Tommy Robinson Attacked in Luton

Tommy Robinson isn’t enjoying any respite from the customary violence directed at his person, despite having left the English Defence League. This afternoon he tweeted from Luton:

Tommy Robinson @TrobinsonNewEra
Just been attacked in Luton town cente in a religious attack!

(Tommy’s Twitter account is here.)

Below is a brief article about the incident from Luton Today:

Former EDL leader “attacked” in Luton while filming documentary

The former leader of the EDL says he was attacked in Luton town centre this afternoon.

Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Lennon, was filming a documentary in Chapel Street when he was allegedly attacked by three men at about 4.30pm.

A passerby who did not wish to be named said she was sat in her car nearby when the incident happened.

She said: “Three men came out of the chicken shop and started shouting at Tommy and the film crew. Then they went for him and attacked him, they were hitting him and he was just trying to get away saying he didn’t want a fight.

“Everybody was just trying to get out of the way. It was a bit crazy. I was trying to move my car, I thought ‘oh my god’ there’s kids about. I know a lot of people don’t agree with what he stands for but no one should be attacked in the street.”

Tommy tweeted “Just been attacked in Luton town cente in a religious attack!” followed by “Under attack in town, American film crew got it on camera. Good punch to be fair! America will see first hand” accompanied by a picture of the alleged attack taken from a video camera.

At this stage Beds Police have been unable to confirm any details of the incident, but it is understood police did attend the scene.

Hat tips: Steen for the tweet, ICLA for the article.

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91 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Attacked in Luton

  1. Well well. so going over to the dark side and trying the fit seems not to have worked. Shall we see you back on the RIGHT side then Tommy ?

    • “Shall we see you back on the RIGHT side”

      That’ll be right after you come out of your bunker of fear and anonymity.

      • Being brave does not automatically confer intelligence. Intelligence without bravery isn’t very effective; bravery without intelligence is just foolhardy.

        As another commenter below aptly put it:

        “He’s a dingdong for collaborating. They still want his blood.”

      • @Joe

        Wrong target, you have to ask of your Government, why British citizens expressing their political opinions have to endure death threats and actual violence on the street of the U.K.

        For some MPs you may have to spell out what a political opinion is. 🙂

        • “For some MPs you may have to spell out what a political opinion is. ”

          Exactly. A few days ago I mentioned that Britons can’t even understand axioms. Anything that is in the interest of the the native white people can’t be understood by the Brits. Anything or any step taken in the interest of any Muslim country in Africa or Asia or for any Muslim Group in Europe is perfectly understood and justified.
          The lion heart Tommy, like Richard the Lion’s Heart, was attacked because simply Muslim goal is not to win the hearts and minds of the white people. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate any resistance to, and leaving the white population drunk and on drugs, without goal, without hope, as they are now, to facilitate the establishment of Caliphate. Ten white policemen will poop themselves immediately and get a deadly fever if confronted with a Pakistani teenager robbing a white girl. They prefer to look the other way and 3 days later they will try to search for the robber, and of course, they WiLL not find him. If they find him, they will say “Not enough evidence”.
          The mother of all scandals and cowardice.

        • “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”
          George Orwell

          ”Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security.”
          Ben Franklin

          • ”Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security.” said Ben Franklin, while cocking his gun.

          • Oh come on. Franklin was more thoughtful than what you appear to imply here. He *was* impatient with the Quakers and their anti-militarist views during the War. However, he also appreciated their financial support and said so. There are many more than two sides in this cultural war we’re enduring.

  2. Will there be a press release from the Quilliam Foundation on this incident educating the Kafir on the civility of the multikulti way to paradise.

    • That is an interesting question, one that deserves to be considered and answered seriously rather than being used rhetorically.

      I suspect that in rather less than six months, the public image of “moderate Islam” will have been severely damaged by Tommy Robinson.

      • Perhaps something along the lines of…

        “This dhimmi is under the protection of the Ummah, now. “

  3. Bedfordshire Constabulary are, in Non-PC circles, known to be one of the biggest collections of Dhimmified, professionally incompetent Jobsworths in the UK. And that really is saying something when you look at what has become of our Police Service.

    The Chief Constable, Colette Paul, began her career in the Met and that, at least to those in the know, says everything that is needed to know about her and the collection of ‘My pension is all that I am interested in’ self-serving ideological drones she commands.

    And, if you think I am being a little harsh here go look at their track record with respect to the 7/7 bombing episode.

    Robert Peel is revolving in his grave.

  4. He ought to hurry up and convert.

    T’Alaqsi Al Elon

    That would be a fine name for him.

    He’s a dingdong for collaborating. They still want his blood.

    • Have you forwarded your CV to EDL for their consideration of you as the new leader. I doubt it. Commenting on blogs appears to be the limit of most people.

      The self-deception of the people criticising Tommy should be a wake up call. They are so weak and cowardly, they don’t even have a sense of hypocrisy any more. They demand things from him that they would not even attempt to ask of themselves.

      He owes people nothing. He signed no contract. He stood for no election.

      Since so many people are appalled by his “cowardice” or his “stupidity”, I am surprised that there is not a queue a mile long outside EDL Headquarters, of all these brave, articulate, principled counter-jihadis proposing themselves as the leader whose family live under constant fear.

      • Contract? Weasel words.

        He created, or fronted for someone, a street protest movement then suddenly abandoned it because there are so many Nazis in the UK.
        The UK is apparently teeming with Neo Nazis. That’s our main problem apparently.
        Legions of Neo Nazis who ruin everything. Pull the other one.

  5. This was predictable. By allah they’ve now seen him yield. Nothing kicks up their aggressiveness like the sight and smell of their wounded prey’s blood.

  6. “Police did attend the scene”, and either did nothing or helped whoever did the attacking. (muslims?) Police did the same thing here in Canada when David Menzies was attacked by a muslim mob–they sided with the muslims.

    • Aren’t they supposed to do that under sharia? It just proves which law we are all actually living under.

  7. Doesn’t Robinson realize that his conversion is neccessary now?

    While he had the EDL mob at his back he wasn’t vulnerable to assassination as this would have triggered a race riot.

    Now he’s marked until he public ally converts. The simpletons making apologetics for him don’t have the faintest idea of how Islam functions when the Muslim has the whip hand. See Syria and Egypt and how the Christians are faring now.

    The veil of protection has been lifted by his defection.

    • Dan, I don’t believe Tommy or Kevin have any intention of converting to Islam, which is what they would have done if they were truly concerned for THEIR own safety.

      It appears to me at least, that their (what so many are now wrongly calling it – betrayal) resignation was not done out of concern for themselves, but for others.

  8. Quote:

    “America will see first hand” accompanied by a picture of the alleged attack taken from a video camera.
    At this stage Beds Police have been unable to confirm any details of the incident, but it is understood police did attend the scene.”

    Wonder if the “Beds Police” confiscated the video camera for their “investigation”? Will the video be made public any time soon (ever)?

  9. Will wonders never cease? I suppose since allying with Quilliam, at least the “Beds police” didn’t arrest Tommy…this time.

  10. So Tommy took some intensive islamic “teachings” in the streets of Luton.

    What’s the news in this? I am interested in the homework Tommy and Kevin got from their masters at this dhimmy institute 🙂

    • Just like you have done perhaps?

      You appear to be obsessed with Pamela. She must have “trod on your corns,” metaphorically speaking.

      • Dan has all the hallmarks of an agent provocateur. I’ve seen them before in EDL circles. This is how they work. They work at any potential crack in the movement, and snipe at both sides. They make bold assertions that contradict those who provide evidence, but the provocateurs never provide evidence (it takes too much time to even go and find any).

          • So he can demand evidence from me, and when I provide it he ignores it. Even Dymphna has called him out on his failure to substantiate his remarks.

            He’s based in some foreign country, yet claims to know all about the presence/absence of types of people on EDL demos. And you don’t think to designate his claims as “hysterical finger-pointing”? No-one here knows anything about him. The Baron and I share mutual friends. I’ve been asked via these friends to write for Gates of Vienna.

            I think counter-jihad sites do a profound disservice to the movement NOT to notice the characteristics of someone whose actions show they are intent on sowing dissent.

          • I’m curious. How do you know he’s based in a foreign country? I presumed he was living in Tommy’s back pocket. Seriously, how can you tell? In other words, WHAT IS THE BASIS FOR THIS ASSERTION. Given your demand for sourced information, I would have presumed this as a given for whatever you say about another commenter, good or bad.

            So you know this…how??

        • You are paranoid. I’m just a little more to the conservative side than you. I have a history of living among savages on their own territory. So I just tend to find the multicultural and multiracial hopes of the EDL to be absurd.

  11. If whatever deal Tommy struck with the authorities doesn’t even include keeping him and his family safe on the streets, then he might as well not have bothered.

      • You live in the UK. Why is it we know the face of TR but not your face? By your account, you are infinitely braver, with more integrity than him.

        Yet you are a nobody. Not even been to an EDL demo. Yet your arrogance and hypocrisy is so great, you cannot see that even if TR had taken 30 pieces of silver, he would have still shown more bravery and leadership than you.

  12. And if he didn’t strike a deal with the authorities to keep his family and himself safe, then again … he might as well not have bothered.

  13. Pamela Geller is probably right when she writes :

    Then at the press conference, both he and Kevin Carroll were the showcases of a Quilliam victory dance. They looked eerily reminiscent of the American POW’s taken by enemy combatants and forced to say things they did not believe before cameras.

    It has become painfully obvious that the enemies of freedom have broken Tommy Robinson. The British authorities’ harassment, the systematic persecution, the jailings, the solitary confinement, the threatening of his life, the threats to his family, his having to move several times, his children having to change schools, the constant false charges — he finally cracked. They broke him. He made a deal with the devil. He didn’t want to go back to jail, and this looks like his bid to stay out.

    Unfortunately, this also looks likely :

    Now he is the poster boy for the stealth jihad. Exactly. Quilliam is stealth jihad.

    It feels as though we’re in Moscow and it’s 1950.

  14. This is moronic. Tommy is a shrewd man. He knew full well that his actions made him distance himself from a potential private army that would react with horrible revenge if he was killed.

    Now Muslims know nobody will defend him, and they are taking probing pot-shots at him. He is clever enough to realise that this would be exactly his fate.

    That his move would be judged as cowardice when the reality is that he will have multiplied the threats against him exponentially because of his deliberate self-isolation from a potential street army. Even Geller has now thrown him under the bus.

    When the worst danger she has faced up to is a lukewarm cup of coffee.

    Shame on all the keyboard warriors.

    • Nonsense. She lectures, she travels and she and her family received many, many death threats.

      How many death threats from Muslims have you received lately?

      • Geller also launched a campaign to prevent a Muslim family from getting control of their teenage daughter. The daughter had converted to Christianity and was hiding from her parents who undoubtedly were planning to kill her. There was a legal battle with many court appearances. Geller gave her support, raised money, spent money, organized protests in front of the court rooms, spoke to congresspeople and others who could help, etc., etc., etc. And don’t think that she didn’t receive many, many death threats along the way.

        She has also organized the printing and placement of posters on buses in major U.S. cities publicizing the dangers of Islam.

        And so on . . . .

        She’s done much more than perhaps any of the people criticizing her on this blog.

        How many Muslim death threats have you received this week for your activity in the counterjihad?

        • Don’t be silly.

          The obvious point is that those who risk *nothing* are often the first to criticize others who risk *everything.*

          Does the shoe fit?

          • “I’ve known Tommy Lennon’sall my life.”

            Once more, the fake claims from this agent provocateur, going by the name of Dan.

            It is shoddy management of the commenting policy to allow someone to just make these kinds of assertions. Why permit it?

            I have no love for Geller/Spencer, and you permit him to just add to the problems, when he is an obvious liar. When has he ever substantiated any claim he’s made?

          • I have let your comment through, even with the name-calling. I agree with you that this Dan fellow’s assertions are probably unfounded, but our management of the commenting policy is my decision to make. You sound frustrated, and I presume it’s because you think people might give Dan’s comments credence.I don’t think they do; he is quite transparent.

            It may be that you don’t trust others to judge for themselves??

            As for Dan’s last comment about having known TR all his life, etc., I didn’t see that one go through. I just went back to look at it and the conclusion is astonishingly appalling.

            The Baron is more permissive than I. Since I’ve been sick most of the day I haven’t been reading the comments much. It looks like I will have to remedy that, sick or not. Sigh.

            These are trying times for everyone. Meanwhile, as me Irish mother would say, you sir, would do well to keep a civil tongue in your head while we try to get through them as best we can.

          • What are you implyinghere? I live in the states. Lots of expats move there. The most sinister thing about your questions is that you sound like you are data mining. I’d never be rude enough to publicly expose a poster on a forum. It’s rude.

  15. I was initially angry at Tommy, but I now see he went from the frying pan into the fire. He doesn’t deserve this.

    I have to hand it to the British elite though. They separated him from his people who could look out for him, made him a pariah, then set the dogs on him. What’s next a Muzzie thug who put a dagger into the poor man while the authorities just look on? This I fear may be his fate.

    Here’s the thing, the Muzzies hate anyone who stands up to them, even if they apologize, this goes doubly for kuffars like Tommy. He’s simply fair game now since he has no one to protect him.

    If I were him, I’d take the family and come to the U.S. on travel visa and go to ground for a while.

    • “I’d take the family and come to the U.S. on travel visa and go to ground for a while.”

      Whilst that might be a route out for the Shah of Iran, or Gaddafi, or any number of scumbag jihadists over the last 30 years, it’s not a route out to Tommy.

      He is banned from entering the US.

      • That hasn’t stopped 20 million or so illegal immigrant coming across the southern border into the US.

      • He can enter the U.S. via Canada or Mexico then cross the border illegally. Even Canada is a decent choice for him and his family, he can change his name, become a canuck citizen and after a while get a new passport and then move to the U.S. if he wants.

        This of course assumes Huma and Hillary don’t become our next rulers.

        • I don’t think leaving is a solution. First, you have to assume Britain would let him leave. Second, Canada’s increasingly draconian “hate-speech” laws have allowed unscrupulous folk to make a living thru lawfare. I know a number of Canadians who have found they need to be VERY careful what they say.

          Sadly, I wouldn’t recommend the USA to anyone right now. The political climate here is too uncertain.

          For better or worse, Tommy considers himself to be English, period. And his fight is for the primacy of English values. That’s not something one can transplant.

  16. And never mind Stephen Lennon, how about the brass neck of the assailants who will happily attack someone on the street despite the presence of a film crew?

    How have these pieces of trash become so empowered that they think such behaviour on the streets of Britain is ok?

    The question is not what will or will not happen to Stephen Lennon, but who has created an environment in Britain where such thugs can operate with impunity?

    And why?

    • 50% of them claim the dole, at the same time they enslave our women and sell our sons drugs and then of course they cheat on the taxes.

      They couldn’t have less contempt for us if we groveled in the mud and ate swill.

  17. Will a new EDL spokesman find himself debating with TR, and what will their respective positions be?

    Will TR argue for the Quilliam Foundation’s British (subverted) Islam, and when countered with the point that the moderation of islam is a pipe dream is he going to accuse the EDL spokesman of being a right wing extremist.

    • The biggest problem facing Britain today is National Socialism you see. All these English Nazis just screwing up the Brotherhood of man.

      It’s preposterous.

      • The State and their lackeys in the press use the SOP of the Soviets and use the ‘Nazi’ label to smear their political opponents. Which in this case would be anyone who speaks the truth. (Given that their foundational principles are falsehoods and fantasies.)

        And they only use that label because they know that morally sane people despise the Nazis and what they stood for. Unlike the multicultural moral relativists themselves, who have no grounds to condemn anyone or anything. As evinced by their use of Soviet smear tactics to discredit anyone speaking the truth.

        • BTW what did the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” actually stand for, so far a political philsophy goes? Anyone read Hitler’s 20 point plan? Makes sense, does it? Implemented, was it? Or forgotten …

          Isn’t it the case that all tyrannies, and that includes that one run by Josef Stalin as well as that one led by Herr Hitler, actually have no coherent political philosophy, and are instead based on only two principles: Death and Power.

          Everything else that comes out of the mouth of a tyrant is empty words – meaningless fluff used to disguise and justify what they’re really about.

  18. The shame is not on Tommy Robinson or the EDL. I place it squarely on the UK government, so scared of him they were that they sided with fascists and muslims to ruin him. How many times in history has the UK government done this? I have always said Tommy Robinson was persecuted and arrested for the crime of being Tommy Robinson. Shame on the UK government and all within, not one stood up and saw the truth. NOT ONE. I do not blame him for who among us could have withstood the onslaught of THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT for 4 years? Shame on the UK. You invited tyranny and you got it. SHAME.

  19. Quite so, it is the State which has turned the UK into a place where a “Tommy Robinson” could come into being. And they did so by turning their backs on their own people, their own heritage and their own country. Everything they were elected to represent, they spat upon, in favour of a non-existent, conceptually impossible, multicultural fantasy land (with them leading it, of course.)

    • Will they be singing “We want our country back, we want our Tommy back” sometimes loyalty cuts both ways, maybe Tommy needs saved from himself.

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  21. I really do not like the way that people are attacking Mr Robinson, he has read enough of Islam to understand that the problem is Islam, now he takes his knowledge into the area in which so called moderate Muslims are trying to push back, if he exposes that for the absolute pile of horse manure that it is and he is courageous enough to do so then he will be doing us a service.

    One important thing we have to do is expose this moderate Islam for the pap it is, and if Mr Robinson does that then he will be a hero in my book.

    • Quite correct; the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and it remains to be seen just where all this will lead. If you listen to what “Tommy” has actually been saying on TV all along it is a relatively “soft” position re. Islam itself, so there may very well be common ground between what he’s actually been saying publicly and the position of the so-called “moderate” Mohammedans of the Quilliam group.

      Every time he’s been on TV it’s been the right wing EDL this, the right wing EDL that, etc. But now the media can’t do that. They don’t have that weapon to use against him.

      So I hope that when he’s on TV and radio now he will actually be allowed to speak, and at least some of what he has been saying for years will now filter through into the public domain.

      He has tried to break out of the limitations of the EDL before remember, but that avenue was closed down. What I’d really like to see is a) Tommy quoting Winston Churchill on TV & the presenters having to listen to it, and b) a BG approved by the Quilliam group defending Tommy from any further attacks. That would make for some interesting footage on the BBC now, wouldn’t it?

      Tommy’s move may put the cat among the pigeons in some very interesting, and unforeseen ways.

      I suggest we all watch this space …

      • “If you listen to what “Tommy” has actually been saying on TV all along it is a relatively “soft” position re. Islam itself, so there may very well be common ground between what he’s actually been saying publicly and the position of the so-called “moderate” Mohammedans of the Quilliam group.”

        Yes; Tommy Robinson (TR) is basically asymptotic on the problem of Islam — which means he still has residues of the PC MC virus in his system, so to speak. He sincerely locates the problem in “Islamism” and he decides to err on the side of assuming that most Muslims are harmless decent moderates. There actually are many asymptotics in the Counter-Jihad who, like TR, in varying ways demonstrate the Tourette’s syndrome of the “asymptotic twitch”, as I have noticed over the years. So TR is hardly singular in this regard; and indeed his “working-class” English version of a “cracker” ambiance just goes to show how deeply PC MC has insinuated itself into the psychic and cultural nooks and crannies of the West, and is hardly the exclusive property of the “liberals” or the “Leftists”.

        • Quite correct, what he has to say is not controversial. He’s internalized all the anti-racist tropes all the anti-white memes. I’m shocked that this sort of attitude has infected the working class in the UK. They should know better. They see the results of mass migration in their streets in a way that liberals in leafy
          snow white suburbs never have to confront.

  22. What I’d like to discuss here is not in any way an indictment of Tommy Robinson, who is a very brave man. He has fallen and has been captured by the enemy, as happens to soldiers. He’s done his part, above and beyond many of us. Anything he said in that wretched press conference must have been said under duress. That has to be assumed.

    However, his arguments need to be examined, quite independently from his person and his actions, because they are and will be part of the public debate. They are already.

    My point is the following : it’s useless to agree to debate on the enemy’s ground. It’s useless to brag you’re not a racist, you don’t hate Muslims and you’re not a Nazi.

    What’s a racist, anyway ? A “racist” is someone who opposes mass immigration in Western countries. A “racist” is someone who believes Western peoples have the right to defend their own survival as a people, just like all other non-Western peoples within their own countries. If you deny yourself the right to be a “racist”, then you have just surrendered your country to any bunch of foreigners who would like to grab it for themselves, and tolerate you as a second-class citizen – if that.

    What’s all that hand-wringing about being against Islam, but not against Muslims ? This is not a scholarly issue debated in the middle of musty books. It’s a political matter. It’s a power issue. It’s a question of life and death.

    We’re not discussing Islam just for the sake of knowledge, because we’d love to understand the real meaning of some obscure Koranic verse. We’re discussing Islam because we know it’s a deadly threat to us (not to Muslims). We’re discussing it because it’s an issue of boots (or feet) on the ground.

    Would there be any counter-jihad movement if Muslims had disappeared from the surface of the earth, and Islam was just a historical curiosity, an old and forgotten religion, a set of (arguably stupid and criminal) ideas, beliefs and rules of behaviour ?

    Of course not. Islam is Muslims and Muslims are Islam. We discuss Islam because Muslims are in our cities and streets, and a menace to us. Not because some highfaluting professor in an elite university has ideas about Islam we disagree with.

    Just imagine it’s 1960, we’re in Berkeley, London, Paris or Prague, and we’re discussing the threat of communism. Would it occur to anyone to say : oh, but it’s communism I resent, I don’t hate communists ! In fact, I don’t have any issue with communists at all ! Just look at all the prominent communists who are members of my anti-communist party !

    Everyone would have thought you’d been nuts if you had said that in 1960, right ? Communists were the problem, because it’s communists who spread communism, spied for Moscow, subverted society, stirred up trouble, organised strikes, blew up buildings and killed people. Not a book named Das Kapital, jumping off the shelf on its own and spreading mayhem.

    Now, I understand people feel it impolite to indict Muslims as Muslims, because you can choose to be a communist, whereas you are born a Muslim. Therefore, declaring yourself opposed to Muslims (and not just Islam, or Islamism, or extremism, or jihad or whatever) would be “racist”, and you can’t be “racist”, can you ?

    But precisely. Islam is a religion, and a culture, and a civilisation. You’re born into a religion, a culture and a civilisation, and it’s much more difficult to quit it than it is to change your political affiliation. If, during the Cold War, we considered communists to be a threat, if we balked at the idea of making friends with them, or of working political alliances with them, then we are even more justified to avoid, oppose and separate ourselves from Muslims, not just an abstract set of rules and ideas named Islam.

    Now about that Nazi thing. What’s exactly a Nazi in 2013 ? Practically nobody calls himself a Nazi, so who is one, exactly ? Someone who wants to invade Poland ? I can’t see anyone fitting that description. Someone who does not like capitalism, the “bourgeoisie” and America ? Well, every other person seems to be a Nazi by that standard nowadays, at least in Europe and many other parts of the world. Is a Nazi someone who does not like Jews ? All right, then Muslims certainly qualify by that standard : they are the Nazi-est and the most numerous by far. So… the EDL, which on the face of it is an anti-Islam movement, has been hijacked by anti-Semitic elements, and Muslims… object to that ?

    OK, so anti-Semitism is a hallmark of Nazism. But where do we draw the line ? Nazis were not content with not being particularly fond of Jews, or even thinking Jews’ interests ran counter to the interests of non-Jews, or even thinking that somehow Jews ran the world, or even thinking all the evil in the world could be traced back to the Jews : Nazis tried to wipe them off the map, and murdered them by the millions. I think that makes a difference. Is anyone claiming that the EDL is infected by people who want to embark on a new Jewish genocide ? All right, then say so, and preferably back it with some facts.

    Hint : not supporting unconditionally Israel’s interests and policies is not akin to Nazism.

    Finally : is a Nazi someone who wants to bring about a totalitarian state backed by violence ? That’s a very broad definition, and it certainly fits some people. Among them, a not unsignificant number of Muslims. And communists. And others. If that’s what you mean by Nazi, again, say so.

    • This has been touched upon already – the Nazis didn’t have a coherent political philosophy – Hitler was notoriously uninterested in such matters & it’s well known that he hadn’t a clue when it came to economics etc.

      His “20 point plan” was a hodgepodge of ideas that was never taken seriously by anyone, himself included – let alone implemented.

      The Soviets too didn’t have a coherent economic system – Stalin went back and forth from one political view to another, eliminating anyone who disagreed with him as he went (thereby eliminating practically everyone!)

      The only two core principles in each of those totalitarian systems were power and control. Everything else was just empty words.

      So is that what it means to be a “Nazi”?

      Because measuring by that yardstick, Obama and his cronies can have that label applied to them.

      But Tommy Robinson sure can’t.

    • “What’s all that hand-wringing about being against Islam, but not against Muslims ? This is not a scholarly issue debated in the middle of musty books. It’s a political matter. It’s a power issue. It’s a question of life and death.”

      I think the single most important factor here is an anxiety to protect one’s ethical self-worth — ethical narcissism, I call it. And this is closely tied to reverse racism — placing the needs and sensibilities of non-whites and non-Westerners above those of white Westerners. Since Muslims have become the #1 Ethnic Minority to be placated and respected (largely because they make the most noise and regularly terrorize or threaten to terrorize), the West’s ethical narcissism revolves around them.

      The Leftists indulge in it the most; the PC MCs a close second; and the asymptotic just enough to cause them to blurt out stupid things (“I’m against Islam, not Muslims!”) and, God forbid, enable stupid policy based on same.

  23. Any question of coersion enforced upon TR is resolved in Michael Coren’s interview of this Quilliam representative.
    Listen as Quilliam’s rep, Jonathan Russell stumbles in his response to Michael Coren & unwittingly reveals a bit of the backstory in TR’s defection from the EDL starting at the 12:30 mark:

    ” But IF WE HAD NOT TAKEN this opportunity AND we had ALLOWED these two men TO CONTINUE their leadership of the EDL and then in six months time or in twelve months time the EDL had grown to a much stronger position that had made OUR JOB harder or had even created violence then I think we would not be able to look at ourselves honestly and in ease at what we had done everything we could to challenge extremism.”

    It appears the months TR spent in prison he was closely studied for an avenue of weakness for the government’s coercive methods.
    The “tells” are highlighted above noting the government funded Quilliam rep refers to ‘their job’ ‘allowing’ further success of the EDL.

  24. The pressure TR has been under from virtually all sides must have been unbearable. I am surprised he held out for as long as he did.

    The British Establishment always neutralises, or if unable to – eliminates, those from the working class it see perceives as a threat: as Percy Toplis discovered.

    Why the Establishment doesn’t see or chooses not to see what a far, far greater danger to it Islam is? I don’t know.

    The next ten years in the U.K. may yet prove to be more critical for us as a nation, than the previous hundred were.

    • What better way to neutralize those you wish to subjugate back to Serfdom, than to introduce an ideology via huge immigrant numbers that shares many of your own beliefs, can be protected from harassment by those who are soon to be subjugated through legislation and police tactics, and all the while ‘colonizing’ whole areas of the country?

  25. Looks like the department of magical law enforcement has not only decapitated EDL but exposed the counter-jihad movement as being void of a strategic planning process.

    • What does this comment mean? I don’t understand it. The Counterjihad “Movement” is not a monolith, anymore than the EDL is. There are a number of people and some organizations who choose to push back against the Islamization of their neighborhood, their district, their country. That is their common aim, but they all have different methods. In fact, we’re kind of like the Jews: contentious as can be. Some of us work well together, but you don’t hear about it. Some of us are dedicated but also like face time and fame.

      Everyone can decide for themselves what methods they prefer and what their ultimate concern is and what they see as the “Truth”. If you think this movement is “void of a strategic planning process” then I suggest you roll over and go back to sleep. Or whatever it was you were doing before you made the mistake of donating huge sums of money and so much of your time to the effort.

      Try gardening.

      • I think both Jolie and Dymphna are correct, but they are talking about two distinct things without perhaps realizing it. Dymphna’s corrective was about tactics; but Jolie referred to strategy. On the level of tactics, any movement should have a wide palette of choices and styles. The level of strategy, however, involves perhaps most importantly a clear vision of the nature of our enemy and of his strategy & tactics. The Counter-Jihad continues to be riddled with asymptotic soft spots defined negatively by an inability to say that, pragmatically speaking, all Muslims are the enemy and all manifestations of Islam reprsent the enemy’s deadly hostility to us either overtly or covertly — and positively by apparently sincere beliefs that there exist Muslims in viably relevant numbers who are decent moms and pops like the rest of us who, if only we could Wilsonianly save them from Islam, will then help us save ourselves from Islam.

        On top of that, when someone (rarely) comes along to suggest this as an important problem for the Counter-Jihad, he is greeted with incomprehension at best, or accusations of “extremism” barely distinguishable from the reception he would get out in the PC MC mainstream.

        The Counter-Jihad, with as many people believing in this preposterously irrational and increasingly reckless nonsense as it continues to have, both among its influential luminaries and distributed out among its “civilians”, cannot be said to be functioning but — on the strategic level — continues to be sputteing along dysfunctioning while Rome burns.

        All the tactics in the world, no matter how fine they may be in and of themselves, are of little help in the long run if one doesn’t have a clear appraisal of one’s target. Thus, we see people saying that “Tommy is doing good work, and now he’ll be able to say it to more people!” Well, if a good part of what he’s saying is (as he does in a radio inteview shortly after his departure from the EDL) that most Muslims are decent moms and pops like the rest of us, and that the problem is only the “extreme Islamists” and more or less on a par with that the “extreme neo-Nazis”, and that the Quilliam Foundation represents the decent moms and pops we can “work with”, then he is at best pushing a counter-productive meme that only tends to reinforce the dominant PC MC meme that continues to mire us in the myopia that is increasingly rendering us more and more vulnerable to Islamic terrorism and to the kind of deep infiltration into our societies by Muslims that in the coming decades will enable terror attacks in the West far worse than 911, and probably dozens of them in various places, killing millions and causing social dislocations and traumas that will then require that we do horrible things that we could have prevented if we hadn’t been helping to push that meme all along.

  26. Tommy has since tweeted his accord with this summary of his situation (from someone inside EDL who acknowledges there have been problems with nazis and racists who constantly attempt to infiltrate).

    “Tommy was shouting from the top of a hill, but could see a bigger hill from which he could shout to more people. To get there, he has gone through a swamp full of snakes. He will leave the swamp and we will hear him from the other hill. And far more people will hear him than before.”

    Warning to those of a sensitive disposition, there are some old Anglo Saxon words in his tweet.

    That tells you what he is trying to achieve. What Quilliam are trying to achieve is no doubt something entirely different.

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