Introducing W.H. “Abdullah” Quilliam

Yesterday it became clear that Tommy Robinson has been made an offer that he couldn’t refuse. He and Kevin Carroll announced their exit from the English Defence League, and Tommy is now prominently opposing “extremism in all its forms” as an affiliate of the Quilliam Foundation.

It’s no surprise that progressive-minded folks on both sides of the Atlantic are gloating over the decapitation of the EDL, and celebrating Tommy’s efforts on behalf of “moderate” Muslims. Certain of our colleagues among anti-Shariah conservatives have jumped on the same bandwagon, voicing their relief that Tommy has abandoned the “extreme right-wing” or “neo-fascist” elements of the EDL.

Before expressing further jubilation over Tommy’s sudden swoon into the embrace of the Quilliam Foundation — which, I might add, is funded by the British government, the same government that denied entry to the “Islamophobes” Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller — let’s take a closer look at the man for whom the organization was named.

Our good friend Andrew Bostom has brought to our attention two Sharia-supremacist pronouncements by the British convert to Islam, William “Abdullah” Quilliam, from March and April of 1896. It should be noted that among his other accomplishments, Mr. Quilliam was responsible for the building of the first mosque in Britain.

Dr. Bostom includes this introductory note:

Quilliam protested Britain’s response to the bloody Mahdist jihad in the Sudan, admonishing Muslims (on March 24, 1896; cited here, p. 341) that any support whatsoever of “infidel” British soldiers was “contrary to the Sharia.” A month later (on April 20, 1896; cited here, pp. 173-4) Quilliam made plain his own aggressive, Pan-Islamic Caliphate dreams, denying national boundaries, “Among Muslims none should be known as Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Ajem, Afghans, Indians or English. They are all Muslims,” and proclaiming, “under the standard of the Khalifate [Caliphate], let us unite there, one and all, and at once!”

Below are the full texts and original sources. First, Quilliam on British foreign policy in Sudan:

In the name of God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful!

Peace be to all True-Believers to whom this shall come!

Know ye, O Muslims, that the British Government has decided to commence military and warlike operations against the Muslims of the Soudan, who have taken up arms to defend their country and their faith. And it is in contemplation to employ Muslim soldiers to fight against these Muslims of the Soudan.

For any True Believer to take up arms and fight against another Muslim is contrary to the Shariat, and against the law of God and his holy prophet.

I warn every True-Believer that if he gives the slightest assistance in this projected expedition against the Muslims of the Soudan, even to the extent of carrying a parcel, or giving a bite of bread to eat or a drink of water to any person taking part in the expedition against these Muslims that he thereby helps the Giaour against the Muslim, and his name will be unworthy to be continued upon the roll of the faithful.

Signed at the Mosque in Liverpool, England, this 10th day of Shawwal, 1313 (which Christians erroneously in their ignorance call the 24th day of March, 1896),

W.H. ABDULLAH QUILLIAM, Sheikh-ul-Islam of the British Isles.

[Source: The Crescent, March 25th 1896, Vol. VII, No. 167, p. 617; original punctuation and spelling retained.]

Secondly, a call for the World Caliphate:

In the name of God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful!

Peace be to all the faithful everywhere!

“O True-Believers, fear God with His true fear; and die not unless ye also be True-Believers. And cleave all of you unto the covenant of God, and depart not from it; and remember the favour of God towards you.” Sura 3, “The Family of Imran,” Ayat, 103

All praise be to God Who, in His unlimited goodness, has favoured us with the gift of the True religion of Islam, and Who has ordered the brethren to be united, and declared this to be His law in the before-quoted Ayat of the Holy and Imperishable Koran!

Among Muslims none should be known as Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Ajem, Afghans, Indians or English. They are all Muslims, and verily the True-Believers are brethren. Islam is erected on the Unity of God, the unity of His religion, and the unity of the Muslims. History demonstrates that the True-Believers were never defeated while they remained united, but only when disunion crept into their ranks.

At the present time, union is more than ever necessary among Muslims. The Christian powers are preparing a new crusade in order to shatter the Muslim powers, under the pretext that they desire to civilise the world.

This is nothing but hypocrisy, but armed as they are with the resources of Western civilisation it will be impossible to resist them unless the Muslims stand united in one solid phalanx.

O Muslims, do not be deceived by this hypocrisy. Unite yourselves as one man. Let us no longer be separated. The rendevous of Islam is under the shadow of the Khalifate. The Khebla of the True-Believer who desires happiness for himself and prosperity to Islam is the holy seat of the Khalifate.

It is with the deepest regret that we see some persons seeking to disseminate disunion among Muslims by publications issued in Egypt, Paris and London. “Verily, they are in a manifest error.”

If their object — as they allege it — be the welfare of Islam, then let them reconsider their action and they will perceive that instead of bringing a blessing to Islam their actions will have a contrary effect, and only further disseminate disunion where it is — alas that it should be said — only too apparent.

We fraternally invite these brethren to return their allegiance, and call them to the sacred name of Islam to re-unite with the Faithful.

Muslims all! Arsh is under the standard of the Khalifate. Let us unite there, one and all, and at once!

Given at the Mosque at Liverpool, this 5th day of Dhulkada, 1313, which Christians in their error call the 20th day of April, 1896

W.H. ABDULLAH QUILLIAM, Sheikh-ul-Islam of the British Isles.

[Source: The Crescent, Vol. VII, No. 171, April 22nd 1896, pp. 681-682, original punctuation and spelling retained, pagination indicated in square brackets in the text.]

So this is the inspiration for the organization that Tommy has decided to join.

Which would you prefer: W.H. Abdullah Quilliam, or the hard-drinking “street thugs” of the EDL?

I know which side I stand on.

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    • Perhaps Robert too has been bought off so he and Geller can visit the UK and get a good stout drink at a pub or a tour of the Tower of London or a boat ride on the Thames???

      Am beginning to think something foul is occurring in the anti-sharia groups.

    • Quilliam is a Quango set up to lube and Quatitaively ease the passage of mass Islamic migration to the UK.

    • You should believe the evidence that’s been posted above the comments line on this thread, as it’s all fact.

      And given that the Quilliam Foundation decided to name itself after the man described above, then that should tell you all you need to know about their objectives.

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  3. Geller is in many ways quite anti-English, anti- British.

    If you do a compare and contrast of her comments on these things it’s revealing. Certainly as revealing as a compare and contrast of Obama’s Muslim/Christian comments.

    In her own way she’s as Anglophobic as a Muslim.

    • [redacted] What are you talking about?
      Gellar and Spencer are stand up people. They are (to some extent) anti European (not just British) because Europe is embracing anti-Semitism. All of western civilization knows that. Those Europeans really hate Jews!
      I am puzzled by Tommy’s actions too if what I read above is true. I am sure they will distance themselves from Tommy in due time.

    • Please give evidence of what you claim about Pamela being against England. I have not seen it and I follow her quite closely. She was one of the first to denounce Tommy feeling that she and Robert had been deceived by him. Even now they are not quite sure to make of this move of Tommy and Carroll but she has much more to contend with here in the U.S.

  4. I think I am on your site in this matter Baron!

    I am of course a loyal patriot when it’s coming to stand behind the wonderful words in this sentence you quote above: “(against) extremism in all its forms”! However the translation in almost all govern correlations around the world, these words – or the entire concept – cover this content:

    “Tax payer paid consultants working hard in well financed public institution with magnificent names (always about “human rights”) hunting people down who tells the truth about islam and the people that follow the islamic holy books, the koran in particular.”

    Many good people have been corrupted by these mean-less institutions and their political correct bosses! Good salary, working 9 to 4, no-one threaten to kill you and you belongs to the good people! What a satisfaction!

  5. “Among Muslims none should be known as Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Ajem, Afghans, Indians or English. They are all Muslims, and verily the True-Believers are brethren. Islam is erected on the Unity of God, the unity of His religion, and the unity of the Muslims. History demonstrates that the True-Believers were never defeated while they remained united, but only when disunion crept into their ranks.”

    AKA Genocide via Multiculturalism.

  6. Something smells as bad as a rotten fish here and only time will help us figure it out. Either Tommy and Kevin changed their stripes or if they are smart and quiet, they may be planning on using Alinsky tactics and change the Quilliam Foundation from within.

    By the way, why is the UK government supporting this? That is enough to make you worry.

    • “Either Tommy and Kevin changed their stripes or if they are smart and quiet, they may be planning on using Alinsky tactics and change the Quilliam Foundation from within. ”

      Changing the Quilliam Foundation from within is impossible. Anything Muslim is irrevocably irremediably corrupt, evil, deceitfully stealthy.

      If Tommy and Kevin are doing something clever here, as opposed to something pathetically desperate and obsequious as it screamingly appears to be, they would not be trying to change the Quilliam Foundation, but simply be trying to exploit an alliance with it in order to fool the dominantly mainstream PC MCs — until such time as they would no longer need such an alliance with the devil.


  8. Remember this; you and your cohorts supported this man to the hilt. It turns out you were wrong. BTW I am a great admirer of this site but you were simply wrong on this one. Normally you are correct but this article shows just what Mr Tommy is…………

  9. Who is jubilant – besides Geller and Spencer? There is no need to believe but to watch.

    If there was any need for evidence of the threat the EDL stated for the elites, this plot was. The despised unwashed masses lost their voice, the establishment has TR on the payroll to lough behind his back.

    Nevertheless I really wish him well.

  10. What recourse did good dissidents have when under duress from the evil, blackmailing Soviet government? Tommy’s situation seems analogous.

    Get themselves AND their families out of the country where the oppressive government holds sway, if possible. Of course, finding free countries in today’s decadent world could be a real challenge. Maybe if Geert Wilders gets a majority government in the Netherlands, or if Tea Partiers can throw out both the Democrats and RINOs in the USA, or how about Canada where Conservative Steven Harper is Prime Minister…?

    We all need to pull together. Divisiveness was a major handicap for the Crusaders (and boon for the jihadists). The stakes are very high.

  11. Thanks to Dr. Bostom and to GoV for illuminating yet another nook of reality that would otherwise have lain obscured.

    To Michael Laudahn: You have to follow your own rational analysis and your intuition. And in complex cases with two stacks of mutually contradicting data, such as David Horowitz discussed on these pages or Robert Spencer , or “the Jews” whose deleterioius influence on British politics was iterated with restraint by some British commenters at GoV but without it and with a one-sided hateful vision by elements within the EDL, bringing to its crippling, you have to think and struggle to express a fair judgment wisely worded.

    In all three cases adduced here there is much good to be said for the subject entities, but it should not negate the possibility of reaching a negative judgment with respect to some aspects of their activity. In the case of Spencer, like Horowitz, the “follow the money” principle allows for reluctantly reconciling their laudable activities with some putrid excesses such as the former’s “welcoming” the defection of Robinson and Carroll to the forces of Global Khalifate, or the latter’s salvos at Diana West. As to your dilemma with Spencer, I know which side I stand on though in much else I stand on his side.

    • Thank you. I presently cannot make up my mind. Maybe this is due to the fact that I don’t have the formal education that the Baron, you and some others seem to have.

      So instead, I prefer to follow the gut feeling I’ve accumulated during my life. But with regard to this issue, it hasn’t sufficiently evolved yet. So I tend to do what another commentator said further above: watch and see, then decide.

      And I do agree with what at least another commentator said, namely the deplorable fragmentation of the anti-mohammedan scene. Who would know better than I, who left my regular translator roll for Vlad Tepes just because he tacitly refused to get used to copy and paste foreign names, instead of his manual copying habit which at times leads to horrible results…

  12. Baron, I’m of the same opinion as you on this issue. I hope the EDL is able to continue in its efforts without Tommy and Kevin.

  13. Quilliam is a quasi-government organization formed as the hallmark of the UK’s Prevent Strategy. Filled with moderate Islamists.

  14. “Curiouser and curiouser, cried Alice!”

    Never the less, history teaches that “come(s) the moment, come(s) the man”; we shall just have to be patient for in the course of such times as these a little patience goes a long way.

    In the case of Pammie and Robert we must bear in mind that one’s livelihood is always of paramount importance.

    Seneca III
    P.S. A most impressive piece of research, Mr. Bostom. Thank you.

  15. I mean this half facetiously — but also half dead-seriously. Someone should closely examine the public statements and/or press conference given by Tommy Robinson in the wake of this coup. Look carefully and see if you can see any signs he may be trying to communicate, of panic and distress. The Quilliam Foundation may have convinced Tommy that they can, and will, kill his family unless he does this; and he may be convinced that he can do nothing about it, short of complying with their demands.

    Their motive would be predicated on their perception that Tommy and the EDL under his stewardship was becoming too seriously a threat to their goal of stealth jihad in the UK.

    • Hesperado, what you suggest is not totally out of the realms of possibility but if it was done at all, which I doubt, it is most unlikely that it was done directly by the QF; rather it would have been indirectly done by the powers that be without any obvious connection to their friends at the QF.

      Furthermore, both TR and KC are street wise enough to understand how these things work in our police state, and how they are organised such that the State and its instruments of suppression are able to keep their hands clean on such occasions. This may, just may, have been a deciding factor. We may never know.

      That said I must emphasise that I do not believe that is the case. There are other things happening here upon which I choose not to publicly speculate.

      • with regard the above video – He spent the whole interview defending the EDL – as part of the QF it will be harder to attack him and divert any interview away from the real issues at hand.
        As others have said we will have to wait and see how things play out, but lets not get all negative.
        The EDL has done a great service in its time and the movement is more than just one organisation or one man. The reality is that whoever stands up to be counted will be attacked and shot down, but so long as they have pushed the movement forward the next one to stand up will do so with a little more support and a little more free space within which to operate.

    • I saw a Channel 4 broadcast and hour after it had been live,as Jon Snow was interviewing Tommy Robinson,after a few exchanges the TV dropped the channel for a few minutes claiming technical reasons.
      Did Channel 4 news live show the full interview ?
      The channel 4 website has an edited version of that days events,with a video clip that leads right up to that interview and then stops dead.Curious,I wonder if he went off message .

    • “Look carefully and see if you can see any signs he may be trying to communicate, of panic and distress.”

      – Exactly my thought at this news

      • (tech probl)

        There is some kind of Stockholm syndrome about Tommy’s resigned statement to this new situation

    • I hate to disagree with you, dear Sheik, but I think that “Quilliam” are quite “faithful” to their true nature and cause by any means, it is the cause we all fight, I hope.

      • There’s no disagreement, Rita.

        W.H. “Abdullah” Quilliam sided with the enemy, and for the Camoron gubmint to finance this treacherous outfit, this snake pit of “moderate” Muslims, tells me everything I need to know.

        It might be a temporary solution for Tommy & Kevin to keep out of trouble, but like in the former Soviet Union, it won’t address the or stop the galloping Islamisation.

  16. This was always going to happen. The EDL did not, nor does it now, have the leadership or a sufficiently clear ideology to move things forward from street protests. Moreover, whilst disagreeing with their cause, their is a great deal to be learnt from the tactics used by Republican (and indeed on occasion Loyalist groups) in Northern Ireland.

  17. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. All willing converts to islam have a personality disorder, usually serious. Quilliam was no exception.

    • I’m an Anglophile, but the long British romance with Arabism, and its “religious” face, is strange and unsettling.

      • Why I prefer Orde Wingate to his self promoting fraud of a cousin, T.E. Lawrence. Orde was a one man show against a Foreign Service and military that was totally Arabist and anti Jew.

        • In the early days of my Service, half a century ago, the Middle East desk at the Foreign Office was derisively known to all and sundry as the ‘Camel Corps’, mainly because of the peculiar sexual predilections of a significant percentile of its officers. (We at the ‘sharp end’ had quite a few of our own marching to the beat of a different drummer as well. )

  18. I’ve only followed Robinson and the EDL through postings on this site. I will say that from the beginning Robinson has been impressive for his ability to communicate well, and for his incredible courage in the face of straight up danger. Physical assault, arrest, jail time.

    At no point have I had nor could I have the sheer courage of this man. I have no leg to stand on to criticize him choosing to step away from the constant attack he and his wife and children have been under.

    Also, in most of the video clips I’ve previously seen of Robinson he has articulated that he was not opposed to Islam or individual Muslims, that he has Muslim friends (as I recall anyway) and that Muslims were welcome in the EDL. I have heard him more than once say he was fighting ‘islamism’, extremism, all prior to him leaving the EDL. So while he may be logically afraid for his future, and he may be embracing the wrong crowd now, those things have been said by him more than once previously and can’t represent a complete turnaround in his thinking right now because of that.

  19. And why would a white Englishman, brought up in a Christian environment in 19th-century England, not only convert to the “Religion of Peace” (something not only he did – but also some others from the era, like Polish general Jozef Bem) – but actively cheer on the Caliphate and the Jihadis against his homeland, when this was not so long after the Barbary pirates stopped raiding the British coast for slaves?

    As much as the significance to Tommy’s case, surely this is also a useful, and hitherto unknown, history lesson.

    • This is nothing new.
      If you look at what happened in the early cases of Christian-Muslim interaction, Xtian converts (often for fear of their lives) immediately took up Jihad against other Xtians. Why?
      Because fighting “kafirs” in sword-jihad is the ultimate proof of a Muslim’s Islam and so the convert was expected to take up the sword of Islam to prove he was a “true-believer”.
      In Quilliam’s time there was no sword- jihad for him to pursue, so he espouses “jihadi” doctrine and rhetoric instead to prove his Islamic credentials.

  20. The cards have been shuffled, and dealt out differently. One thing is certain: the population of muslims in Britain grows, and it grows more radical. The hostility towards islam is going to grow too. It might just be that in 6 months time Britain has got two very different protest movements against islamisation. There is strength in diversity. At the very least, we could have good cop/bad cop going on.

  21. Tommy Robinson’s contribution to the resistance to and the rollback of the Islamic penetration of Britain has effectively come to an end. He did his best with his God-given abilities, and we should recognize him for his efforts and the persecution that he and his family have been enduring. However, we need to look elsewhere now, for he has abdicated. Those who believe that he may influence the group into which he has been embraced, they seem to me to be delusional. Whatever was or were his reasons for making his move, we must accept that he will no longer have an impact in the fight against the Islamization of Britain. As a result, let’s not dwell too much on him any longer. Praise him for his past effort. Unfortunately for us, he is no longer a player. Unless he covertly or overtly joins the other side!

  22. To me, Tommy looks like a hostage during this interviews where he is flanked by these rather appetite-suppressing bearded ones from the ominously named “Stink Tank”.

  23. Oh, and lets not fall into this obvious “divide and rule” trap in now attacking Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and other courageous fighters. We all might take a different road to the same target.

    • In the English/British context both of these characters are useless. It’s that simple. If you carefully sift through her comments she’s hostile in equal parts to the lumpenprole Anglo and the Immivading Muslim.

      • And you don’t need to do much sifting, either. As for The Pamela’s knowledge of the UK scene, she seriously wanted to start a movement in the Uk headed by one Roberta Moore and Victor Vancier (a convicted terrorist). That would have worked out oh so well …

        Nothing good came of Tommy’s attempt to ingratiate himself with that pair either. All he got was grief, a jail sentence and a ruined organisation. And now this …

        He might have got on better, and we might not be here today, if he had told The Pamela to stick her “approval” where the sun don’t shine and concentrated on what he was trying to do here in the UK.

        A lesson there for everyone else from the UK.

      • One wonders if she will still try to enter the United Kingdom, because her intent apparently was to visit with Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll.

        If she’s not going to do that, then what would the point of coming here be?

        On the other hand, maybe the Quilliam Foundation can “facilitate” her entry into the UK as they apparently “facilitated” Tommy and Kev’s exit from the EDL.

        One also wonders how she intended to get the paperwork in order for her proposed round the world cruise, where she and the bearded one were going to sail around all the Islamic countries in the world an pick up refugees before sailing back to the States and getting them all green cards.

        A somewhat grandiose project, you might say. And you’d be right. That fantastic project has been quietly shelved by The Pamela. [redacted for civility’s sake. Even some truthful opinions need to remain unspoken]

    • Try telling her that!

      That woman cannot be trusted. The list of people who refused to worship at the altar of The Pamela, and who she then turned on, is growing longer every day.

      She sent me an email once which I could hardly believe. She ripped into someone whose credentials in the CJ movement are absolutely beyond question, and I mean she laid into them big time, for no reason other than they didn’t tug their forelock whenever The Pamela came into the room. Absolutely ridiculous attitude – the ego on that woman is completely out of control. And that was just one incident among many.

      “Divide and rule” is how The Pamela operates.

      Sad but true.

      • She may be (or may not be) all that you say. Nevertheless, let us not forget that she has put her life, and her family’s lives, on the line and in jeopardy in a way that most of us brave keyboard warriors have not done.

      • Addendum: She receives continual death threats because she continues to speak out, publicly, against Islamization.

        Do you?

        • Her hostility toward the Brits is quite obvious. Her interest in British politics is somewhat mysterious. Perhaps she ought to have directed her ire at the higher echelons of the Tory party like Maurice Saatchi
          or Malcolm Rifkind instead of having a hissyfit about obscure apparatchiks at the FO.

  24. I’m staggered. Let’s see what happens. There is so much I just can’t figure. England, jolly ol’ England, what jest is this?

  25. The fact that “robinson ” used a false name ,should have warned us about his motivations.
    At one time the fact of his Irish background seemed of little importance,even in charge of a “English” party .But this news has stirred up old predjuces ,was Robinson ever really English , is he reaaly that different to Galloway who never hid his contempt for England ,Britain or western civilisation.

    • Good point there.

      Galloway is Red Clyde through and through. The Sasenachs were already something to hate. I quite admired his instincts to NOT invade Iraq though. However his contempt for the Ainglish is legendary.

        • He was a witness in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and famously fought with Carl Levin.

          He had a wonderful exchange with Hitchens about the hitch
          “your hand is shaking, you badly need another drink, you gin soaked popinjay.”

          High style by Galloway. It’s a shame he was so attracted to the exoticism of Islam.

          • So that’s the guy that was wearing a red skintight leotard in Big Brother, right?

    • The fact that he used a nom de guerre told me he was likely being persecuted. The Baron is still called the Baron even though everyone knows his real name. Same goes for Fjordman. And equally so for all the American patriots who stood up against King George.

      If a pseudonym makes you question his motivations, what are we to make of your name, Mr. Maverick?? What are *your* motivations in speaking out? Suspect, surely?

      As for Tommy’s Irish heritage, for heaven’s sake. Go look under your bed for the other villains that appear to populate your world.

      Obviously you’ve never had your back against the wall, been in solitary confinement and spit on whilst not allowed to put up a piece of paper to ward off the worst of it? Never had to worry about your children’s Christmas, or been concerned about your parents’ safety? Lucky you, Mr. Maverick, having a situation where the living is easy and everyone you care about is safe.

      If you think Tommy Robinson wasn’t English “enough” after all this time, then nothing would convince you. He went thru Hell because he loved England.

      Yes, he really IS that different and comparing him to Galloway merely demonstrates you never listened to his words or watched his behavior.

      None are so blind as those who walk around with planks in their eyes…

      • If one uses a nom de Guerre and one wips up a street movement, one ought to follow it through to the bitter end.

        If he were someone with the hardcore commitment of Bobby Sands I’d have respect for him now. Robinson understood what he was tangling with and has abandoned his own boys right at the end of a successful campaigning season. If he was doing the right thing, the right people would always be there supporting him physically, rhetorically and financially.

      • I do not doubt that Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll have been made offers they couldn’t refuse. The pressure from the Home Office would have been along the following lines: as you can see we can and will keep arresting and imprisoning you (including holding you in solitary confinement). Perhaps you should consider deploying your energies into a more acceptable form. Have you heard of the Quilliam Foundation?

        My assessment is that TR and KC will work within the organisation they have now joined to oppose “Islamism”, obtain insiders’ understandings of the workings of this Foundation, the nature and modus operandi of its personnel and its relationship with the government sector and media. In the fullness of time both men will emerge far more knowledgeable and effective members of the Counterjihad. I predict that down the track they will be instrumental in a highly damaging expose of the Quilliam Foundation or at least of its key people.

        In addition to the “pull factors” there are the “push factors”: the EDL has naturally attracted a BNP element with the ugly baggage that element has carried long before Islam became an issue. TR has for several years wisely sought to root out that BNP element without success. I have no doubt he is sincere in that both ethically and for strategic reasons.

        As to the use of a pseudonym by Tommy Robinson. There are several factors at play: he is a parent of three young children and thus first and foremost he must protect his children from harm. No sane person could doubt that his EDL activities place his children at a real risk of physical harm from the adherents of the Religion of Peace. No parent would hold it against him. The second factor is that whilst all double-barrelled names are problematic, “Yaxley-Lennon” is a doozy.

        For those EDL supporting Brits disappointed in the recent actions of TR and KC, bear in mind this is not just about England and street demos, it is an international issue of long term concern requiring clever long term strategies.

        As to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer: both are useful and dedicated players in the international Counterjihad movement. The former is no doubt a massive egotist and self-promoter, but she is brave and does good work. The latter is, as far as I can tell, a paragon of sincerity and decency – an intellectual and ethical peer of the redoubtable Fjordman. The contribution made by Jihadwatch is second to none.

  26. From this point, the West will need to overcome its irrational fear and loathing of Russia and China.

  27. These events are further proof that the faceless ones in power are willing to use any tactics or people to further their apparent goals.

    As much as I supported the cause of the English Defence League, I always had a feeling of something not being quite right about the whole organisation, Was Tommy and Kevin coerced into this by some threat’s by the state or the muslim’s?

    Were they planted by the state from the start, and took us on a 4 year journey across the UK and Western world that showed the elites where the resistance may come from?

    These questions can only be answered by a small number of people, “Tommy & Kevin” included.

    The Counterjihad in England & the rest of the UK will find others to take the place of Tommy and Kevin, some will be weaker with less resolve, others shall be stronger and smarter, if the reasons behind this sudden departure was state coercion and the like we must understand the pressure these guys were under, as well as their families, this is a blow to the Morale of the EDL and all of those involved in the counterjihad across the world, but also a learning curve and something we should take lessons from.

  28. Some commentators at GoV have said that the EDL have been ineffective, this is not the case the impact on the British public was far, far greater than the weight of the footfall at EDL demonstrations.

    The UK counter-jihad is not the subject of one man, I wish Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and his family well.

    The War Goes On: In Hoc Signo Vinces.

    • Well put – the problem is a lot of the commentators here are from the US and because of that they cannot see or feel the diametric shift that has occurred in British society as a result of what the EDL has done.
      The EDL has basically taken the fight from a whisper between close friends and a few blog posts to an every day level of conversation.
      Whats more the outing of muslim pedophile gangs would still be a dirty secret hushed up by the police, social services and the media, along with many other news worthy events. Now the media are at least willing publish these articles and to mention that these people are muslims.

      Hopefully the EDL will carry on to ensure that the media does not volt face and start hushing things up again.

  29. I listened to an interview Robinson gave to a radio station about a year ago. While I have not followed the EDL closely it was clear in that interview that he was seeking some accomodation with the state which was oppressing him. A giveaway was a continual emphasis that Muslims were good etc. but he was just against the ideology, which is Islam. Why the emphasis on the former. Why are Muslims good? Only if they consciously oppose and are opposing the ideology of Islam (and there are some). I asked myself during that interview why Robinson was not keeping his mouth shut on the former. In fact he was accommodating his position to an interviewer of the reactionary “libertarian” type. I think very likely that this diffuseness runs right through this EDL organization.

    Islam is in fact a very reactionary ideology, but also in our times of world capitalist decline it has morphed into a Fascist ideology, the big proof of this is the personage of Hajj Amin el Husseini, and his critical role in turning the Nazis into the Holocaust. Islam was not a product of the Nazi ideology, it was not changed “for the worse”, it was not a collaborator of Hitler, it was the EQUAL of Hitler. Robinson in that interview talked not at all about el Husseini and the Nazis and his interview offered no challenge tot he likes of Galloway. But the Nazism of the Palestinian Arabs is the touchstone in all of this. It is a bit ironic that today is Kristallnacht…perhaps you could have a look at

    The ruling capitalist class moves towards dictatorship. I note the way that Obama seeks to dismiss Congress, the very pillar of the Great American 18th century revolution.

    I think also Britain is moving rapidly to dictatorship. There is a parallel with Obama and America. The English Revolution of Cromwell predated the American Revolution and the Levellers were a component part of the Revolution.This is the great lesson of Robinson. he started as a small time employer. To his credit he stood up for the English people. But the EDL had and does not have any theory or practice to take on the enemies of the English, the elite who rule through Army, Church and Royalty, the trade union reformists who sell out the workers and always have, the Stalinists who are the gravediggers of revolution, and the Israeli Haters of the now revisionist left.

    This is not the first time that an English leader has lost his way. Both Trotsky and Lenin marvelled at the cunning of the English ruling elites to corrupt every species of labour working class leader thrown up.

    It will not be the EDL who will lead that is for certain sure. It is finished with Robinson and his Quillian.

    It will have to be something new entirely.

    • The leveller’s were shot dead in my home village. They refused to go fight the Irish. They were ambushed in Burford and three leaders shot while the rest of the Troop looked on from the church roof.

      Who funded Cromwell?

    • @Felix Quigley,

      “I think very likely that this diffuseness runs right through this EDL organization.”

      By accident or design that diffuseness did create wriggle room, 5 years ago the religion of peace meme conditioning of the British public was so tight that the points you make would not have penetrated.

    • It’s not even a question whether Muslims are good. Yes, some are. It’s not a question whether Islam is a toxic ideology or not, though this is closer to the mark. The question is why were millions of Indians, Jamaicans, Nigerians and other black Africans, Pakistanis and other Thirdworlder Muslims, East European Gypsies etc. imported to Great Britain by its ruling class and thrust upon the indigenous population and the British taxpayer. Why are the so-called anti-Islamization parties or individuals fixated on one segment of a festering disaster, rather than addressing head-on the issue of population replacement, demographic engineering, the whiolesale destruction of hundreds of years’-worth of accumulated social capital, the forcible injection of religious terrorism (Muslims) and extremely violent crime (Blacks, “Asians,” “les jeunes” in France, Holland or Sweden) on societies that until a few decades ago had none of the former and very little of the latter.

      • “Why are the so-called …”

        Wow! That question is so loaded Takuan, surprised a man of your great intellect has committed it to paper.

        • I don’t know about the intellect but I do know that the truth will set you free. Until a million speak the truth and are jailed for it, little will change. Of course MSM is closed to voices of truth but the great freshness of the EDL has been its street activity. That’s the arena where British patriots ought to have been proclaiming the whole of the truth rather than its small sliver relative to “Militant Islam” or whatever Robinson has been calling it. Of course there is a way to do it in an ugly, blindly hateful way, directing the hate to the wrong people too. How can one blame thirdworlders, Muslims etc. for seizing an opportunity to improve their lot in life, howevermuch it may diminish or even destroy the quality of life of the community where this opportunity is being exercised. The blame goes to the ones who extended the opportunity: all of them white Britons and many (e.g. Blair, Brown) parading their Christianity too.

      • My guess would be that the “anti-Islamization” individuals are mostly overtly concerned about Koranic Islam rather than race per se. In other words, they are properly called “anti-Islamization” because that is what they are.

        Now, if we want to talk about the pervasive, destructive spread of anti-white racism in the world, that is certainly a very involved subject. I think that to some degree it was a natural and necessary reaction to the situation that obtained between one and two centuries ago where the white European races held such an overwhelming disparity of military power that the enslavement or extermination of other races was only held in check by ideological restraints. European cultures were, at that time, experimenting with new ways of envisioning their relationship with the rest of humanity, and not all of the ideas tried were very good ones.

        The problem is that the rest of the world has followed suit, and rather than the Europeans losing their ability to exterminate all non-whites the tools of mass extermination have become more generally available and deadly. A return to the old situation, where people of a given genetic group all lived in distinct geographically defined areas, does retain some advantages but it cannot provide the security against mass genocide it once did. It is desirable but not sufficient to restore the genetic integrity of nations, our main focus must be on continuing the development of other nations to recognize their own racism as the problem rather than being led to pile on the European peoples for having been the first to discard racism as an inadequate mental tool.

        Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer in the way of solutions to the problem of anti-white racism. The problem is varied, there are different cultures that hate whites to different degrees and for different reasons. The particular problem I’m most concerned about is Chinese racism, and at this point I don’t have any idea how to solve that except to warn white people that China is much more dangerous than it pretends to be. Which on the whole doesn’t reduce Chinese racism at all (it really only affects the ratio of “whites are stupid/dangerous”, not the hatred of whites as such). And for solutions to anti-white racism of non-whites living in nations founded and built by whites, I have no useful notions at all.

        • What you say is true, except Koreans are even more racist than the Chinese, and Blacks are just a little behind, though those born in the West more viciously so than the often benign Africans. The Chinese are perhaps more ethnocentric, but that’s different. Anyway, all this is only incidentally related to the main issue, which has little to do with race.

          Slovaks and Hungarians or Romanians and Hungarians have lived side by side for hundereds of years, and are the same race, yet they could not and still do not get along. Czechoslovakia has split up for the same reason — and we have here, except for Romania, Catholic peoples too so that there are no intervening variable like the Muslim issue in Nigeria or former Yugoslavia.

          Simply put, a people whose forefathers for hundreds and thousands of years have lived on the same patch of land, who are tied together by kinship, culture and the mystic chords of memory, have a NATURAL RIGHT to remain on that land without being displaced either by force or subterfuge (which all the noise about “racism” is). They have the right to defend themselves against conquest or colonization, even if either the conquest or the colonization obtain through the treason or madness of their own ruling elite.

          Why do we deny to ourselves and revile this essential right that we are so willing to grant to the Saudis, Peruvians or Cambodians?

      • This is the great weakness of Geller. She’s typical and her stuff is expected. Spencer, he skirts it but he saw what happened to the Greeks and Armenians.

        You hit the nail on the head kid. This is the root of the problem.

        • @Takuan Seiyo,

          That the truth will set you free …

          A decade ago ranting that truth cost 22 months, wonder what the cost would be with the added value of today’s inflated madness.

          “The judge said five to ten but I say double that again” 🙂

    • “It will not be the EDL who will lead that is for certain sure.”

      perhaps, after the subjugation of TR, no one will lead. possibly the legitimate residents of uk are ready to join the religion of pure evil to save their skins. their descendants will curse this generation of western cowards, who surrendered when they had the power to defeat the enemy, but due to extreme cowardice chose to surrender.

  30. So another historic figure of Islam who has been whitwashed as a ‘moderate’ and ‘refromer’ turns out just to be another jihad fanatic. Quilliam sounds like Qutb, berating the infidels from within the infidel’s land. Not surprised at all. CAIR, MSA, ISNA, and so many others. The present themselves as patriotic, respectful of human rights, defenders of equality, but that is not what they are at all. Our useless politicians, lazy, easily fooled must look like such easy pickings to the ummah. Just tell them what the kufar want to hear! Nobody checks!

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  32. All these comments and not one person has stated the obvious. The muslims, the BBC, and the orthodox UK left finally defeated Tommy Robinson.

    He’s just a man. He has a family. He has a business, and he lives every day under an Osman Warning (a legitimate threat acknowledged by the police) in a country where you can’t even buy pepper spray, let alone a firearm. He’s not a millionaire. He can’t move from house to house every day. When a group of muslims followed a relative back to his house and threatened him with clubs and machetes. the police arrested HIM and did NOTHING to the muslims. Unlike Gert Wilders he doesn’t get 24 hour police protection. In fact, it seems as thought the police (and other agencies) are actively TRYING to get him killed. They made it a point to release his ‘real’ name, thus making it easier for assassins to find him.

    Can you really blame the guy for giving up?

    As far as this Quillian Foundation, I bet it’s his way of saying, ‘I quit. You win.’ I would bet that he doesn’t ever do anything meaningful for them other than let his name show up on their member roles. It allows him to fade into obscurity and, hopefully for his family, no muslim will murder him because they already have his symbolic defeat.

    Maybe one of you critics would like to take his place? That is, if you are rich, don’t have a job, nor any friends, nor a spouse, nor children for the muslims to murder. You also have to not mind spending time in jail (with muslims) even when you’ve done nothing wrong and then spending a fortune in legal bills to prove it.

    And you can do all this for a brainwashed idiot country that will spit on you for trying to save them from islamic tyranny, while muslims try to kill you, ‘anti-fascists’ throw bricks at you, and the police do NOTHING to stop either.

    • Fair points that should be considered by all. And that indeed highlights the root of the problem. With very few exceptions in history, e.g. Jean d’Arc, leadership in a fight like this has to come and has always come from members of the upper class with a public name, a broad and solid back, and considerbale resources — what used to be called the nobility. Indeed what distinguishes our age is that our nobility-equivalent are almost without exception members in the Club of Traitors, Loons and Looters, with not a one to declare on the side of righteousness.

      Anyone who thinks that a Robinson and Carroll could have led the American Revolution, rather than privileged members of the landed gentry like Washington and Jefferson, ought to think again and perhaps give a break to those two EDL fellows who simply broke down, reeds to thin to withstand the onslaught.

  33. I recall a spokesman of the Quilliam foundation, saying on british tv, words to the effect that violence from islam only happened in the last few years.

    I recorded it from the tv and have it on one of my hard-drives somewhere.

    They are just the typical lying muslims.

  34. Here in the States, at about the same time Quilliam betrayed civilization, we had a character named Muhammad Russell, a pioneering “white Muslim”. To both, I lay a knotted noose on their graves and call it the David Aikenhead Award.

  35. @ChiuChunLing: Having Chinese family connections and a reading knowledge of the language, I know something about Chinese racism and agree that it’s dreadful; but I also know something about a more open kind of Chinese nationalism–one that readily acknowledges that other countries made positive contributions to the Chinese nation and avoids supremacism while keeping an amour propre. That’s something that I can live with. I taught in Taiwan for nearly a decade (made up of several sojourns) and also served as a US Consular Officer in Guangzhou for two years.

    Believe it or not, while living in Taiwan, I heard a reaction to the old TV series _Roots_ that floored me. One of my Chinese acquaintances observed, “the white people, after all, had a culture to protect.” Only someone secure about his own culture and respectful of another could have said that.

    Frankly, were it not for all the spitting on the West done by those anticulturalists who call themselves “multiculturalists”, I’d like to call myself a multiculturalist. I freely admit that my aesthetic sense has been influenced by my sojourns in the Far East, and treasure some of the perspectives it gave me on culture and history–but I also make no bones that I remain a hard-core Christian of the Calvinist variety and deeply appreciate the West’s traditions of political thought.

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  37. The comments seem to leave out one huge issue. The “Left”!!!

    A likely scenario. I heard Robinson talk a year ago on a radio programme. He was very concerned about his security, but since he is brave, even more about the security of his family members. I got the impression Tommy was not being guarded 24/7 by the EDL organization. That however is what was needed. It is very possible that Tommy and Kevin were told on the quiet that their lives were in great danger. It is possible that this was made very clear to them directly but confirmed by their own friendly contacts inside the army/police. That is that they and their families were in danger.

    It is possible also but I think unlikely that they were told to play ball with Quillian. Here we have to consider another phenomenon which always arises in these cases. The battle in the end becomes a personal ideological battle. Pamela Geller who fights against similar forces and also really is no slouch has pointed out yesterday that Robinson of late has taken to talking about “extremists” a lot. It is indeed an ideological and political issue of the first order. And we have to ask and concentrate on this issue.


    Only a few from de Toqueville on have explored this central issue. The issue is what is a Muslim? The answer is that a Muslim is somebody who carries out the religious practices of Islam. However Islam was a very reactionary political ideology and in our modern period has morphed into a Fascist ideology which met the Nazis fair square in the exact middle of the Nazi road. And can there be a “good Muslim” the answer to which is clear and immediate, indeed there can, that is a Muslim who is aware of this Fascist nature of Muslimness, and who has consciously taken up a struggle to destroy it. THAT is a good Muslim, in other words no Muslim at all!

    This leads us to my top assertion…the role of the “Left” in all of this…the deterioration of left leadership. Put it like this…I am absolutely and 100% certain that if Marx, Engels, Lenin or Trotsky were alive today their position would be the above towards Muslims. Lenin and Trotsky were notable for missing nothing in their world. They put pen to paper about everything, and the 1916 Rebellion in Dublin and subsequent executions, including Casement, comes to mind. Trotsky would have simply called Nigerian Jihadists as Fascists. There is zero chance of any other outcome.

    One of the service that Stalinism permitted its masters is that it liquidated the Trotskyist cadre, small as it was and weak in numbers and organization as it was. But the ideas were powerful…hence the liquidation to a last man and woman

    To me this is the central issue. The “Left” has been totally liquidated.

  38. I am absolutely and 100% certain that you are wrong with respect to Lenin and Trotsky, and that’s what matters. Were they alive today they would have undoubtedly aligned themselves with Islam against the West in order to destroy the latter [think Molotov-Ribbentrop] — and that is precisely what their “Progressive” heirs are doing.

  39. Takuan

    Problem with what you say is that Trotsky was very explicit in opposing the Molotov/Ribbentrop pact. Basically Stalin thought he had bought peace. Very foolish man. The war with Russia was hardwired into Mein Kamph and in everything the Nazis stood for and did…Please, even though people on these anti Jihad sites differ, do not try to re-write historical facts.

    You ay above “Think Molotov Ribbentrop”..ell do think exactly that, and do tell the truth about Trotsky on this pact…

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