Tommy Robinson Attacked in Woodhill Prison

Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, was beaten up in prison this past week. He was reportedly bloodied and bruised, but had no broken bones.

Putting Tommy inside with violent Muslim criminals is a blatant move to have him killed. Now that he is seen as a “turncoat” by some in the EDL, arranging to have him put down while in prison may be an appealing solution for the Powers That Be in Britain. A year or two ago this could not have been attempted — Tommy’s profile was such that street uprisings could have been expected had anything happened to him. But today things are different.

Tommy knew what the risks were when he took up this line of work, but he did it anyway. That’s what makes him a hero.

Regardless of what you think of the EDL, regardless of whether the Quilliam Foundation are sincere or a bunch of taqiyya-mongers, regardless of whether Tommy was stitched up or not: Tommy Robinson is a hero of the British Counterjihad.

For that reason he deserves our unqualified support. The only way we can have any chance of protecting him in prison is to spread the story of what is being done to him as widely as possible. You all can make it happen by copying or excerpting from this post and propagating it on Twitter, Facebook, forums, websites, letters to the editor, and any other available means of communication.

Tommy’s cousin Kevin Carroll sent out this appeal today:

Following on from the recent attack in Woodhill Prison, which is being played down by the authorities, Kev would like to assure all Tommy’s supporters that he and the team are actively pursuing this attack.

Quilliam, Usama Hasan and Maajid Nawaz are also supporting Tommy through his time in Prison and have written to the Lord Justice and Secretary of State [pdf]. Please be respectful to Quilliam as they are concerned over the amount of abuse that they are unnecessarily receiving.

We won’t forget Tommy and will work hard on his behalf.


I received the following messages this morning from an EDL source:

Tommy is now at Winchester, which I thought was a Cat C, but was he told be today it is a Cat B and isn’t really much better. He is in the Reception wing and already has had 8 Somali muzzies come up to his cell demanding to know if he is Tommy Robinson from the EDL and making threats. The guards don’t seem interested at all.

Please do anything you can to highlight his plight, as I’m convinced he is a marked man and the authorities know it.

Q: Can you give us a little more information for public release about what happened in Woodhill?

Tommy had been on a legal visit and was returning to his cell, but instead of taking him straight there they put him in a holding room, locked the door and went off.

There were four Muslim converts in there, that’s what Tommy said anyway. I don’t know how he knows for sure, but deffo muzzies anyway. One of them he had already had a run-in with in the visiting hall the previous week as they sat his wife and the kids next to his table. Then when they brought Tommy out the muzzie kicked off and his wife and the kids had to be taken out whilst they found somewhere else, and that really upset her and the kids.

Anyway, the muzzies saw him in the room and started mouthing off about what they were going to do to him. You know our Tommy, he won’t back down, and they started on him. He had black eyes, bloody nose and sore neck as one of them seemed intent on trying to rip his head from his body. The guards came back and took him to the medical wing. They are lying about it now, as Tommy has been charged with having a fight, but previously they said he was attacked and had it all on CCTV, but now the CCTV apparently isn’t working. They also reported it to his brief and the probation person as an attack.

Also his brother-in-law was at the same prison. Although they no longer shared the same cell, he was there when Tommy left for his legal visit, and when Tommy got back on the wing he found out that whilst all this had been going on his brother-in-law had been moved to another gaol. Call me suspicious, but it sounds like a stitch up to me.

Readers who wish to send support and encouragement to Tommy may write to him at the following address:

Steven Yaxley Lennon (A2084CG)
HMP Winchester
Romsey Road
SO22 5DF

Below is the text of the letter from Maajid Nawaz at the Quilliam Foundation:

The Right Honourable The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice
Eland House
Bressenden Place
London SW1E 5DU

6th February 2014

Dear Lord Chancellor,

I write to highlight the situation of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, currently incarcerated in HMP Woodhill. We are concerned for his wellbeing following reports of physical violence against him by other prisoners while in the holding bay following a legal visit. I ask if his situation may be reviewed given the physical threat against him, heightened because of his high profile and former affiliations to the English Defence League (EDL).

Having facilitated Stephen’s departure from the EDL in 2013, we continued to provide support and training for him, address his grievances, and tackle the ideology and narrative of extremism up to the point of his sentencing. We did this in the interests of community cohesion as we recognised his importance to the EDL, believe Britain is safer without the group, and identify that a peaceful, human-rights based civil society approach is the best way to counter extremism of all kinds. However, we recognise that the process with Stephen, with the EDL, and with extremism in general is yet to be completed.

Given the short time frame between Stephen’s departure from the EDL and his incarceration for an unrelated criminal offence, he is still associated with his former views and affiliated to the group he used to lead in the public consciousness. For this reason, he is particularly vulnerable to physical violence from fellow prisoners. Likewise, we feel that he is ideologically vulnerable as his perceived grievances against the state and against his attackers could increase. Moreover, should the physical violence against him escalate and he were murdered, we fear a nationwide sectarian and violent response from his supporters.

We believe that all prisoners are owed a duty of care, which, in Stephen’s case, may not be sufficiently upheld if he continues to be treated in the current way. Moreover, we think that leaving an extremist organisation should not go unsupported and think that HMP Woodhill should make provision in Stephen’s case not to do more harm than good as part of its general rehabilitative responsibilities. Finally, it is in the public interest and in the interest of national social cohesion that Stephen’s rehabilitation and move away from the EDL is allowed to continue throughout his incarceration and beyond.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact my office on 0207 182 7280.

Yours sincerely,





Maajid Nawaz
Chairman & Co-Founder

The pdf of the full letter is available here.

The International Business Times published an account of what happened to Tommy in Woodhill:

English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson has been beaten up inside prison.

IBTimes UK understands that the ex-leader of the far-right group was attacked by up to three men inside HMP Woodhill.

The 31-year-old father-of-three sustained bloody injuries to his face but no broken bones.

Robinson was verbally threatened before the attack which was the first assault since he was convicted of mortgage fraud in January. Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon, is serving 18 months at Woodhill in Milton Keynes.

A source close to Robinson told IBTimes UK: “They gave him a pasting.

“He was being taken for a legal visit and was then put in a room with these guys. The door was locked and the warders all disappeared.

“He has quite a few injuries to his face and neck and needed two visits to the medical wing.”

The source said his attackers were Muslim prisoners but that could not be verified.

Robinson suspects the situation was engineered by the warders because of the obvious threat posed to him by opponents of the EDL. He fears he is a marked man inside the category A prison.

The source said: “Tommy feels it was done deliberately and the warders are not exercising the duty of care to him.”

At his sentencing, Robinson’s lawyer Charles Sherrard QC said the defendant was at risk from attack in prison by Muslim inmates and disgruntled EDL supporters who bore a grudge for leaving the movement last year.

It is understood that Robinson is locked up in the prison’s reception wing and was resisting attempts by the authorities to transfer him to the main wing because he feared being attacked by Muslim inmates.

The source agreed: “He would be dead if he went there. The authorities do not seem to be interested in his care. He’s been verbally threatened previously.”

Robinson founded the EDL against Islamic fundamentalism in 2009 and the movement remained controversial ever since for violence and racism. He quit the group after admitting that it had been overrun by far right extremists.

A Ministry of Justice spokeswomen said: “A prisoner has been treated for minor injuries following an incident at HMP Woodhill on Wednesday 5 February.

“Violence in prison is not tolerated — anyone who commits an act of violence in prison will face the consequences.”

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57 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Attacked in Woodhill Prison

  1. Quote:
    Putting Tommy inside with violent Muslim criminals is a blatant move to have him killed.

    And a blatant abuse of human rights that could have easily been foreseen.
    Amnesty International, where are you????

      • “Amnesty International is on the side of those who want Tommy dead.”

        A visit to AI’s London headquarters is like a trip to Pakistan via Cairo.

    • Amnesty International is too busy defending Muslims around the World especially In Malaysia and Central African Republic and Syrian “rebels” to have time for our hero Tommy.
      Poor Tommy. This reminds me of all the people of the universe who had defended Justice and Truth and have been tortured and killed. But to be tortured and persecuted by one”s fellow countryman is more bitter.

      • Only a couple of weeks ago Tommy Robinson was disinvited from a Holocaust commemoration event – in the words of the less than useless Olivia Marks-Woldman, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Memorial Trust: “Mr Robinson’s presence may detract from the central messages of Holocaust Memorial Day.”

        Olivia Marks-Woldman should be added to the list of the many facilitating our descent into the Big Lie. Arbeit macht Frei. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

        And I am using careful language here as I am not overeager to have my collar felt by Orwellian PC Plods, but it seems odd that Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama is a trustee at the Holocaust Memorial Trust.

        • Are these “dis-inviters” Jewish? Or are they slapping Tommy Robinson in the face in the name of Jewish people?

          I hope not because there are increasingly few people who will stand up for Jews right now so publicly as Tommy Robinson did.

          • Unfortunately, Jews are little different to anybody else, and are just as vulnerable to the propaganda deluge.

            The holocaust has become a horrible game which only really benefits the muslim inheritors of its ‘victimhood’ mentality.

            The lessons of the holocaust; the legacy of ‘hate’ has been subsumed by the obsession with ‘racism’. Joo hatred in the thirties stemmed from a myth that Joos (a.k.a. banksters) control everything and were going to take over the world using their bolshevik slaves.

            TR exposed the myths and showed the nudity of Dave the emperor (and socialist charlatan), but even ridiculously naked emperors can fight back, and in this case with a raw savagery which is symptomatic of hatred and fear.

            We must learn to understand this hatred and the fear that flows from it. It comes now from most of the leaders of the western world, especially those who depend upon a cultural marxist media for their ‘popularity’.

    • What Tommy failed to do was properly investigate the group he was joining. EDL gave him a platform to raise awareness of the islamification of the UK and the left wing government that supports it. The think tank is little more than that ppl who think of ideas and put them into articles.
      [Intemperate material redacted], now they’ve got him right where they want him and very little media coverage will be released of his death I can assure you of that.

  2. Quote:
    “Violence in prison is not tolerated — anyone who commits an act of violence in prison will face the consequences.”

    One lie.
    A thousand crimes.
    Consequences? The statement is laughable. Just like the British government and home rule in Britain.
    Home rule.
    That should mean rule by the ethnic English over the ethnic English.
    The English are the new Irish!

      • In the West, we have the Reasonable Man standard of self-defense.
        It isn’t a dream, it’s real, it’s tradition, and it will be followed.
        We have another tradition:
        any contract entered into by way of duress is invalid and will not be respected.
        Pretty much throws Islamic submission out the door.

  3. That’s his reward for coming out and condemning the EDL. It was silly of him to think that by turning quisling he’d be left alone by the state, no they are going to make a example out of him so the people know better than oppose the government.

    The thing is he did the unpardonable – to lead a political movement in opposition to the state and it’s agenda. That cannot be tolerated.

    • Since EDL were persuaded to give up balaclavas (which mean the black leaders living in muslim areas left), the state has made it perfectly clear, they want Tommy dead. Whilst non-entities like Mo Ansar were given police protection when Al Shabaab threatened to kill him and Tommy, the latter was given no protection.

      The state thinks that with Tommy dead and EDL destroyed, that things will go back to how they were. You would think after the conviction of the Ukrainian bomber/murderer in Britain a few months ago, they’d understand that things will never go back to how they were.

      Groups aligned to EDL are making it clear, they have no intention of making the mistakes Tommy made. Tommy believed the myths of democracy. Or maybe he didn’t. Maybe he thought someone had to sacrifice themselves to bring about change.

  4. Whatever TR’s misdeeds, those of Cameron’s government by far exceed them. The whole issue stinks of tyranny and treason.

    Was not Mandelson guilty of of similar mortgage fraud? he did not go to Gaol, maybe he had influence in higher places.

    It seems that politicians are now subject to different laws and milder penalties

    I don’t know if TR deserves yet another Gaol sentence or not, but it seems to me that the cabinet of Her Majesty’s Government deserves at least double….

    • The British media calculate that 1 million Britons took part in mortgage fraud. I’ve never heard of anyone but Tommy being prosecuted for it.

  5. “The knives of murderers were concealed under the robes of the judges.” A comment by a member of a team of British legal observers watching judges in Weimar Germany, now paralleled in Caliphate Britain.

  6. Questions:

    1. Whose side is International Business Times on? What kind of mislabeling is to call EDL “far-right group”? Is it just unthingking idiocy, or following some page from Uncle Vladimir Ilyich’s book about how to advance the Left by lying agitprop? If there is something either “far” or “right” about EDL, I am yet to read about it.

    2. “Four Muslim converts”? Can we have it clearer, please. Are those four white Britons? If so, Blighty is farther gone than even I thought.

    • I don’t have any further information. But British converts aren’t necessarily white or British; remember the beheaders of Lee Rigby.

      • I believe there is a better way to formulate this. They really don’t care about Islam or Muslims one way or another. They care about themselves, their own skins.

        The ruling elites committed one of the four or five greatest blunders in the history of Western civilization by allowing Muslims and Africans in general to settle since the 1960s in Europe and elsewhere among the descendants of Europe. They did it without any conscious plan of sabotage, just out of Progressive-Liberal stupidity and preference for nice ideals over true apprehension of reality. But now it’s clear beyond any doubt what a horrific blunder that has been. Instead of acknowledging it, atoning, working toward reversing decades of disastrous mismanegement of their countries’ patrimonies, social capital and future prospects, they are determined to shove the whole noxious package they have wrought deeper into the collective throat of their subject populations, by any means hook or crook.

        It no longer matters how awful the results will be in the future; it matters that the results won’t tranpire within their lifetime, or else it’s the tar and feathers, the rail post and the lamp post. They are fighting for their own survival and share of the loot.

        • Well stated, but what a grievous thing to watch, indeed. We should know better by now. I have this photo of Tommy being arrested posted on a bulletin above my computer. What great sadness is on his face. Please pray for Tommy and all those on the front lines defending truth and freedom. Thank you.

        • No Takuan, The Blair government deliberately embarked upon a policy of mass immigration to “rub the rights noses in diversity.” Actually they did it to perpetuate their own political existence. If they import a load of semi literate unskilled immigrants, feed them, house them, give them money and reward them every time one of their women gives their belly an airing, they can expect their political support. It didn’t quite work. Gordon Brown proved to be the worst UK prime minister in history but at least Cameron was denied an out right majority. I have an extensive mailing list here in South East Asia. I will circulate the article.

          • I know the Blair Labor thing, but “rubbing their nose” is just a colloquial way of putting it. The real intention has been to increase the power base of Labor, to make it invincible at the polls by electing a new people as it were, all inured to Labor. All of which is an aspect of the scenario I outlined above.

            BTW, it’s precisely the same with the Dems in America. You can read a report from the very belly of the beast by a Mexican government official who is more concerned for America than its traitor Congress is: “Immigration and Usurpation; Elites, Power, and the People’s Will”

            In this case too, the push for importing ever more primitive foreigners plus the screaming “racism” accusations hurled at any objectors are a way of deferring the grim reckoning relative to what primitive foreigners imported thus far — and therefore their sponsors– have done to the country.

          • It happened long before the Blair government. It was the 1950s when muslims started to be INVITED to come to Britain. This was less than a decade after the massive violence involved in the creation of Pakistan. This was just 40 years after the massive violence in India in the 1920s.

            It was so-called “right wing” mill-owners and factory owners who were bringing in muslims from these countries with a long history of violence from muslims.

            The elite contains the academics, the clergy, the business leaders. When Douglas Murray stated that practical measures would have to be taken to halt this islamisation, he was ostracised by the Tory party.

          • @Peter,

            Andrew Neather’s politically pregnant slogan “rub the rights noses in diversity” is a suspension of the debate that never delivers, it transfixes the contentions to a moment in time and holds them hostage to a desired political impression, it is so effective at this that it could have been designed for purpose.

            Indeed look how efficiently Takuan Seiyo’s assertion of a more broader and historical context of this war was neutralised by the focus on Neather’s dog whistle.

        • How does that explain the apparatus which maintains and continues to blindly support the greatest blunder of our time?
          I pray for Tommy, his family and supporters of traditional liberty.

          • Joe has put the answer before you, but that’s even more obvious to the student of American politics. We have been transfixed by the struggle between the Left and the Right, the Socialists and the Capitalists. But while they do have differences on economic issues, on issues of immigration, race, our cultural and historical identity etc. they are in the same camp. It’s no coincidence that Bush and Blair were such good buddies.

            The “capitalists” are possibly even more culpable in our drowning by Islam, Africa and Azteca than the Left is. So we who have been flocking to the false front of the “conservative” parties in Europe and the US were just handing a license to a different species of saboteur to open the gates ever wider and to suppress opposing voices.

          • @Takuan
            It bothers me that you did not factor in the hatred of European traditions and even european people which has been so apparent amongst middle class leftist radicals. Exemplified by Susan Sontag’s observation of the white race as a cancer in human history. This radicalism is just as apparent in Jim Carey’s half- witty remarks on whites “not doing a very good job” and stating he hopes Obama turns this around as it is in the aggressive writings of your average feminist raging against the white male and associated traditions.

            I don’t see the blighted good intentions you observed amongst the babyboomer revolutionaries nor do I see them amongst the most dedicated political activists today. Amongst the voters and amongst some working class acolytes of the leftist movement I do see good intentions, but thats where it ends.

    • Takuan has it exactly right. There is no Left and Right political difference in the cultural annihilation that we are suffering from. The simple and true answer as to “Why?” is that the immigration situation benefits ruling elites – labels of Left and Right are irrelevant.

  7. I have no doubt that those who have succeeded in separating Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll from the EDL movement are indeed some very evil people with an agenda for their own future that is so well covered and intricate in detail, that most of us can only guess at.

    Tommy needs protection while serving out his prison sentence. He will not get it from the state which is controlled by those who have cast him there. He must be able somehow to gain help from within the prison system.

    Does anyone have connections within the British prison system?

  8. It has become very difficult for decent people to live in a country that has become so satanic.

  9. I had no idea Tommy Robinson had been put in jail. Did Gates of Vienna ever report on this? Last I checked, he was cooperating with some Muslim apologist group. And there doesn’t seem to be any background in this article explaining what Tommy was found guilty of and how long the sentence is for.

    • Yes. The article about his sentencing was posted here, the same day it happened. He was sentenced to 18 months, and will probably serve 9, if he lives that long.

  10. >>>>Regardless of what you think of the EDL, regardless of whether the Quilliam Foundation are sincere or a bunch of taqiyya-mongers, regardless of whether Tommy was stitched up or not: Tommy Robinson is a hero of the British Counterjihad.

    Until TR did this (left the EDL), I was a big fan… and I must confess I have a hard time feeling sympathy for him at this point. He did not just retire and attribute it for the safety of his family (which would have been understandable), he joined what is arguably a taqiyya front!

    If he did *not* truly change his beliefs, then if one is willing to be beaten or killed for one’s beliefs anyway, why not simply stand up for them via EDL?
    I am very sorry the counter-jihad movement lost TR, but he is lost, no longer a hero.

    • @ LiveFreeorDie
      Who on earth do you think you are, hiding behind your pseudonym!
      Tommy was responsible for setting up the ONLY organization so far that has actually had ANY effect in highlighting all the topics that now fill our newspapers (trials for “grooming”, FGM), of exporting the concept Defence Leagues to many other countries far and wide giving them hope and leading by example, of entering the Lion’s Den of the MSM, of putting up with the opprobrium and insults of the media and snooty bien-pensants at the expense of his family and livelihood! How long was he supposed to do everything? Where are all the other brave EDL spokesmen who are willing to publically identify themselves and put up with being beaten up on a regular basis and imprisoned for minor infractions? Not one other person in England is capable of stepping into his shoes. What an indictment! Tommy never sold out – just explored new avenues to get his message across. How dare you!

        • My stomach turned while reading this comment. The risks Tommy has taken, and the battles that he has fought will give him a free pass to say or do whatever he wishes for the rest of his life. He took on the greatest burden I can imagine, something only a select few in history have been able to handle and he did so with more integrity, courage that I have ever witnessed in a man.

          He will always remain a hero and a legend.I question the intelligence and the honour of anyone who disagrees.

    • Sez you.

      How ironic, your nic -“Live Free or Die”. That’s precisely what Tommy is doing, innit? With zero help from the shallow thinkers and while England goes to hell without even a handbasket…

      • Blessed are the cynical peacemakers in the Quilliam cul-de-sac for they shall derive the fruits of their labours.

        • “Blessed are the cynical peacemakers in the Quilliam cul-de-sac for they shall derive the fruits of their labours.”

          .. and yet, they appear to be the only public organization to have shown any support or concern for Tommy’s current predicament. He really must be wondering whether all his sacrifices were worth it!

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  13. @Takuan Seiyo,

    The real intention has been to increase the power base of Labor, …

    Interestingly it could be said that immigration has diminished the power base of the Labour Party and organized labour movements in the UK. The Third World immigrants are bringing their very own shrunken head politics to the UK political dinner table. Technically post equality the old Labour Party mantra of working class solidarity can not deliver or reconcile the Third World enrichers demands for supremacy over the indigenous population. How else can a Pakistani born British Muslim disparagingly call a Frenchman working in London a refugee and demand that Polish workers be repatriated.

  14. So glad we gave King George and his German troops a pasting a few hundred years ago. All liberty loving Englishmen and especially women welcome here in Montana. As deToqueville said, America is just Englishmen left alone. We will gladly give you King Hussein Obama in return. Put him alone in the same cell as Tommy for a week.

    • John G, we are in bad shape here. No better off than the Brits, really. The chains just rub in different places.

      No one wants our King except those who voted for him. And that certainly wasn’t the majority of Americans. We are stuck with him because the Republicans keep offering such thin gruel to replace him. Blame this on the ones who decided to sit out the last election…and it is going to get worse, much worse.

      Wait till Hillary’s reign. She hates us as much as he does.

      • At least your founding fathers had the foresight to pass constitutional laws that will make tyrannical governments that oppose your basic freedoms at least think twice. Here in Britain the ruling elite have stiched us serfs up into very restrictive stright jackets. Which is why people like LiveFreeorDie would be idiots to come into the public domain. British patriots (to their fellow British native citizens and a free society) only option is to wait until there is a critical mass and popular uprising.

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  16. The observatory’s finding (Scots 58%, rUK 75%) are in line with a recent British Social Attitudes Survey which suggested that 78% of people in England thought the number of immigrants to Britain should be reduced and gave a figure for Scotland of 69%.

    Probable critical mass – have no doubt that the PCM is conterjihad sympathetic, not so much a mass without a cause but a politically inert mass.

    • PS

      A Probable Critical Mass that appears unable to politically orientate or/and define itself.

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