “TRAITORS”.

          And to think our little group here sent them money and cards…. HA! We will NOT be fooled again by TR and KC.

          THEY ARE “dead” to us.

      • the EDL has always had a problem with far right infiltration.
        mainly due to having no formal membership system.
        the EDL leadership recognised that.

    • Nonsense, listen to the man in his own words. It’s clear enough who destroyed the EDL and it was our dear friend Pamela Geller.

      Lennon spells it out loud and clear. He spent three years clearing the Nazis out of the EDL, then he was banged up for four months for his little jaunt to the US, so he lost control of the movement.

      When he came back after being released all the extremists had dutifully infiltrated themselves back in. And so thoroughly that the game was not worth the candle any more.

      Remember too that he was being held personally financially liable for protests etc.

      Yes the government’s actions led to today’s events. But the explanation is much more clear cut than all the conspiracy theorizing. Stop hearing zebras.

      The EDL was already being successfully eliminated by the state’s pressure on Lennon and his family, and was only reanimated following the Rigby killing.

  8. maybe Tommy accepted a paradigm shift, from the system of rigid politcal parties, united by the fascist-style discipline, loyalty, and obscurantism, – to the more amorphous “movements of supporters”, like Wilders’ PVV.

    so his idea was to shake off those whom he didn’t consider allies, to change the supporters base.

    rumours of Quilliam reporting about “successful decapitation of EDL” leave certainly a nauseous feeling.
    these jihadi chocolate bunnies always choose convincing image to present.
    wait for Tommy’s qualification.

    for me as for many others there is no much hope in ballot box.
    the only acceptable party looks like, teh tiny Liberty GB of Paul Weston.
    so I rank my preferences depening on which candidates are present in the electoral district:

    Liberty GB

    and not bother considering anything else.

  9. Today they have silenced the voices, tomorrow it is inevitable they will now hear the sound of rifles. What has just happened is the British Govt silenced an outlet of peoples frustrations, what they now have done is opened Pandora’s Box of Nationalist fury and it will be in the form of IRA/UDF tactics and it is going to get bloody and extremely brutal. It is obvious that the leadership of the EDL were given a choice with a gun held to their heads, join us or perish. It is now the law of unintended consequences and now violence is the only thing left.

    • The thing is: if TR and KC are themselves such fine fellows and are acceptable members of the Quilliam Foundation (and thereby the British State which throws money at the Quilliam group) ..

      .. then why were they not treated as such by those bodies during their time at the helm of the EDL?

    • Maajid Nawaz, the man who heads Quilliam and who was an international recruiter for Hizb ut Tahrir, who spent time in an Egyptian prison for his membership of one of the most extreme organisations since the Nazis… is standing for parliament in Hampstead, a liberal-leftist enclave of intellectuals. No doubt having decapitated the a populist working-class British movement against theocratic dictatorship, this ex-member of Hizb ut Tahrir will be jettisoned into parliament.

      On present projections, by 2040 Hizb ut Tahrir will be the government of Britain. All those muslims pretending to support Labour, Tories, LibDems etc. will be able to show their true colours.

    • It has. Even the commenters criticizing Robinson strongly are not using their real names.

      Where do we go from here?

  10. What was Pamela Geller’s and Robert Spencer’s role in the decapitation of EDL? Did Gates of Vienna have any part in Tommy’s defection?

    • Gates of Vienna had absolutely nothing to do with Tommy’s “defection”. All of us who support GoV wish him and Kev the best of luck, whatever their plans may be (which we are not privy to).

      As for Pamela and Robert, best if you went to their respective websites and judge for yourself.

    • It’s the anti semitism canard.

      On the face of it it is preposterous. The EDL was at least on the surface a reaction to Islamic immivasion in places like Luton. The second tier English market towns.
      It is directed at something the Israelis are often at great pains to point at too. Most antisemitic right wingers would happily keep their distance from the EDL because it is widely understood to be quite well disposed to Judaism. Why would you give you vital stats to an organization you might suspect is in cahoots with Israeli foreign policy aims?

  11. And I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: No good came to Tommy Robinson or Kevin Carroll from their attempt to ingratiate themselves with Pamela Geller. The Pamela is a raging egomaniac who is not to be trusted. Just ask Elisabeth Sabaditch-Wolff.

  12. OT, but tangential because the B and I have talked about Tommy Robinson’s obvious native intelligence and the criminally negligent ‘education’ he got in the British schooling system…you could watch him learn “on the job” and gauge how much he took in just by watching his speaking skills develop over time.

    Perhaps the lower classes are deliberately dumbed down to keep them in line?

    In the US we specialize in a public school system designed to keep people ignorant and we call the resulting graduate “unintelligent” since we’re not permitted to call the education system what it really is.

    U.S. Adults Dumber than the Average Human

    Given the money for the texts and the room to teach them, I could use Hirsch’s Core Knowledge series to boost every single IQ of any person who took part:

    Common Knowledge Series

    NYC spent about 3,000.00 in an experimental progam for several years with the most deprived socio-economic population of kids, using Hirsch’s Common Knowledge books, and brought them up to par in short order. Needless to say, such ideas threaten unionized education systems so the project is no longer extant. Eighty percent of NYC public school grads are functionally illiterate.

    Any parent worried that indoctrination programs at their children’s schools have replaced genuine education could buy the grade-appropriate book for their own child and spend a few hours spread over a week to educate each child (and themselves in the process). I remember really liking the lower grades’ music sections in those books.

    They are geared not only toward IQ/intellectual knowledge, they educate the child culturally too. In fact, the author has separate books for cultural literacy aimed at adults and children.

    The futureBaron literally read his first Cultural Literacy “Dictionary” to tatters; we bought him the adult version after it was obvious the children’s version was memorized. As a result, he is one of the most “educated” people I know…during his brief stay in grad school, one of the other T.A.s (Teaching Assistants) said the he talked like an SAT vocabulary test. The fB decided to take that as a compliment.

    I also have to credit our friend, Wally Ballou, for loaning him books by the great humorists of the 20th century. Never forget humor and wit. It can save your mind in times like this.

    • Tommy has cunning: Not intelligence. He was probably exhausted too, however his character was weak on top of that.

      I’m not surprised he was co-opted by Quilliam. The EDL is widely understood to be a form of controlled opposition in certain circles. So the defection of a leader staged and produced for TV was part of the narrative..

    • Well intentioned, but completely out of his depth. In Britain there are no charismatic, intelligent political leaders such as Wilders or le pen. Your theory about education may well be correct. It always puzzles me how in Britain a person can attend an educational institute until they are at least sixteen years old and have almost no literacy or numeracy skills. It has to be deliberate. As the old chinese government saying goes “Keep their bellies full and their hearts empty” – or something along those lines.

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  14. The Quilliam Foundation exists to promote the bare faced lie that islam has a moderate side and can co-exist with other cultures. Robinson is working with the enemy.

    • I’m deeply suspicious of that foundation, too. Never heard of it before, have no idea what would define them as “non-Islamist”. Anyone got details on that?

      • There’s no need to waste time on suspicion and investigations for further information. The Counter-Jihad by now, after all we should know about Islam and Muslims, should have a principle engraved in stone, based on rational prejudice against Muslims:

        “Unless they are expressing militant jihad, Muslims always lie.”

        Any seemingly moderate Muslim organization — any and all, every last one — should be counted as a Trojan horse bristling with false Moderates. We should treat them as such, unthinkingly. The thought required for this treatment, for this principle, we already put in at the office — the last 12 years, and Muslims have helped heap up the mountain of evidence that damns them. Stop thinking and wondering, and scratching your head, about Muslims. The time for thought in that regard has ended. There cannot possibly be any more information we can know which will change the rational verdict of total condemnation.

        Our time of thinking should and would be better spent organizing our activism and clarifying our pedagogy to those outside the Counter-Jihad who can wake up and join us. But with the Counter-Jihad so full of Softies as it is, this may be a long time coming.

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  16. Here is the situation from my perspective as somebody familiar with the situation and who was involved in it . This occurred with the controversy over the old EDL Jewish division. Many people objected to what some of the members of the Jewish division represented, did, and or said. Whether it was justified or not, this controversy allowed a lot of anti-semitic and general old far-right types to seize upon that controversy and create their own parallel website, forum and network . This forum and network operated independent of the EDL yet attempted to co-opt the policies and general leadership of the EDL from a grassroots level. Rather than being in agreement with the ethos and policies of Inclusion and religious and ethnic co-habitation, the core of this group was extremely anti-semitic, hateful of Israel, Supporters of Israel, and openly tolerant and supportive of splinter cells from the EDL such as the NorthWest Infidels who were kicked out for racism, pro-nazism ,anti-semitism and the like. It also actively supported and promoted other Pan-European nazi groups such as Golden Dawn. The EDL could not exist in its current form while allowing this forum/group to operate as an ideological parasite. I also firmly believe that members of the British security services encouraged this division by being active members of this forum and group and promoting it. This is indeed a sad situation, but one i saw happening 2 years ago.

    • “The EDL could not exist in its current form while allowing this forum/group to operate as an ideological parasite.”

      Nonsense, humbug, balderdash, O Pshaw!

      This is to let our PC MC Masters continue to control the conversation. The right thing to do would be to say:

      “Prove your allegations that the EDL is racist and anti-semitic. Until you prove it with persuasive evidence in the context of a fair hearing, we stand tall with the EDL and continue to support it and continue its mission. Run along now, and go gather your persuasive evidence, and get back to us when you have done so — and not a moment before. Ta-ta!”

  17. From the EDL facebook page:


    Response to Tommy Robinson

    We recognise Tommy and Kevin for their work in help setting up such a large and strong organisation four years ago. We recognise the stresses and strain the EDL have placed upon in their personal lives. Not many could have accepted such strains nor stood firm in the light of death threats, assaults, police intimidation and state interference.

    The EDL will remain a active non racist street organisation that opposes militant and extreme Islam. We will further endeavour to apply our Code of Conduct and reject all Nazis, all extreme right wing organisations and those who express racism either on forums, Facebook pages or at our demos. You are not welcome, ever!

    The EDL will continue in its ideological struggle against Militant Islam and we collectively will not Surrender!

  18. i watched that BBC interview, and it is indeed a banner day for both the statist left-wing UK govt who have been trying to destroy the EDL with this divide and conquer strategy, and anti semites/racist NF/BNP types who have been trying to co-opt the EDL for years. They both got what they wanted today, and unfortunately, i think it is the average UK citizen who will suffer

  19. It is obvious Tommy was leaned on to quit the EDL but lets look at it in a positive light. The EDL still has strong support but it was the only organisation going which made it weak and this made the cause weak.

    The EDL have done their job – they have moved the debate very much in the right direction. More people are willing to stand up and actually say that there is a problem and that is light years away from where we were pre EDL. Back then even the hint of criticism directed at any ethnic group would have had howls of racist rained down upon the perpetrator thus killing any debate – the media were very much in favour of this tactic. Tommy has pushed that line, people can now start to discuss the problem in public, even if it is in a rather censored form.

    Tommy has also left before the media and the government had a chance to politically put a serious hole in in its side, which would have happened given enough time, and by its own actions – and if it had then the whole debate would have gone in to reverse. That can no longer happen at the hands of the EDL itself which makes it harder for them.

    Now we have the opportunity to set up new organisations that can push a little further before the media and governments have a chance to infiltrate and smear.

    This is gorilla politics – be mobile, strike fast and disband before they know whats going on. Dont let them turn you in to a hate figure which they will use to their advantage.

    And be positive – things are moving, politicians are slowly having to acknowledge some of the many problems the uk faces and are resorting to more desperate means to cover their tracks and people are no longer buying it so readily.

    • It’s a defeat. Robinson is now on the Dole taking money via Quilliam that originates from the Home Office.

      He was close, oh so close to triumph. That’s why the government bent him.

      • TR was definitely NOT close to triumph, but he was completely on the right track. The peaceful,
        well-attended marches were beginning to rattle
        a few Establishment cages at a certain stage, all
        TR had to do was to keep going like that with
        huge turnouts, plenty of banners, well-behaved.
        He needed back-up, without which he was too
        targetable. He took a lot on his own little shoulders and should not be disrespected. Their is
        no need for despair, Tommy has shown us the path, it is now up to us to follow it.

        • The EDL was doing remarkably well. I think that the Crown panicked after his summer. The Rigby murder, and the genocide of Christians in Syria very nearly blasted the lid off the genocidal sham perpetrated by every government since Enoch Powell warned us and every PM since Heath has pitched us into. Cameron and Clegg are perfect examples of the disconnected leadership that awaits us in 30 odd years.

  20. Quilliam is pure TAQIYYA. ANY and ALL means is used to DECEIVE Non-Muslims to bring about Muslim conquest and Sharia law. Taqiyya – Muslim DECEPTION is a vital part of Islamic WAR strategy. This is a VERY SAD day for Britain.

    Please God, help Britain! We need You, God! Frequently Asked Questions

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  23. if the departure of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll results in the collapse of EDL in its intended form, then the organisation was only as deep as 2 individuals. If an organisation is only as deep as 2 individuals then it’s doomed to fail. If the EDL is being infiltrated by neo-Naziis then it just proves yet again that when reasonable people fail to get involved in a political conversation, that conversation will increasingly be dominated by fanatics. A mother who stands in front of a tank to protect a child is just as ‘extreme’ as a terrorist. It’s just that some things are worth getting extreme about. Britain’s seemingly suicidal resistance to Germany prior to US involvement was a great example of morally justified extremism. Have the British changed in character from the courageous people that more than 1 generation of my Australian family sent men to help? I suspect not. When we seek to eliminate ‘extremism’ in all forms we are turning people into spineless and mindless sheep, unable to distinguish between right and wrong. Anti-extremist propaganda is a government tool to ultimately secure total control. If you can point to one thing that you know to be self evidently evil then you have established that at least 1 moral absolute exists. The presence of 1 moral absolute suggests the existence of others. Every individual has a right to exist, free from intimidation. Speak out Britain, your survival now depends on it.

  24. Tommy’s only saying what he’s said for years – except now people might listen to what he’s ACTUALLY saying.

    It wasn’t yesterday he was on TV walking around Luton and entered into a discussion with some local Muslim lads & he told them it was certain extreme aspects of Islam he had a big problem with – the chopping off of hands etc.

    And he’s said time and again that he’s arguing against Islamic ideology & not against Muslims per se – maybe at least now the smear merchants in the press won’t be able to shut him down, and people will listen to what he’s actually saying.

    Let’s face it the EDL were limited in what they could achieve in the British political context, so maybe now Tommy’s voice will be allowed to be heard in an extended circle of influence within Britain.

    • “now Tommy’s voice will be allowed to be heard in an extended circle of influence within Britain.”

      There was no need for that. How difficult is it for the establishment to understand the threat from islam? Do the public-school, oxbridge-educated prats who mis-rule Britain not understand islam? Clegg goes on TV after the beheading of Lee Rigby and lies about the contents of specific ayas.

      It’s not that they need educating. Michael Gove, one of the most prominent government ministers, wrote a book in 2006 called “Celsius 7/7” (you can buy a 2nd hand copy on for 1p). It could have been the manifesto for the EDL.

      The politicians KNOW what the problem is. They just don’t want to do anything about it. The existence of EDL meant they could not ignore it. But now it will be easy for them to ignore it again.

      • That’s my point though. They could ignore whatever Tommy said so long as he was associated with the EDL. Now they won’t be able to do that. They can’t smear the Quilliam Foundation – or Tommy – so they’ll have to listen to what he’s actually saying.

        • He’s finished.
          In a decade the UK will be 10-15% Muslim. What good will conference papers do then?

          We will have a Prime Minister Khan by then. It’s exactly what happened in the US. The Black vote, along with refugees resettled in Virginia, Ohio and elsewhere helped to tip the scales. We are doomed and I might add that Tommy simply was defeated. His defeat shouldn’t be spun as progress.

          • You understand the score in the U.S. as well. To use that wonderful Bertold Brecht line, the politicians are electing themselves a new people, and the people being diselected are on the whole too dumb to see it and too cowardly to do something about it even when they see it.

        • But whatever he’s actually going to say will be said from a platform that ultimately doesn’t address the problem of Islamic imperialism and colonialism.

          If TR’s point is that Islam was ok if not violent, then his point is asinine, delusional and very pro-Islamic.

          I don’t see it as anything other than victory for the forces of Islam which will result in more violence from Islam in order to demonstrate that Islam is not violent.

          These are dangerous times as any times are when Islam is the issue.

          • “………….which will result in more violence from Islam in order to demonstrate that Islam is not violent.”

            That just about sums up islam and it’s Progressive Leftist apologists and street thugs, beautifully put.

    • The hostile elite know exactly what they are doing to the UK.

      They are electing a new people.

      Robinson is not going to stop that process. Now he’s going to accelerate it.

      • It depends on his first article/lecture given as a member of the QF. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if he quoted Winston Churchill …

        • Poor TR has done the deed, he will now be cast aside while they fire the ammunition and covertly prosecute clampdown.

          TR rewarded with cerebral or celebrity status, I think not.

    • “And he’s said time and again that he’s arguing against Islamic ideology & not against Muslims per se…”

      If that’s what he’s saying, I’d rather he not say it anyway.

  25. This is very disturbing. He’s going to work for a Sunni Muslim thinktank run by a convicted Terrorist?

  26. This is very disturbing. He’s going to work for a Sunni Muslim thinktank run by a convicted Terrorist?

  27. To the Valiant EDL:

    Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  28. They win. They have driven Tommy Robinson off the field. The enemy is strong, the enemy is victorious.

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  30. The EDL were never going to achieve too much, given their own limitations, and Tommy already tried to jump ship and move into the political arena via the British Freedom party. That didn’t work out, that party is no more and now he’s trying another avenue.

    One that will be fireproof with regards the tactics used by the media and the country’s politicians to smear the EDL.

    So it remains to be seen just what Tommy and Kevin will do next, and how they will use this vehicle to advance their views.

    • Given that the pied piper of Luton abandoned his followers like this the EDL clearly had fatal flaws from the start.

      • Tommy and Kev are now studying islam… look for the announcement of CONVERSION in the next month or so…..

  31. The difference between Islamists and moderate Muslims
    Islamists want to destroy the existing Western civilization (if there is one) immediately and build a Caliphate and apply sharia right now.
    Moderate Muslims want to wait a little more… just a few more years so that when they kick and shove the indigenous white people, when they stretch their limbs, yawn, and finally wake up and resist, the resistance will be met with decisive victory and it will be too little too late. Moderate Muslims are careful that the indigenous people might wake up just in time for an effective resistance. Islamists think apply sharia now because indigenous people will never wake up because Allah has put them in a trance and replaced their actions with empty talk, and stuffed their heads with crap and chaff. Because, white people expect moderate Muslims to fight Islamists to protect the whites. Utter stupidity.


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    • I was wondering the very same thing!!
      TR was saying in a rally not long ago that all of the EDL should read the Koran and he held it up for them saying they needed to DISCOVER the real islam so they could fight against sharia law.

      Looks as if TR and KC discovered the REAL $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to be made for SELLING OUT and making the defenders of English FREEDOM look like idiots.

      You know the UK has a long history of paying off anybody( or killing those would NOT go along… WALLACE in the 12th century, Richard Cromwell under Henry VIII, ETC) who threatened the POWERS THAT RULE.

      Just look how they turned the Scottish Clan Chiefs against their own people by giving those Lairds much land and money. Same in Ireland … it works for the English powers that be , so why not DO it AGAIN ???

      This whole TR and KC reeks of a PAYOFF!! OR a concerted plan to form a group of citizens against Sharia and DELIBERATELY make it FAIL by having its own leadership call them RIGHT WING extremists and Nazis.
      The SAUDI KING, who really rules the UK must be having an extra cocktail in celebration today! And Cameron gets an extra gal or guy in his harem.

  34. I am genuinely confused by this. The EDL was not/is not a perfect organisation and had much that the MSM could attack quite easily. Therefore its replacement with something else and better would not be a calamity for the counter-jihad (whether this happens remains to be seen).

    The degree to which Tommy Robinson has changed his views seems genuinely uncertain. He is not (yet) an Islamic St. Paul, to take an extreme example.

    It is also worth noting that the British left include sceptics on the motivation and direction of this. Equally, whatever views of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, they are not going to support an anti-Israel cause, surely ?

    The jury is still out from my perspective

  35. IMHO comments are all over the place, we will just have to wait and see. However we must not forget that governments have the upper hand and all of the resources, manpower, intelligence networks, to make one’s life a living hell ,to make one vanish, or to meet with an unfortunate accident. Political intrigue,manipulation, and powerbrokering have been with us since time began.

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